Rants and Weekly Raves #94 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm not very happy with KDrama these days. There's a lot of stuff but almost all of it is just bad. And I don't have time for bad television. Ergo, me and KDrama ... I think we're breaking up again. Ack, come on, Jang Hyuk, don't give me the death stare!
JoAnne: Between workload and computer issues, I didn't watch much this week. I will probably never catch up.
It's almost like a death sentence in KDramaworld. "Am behind, will never catch up". 
bcook: huh... the one time I'm actually making an effort to watch and rawr and you guys have given up???!!!!
No, no nonononono I will never give up, but this week kind of threw me for a loop, and then this weekend I invested significant time in Nirvana in Fire so I could comment on the stack of recaps Kakashi has in the back room. I will have time to catch up a little bit tonight/tomorrow but I have people stuff to go to also.
Oh, I totally like this image. I have stacks of recaps in my back room :D 

Oh Hae-Young Again (Finale)

Finally done?! It should be forbidden by law to extend perfectly fine dramas. It start affecting them as soon as the decision is taken and I don't think I know of one single case in which it did not lead to filler stories and great annoyance on my part. Way to kill things with great potential, Dramaland. Bleh. Okay, that said, I don't want to be that negative, really. I liked three quarters of this drama a lot and I guess that's more than I can say about most Kdramas.
Well THAT certainly ended with a resounding 'meh', didn't it? I mean come on, what was that? The piss-poor ending of this drama actually has nothing to do with the extension, since nothing during the extension required them to 'change' the ending. Meaning: the visions. THE VISIONS. WTF. You show him these visions, his doc floats a theory that it's actually 'memories from the future' - and then when we get to that event in the future, it's nothing like he saw and there's no explanation for that. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  
Yay, they got married and they were happy and they did a cute dance. Yay, the two Hae Youngs got to a good place. Yay, Tae Jin got to a good place. WTF everything else. SERIOUSLY pissed off at how Jin Sang and Big Sis story got handled. Wondered for a while if Park Hoon's odd little girlfriend died, because she just disappeared - but then she magically shows up working at a different job and schmoozing with Oh Man Seok, of all people. Park Hoon's script? Stupid. The singer that kept showing up in the visions? Added to the story, but with NO real explanation or attempt to connect the dots. Oh, and the throwaway scene of the driver who actually hits Do Kyung? Tae Jin's old partner, by accident, escaping from the police? You think you might have been able to flesh that out just a little bit, Writer-nim?
Trotwood: Can I add that I don't understand why when he was running from Tae jin's car, he ran along the street? When trying to outrun a car, you need to run where cars can't go--sidewalks, alleys, climb a gate. (don't ask why I know that) But no. He just runs along the street.
Okay, here's the deal: that is the ending of a drama that got CUT two episodes, not added. So you have extra time to be lazy with your editing and story, but then you run out of time to WRAP IT THE FUCK UP? GAH. I'm so mad right now. Last night I was just irritated but now I'm fucking pissed. I liked so much about this story. I loved that Pretty Oh Hae Young was not what people expected. I loved our Hae Young's ability to just put herself out there and love. I thought Big Sis, Jin Sang, Park Hoon - lots of secondary characters were so much fun to watch, in addition to the sweetness (most of the time) of watching the OTP. We had two questions: what were the visions, and how would they make this relationship okay, given it's beginnings? You gave us a morally bankrupt answer for one (which I will accept, because people are messy and shit happens) and nothing at all for the other. In fact, you turned the other into a complete lie. Fuck you. I'm glad you're gone. I faked it every time, you tiny dick of a show.
hahahahahahaha oh Jo


OH my. He totally was in to her all that long time ago, for sure. They leave us no doubt whatsoever. I still stand by my claim that he's not creepy though, because let's face it - she was gorgeous and they had the abandoned child thing in common and she was smart and she was funny and he (and I) very much liked her spirit and I realize, yes, none of those things make him not creepy - but he didn't seem creepy to me. I an imagine him thinking wow, she's really something, too bad she's not older. There's no way anything could happen between us. And I believe absolutely that he would never have acted on it. We can't help our feelings. We can help our behavior. It would have been so wrong, and I don't think he'd have done it - but then I remember his sprint after her down the road, and there is a small part of me that wonders. No matter! We dodged that bullet. She's a grown-ass woman now and they better get busy because there is some Kim Rae Won loving to get, missy, and one of us better enjoy it. Although there is that gangster, and I so want him to be the grown up Jisoo...
I want to watch this....I really do but for PSH. Yes i'm prejudiced but I recognize and so that makes me a better person...right?
Yes, you're a better person for recognizing it IF you then make efforts not to let it rule you. Sorry :( Me, on the other hand, I like her. And I particularly like her in this, and I like him in this (ha I typed live him, which, I would breathe him if I could) and I like a ton of other people in this and I want steamy scenes or at least as steamy as KDrama will let them be. Bring on the Kim Rae Won skinship! RAWR!

Beautiful Mind 

This drama has so many faults, for and foremost the female lead's bumbling stupidity and complete uselessness. Come on, give us something better, drama!! And yet, I still find it intriguing, most of all the father-son relationship. And Jang Hyuk. He is phenomenal in this! I very much hope the writing will improve though (ah, a girl can dream) because I really want to scream in frustration a lot.
I think that Heo Jun-Ho (he's playing Jang Hyuk's character's father) is also slaying it here. I'm starting to feel like everyone else is in a different drama.
Oh, absolutely! I said as much on Twitter. Those two are great. I didn't know the dad-actor before this, but now I'm interested. 
I caught up to last week now (4 episodes.) I like him and his puzzled face when he's trying to figure something out. He wants to fit in, sort of, but he also wants people to tell the truth. He wants his dad's approval, too, but he also wants to wipe his dad's nose in his own success because his dad is...his dad is as puzzling to me as the dad in I Remember You. If you tell a kid he's a monster and he has to hide it, what kind of message is that? What's wrong with the educated DOCTOR father saying 'you know what, you're wired differently. It'll be easier for you to make your way through the world if you can X, Y, Z. Let me help you figure that out, kiddo, but no matter what, appa loves you.' Why the judgement, Dad? I think I don't like you. Plus, I think you're the father of the little girl who has the heart problem, and I'm wondering if you're the murderer. Other people I like: Cutie Soo, who is a bit mysterious, and that snarky doctor who was the driver in Heartless City. Also Oh Jung Se as the totally profit-oriented investor - I have seen him in so much, but never seen him in a role that wasn't meant to be likable. All the rest of y'all triflin' fools in the show...wake up. This isn't a comedy. *Gives Park So Dam the side-eye, not for being funny, but for being completely unrealistic. Realizes this is not her fault, shifts side-eye toward the writer.*
I'm not looking for brilliance in KDrama. Well, I am, but not all the time. I'm happy if it keeps me entertained without me having to rage quit. But how is it possible that writing a good story is valued so little in this industry? The idea of our Dr. Frankenstein is good (though hardly original), and with this "psycho"-son and his father, who is shady as hell and wants to keep his son away from the world, the central conflict is well set up. These two actors are also very good, so what's your problem, writer? Your problem is all the other shit that you think you have to throw in. Shit that does make NO SENSE. Like a traffic police officer who snoops around in a hospital without anyone throwing her out. A police officer who may have a heart condition but actually seems to have a brain one: the stupidity-illness.
I'm still behind, but does it ever get explained why as a kid he was carrying around a power drill to a medical banquet? Did he just get it from someone? Do people always have those lying around fancy hotels?
If you watch the scene again, you'll see that there are construction workers there. He got it from them (you see him giving the drill back) 


Not even for UhmForce. I am sorry!
I've only seen one episode. It didn't really leave me wanting to come back for more, so we'll see how my viewing schedule feels once I am slightly caught up to things I look forward to watching. I should give it at least another episode of a chance, right?
Some people like it, so: yes
Fine but it's the absolute BOTTOM of my list.

Noodle Poodle (Finally the Finale and it's FUCKED)

I'm going to say one thing, and one thing only, you tangled up bloated mess of a fucking show: Tae Ha is NOT DEAD, no matter what you say. 
I have no idea who that is, him by any chance?
Yes, that's him. I'm still so mad.

Refresh Man (Finale)

This show was cut by 3 hours and the final hour was still fully half flash backs or voice overs or Aaron speaking directly to us. (Hi Baby) Of course it was all a business maneuver and of course Ai Sha was in on it (and apparently everyone else but Noodledick and the two pricks) but if they had time enough to do all that and still cut the show what the hell were they going to force us to watch for an additional three hours? They already were filling episodes with interminable crap about marketing ploys and media strategies. I mean come ON, how much life or death struggle can we have over MOISTURIZER for pete's sake? Had this not roped me in with Aaron looking probably about as good as he has ever looked in his life, I would have been gone hours ago. As it is, I feel like I earned a shot of a pantsless Yan, and I'm not getting one, so I'm pissed.
It was literally the slowest finale I've ever seen. Like everyone was walking in slow motion. And who thought it was a good idea to have them kissing on the Merry-Go-Round. All I could think about was whether someone was going to fall, hit his/her head and die from a head injury even with the wonderful vision of Aaron's jawline. The things that a good pant tailor can make us suffer through!

Five Children 

Caught up from last week, at least. That is one big apartment. Yay they're married! Yay he's making up for lost time on the nooky side of things! Poor Sang Min! Yay Tae Min and Jin Joo! I have about 15 minutes to go in the second episode of the week, so I'll be back.

Beautiful Gongshim 

3 episodes behind, ugh

Mirror of the Witch 

Two episodes behind, ughhhh

Dear My Friends (Finale, will be on here next week because reasons)

I didn't finish watching yet...still have 16 to go.  I'm so glad that Yeon Ha showed up.  I think it was important for him to do that, as a man, as a person recovering from a crippling accident.  He has to see that he can support Wan in the way that she needs it.  I'm a little worried about their initial meeting at the hospital, I hope that's just baiting us.

Task Force 38 / Squad 38 / Whatever 38 / SIGMA

Is is bothering anyone here that the nice Chicken Ahjussi from Lucky Romance is so terrifyingly nasty in this?
I was willing to continue watching this, but then, the usual websites did not provide me with the necessary seeds, so I have dropped it now. I really wasn't interested to begin with. So long
Couple of websites allow for download you know
Shows you how little I care. 
I'm really liking this one. The build up has been slow so far but i'm getting a good picture of the two guys. Still not sure wtf sooyoung is doing in this show but she won my respect in Dating Agency:Cyrano so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.
Re Chicken Ahjussi - it bothered me that he was NICE in Lucky Romance! I'm never going to get GapDong out of my head. The minute I see him I expect what we get in this drama, so it's not bothering me at all. In Lucky Romance I kept expecting him to reveal that he killed her parents and then hit Bo Ra and put her in the coma; he'd do this over the dead body of Lucky Tiger's boorish father and he'll probably end up killing Gary's dad, too. In fact, I am so convinced of his evil that I assume he's the person who killed Ha Neul's parents in Entertainer, and probably Geu Rim's as well. Let's just make it a rule - whenever there are dead relatives and we don't know who killed them because it's not part of the story? It's him, the GapDong Chicken.


I'm starting that this week!! 
I'm two episodes behind (last week, this week) but I really like it. I think Kakashi is falling out of love, though.
That's not what's happening. Actually, this week's episode was hilarious and totally crazy and also quite a bit scary. Once again, I have to let the comic book go and embrace what is given to me on the screen, but once I manage that (not always, not easily), and get over the fact that nothing much is happening, really, this crazy mess is quite enjoyable. With Preacher turning more towards the dark side than anything else, things are sure to get interesting.


This! (Old Nine Gates). Everybody looks like a teenager, but it could be interesting (especially if you've liked The Lost Tomb!)
Two that I look forward to checking out that Kakashi won't ever glance at: Uncontrollably Woozy (credit to whomever named that, it's genius) and W-Two Worlds. I will also be checking out Prince of Wolf if it shows up on Viki, and Bring it On, Ghost. Ice Fantasy is later this month, too - although I have no real desire to see it - and yes, I do intend to check out Old Nine Gates.