Prince of Wolf 狼王子 - Episode 2 (A WTFcap)

Our Wolfie learns many things this time out - the joys of chocolate and how to make ramen, first, but most importantly: he falls for his princess.

Episode 2

In case you forgot... Wolfie tried to kiss Dumb Bunny and she slapped him (very, very lightly) and then called him a pervert.  The poor guy was horribly confused and turned to Dad Wolf, who did the doggy equivalent of a disgusted snort and turned away.
Honest Viki: That's a fail, son.
Cue adorable conversation about couples, boys, boyfriends, boy friends, girls, girlfriends, girl know what?  It's confusing even if you weren't raised by wolves.  When the whole thing gets to be too much for her, Mi Mi crosses her arms and the gesture stops Ze Ming dead.  I think we've seen that before in this? It must mean something, they do focus on it.
kakashi: He quickly needs the lesson about the flowers and the bees, he is one horny puppy.
Something else they focus on: a two minute instructional interlude on how to make ramen and how delicious ramen is and how easy ramen is to make and wow, even a wolf boy can make ramen after just a minute of instruction. Thanks to the power of ramen, which is delicious, quick, and easy to make, they are now ready to make the trek to North Star's Tears.
They aren't alone in the woods, though - there are hunters!  
Critical Viki:  They're dressed more like thugs than hunters.
Tough and Possibly Vegan Viki: What's the difference? Both ain't shit.
Class Monitor Viki:  Wait don't random ppl come here to camp and hangout? Why are there hunters roaming around? Seems dangerous!
I'm having a déjà-vu.
Mi Mi decides that if Wolf Dad is the Wolf King, Wolfie must be the Prince.  He likes that and races around like a puppy.  He also howls, which sets off a chain reaction from the other wolves - but somehow, he still manages to hear the faint sounds of the hunters.  He knows he needs to warn the others of the danger and takes off to investigate.
Funny Viki:  BRB girl, my wolf senses are tingling.
Wolfie and Bunny sneak up on the hunters, hiding behind a big boulder. Suddenly, Wolfie attacks - he grabs one of their weapons and runs off a bit, but then stops.  He is facing away, growling continually as the men approach cautiously - they remember him from their encounter the day before.
Distractable But On Point Viki:  Don't know why I never noticed it before, but there must be a salon on the mountain.
It's true.  He's grubby and wearing torn clothes, but his hair is well-shaped around the ears and neck.
Honest Viki: No. No salon would have given him that toupee.
Honest Viki has a point.
Demonstrating his remarkable lack of understanding regarding modern weaponry, Wolfie flings the captured rifle back toward the hunters and runs toward them, grabbing one man and tossing him at the other. Meanwhile, back at the rock, Mi Mi has come to the conclusion that Ze Ming will be in danger and she can help.
Speaks for Us All Viki: Jane better sit her ass down or she's asking to get killed.
Wolfie leaps at the nearest man and takes him down, his hand formed into a claw ready to rip out the throat of his opponent. One assumes. The other guy - we'll call him Hunter #2 - shoots Ze Ming with a tranquilizer gun, so that sort of puts a stop to things. Our puppy is strong - even tranquilized, he stands and then staggers slowly toward the man who shot him, camera focusing lovingly on his achilles tendons, then his groin. Not sure why. I think it was the foot because the dart fell out and that's not a groin shot but a claw shot :DDD Hunter #1 races past Wolfie to Hunter #2 where they ponder whether or not the tranquilizer might have expired instead of doing anything useful. Just as Ze Ming reaches the hunters and raises The Claw, the sedative takes effect and he collapses.
Premature Viki: Wolf down JANE TO THE RESCUE
Despite all of this happening just the other side of a rock about the size of your average coat closet, Jane still has not arrived to save the day. The hunters have plenty of time to drag Wolfie off and leave him in a 'trap' AKA a big hole in the ground. As they walk away, playfully making claws at each other, Jane finally arrives. She calls softly for Ze Ming, who hears her even his drugged state and murmurs her name. Of course, she can't hear him.
Heartless Viki:  Don't tell me she's gonna fall and the dog dies because they can't save him
Once she shuts up for a minute, Bunny does hear Ze Ming and she is able to locate his hole. She says that she's here to rescue him, but Wolfie has other ideas - the wolves are still in danger.  She needs to go find Wolf Dad! Through tears of concern, she begs him to wait for her return.
Worrier Viki: He was shot in the back! It could hit a nerve and go where it's not supposed to! He could die.
Practical Viki: He won't die, he's the lead.
Existential Viki: Why must the wolves die?
Mi Mi makes her way to the wolf caves fearfully, but reminds herself that the wolves are important to Ze Ming. They're his family, and he'd be sad if anything happened to them. Little does she know that the hunters are now following her. Is Hunter #1 wearing swim goggles? Why? Dad Wolf appears at the cave entrance and growls and all I can think is you 'You rotten kids, get off my lawn!'
Maybe the hunters are at a different cave though because there's no wolf at the door when they throw their smoke bombs and advance with weapons at the ready. After a minute, we see them come back toward the entrance, coughing and wondering why they don't see any wolves. Ahhhh, but there's Dad Wolf, waiting for them! He chases them back inside. Off screen, we hear snarls and a scream.
Practical Viki: Hunter puree, anyone?
Not Paying Attention Viki: Oooo, the layout changed, I have been waiting for this. Commenting without exiting full screen!
Back at the hole, Wolfie is dreaming of the day he was abandoned and jerks awake. He's still semi-paralyzed though, and can't move his limbs. When Bunny returns he looks up at her with stars in his eyes, or maybe it's solar flare, but the music swells, too. 'Mi Mi didn't abandon me,' he murmurs, then clutches his chest.
Shipper Viki #1: Romance vision, I dig it. 
Shipper Viki, Now in French: Coup de fouuuuudre! 
I'm okay, he assures her as he struggles to sit up. Dumb Bunny goes through this weird little thing where she grimaces and blinks a few times. Maybe she can hear the background singer.
Sometime later, fully recovered and out of the hole, Wolfie asks if Bunny still wants to go to the lake, and warns her that the road is tough when she says yes. Bunny launches into an explanation of how awesome and dedicated photographers are. She says she can manage a little hike to capture a photo of something emotionally moving - she wants to make the viewer's heart skip. Wolfie clutches his heart again and thinks back to that moment in the hole when he first saw Mi Mi's face. Dun-dun. Oh, and they'll be travelling alone as we learn that visiting Mom Wolf's grave is very painful for Dad Wolf. Dun-dun-dun.
Little hike my ass. They're still hiking after dark when he stops to show her some fireflies and tell her a story he heard on the radio, that if you focus on the fireflies you will see the person you miss the most. Bunny asks if he wants to see his mother. He nods yes and when he admits sadly that he can't remember what she looks like, Mi Mi takes Ze Ming's hand.
Practical Viki: How has she gone to the bathroom?
Hormonal Viki: He has such cute baby eyes!

They stop to rest and Bunny teaches Wolf about the restorative properties of a chocolate bar, and that the crunchy things are peanuts. He is enthusiastic and messy, but something about being near his face to clean off the chocolate makes her feel awkward.
Hilarious AF Viki: Eat a Snickers, you're not you when you're hungry.
Worrier Viki: OMG thank God he wasn't allergic!
Concerned Shipper Viki: Oh no, he's falling in love but she's treating him like a little boy.

She can't call her family (no signal) but they use her phone to listen to music together. I swear I know this song. Any readers can help? First few lines: 'I miss him, turn around, that year, that song/because I can't bear to let go, that's why I keep reviewing/I miss him, turn around, that year, that kiss'
Practical Viki: Why isn't her phone dead?
Germaphobe Viki: Nope, not in a wild boy's ear, I'll have to dump it in alcohol and then burn it.
Helpful Viki: I just know it's called 'Kiss Me'

A falling leaf freaks out Dumb Bunny, and when he catches her in his arms, Wolfie's heart starts racing again. I want to dance, he blurts out. They build a bonfire, and boy, does he dance.
Not Feeling It Viki: He's low-key doing a mating dance and she's just standing there smiling.
Oh, but then she joins in. Seriously, even if you weren't raised by wolves, this is a mating ritual. Just to hammer it home for us, Wolfie gives Bunny his tooth necklace. And yes, it is his wolf mother's tooth.
Shipper Viki: And just like that, they're married!
Drama Queen Viki: I can't wait for the second male lead to be introduced.
Snarky Viki: I've always wondered who teaches arts and crafts in the forest.
Succinct Viki: Wear my mom's tooth and be mine.
Detailed Viki: I'm sorry, but exactly when did he pull that tooth? Goodbye, Dead Mom. *YANK*

Bunny Gives Ze Ming her watch, in return. She thanks him for giving her a special night and then offers to spend the rest of it...teaching him to tell time. Well, most of it. She does fall asleep after a while and he happily pulls her close while she sleeps. When she wakes, she realizes she's in his embrace and does not move away - just smiles.
Snickering Viki: 'special night'
Giddy Viki: She totally didn't move!
Not Feeling It Viki: Didn't she go there to take pictures?

Don't you think he smells? Or does his salon have deodorant.
Asian people don't have body odor the way we do, they're fortunately lacking some enzyme or something. Plus he does swim in that lake a lot...I doubt he smells fresh, exactly, but he may not stink of B.O.
Dumb Bunny does eventually start to take pictures, and Wolfie occupies himself making her a crown of daisies. They smile at each other all starry-eyed. Just to hammer it home for us, in a voice over Ze Ming asks Mi Mi to be his mate and promises to protect her forever.
Hip Viki: For Coachella
Snarky Viki: This craft school on the mountain is really good
Into It Viki: I now crown you Princess of Wolves!

He introduces her to Wolf Mom graveside, and then they head back toward the caves.  The mood is somber because Wolfie knows his Bunny is going home.  She tells him she has to go or else her family will worry, but reassures him that she'll come back and visit often.

Back in the village, Mi Mi's little fib about where she was going falls through. Her mother organizes a search party and they canvas the mountain. Dumb Bunny falls and gets a scrape, so Wolfie runs off to find some special herb to heal her. He doesn't notice or hear the search party when he passes within five feet of them, nor do they see him. Wolf Dad arrives to keep Bunny company, and of course, that's when the search party sees her. Everyone jumps to the wrong conclusions, of course, but nothing really happens until Wolfie shows up, snarling and with suddenly blue eyes. There's a brief skirmish and Mi Mi shouts to Ze Ming that they are her neighbors who came to look for her. He stops mid-bite and as he moves slowly toward her, one of the searchers takes a swing at the back of his head.
Wolfie keeps coming.  Hou Wei - let's just call him Howie, shall we? - steps in front of Mi Mi like he's going to protect her.  He throws a few punches at Ze Ming's chest that don't even phase him and then Ze Ming tosses him aside like trash.  Wolfie and Mi Mi gaze deeply into each other's eyes and then Wolfie picks her up, ready to carry her away. I did squeal, yes.
Gloating Viki: Get the picture, City Boy?
I guess not, because fucking Howie runs up behind Ze Ming and hits him with a stick. Dumb Bunny starts to cry and begs them to stop fighting. Ze Ming slowly puts her down, and then one of the useless ones runs forward, ready to hit again. When Mi Mi sees that, she steps in front of Ze Ming. He blocks another blow, and then someone hits him the back with an aluminum bat. Things crunch, people. Ze Ming falls to the ground.
Pissed Off Viki:  Is she on drugs?  She hasn't said a word to explain the situation!
Still crying, Mi Mi tries to explain that Ze Ming and Wolf Dad are her friends.  She insists that it's a misunderstanding.  Howie says that no matter what, the place is dangerous and she doesn't belong there, that her mother is worried sick. Mi Mi just sobs and apologizes over and over again.  She crouches by Ze Ming and whispers apologies to him also, holding him tenderly. He grimaces in pain and offers her the flowers and herbs he picked to heal her hand.
Romantically Thwarted Viki:  Dumb ass second lead man, get your irrelevant ass out of their love forest!
Not in the Moment Viki: The cheesiness is real
Howie says again that they should go home. Ze Ming painfully removes the camera from around his neck and hands it to Mi Mi as Howie leads her away. All she can do is cry and say she's sorry over and over again.
Incensed Viki: Seriously? You just gonna leave the boy you beat right there?  Not going to help him at all?
Decisive Viki:  It's official.  I do not like this second lead douche.
Emotional Viki: Nooooo stay with him he stayed with you the whole time you were hurt look at his eyes the feels woman the feels I cannnnnnnnnot.
Forgot What They Were Watching Viki: This whole scene lacks common sense.

Back home, Bunny Mom says she wasn't angry, just worried.  Everyone is together for a meal. Up on the mountain, shirtless Wolfie lounges sadly. Dad Wolf brings him Mi Mi's bag and digs out a Snickers bar. Ze Ming's mood magically improves because chocolate. He goes through Mi Mi's bag, curious to know what all the strange things are. He rubs himself and Dad Wolf with her shampoo and then happily explains that now the cave will smell like Mi Mi. Down in the village, Mi Mi fondles Mom Wolf's tooth and wonders how Ze Ming is feeling.
Bitter Viki: She isn't worth it. Bring in the second lead, please.
Feeling Some Kind of Way Viki: I want to bite his nipple.
The next morning, Mom confirms for Mi Mi that you should always stand by a friend when they need you. Dad Wolf brings Ze Ming Mi Mi's bag again and somehow that means he should go find her. Mi Mi races off eagerly, but Ze Ming struggles at the thought of leaving his father alone. As Dad trots away, Wolfie collapses in tears.
Cold Viki: Ze Ming's 19th time to be abandoned, LOL

Dad turns and looks at poor Wolfie crying, and he just can't do it. He returns to Wolfie and licks him affectionately until the poor kid stops crying.
Supportive Viki:  OMG best Wolf Dad ever!
Taking It Too Far Viki:  Damn, Daddy Wolf, your acting is so good.  SO ON POINT. Made me tear up. Not many actors and actresses can do that.
Truthful Viki:  This dog is a better actor than Mi Mi.
Mi Mi races through town toward the mountain.  She stops along the way to buy some chocolate bars for Wolfie.  Ze Ming races down the mountain toward town.  He stops along the way to pick some flowers for Mi Mi, but still reaches the village in record time.
Practical Viki:  Better buy some contraceptives...that boy has to make up the time in the woods...
Confused Viki: How does Wolf Dad walk around town and no one freaks out?
Smart Ass Viki:  People probably think he's a husky.

Their paths finally meet when they magically bump into each other, back to back, in the middle of a parade. Each wonders if that voice is the one they know, and they slowly turn...
Funny Viki:  That rock hard could only be...
Other Funny Viki:  Dad Wolf: 'Now kiss.'


This took nine million years to recap. I could condense more (believe me, there's not much happening here) but then I miss out on some great Viki comments. It's a real dilemma. 

Oh, you thought I had comments about the show?  Yeah, no...this pretty much speaks for itself, plot-wise. At least it's pretty, and I do find Wolfie charming.  I look forward to the next episodes, where he's trying to adapt to life in the village.