Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 6 (Recap)

kakashi: Healer Boy Huang Tuo finds his twu wuv, Kasuo finds Shi, and then, everybody goes chasing the ice crystal, which - surprise!! - isn't as lost as Healer Boss wanted everybody to believe. I love how Kasuo and Li Luo totally ship Healer Boy and his twu wuv, even though she doesn't even know she is the twu wuv. Everybody is so awwwwww.
SakiVI: Yay for Twu Wuv!  Looks like it might be on the cards for Yan Da and Shi, too, though not in such an emotionally healthy way.
JoAnne: This guy looks like Siwon-light. It was very distracting.

Episode 6

Using some trickery that involves a disguise, Kasuo, Li Luo and Healer Boy manage to leave the city despite the many guards at the city gates. Luna, the Warrior with the Bad Aura, notices them - and because she's smart, she realizes who they are. Once they're out in the technicolor countryside, Healer Boy wants to go into the big wide world all by himself to look for his beloved, whose name he doesn't even know ... but he does not have to! Because ... wait for it .... it is LUNA! He recognizes her immediately when she appears in front of them. Oh happy day. Or not? Healer Boy is supposed to marry her sister!!! Uh-oh...
This is an awkward situation.
I laugh at how quickly minor issues are developed in this; they act like they have no time at all. Sixty-eight episodes, guys. Pace yourselves.
We get to see how they met all those years ago. This is what happened: Healer Boy was looking for herbs on some mountain and saved a lamb from a pack of wolves, which then started to chase him. He ran into Luna in the forest. She was practicing sexily. And she taught him a lesson about sheep and wolves (after knocking him out): wolves need to eat too and he should not interfere in the natural run of things. The lesson to draw from this is: Saving lives is not everything - you need ethics and empathy as a doctor! I agree. Anyway, she made a huge impression on him. And it's not only him that remembers her fondly ... she also remembers him, though maybe less fondly. I'm not sure she can feel fondly. Stern woman.
Her being incredibly pretty also made a huge impression. I'm quite sure of that.
And her cleavage!! 
He learned his lesson well. I suppose the saying that two heads are better than one must be true...
Malicious aura or not, our Healer Boy is obviously extremely in love with Luna. He'd rather die than marry her sister. He loves another! Kasuo drops a few hints on whom that might be, but Luna's aura is too malicious to get it. And anyway, Healer Daddy is here! And everyone has to return to the city.
She doesn't seem malicious to me. She seems reserved. Taciturn. Even grumpy. But malicious, no. She is Luna the Libeled, and I will defend her!
Healer Boy gets grounded until he has produced a heir! Daddy clearly doesn't understand how one gets heirs. Li Luo interferes to do some name-dropping, but then, the Fire Brat comes in and outs our Ice Prince first: as a Wanted Fugitive. Prince Shi smiles at him, but Kasuo has no clue who he is. That's a bit sad, but Little Bro does look quite different indeed. Shi isn't sad at all though and continues smiling happily, because Kasuo asks the Healer Boss about him and obviously cares.
No doubt Kasuo is worried about any human slave of Yan Da's. 
He doesn't exactly look like he's having a hard time, guys.
Let's watch carefully in the future to see if Shi's lipstick will hint at a change in loyalties

Fire Brat gets ready to fight and arrest Kasuo, but Prince Shi quickly goes between them and puts something into his brother's jacket. Li Luo intervenes. All this doesn't stop the fight, of course. Li Luo does some awesome moves and wins while Kasuo just stands there, probably admiring her. Shi looks at him for the longest time, but Kasuo still doesn't get it.
The boys just stand there while the girls fight.
Kasuo's probably used to pretty boys smiling at him invitingly, you know, as if he should recognize them. 
And then, uh-oh. The bride-to-be has become an old woman! Someone has given her a poison not of the Mortal Realm and she does not have long to live. They need an antidote from the Gods! Yes, says Fire Brat, that's the case. She can only be healed with the ice crystal leaf, because that's an ancient relic. How sad that the Healer Tribe has lost their leaf.
Pretty cunning of Yan Da. I suspect she's the smartest of the Fire King's children.
Certainly smarter than her brother PeeWee, but we all know sperm can't take the heat.
Luna has a different idea: she wants to identify the one who poisoned her sister and take it from there. She has a very keen sense of smell as Toxin Healer and thus, she identifies our Handsome Prince Shi / Yun Fei as the one who did it (she ran into him that day he went and gave her Sis the potion). Prince Shi, we learn, smells of cherry blossoms.
Suits his pretty face, but I like men who smell of whatever it is men's colognes are supposed to mimic. Or, maybe just not smell at all. That would be great.
I'm sort of surprised he doesn't smell like leather. Doesn't it seem like he'd be good in leather?
Luna is enraged and wants to throw a needle at Shi (which is probably poisonous, I'm guessing)(nope, just sharp), but Kasuo intervenes. He is all for justice etc., which means investigating thoroughly. Prince Shi is locked up for the time being. Oooh.  Maybe soon he'll start to smell like leather. In prison, he remembers how the Fire Brat force-fed him a fruit. NOT NICE! It's a poison (to test his loyalty), called the Heart Scorcher. If he betrays her, it will cause him great pain. Drama, I would like to point out to you that she gave him something liquid in episode 5, but I'm fine with you changing it to this Heart Scorcher fruit, because I heart you.
I was confused for a second. But I think Shi secretly likes Yan Da pushing him around.
I will force my cherry on you and then you will be mine! 
Shi is a bit worked up (excited, more like)(he ain't the only one) remembering this mistreatment and suddenly, he does ice magic. He freezes part of his room. And then, he makes little flowers (cherry blossoms!) and lets them drift through the air.  The Chinese understood pheromones a very long time ago, huh. Kasuo is just about to go find the Rat Demon, because the Healer Boss claims that's whom he gave the sacred ice crystal to in order to have him stop terrorizing the Healer tribe. Now, he notices the ice flowers and also remembers that someone put something in his jacket! It's .. hair? A bit of rope? Whatever, he knows: his Bro is here! 
I'm really turned off by this whole cherry blossom thing. Besides, someone Icy shouldn't be smelling of any flowers because wrong season and all that.
Do you really want to die on this particular hill of realism? There's a tiger demon coming up, after all.
He follows the flowers to his brother's prison and they reunite! Kasuo is sorry he didn't recognize him. It's alright, darling, that was a tough one.
Thank God he figured it out in time, though. Two attractive men, a prison cell...this could have been quite tragic.
After the reunion, they catch up with Luna, who is on her way to the Rat Demon herself. She is updated on the latest developments, i.e. Prince Shi (who is staying by Fire Brat's side as a spy but at least got a duplicate ice key from Kasuo) being the one who poisoned her sister, while himself being poisoned by "the most vicious poison in the immortal realm". It can make gods lose their mind. Luna is okay with working together. And look who's there too, just now revealing himself! Healer Boy. Awwwwww.
Acid reflux really can drive a person crazy, true.
Oh, because he swallowed something. That took me a minute, Saki.
The Fire Princess is OF COURSE also near, because she always is. I don't care though, because Healer Boy is too cute making goo-goo eyes at the warrior woman. Kasuo and Li Luo realize that something's amiss though. There is fog. They go investigate and get to a huge mushroom. Yes, really: a huge mushroom.
It's like they're in fairyland or something.
Wonderland. If a hookah-smoking caterpillar shows up, I'm outta here.
Kasuo thinks there is "something wrong with it" (you think??!) but Healer Boy touches it. It rots immediately ... and there are evil green sperm demons! Three of them!! They flee towards some water. Healer Boy falls through a whole in the ground, but Luna saves him from falling into the abyss that's underneath. Unfortunately, one of the demons passes through her and wounds her badly. Kasuo summons water from the lake and builds an ice globe around them... the sperm demons have no chance and dissolve.
There's some innuendo in this, isn't there?  Jo?
I mean, maybe if it was a huge stalk of asparagus or a cucumber or something...  but it's cool Kasuo can make that ice diaphragm, at least!
Healer Boy wants Golden Nappies for Luna. Haha, no, NappERS. Kasuo goes with him to look for some while Li Luo stays with the wounded, suffering bad aura woman. A man approaches and warns them to leave - the Rat Demon is usually coming out at this time of the day! He offers to bring them to safety in a nearby cave. They go. My dear ladies ... has nobody taught you anything about going to dark places with strangers??!
Li Luo could wilt a man with a look, so I think they'll be okay.


There was a lot of cute again in this episode, less between Kasuo and Li Luo (who just feel very comfortable with each other), but more between Luna and Healer Boy. Well, it's a bit one-sided at the moment, but Kasuo and Li Luo totally ship the two and that is so cute. Poor Prince Kasuo is so obsessed with "freedom" and "choice"... let's hope you will get the chance to be free yourself one day.
He shouldn't be the Once and Future King, then. A good king will never choose based on his own freedom and choice alone.
Sigh. She's just so SERIOUS, Kakashi.
Well, it's good one of us is, at least.

Now, the Fire Princess. SERIOUSLY, woman! Someone should tell her that you can be friends with people without poisoning them.
Ah, but she's been so focused on her career, she hasn't had time to learn about friendship and not killing people. 
I'm 100% certain that Shi doesn't mind.