Cinderella and Her Four Knights - Episode 1 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  After telling myself I would never ever ever have anything to do with the tiniest infinitesimal link with that execrable Blood, along comes Park So-dam, and all that flies out the window. Never mind that The Scheduler is in it, she's so adorable I had to watch the first one. And that, as they say, is that.
Jaehyus: is this a remake of a Japanese drama? The story seems familiar.
Trotwood: It reminds me of that story as well. I never remember it's name but I remember being angry. Maybe that's why I don't remember the name.
JoAnne:  I have no idea what either of you are talking about, but I'm here to be fluffed.

Episode 1

Ah, we hear a modern telling of the ancient Greek tale of Rhodopis. Cinderella, poor but beautiful, living happily ever after with The Prince. Reality? Nope!

The reality is our heroine, Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam). Nowadays, CinderCandy’s don’t have time to look for princes, too busy bouncing from part-time position to the next, in order to keep their heads above water. We see a montage of our Cindy’s work: dogwalker, barista, restaurant worker, movie theater employee. She's sweeping out the monkey cage at the zoo, and dealing with arrogant jerks chaebols.
We pull back and realize she’s imparting her kernels of wisdom to a group of young girls she is babysitting.
I can't tell you how much I loved this and how they are hanging on her every word.
I liked it too, but it did remind me of (what was the drama, damn) that scene where Jang NaRa rewrote the play so that the 'bad' sister turned out to be the good sister. What is it. It's older, someone will know. I think.
Aw, she's so sensible.

We next see her in her high school uniform, smiling as she heads home on her pink scooter. She stops to admire the…err…sportsmanship of a local pickup basketball game. But it’s not just the game. She’s delivering pizzas to our sweaty players.
And they are university students, and she's fantasizing about how this will be her next year.
You had me at pink scooter.
Heading back, she spots a helmeted motorcyclist beating up several punks and taking a pink handbag from one of them. Cindy thinks he’s a robber and chases him. But her little pink carriage is really no match for a full-throttle crotch rocket (Where is Jo? She can't let this go) (But that's what they're called, Trot.). Still, she manages to find him. He’s handing the handbag off to the owner, who both thanks him and tries to get his contact information. Cindy listens to the victim sigh over her hero, and is glad there are still good men to be found in Seoul. Her pizza boss calls herf back to reality.
Her little cooter scooter managed to keep up to his crotch rocket pretty well, actually. Total fantasy, of course.

Now for the other side of our story. A young fashionable woman is checking her watch, apparently waiting for someone. Unfortunately, the talk lanky pampire young man she's waiting for strolls in with a Klingon on his arm. Not only is this jerk with another woman, it turns out to be a friend of  hers. Bad Friend is embarrassed, but he clearly doesn’t care.  Player scoffs at her hurt expression and clearly states his  Manifesto: In his world there’s only girls he’s dated and girls he hasn’t. Wow, he’s more superficial than a mist of surfactant on a counter-top.
Yes, and of course he'll turn out to be deeply hurt in the past.
It's good he's good looking because guys like this are so yawn-inducing. Also, we'll probably find out he really does like girl he hurt, but is protecting her from himself or something equally stupid.
All this is overheard by Hero, who strolls up and adds his two cents worth for the worthless guy in front of him. They definitely have a history between the three of them, chippy not included.  As Hero leads the woman away, Player can’t help but throw in a dig.  He wonders why the biker dude is hanging around the company and the hotel - is it so he can get his black-leather trashy hands on the assets? This elicits a lapel-grab, and we find out these two are related, calling each other ‘brother’.  I don’t think they are exactly kissing cousins, though. Unless this is a completely different drama.
Part of me just wishes they'd dance and be done with it.
Or something.

And we get out first introduction to the dynamics of our leads: older chaebol jerk Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-hyeon), and bike baby jerk Kang Ji-woon (Jung Il-woo). And the woman in between them, Park Hye-Ji (Son Na-eun) (She's looking particularly cute in this show) appears to point her Cupids arrow at the older guy, even though the younger one has her back.
I'm sorry. I was really surprised to learn that Pampire is older than Emo Guy (that is the name my daughter gave him because she's already fed up with his angst.). However, it turns out that they were both born in 1987 and Jae-hyeon is three months older (July) than Il Woo (born in September).
I am always surprised when something reminds me that An Jae Hyun is as old as he is.
I could've sworn Il-woo was older and by more than three months. Also, the Ahns of this world are terribly handsome. I'm barely resisting putting a Jaehyo picture here. 
I already put in corgis, just for you.
Once Player and his Flavor of the Day disappear, BikeBaby admonishes her for having terrible taste in men, and warns her to let him check out any man she might be interested in. 
She doesn't seem to have much self-respect, but that's what Twu Wuv does to you.
I was annoyed with her by the end of this ep and even more by the end of the 2nd. I really want her to be friends with Cindy so she can hear her "You don't need a prince speech," but I wonder if it's too late for her.
I am at a loss over her, myself. I do not understand how anyone could continually subject themselves to such humiliation, and I like her so I'm angry she's that way.
Meanwhile Cindy arrives at Part Time Job # 247. But not to work. Just to grab all the expired snacks (which is really smart. Expiration dates are earlier than when anything really goes bad). At home, AssMom and StepBiatch are watching television and eating delicious Korean fried chicken. They ignore her completely, and she sadly stares at the yummy feast before heading back to her bedroom. AssMom barks at her to wash the dishes better in the future. The other part of the Pair Of Evil reminds Cindy to pick up her dry-cleaning. They both sotto voce several mean comments about her dead mother. Where the heck is Dad?
Dad seems a bit deadbeat.
What the ever loving fuck.

In her room, Cindy looks over various job fliers to pick out her next one. Despite eating expired convenience food, she’s upbeat. And she is merely a few thousand won away from her college tuition goal. Yay!
College tuition is clearly cheaper than in the US.
Isn't it everywhere?
Ooh F4 feels! Not really, but we do have multiple angles of multiple fast and beautiful vehicles. Cute happy guy in the Ferrari version of Herbie The Love Bug,  Player in a black low-slung Aventador, Biker in a bright yellow one. The all get a simultaneous  text: “Arrive home at 1800 hours. Important news with Grandfather”.  Player gets a side threat of stopping all his credit cards, Biker get a side threat regarding his birth. Herbie doesn’t need any additional prodding, I guess.
Ironically, he's seen as the most worthless when he's the nicest and has a good paying job as an famous idol.
Agree with Trot. Idols work incredibly hard like any other corporate employee.
Yeah, the Idol is completely unobjectionable here.

Anyway, they all arrive at an underground garage at the same time, leading to a Triumvirate of Hot Guys. I’m thinking we’ll be seeing a lot of this trio together. The garage must be associated with the hotel, since they seem to strut their way through a lobby thronging with female admirers and employees.
Unless it's their house, too, and they just keep a stock of fawning women around.

Somewhere in an Inner Sanctum, they meet with a lone figure, and blurt out questions. Player: “Did Grandpa lose everything?”; Herbie: “Did Grandpa pass out?”; Biker: “Where’s Grandpa?”. He is unruffled at the barrage, so he must be very familiar with the behavior of these three. Is he our 4th knight?
Whoever he is, he's really handsome.
(already prepping my glitter fan girl signs)
I am his. He is mine.
TBH, I rather like the idol grandson so I'll take him as my bias.  Also, Jo is scaring me here.
They are brought together for an announcement. Their elderly relative is getting married for the 5th time. And they are expected to be at the ceremony. They all have various degrees of disbelief, but Biker is the first to storm out. The man calls out “Kang Ji-woon!” Biker snarls back, “I’m Han Ji-woon!” before leaving. Ooh, so there is a birth secret. Herbie uses that as a sign to leave as well. Big Bro sighs, since everyone has to show up. Player says he will be there but you know he can’t possibly wish anyone well.
Why invite them all there just to tell them this? Aren't they going to get regular information? Can he send threats a different way?
What would be the fun of THAT, Trot?

One year flashback. The butler (secretary? Personal assistant? Tell us, Show!) leads Biker, dressed in a fancy mechanics uniform, into the same space. He’s hesitant, as if this is his first time there. The stone-faced man gives a brief explanation of the area and tells him to rest until dinner. When the older man leaves, Past Biker bumps into Past Player, and they immediately start exchanging verbal barbs. Player thinks he’s a new servant, but when they are called together into the library, he finds out they are cousins. And Biker is a high-school dropout orphan. Player sneers and leaves, and Biker is told that he will live there from now on. Back in the present, our unknown man surveys the now-empty room. Is that a tiny tiny smile?
No. It's just that he's the only viable dating option for miles.
I am his. He is mine.
Okay, okay, have him. I can still admire him from a distance.
It appears that the guy is his personal assistant. Grandpa is on a roll, calmly eating while a series of salarymen wait to get ten minutes of his time. He quickly solves each issue and moves on. Didn’t the bad guy in Heartless City spend an inordinate amount of time eating? (and that scary tracksuit mafia boss in My Beautiful Bride)(These guys are too pretty to risk putting their faces into bowls of hot food, don't worry.)  Anyway, when all crises have been handled, it’s time to talk about the boys. Grandpa sighs that he expected at least one of his grandsons to exhibit behavior suitable for taking the reins of the organization. But so far, all the sparring between the three has yielded zero results.  At the very least, he demands they show up for the wedding, since the eyes of the world will be on them. Gramps wants them to finally grow up and behave properly. Good luck with that, PA Big Bro! And since they haven't introduced him, I'll do that now: Lee Yoon-sung (Choi Min).
I am his. He is mine.
He doesn't have a proper wiki page so I can't find what else he's in. 
I might fight you for this one, Jo.
Better get ready for a beat down, then.
I need more of these pictures.
Even though he’s now heir in line, Biker is still working as a exotic vehicle mechanic. (My brain supplied dancer. I had to re-read to be sure.) Some puffed-up jerkwad frequent flyer starts berating his boss for stupid things. His solution?  He drives a Ferrari straight into into blow-hard’s Lexus. The guy practically has an aneurysm as Biker tosses the keys to his boss and offers to pay for both. He also threatens the customer to apologize and never darken their doorstop again with his petty, penny-ante crap.
You now, Writer, you wouldn't have to work so hard to make him seem like he has a sense of justice if you didn't make him such a jerk to our heroine, but whatever. Trope #1. He really is emo though. Surprisingly, I feel no interest in his tortured soul.
It's as yawn-inducing as the player's behavior. Good thing they're both good-looking and keep me watching them just because of that (and which is why I even started).
As for Herbie, he is apparently a musician. His coordi is freaking out because he’s due on stage and he can’t be found. Actually, he’s working on a new song in the stairwell, with his headset on. Okay, Writer-nim is pulling out all the trope stops and making this one the sensitive absent-minded crooner. Meet Kang Seo-woo (Lee Jung-shin)!
He looks like a sweetie, though. So he'll be the buddy who secretly pines for her?
Hopefully, just a buddy.  

Player is dumping a girl via text, complete with emoticons. She doesn’t much appreciate it, but rather than throw a glass of water in his face, she demands the goodbye gift that he always grants. As she drives away in his current wheels, he muses that he loses more cars that way.
I have to say, I rather liked her for this.
Me too.  However, I really like HIM.  He's amusing, any time he's not being horrifically mean to that one girl.
Why is he so mean to someone so cute?  Or to anyone at all?

Gramps is with his new squeeze, pranking her with stupid jokes. The fact that she giggles and acts coy tells me right away she is the snake in the village and future Maleficent. In fact, later she’s talking on the phone and making plans to get rid of the grandsons.
My daughter wanted me to say that she wishes the whole story was all about her because so far, she thinks this woman is the only interesting character (though she loves our Secretary, too)(mine).
Excuse me, but Park So Dam kicked ass a couple times by now didn't she?  How is she not worthy of interest?  And she's so CUTE! Are you guys going to continue to watch together?  Is she going to read the blog? Do I need to behave?
She's going back to Uni tomorrow. She won't have time. No need, but remember like you she thinks Player guy is funny.
I love this actress.  I just saw her in a daily drama where she and Lee Yoori were combined crack.
At a dance club, other next-gen hi-so’s are gathered to commiserate with Player over the young age of his new stepmother. He decides he’s gonna show up at the wedding after all, and plans to take the next woman that walks through the club’s door. He’s hoping for a psycho. What he gets is a tiny fireball in a red raincoat packing pizzas; the look on his face is priceless.
Oh, I guess she really hadn't started kicking ass by then, Trot.  

Cindy delivers the cardboard boxes to a couple of drunk guys, but they refuse to pay. After all, special instructions said the delivery person must be the prettiest girl. She scoffs that the special instructions field is used for delivery information like whether the elevator is broken and such. He decides to get in her grill, but to her credit, she just calmly asks for the credit card. Obnoxious dumps the pizzas to the ground. Nooo! What if there was a Hawaiian in there! All that lovely pineapple!
Recent discovery:  double the pineapple, leave the ham normal, and add feta.  PERFECTION.
[Scribbles this down for future reference]
Pizza gives me migraines.
Across the floor, Player sees this and starts over, but one of his bros holds him back. He shouldn’t get involved with his fists. What fists? Player smiles as pulls out his wallet.
I'm sorry, I know my soul will burn in Hell for this, but I'm really liking Ahn Jae Hyun's work in this.
Right now besides the secretary and Cindy, he's the only one I find interesting. I really don't want her to be with Emo guy who has far too many issues. At least he is up front in his assery.
It turns out he didn’t need to bother. Obnoxious goes flying through the air like a rugby ball. Cindy leaps and lands in front of him, pausing a moment to open her coat and shake her hair out.  Sparkles! Chimes! Bowchicka music! Player is caught.
This was reason #1 why I watched this show--seeing a clip of this scene.
I ship them so hard. I know it's got to be Jung Il Woo based on star power but still.
Actually, I want him on his knees in front of cute fashion girl.
See, I also want THAT.  Damn.

As Cindy advances on hapless Obnoxious, his friend respectfully pulls out his card. As she processes the payment, she tells the man on the ground to apologize for insulting her, and delivery drivers everywhere. They all work hard, especially at night, and deserve respect. She tells him not to live with that piss-poor attitude of his, and turns to leave. Player is in awe as he watches her. His friends comment that she’s a barbarian but his mind is already working on how to accomplish his mission.
She will hand you your ass, boy. Better not mess with her.

Player makes it outside just as she is leaving, and quickly takes a pic of her license plate. Um, can’t you just get the name of the pizza company from the boxes?
But how would that help them sell PHONES, Shuk?
And he takes a gazillion pics. I only do that by accident.
AssMom and StepBiatch are hovering by the computer, waiting for final college admissions. Guess what! Bimbo didn’t get in, despite mom paying for a load of expensive prep classes and tutors. All in the chance of her meeting Kan Hyun-min? Player?? As expected, her daughter is a whiny victim-crier.

Cindy walks in, and AssMom immediately takes her to task for wearing her school uniform after she’s graduated. Does she want everyone to think they are poor or something? To Cindy, it’s comfortable, and I get the impression that her step-family doesn’t give her any money for personal items such as clothes and things. Or food, when I think about it.
We hatesssssss them. We hates them so muuuuuuch. They are mean to our Precious, yessssss they are.
I want them on their knees to Cindy.

Diffidently, Cindy asks if she can use the computer to see if she was accepted to any colleges. AssMom cruelly laughs; how can a poor stupid girl get into any school? But they step away so Cindy can use it. She switches the screen from one school to the web portal for the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, considered one of the best private higher education campuses in South Korea, especially in foreign language and social studies.
In case anyone was wondering.
Also, she could've used her fancy smartphone to check her admissions.
After all, her late mother wanted her to become a teacher. AssMom uses this to cry that her step-daughter doesn’t show her filial gratitude for raising her. And she should only hope for tiny dreams appropriate to her station in life. Hey, Cindy, can you throat-chop her for me?
I cannot wait until Player puts them in their place, down the road. He will, right? Right?
Somebody needs to because I have a feeling it won't be her. She is tough with everyone else but them. and they are the worst of the lot.

As predicted, she’s in! And her step-family’s reaction tell me they knew all along she’s one smart cookie. They try to derail her a second time; after all, she’s going to need money for college too! Cindy is serene; she has saved enough for tuition and first semester, and plans to work hard for the rest. Take that, Step-Asses! Of course, now I’m scared they are going to steal her bankbook or something.
My exact fear as well, Shuk.
Once she’s inside a tiny laundry room (that almost looks like Beanie’s place in Heirs I was actually thinking about the understairs cupboard in Harry Potter), she can finally squeal in victory. she made it! And all her trials and tribulations that day were worth it. Yay! She talks to her mom through the silver necklace on her neck.
I hope she isn't carrying any of her mom around.
Yikes, I didn't even think of that!

Gramps arrives at a sweeping estate dominated by a beautiful curve of a building. Did I say beautiful? It looks like a frathouse, with broken furniture and party trash everywhere. He yells for Butler Kim. We see a scarf wrapped around a sculpture of Gramp’s head. Oh, this is the place Bike was brought to a year ago. Since our trio lives there, the wreckage is more understandable.
Not really. They would have a battalion of house help, who are clearly slacking.
They are walking through the building, but can’t find the butler. Until there’s a noise above their heads. It’s Butler Kim, duct-taped to the ceiling like a bright green cocoon. But he’s no butterfly, unless you count the fact he is flying out of there. He yells that Gramp’s grandsons are monsters, and he has no intention of staying a second longer. He gets quiet, suddenly realizing who he raising his voice to. Gramps springs up and storms out, angry that his progeny won’t give him a moment’s peace. PA Lee points out that it’s to be expected given the bombshell he just dropped on them.  Anyway, they will have to get a new butler ASAP, and money is no object. Gramps wonders who he can hire to pound some sense into those young men.
I can't believe you thought THIS was the guy I meant, Trot.
Duct-taping this butler to the ceiling means that the grandsons occasionally work together.  
Cindy is at the convenience story, caressing her bankbook. One more paycheck tomorrow and she’ll have the complete tuition deposit. Under her breath, she chants, “Four million, four million...”
I hope they pick a really good way of parting her with money. You know, for the sake of the story.

A voice intrude into her thoughts, wondering aloud if a lousy ice cream costs that much. It’s Player! How did he figure Pizza Girl also worked at 7-11? Maybe he used his grandfather’s resources. She apologizes, and as she rings it up, she brightens. It’s a BOGO! Player is all ‘huh?’ so she has to explain it’s a Buy One Get One Free. But, gosh darn it, he only planned to have one. Smooth, Player, smooth. Soon enough, she’s happily wolfing down Cone# 2 while he holds his untouched novelty and stares at her. He comments informally that Cindy is a fast eater; she counters that she’s faster when it’s free. They shoot banmal stingers at each other, and she holds her own against the older guy.
I'm so disappointed that it won't be him, honestly.
Me, too. And she gets free ice cream out of this.
From his point of view, she’s uncouth and perfect for his needs. He asks for her time from 9pm to midnight. She mentally rolls her eyes and tell him to leave, heading back to her cash register. Player tries to get her to listen, but she has no time for nonsense.  He offers her, two million won for her time. From her point of view, people who boast about money are the most untrustworthy ones out there.
Really? Not the people who promise to raise you, then make you sleep in the laundry room and refuse to feed you?

Ah, but Player can back it up. And after all, isn’t it better to solve things with money? No fuss, no muss. Cindy is appalled.  Covering up misdeeds using cash instead of taking responsibility for your own actions? What kind of life is that? Player just shrugs. Cindy comes up with an idea and tells him to put his money where his mouth is, and prove that he has the wherewithal to buy her time.
Well, Cindy, in many cases paying IS taking responsibility.
I think she really means "show me the money" because lots of people talk about paying for stuff but when the check rolls around . . .
A split second later, a large amount of neat stacks of  Shin Saim-dang’s are on the counter. And, for some reason, the store shelves are empty. [scratch head] I was assuming that he literally bought everything in the store. I don’t get it. (He bought out the store, obviously. I don't know why he couldn't have just produced the money without actually buying anything, since it's the money that's the proof.) In any case, she asks for his number so she can send him a receipt. I guess maybe he bought out the store and it’s not a prepayment for her services. He just chuckles that she must really want his phone number for other things. She’s speechless as he writes his phone number on her arm and saunters out.
I was speechless, too. Wow. He really lives in his own world. My daughter, on the other hand, thinks he's hilarious. Not date worthy or anything, but hilarious in his not bothering to pretend to be nice way.
He IS hilarious. Your daughter has a fine sense of humor.
Fashion Girl is strolling through a fabric store, (she's in Dongdaemun market because fashion people in dramas are always buying and selling there) looking over various items and cloths. Using her sketch book for reference, she settles on  powder blue silk. The shop owner, though, only sells in bulk, not small pieces. He is unmoved by any cajoling on her part. Suddenly, someone knocks over a display and scatters his fabrics. She offers to clean it up back in order in less than 30 minutes. If she does, he has to sell her the fabric she needs. Next thing we see, she’s happily pinning powder blue fabric on a dressmaker’s mannequin. Good job, Fashion Girl! The BGM is totally amusing and takes me back to 80’s Love Boat episodes.
But how is she Fashion Girl? did she see that dress? It's just not that special. Any middle schooler taking sewing in Home ec could've made that dress. It's a nice dress, but nothing that you couldn't buy at JCPenney (which has some of the best dress deals by the way).
I dunno - it just seemed apparent to me that she is studying fashion? Someone has to design the dresses at JCPenney too, you know.
The dress was pretty dull. I guess Son Naeun can make anything look good, though.
Biker pulls up to the vehicle shop late at night and offers to feed Boss and the mechanics. without taking no for an answer, he heads out to the nearest. Which, coincidentally, our heroine is working at. I guess she restocked the shelves after Player destocked them? Anyways, he tells her to go ahead and heat them, but, unfortunately he left his wallet at the shop.  He trots back to the business, but ends up overhearing his former coworkers grousing about his stinginess. After all, if he has lots of money, he should give some to them. Boss stops them; Ji-woon asked everybody to treat him the same, and this was how he was before. One of the employees wants Biker to pay his brother’s debts but Boss is adamant. A single moment can can break a bond between people. Poor Biker, he now realizes the gulf that opened up between him and his coworkers when he fell into riches.
He's just dumb if he didn't realize this before. I'd be happy that the boss was still trying to treat me the same if I were him. i also wouldn't just left knowing that I had all that food cooking. If he so used to being poor, he would've remembered that all that food would come out of Cindy's paycheck if he didn't go back. If we are supposed to think he fights for justice (aka getting stolen purses back), the writer would've had him go in pretending he hadn't heard, get his wallet, buy the snacks and then get called away because he couldn't bear to eat with them and pretend he doesn't know. Instead, we get selfish, self-centered Emo Guy.
Perhaps we're meant to believe that he is so shocked by this revelation that he is temporarily jolted out of his normal, social justice-focused perspective.
That moment that can break the bonds between people? Just happened. Only that other employee didn't realize it.

He sadly walks down the sidewalk past the convenience store, where everything is heated up and ready to go. Cindy sees him in the window and chases him down for the money, over 88 dollars.  He realizes he never got his wallet and offers to pay for it tomorrow.
Yeah, see? He was just shocked.
From her point of view, she’s had to deal with men and money all night long. She accuses him of absconding without paying, but, in a quiet voice, he says he has plenty of money, just not on him right now.
Which would be a particularly raw admission for him, at the moment. That money is the thing that keeps him from his friends. It's not something he really enjoys having.
Really, I'm tired of him and his self pity and we are only 2 eps in.

She demands payment now. Without a word, he offers her his watch. She calls him an asshat who won’t even apologize. She doesn’t take the watch, but warns him to bring the money tomorrow. With that, she stomps back inside, leaving Sad Sad Biker outside.
Sad Sad Biker needs a hair cut. He'd feel better then.
I don't have a lot of patience with him because he ought to know better than to think she can take his watch for payment. Anyone in my old neighborhood would know that we would just get arrested for theft if we tried to get cash for such a watch. He grew up in an orphanage. He should know that. (Once again blaming writer)
Fashion Girl receives a phone call from “Jung-woon” who warns her that Hyun-min plans to take a girl to the wedding. It must be one of the club boys. Biker arrives just as she pricks her finger on a straight pin, causing him to complain that girls shouldn’t hurt their hands this way. Pfft.
No one 'should' hurt their hand that way. Idiot.
Can Fashion Girl get over Hyun-Min fast, please? Because her constant hurt is already grating.
Why can't these two be together? They could fall in love over their sadness.

Cindy quietly lets herself into the house.  She sleeps in the laundry room too, I see. After a moment, she pulls out a wooden box tucked under a shelf. It contains pics of a young judo girl and her pretty mom.  These are the only mementos she has of her mother. On impulse, she sends her dad a text.  She hasn’t heard from him in a half-year, and tomorrow is her mom’s death anniversary. Could he contact her, please? She puts everything away and curls up among the boxes.
WTF is Dad, anyway? I sort of assumed that he would turn out to be the garage owner, until this.
The next day dawns bright and early, and Emo Biker is, well, on his bike. Coincidentally, he flies past Cindy’s bus, staying alongside long enough for her to spare him a glance before he pulls ahead.

At the columbarium, she is shocked to find her mother’s niche empty. Where is her mom and her things?? She checks with one of the workers, who states that the burial and niche fees haven’t been paid for five years, so the contents are now in storage. She freaks out; how could they do this to somebody’s loved one? Is it right to evict dead people if they can’t pay the rent? The man is understanding, but this is their policy. And how much is owed? ₩ 5 000 000 / € 4067 / $ 4540.00
Umm, yes, it's right. Why would it not be right? It wouldn't be right if they just threw everything away, but that's not what they did. This is a business, Cindy. Businesses run on money. They waited FIVE YEARS.
She must've been going every year. Why didn't they say anything sooner?
That's what I was wondering. I would've thought they would have said something the first year.
That's why I was thinking her outrage is misplaced.  They were already very kind and patient.

Cindy is thunderstruck by the news. Biker shows up and asks them to move away from his relative’s niche. and keep things quiet.
He's SUCH. AN. ASS.--what/ No one's pain is as important as yours? Everyone here has lost someone, you jerk!
The pair recognize each other but they don’t say anything. Ooh, and the niche above Ha-won’s mother is the niche for Ji-woon’s mother. And they died on the same day? And the two have never met in five years?
Ha, that was my thought.
She was in school and working part time jobs, while he was just working. I could see them being at the columbarium at different times.

As he is walking out, Biker sees Cindy sink to her knees in front of the columbarium director and beg to take her mother’s ashes out of storage. He flashes back to their conversation at the store and sees the wilted white flowers beside her. A bit later, it’s pouring its butt outside but he just brushes past her to his motorcycle.
I think this is why he's so disdainful about her later. She ragged on him for not paying his debts, and here she is begging to be let off from an unpaid debt.
I, only the other hand, would have immediately understood why she thought it was so obnoxious for him to throw his fancy watch around.

On the bus, Cindy remembers talking to her mother about white roses being a sign of respect. At the next bus stop, she asks her mom if she is okay with her daughter leaving her in storage while she goes to college., and you just know she is trying to convince herself. Eventually, she breaks down and apologizes. Damn, all that effort for tuition is gone. Dad has some serious ‘splaining to do.
Okay, I think this is a good reason to part her from her money, Show.
Nope. It isn't. I literally turned to my daughter and told her that if she was in the same situation, she'd better get her ass to college, or I'd haunt her in death worse than I haunt her in life.
No, no, no - what I meant was that story-wise it's decent, it's not something we get every day.  Life wise, dump me somewhere and go to school, daughter.
At Fashion Girl’s place the dress is finished. She tells Biker she created it for Gramp’s marriage ceremony. His face drops. He’s not going and anyway, nobody wants him there. She mentions that his rival is rumored to be bringing a girl, and asks him to be there for her as a favor. He declines, which she expected.
Why does she just assume she can go in the first place?
Family friend?

Cindy holds the white flowers while standing near the Banpo Bridge. She only needs another million won to get her mother out of hock. A white stretch limo pulls up. It’s Player, and he’s ready to accommodate her. He’ll pay cash, but she actually has to act as his fiancee instead of his girlfriend. She is taken aback, but he smoothly explains that his grandfather is very very sick, and wants to see his grandson happily settled before he goes. He gives a Baksaeng-worthy performance as a grieving man, and she grudgingly agrees. Instantly he’s all smiles. She still promises to knock his block off if he behaves inappropriately to her. They finally formally meet each other and shake hands.
'Meet me at the Han River.' WHY?
In the limo, Player crowds her to put some fiance moves on her, but she’s having none of it.

It’s a media frenzy in the middle of the night as all sorts of people show up for the wedding. Fangirls stop screaming long enough to wonder the identity of the chick walking next to their Hyun-min. Herbie shows up and blows kisses to the masses,  making them happy. Emo Biker is buzzing around Seoul on his bike.
She's going to the wedding dressed in her uniform? We're not getting a makeover scene?

Inside the hall, a bevy of hair, makeup, and couture employees are there to doll up Cinderella for the ball. A ring of the doorbell pulls Player away. He cracks open the door. It’s Fashion Girl, wanting to meet his escort. He ruthlessly quashes her, demanding she stop her obsession with him, then coldly shuts the door on her vulnerable face. Uh-oh, is she gonna revert into Biatch Mode at some point in time?
I was worried for a second. About the makeover, not Fashion Girl. I think she's too nice to be really mean.
Fashion Girl should stop her obsession with him. It's tedious.
I'm actually starting to worry about her sanity. He is being very clear that he will never get back with her. Why is she holding on?
Cindy mutters about how much the dress reveals. As she walks into the bathroom, she doesn’t notice Herbie sitting on the floor near the bed, with his headset on. He hears her, though, and peeks over the bed to see her. When she starts changing, though, he ducks back down and accidentally drops his cell phone. Without looking, he grabs for it, no doubt taking hers. Once she’s in the dress, she picks up the only phone left on the bed and leaves the room.
He gets points for not watching her change.
Another big pet peeve of mine. How the hell does she afford that phone when she is so broke? you're going to tell me that Cindy with the gazillion jobs can afford the same phone as an idol?
She's not broke, though, just very very frugal. But PPL wins even more than Love does.

Outside the room, she meets up with Player. He has some gorgeous slippers shoes for her feet, although I think she would rather keep the sneakers on. Waltz music, soft lighting, chimes, all it needs is helpful mice to complete the transition.
Why is she dressed like a bride? Sort of?
To annoy the bride. To show she's a fiancee.
In another room, Stepsister Biatch is dressed in baby-doll pink, just like five other girls. She is impatient and edgy. It seems she weaseled a place at the ceremony. Maleficent is waiting to begin the show. She looks at the bouquet of white roses, which strangely looks like Cindy’s funeral flowers. She whispers to herself that she is halfway to her goal.
How? HOW?

The rings are ready, the groom is ready. It’s showtime!
Above the guest-filled room, a spotlight shines on a balcony and stair. Gramps is resplendent in his tux and grinning from ear to ear. Maleficent poofs into existence by his side, and together they walk down the stairs.
The bride is in red? And Cindy is in white.
The bride is in red because she looks fabulous in red. Also, at least in the subcontinent and China, red was the traditional colour for brides. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case in Korea too.
Also, she's older. When you're older you can wear whatever color you want at your wedding.

And behind Door # 2 and equally resplendent, Player leads his nervous fiancee into the lights and scrutiny of the guests. And in the underground garage, oh look! It’s Biker. Color me not surprised.
The groom and bride begin their slow descent, but stop when they see the other couple. That brings everyone’s eyes to Cindy and Player. She gives him an enquiring look, and he jokes that they are actually getting married. She’s ready to bolt, but he just picks her up and carries her protesting self to the stage.
This was shockingly rude, wasn't it?

Player offers Gramps his fiancee as a wedding present. Gramps is not amused;  Mal tries to get information on the young woman. Who readily answers she’s a graduating high school student. The crowd murmurs as he introduces his fifth stepgrandmother. Cindy is completely embarrassed and apologizes profusely, and now Player is not amused.

Cindy starts admonishing her date in banmal for his childish and very public behavior against his elder. When he refuses to apologize, she forcibly takes him down to his knees. Gramps is avidly watching  the interchange. As are the guests. As is Biker, from the door.
I cheered.
This was the other clip that I saw that made me want to watch this show. clearly grandpa is intrigued.
Once they leave the wedding hall, Cindy is ready to leave. Player tries his usual suave routine, but she’s having none of it. Herbie, Fashion Girl, her friend, and Biker are all present. Once she realizes it, she politely shakes Herbie’s hand. The other girl bursts out at her friend’s unfair treatment. Hyun-min denies any sort of relationship with Hye-ji. With all the tensions in the air, Cindy tries to maintain decorum. But when Fashion Girl introduces herself, Biker steps in and knocks her hand away. He’s upset that she would lower herself to be polite his to assy cousin’s new woman.
Why? What has the new woman done to her? She only has the 'right' to be rude to Player.
I thought it was nice of her to rise above the situation.
Biker turns his attack to Cindy. Is she just there for money? Is that all there is to her? He pulls out the cash in his pocket and  drops it at her feet.  Player glares at his upstart relative. Gauntlet thrown!


First of all, where the heck is Dad? Can he really be allowing his daughter to be treated like this?
That chicken sure looked delicious. So mean. Not to even give her one piece.
Bitches. Also, at first, I thought they were both her stepsisters and the older one was the 'ugly' one like the Disney version, sort of.  Except she's not really ugly, just..more suburban mom-ish.  I don't know. It just never occurred to me in that scene that she was the mother.
Dad is clearly irresponsible.  

I really really ship Cindy with Player so hard. Hyun-min is jaded, yes, but I know he would be a loyal good guy to the right girl. And I think Ha-won's no-nonsense approach to life would be perfect. Fashion Girl has a toxic relationship with him, and she should be thrown to Emo Biker. They can commiserate together over pizza and beer or something, or just enjoy each other's Thorazine.
Where do we sign up to petition for this ending? I wish Emo-biker and (dull)Fashion Girl would go somewhere else, too.
Cindy and Player works because that leaves PA Kim for moi. Poor Idol - if he's an idol-chaebol hybrid, do we call him an Ibeol? Anyway - no one even considers him as the love interest.
Idol is just there so that FNC can market CNBlue and beef this idol's resume. I'm cool with Fashion Girl and Emo Biker together. I hope she gets some self-respect fast. And I hope Cindy beats up Player some more.

And what is the Evil Stepmother's plan? No doubt it will probably be a scheme that all the cousins can bro-up and combine their powers. That would be awesome. 
Save the harabeoji, save the world?
I kind of hope she and the PA ditch harabeoji and take over the company.