Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 9 (Recap)

SakiVI: Crikey, this episode is exciting! The Gates we know so far team up on a mission to save Ya Tou from whatever it is she thinks she has, and boy oh boy is it exciting! For one thing, Er Ye comes alive. For another, Ba Ye takes a risk. Two risks, in fact. For a third thing, Fo Ye beats up thugs. And let's not forget our gorgeous Visual Zhang. Of his many, many talents, his best one is looking pretty, and he did that a lot today. Finally, we are getting a sassy new crossdressing heroine.
Oh yes, I almost forgot because he was a bit of a bore: there is a new villain. Hopefully we'll kick him to the curb soon.
kakashi: The best episode yet. I'm so excited, I'm squeeing inside!!! And outside! And above and below!

Episode 9 - Cleverly Intercepting An Invitation

We start at Fo Ye's palace. Everyone note the crown on the gate. This is because Fo Ye is the royal Duke of Changsha.
*bows deeply showing a bit of cleavage*. Oups, sorry.
Our Gang of Four are plotting how to get into the auction. 
Everything in these upcoming scenes looks SO beautiful. They used some kind of godly filter. I want to hug, kiss, lick and eat these guys. And everything around them.
They note even the Japanese are wary of the Bei Ping Hotel owner, and that an unknown person, that is by face, called Peng San Bian will attend the auction.
Sidebar: Have some close-ups.
I meant "bite", not eat. I want to bite them. They look so delicious!!! Like pastries, beautiful, pink sugar coated pastries. 
Apparently this Peng San Bian made his fortune dealing in sand (sidebar, how does that work? did they know how to make concrete? *looks it up* ... Oh, they did. That's why the tombs later look like they're made from concrete. Anyway, sand is used in concrete, cement, etc.), and has many criminals as his subordinates. Gosh, look how cosy Fo Ye and Ba Ye are. What a cute bromance for those who pay attention to that sort of thing.
*kisseu, kisseu, kisseu*! (awwww, look at Fo Ye's fond expression, awwwww)
Ba Ye notes this person is skilled with the whip, because why not be as icky as possible, and that the whole NorthWest is scared of him. 
He's a wild brute. Fo Ye likes that.
Maybe he's hoping for a little bit of a challenge.  
Since getting the invitation card from Peng won't be easy, Genius Jui Ye, naturally, will come up with a plan. 
Thank you, Uncle Nine. 
Totally believe that Jui Ye can outsmart everyone.
He really is the smartest among them, isn't he! Fo Ye, I lubbyu, but in all honesty, I find intelligent men very sexy.
Jiu Ye starts to describe his plan. Everyone, pay attention!
Yes, stop staring at Fo Ye! 
First Ba Ye will offer free fortunes to get close to Peng (calling him that for short) and see where his ticket is.
Ohhhhh, Ba Ye! Careful! 
Then Er Ye and his flying skillz will come into Lay, oops, I mean play.
Ohhhhhh, that's exciting! 
I know, finally some Er Ye action!
Er Ye recalls those skillz.
I hope he didn't get to rusty and limp because of all the noodles, but let's keep confident. 
The plan is to wait until the train goes through a set of six caves (ohhhh, caves! Fo Ye will like that) that will provide enough darkness for cover.  In particular, the time is best in the longest cave, the fifth one.
Fo Ye is listening hotly.
I think he is half asleep? Too much talky-talky, I guess. But still hot. 
Awesome, they're going on a Choo Choo train! I love Choo Choo trains!
Have you ever been on the Hogwarts Express in Scotland? You should! It's great! It goes from Fort William to Mallaig. 
Nope, never been to Scotland. 
Here's Er Ye all mysterious and elegant and standing between the carriages like a pro Cirque du Soleil performer.
It's a flashforward, people. Don't be confused (I was). Er Ye isn't actually standing there yet.
Ba Ye and Fo Ye are impressed. Also, Fo Ye hears he must cover Er Ye in case things go horribly wrong. What if they go horribly wrong, asks Fo Ye? Then kill, says Jiu Ye. Well, that's simple.
lol. Fo Ye is super alert again. He can do "kill". 
But then Jiu Ye ruins everything by saying, nah, that plan won't work. That Peng is a criminal, and this can all get Er Ye hurt if he catches onto the plan, which he probably will.
No, please don't hurt Er Ye, now that he is becoming really cool.
Ba Ye is irritated.
He moans a lot, doesn't he.
Oh, handsome Fo Ye! 
And now back to "Ba Ye is irritated": 
Jiu Ye says, fine, the tracks lead in different directions and the trains pass each other. To avoid a big fight, they should just escape onto another train. No one asks how Ba Ye will manage that, I note.
That's cause it's simple and easy. Just walk onto the opposite train. Peanuts. 
Okay, I'll believe superhuman graverobbers can just walk from one moving train to another. Sure, why not? And there are unicorns too. 

So, whisk the invitation out of Peng's pocket, and escape into another train all during the few minutes you'll be in the darkest cave. Basically, they'll need to know the invitation's location, act in the the darkest, longest cave, and hope for lots of luck. Easy-peasy.
Just make sure to whisk.
Fo Ye looks slightly skeptical here, but ready for train action. Me too, but then I do realize these are superhuman grave robbers.
Please don't try this at home, Saki. I'm excited too, but as hard as I try, I have not yet discovered my superhuman grave robbing skills. 
In fact, they're all a bit excited except for Er Ye. He's just pensive.
He caught the melancholy bug from his Madame.It happens when you kiss and stuff. It's good to know they are intimate after all.
Cut to Chen Pi all moody in prison. 
His heart and his sweets with Ba Ba in the name were trampled upon. I understand.
Ooh, Lt Zhang walks in, looking pretty!
He has good skin.
He continues to look pretty as he tells Chen Pi to start talking.
Does he have good teeth? I haven't had a look. 
They're pretty nice, yes.
Chen Pi and Chen Pi's nose declare Zhang Qishan should come interview him. The way he says Fo Ye's name so easily suggests Chen Pi is being a Chen Poo.
Chen Pi won't deal with seconds. 
Lt Zhang gets mad and challenges Chen Pi to a no-armaments fight.
What a little darling. I could adopt him? 
They draw.
*slow clap*. Ah, Visual Zhang. You are so capable. I wonder what else he can do, you know... you know.
Even when he's angry, Lt Zhang is gorgeous, and, okay, that's not the point here, so basically, he's telling Chen Pi how could you give Ya Tou a drug that won't cure her? And it seems Chen Pi knew it wouldn't. He is all insouciant, and says insouciantly, so what? Her illness is incurable, As long as her pain gets better, it's worth it. 
Fuck you, Chen Pi. That's really low of you, I thought you were marginally better
Maybe he thought if Ya Tou felt better, she'd cheer up and then live longer.
Lt Zhang prettily scolds Chen Pi more about working with the Japanese.
He tries to bring Chen Pi back to the light side.
I fear that opportunity has long since passed.....
Chen Pi and the Nose are still stubborn.
Don't blame his wonderful nose for things! No! The nose is innocent! 
I still want to dip it in ink.  It's sharp enough to write with.  ::FansSelf::
So Lt. Zhang tells him Ya Tou's illness can be cured and that Fo Ye and Er Ye have gone to get the cure.
You didn't expect that, Nose Boy, right?
He says to stay in prison for the time being because you did commit a crime, then when the masters get back, he will let Chen Pi out.  Basically stay still and don't cause trouble. Lt Zhang asks who gave Chen Pi the drug, and Chen Pi actually doesn't know the name. Seriously, Chen Pi? At least he know where to find Hendry Cox.
*sigh*... at least, he has a Great Nose. 
It's a Dream Nose.
Cut to Fo Ye shooting things while Ba Ye admires him. 
Can't blame him. Haha, among the funniest things in their bromance is Ba Ye's fangirling. Fanboying?
Fanboying is the word here. :-)
Cut to Er Ye cleaning off weapons in his wizard's lair. Quite a switchblade.
Clearly illegal here.
Then cut to Changsha Staion, home of more Choo Choo trains. 😍 Ooh, look! There's Fo Ye and Ba Ye. These two really come in a pair.
I don't mind, I'll have both of them
Then Er Ye. So elegant.
Those boys are not bad, yum. Not that this comes as a surprise to me at this point.
Then a gorgeous Choo Choo train! Squee!
Quickly, what do you prefer? a Choo Choo train or Fo Ye? 
Choo Choo Train, Fo Ye, Choo Choo Train, Fo Ye - I'll have to take both.
Here's Fo Ye watching the train come in. 
He is kind of dressing Austrian here, with a little Jagermeister hat. It actually improves his hotness. That's not easily done, so I'm impressed. 
Then we're on the train and looking at some people in their Northwestern clothing. I assume so, anyway, since they are standing near Peng's compartment. And here is Peng himself, who is listening to Er Ye's recording on a portable gramophone.
Is it cold in the Northwest. Oh wait, is that Mongolia? 
If not Mongolia, somewhere close to it. And yes, it should be cold there. This show so far seems to be taking place in the winter as it is.
Not the sort of fan EXO members usually get, but who is to say what the heart of any person wants, hmm?

The train pulls up to Changsha.
The three Ye's all nod to each other and get on. 
They board and seat themselves while pretending not to know each other.
Awwwww, they're so clever!!!!
And handsome. And well-dressed. Sidebar: Where are these men in my life?
And the Choo Choo train leaves! Yes, I get extremely excited about steam engine trains. Bear with, everyone.
I'll make you a gif, dearest :)     
Thank you. <3
Ba Ye walks the train saying spiritual things.
He's cool. Look at his glasses
I love his priest outfit. Totally suits him.
Oh wow! Look at the scenery!
Ha! Looks like Scotland!
You've inspired me: I want to go to Scotland now.
Ba Ye makes his way to Peng's carriage where his henchmen are complaining he's cheap and won't pay them a bonus for their work.The train conductor tries to stop him, but Ba Ye immediately evaluates him as a man sleeping badly with worries, which is so funny because who doesn't have them, and who sleeps well in their middle age? But I digress. So, Ba Ye gives a solution and the conductor lets him pass, just telling him to keep his voice down a bit. 
As we learn later, Ba Ye is actually a very capable fortune teller. This is the first time we get to see it. 
A fortune teller is first and foremost an effective counselor. So, thinking back to how Ba Ye helped the lunatic with the hair problem, I'd say this is the second time.
Ba Ye finds Peng and laughs. 
He's cute!
Rushing in, he begs the rich-looking man to help the poor. I'd like to note Ba Ye does not look poor by any means. 
Yeah, he isn't.   
Peng seems interested in getting his fortune told since he tells his henchmen to leave them. Ba Ye says to Peng, you look rich and must be on a journey to get something. Peng calls him close and says, you are trying to scam me. He then pushes off Ba Ye who falls back on to the henchmen and then foreward onto Peng where he feels Peng's chest. 
Ba Ye, the things you do for Fo Ye, really.
It's twu ruv! 
And Peng, that jerk! He tells his henchmen to beat Ba Ye up. Ba Ye begs for forgiveness and they let him go, phew. Just wait, Peng, Fo Ye will get you! #ThisIsNotASpoiler #ThisIsALaw
Luckily, Ba Ye is not traumatized. 
He's probably much more capable than he lets on. He's just the moaning type.
I agree. Probably why Fo Ye rolls his eyes and gets a bit mad when Ba Ye complains overmuch.
Then, Ba Ye walks through Fo Ye and Er Ye's carriage signaling them. Fo Ye translates: compartment 1, room 2, 9 thugs wielding knives and the invitation card is close to Peng's chest.
Haha, no way in hell would he have known what Ba Ye meant in RL. Thank god this is not RL. 
Gosh, Fo Ye looks good in a hat.
He's so yummy

Er Ye leaves, all determined, because he is Ya Tou's hero and nothing will stop him. 
The conductor warns people they are going into the caves and not to stick their heads out of the window, which makes loads of sense. No really, it does.
You are right when you are right, Saki. 
Thank you.

Er Ye waits patiently between the carriages, counting on his fingers.
The train is now in the cave. Our villain Peng is asleep.
It's really light in that cave though :)
It's the same mysterious light that we get in tombs.
But look who swoops in. 
Starting the gif-machine! 
Three guesses who. Don't peek ahead!
Er Ye! 
Bet you thought Fo Ye might've jumped in ahead of him, right? Teehee. 
Yes, we first need to get used to much-cooler Er Ye! 
Peng isn't laughing though. For one thing, he just got robbed of his precious invitation. And he's looking like a blood zombie in the dark. However, Er Ye pulls his knife out and holds against Peng's side. Gosh, he moves fast! 
Here's Fo Ye as back up. Even in the dark our Chipmunk is a Hunk.
The train leaves the cave.
Peng's men wake up and rush to his compartment. He's being all friendly with Er Ye who still has his knife to Peng's side. 
He recognizes him! That's quite a feat, with how heavy Er Ye's make-up on stage usually is! Or does Er Ye have his face in the national newspaper often?
There must've been gossip rags to build up interest in celebrities.
I am not calling this thug San Ye like his henchmen do. He's staying Peng. I agree. Peng acts all friendly and insists on pouring Er Ye a drink. Er Ye takes it himself. He tries to leave, but Peng grabs his knee and says don't leave, we'll have good wine. 
Oh shiiiiiiit. 
This is super awkward.
Fo Ye and Ba Ye lurk nearby.
Fo Ye goes to get Er Ye, but Peng is still aggressively keeping him there. Er Ye and Fo Ye see Peng's minions pulling out these pirate blades.
And Fo Ye is surrounded. Well, we all know what he did to the sumurai in Ba Ye's house back in episode 2, don't we? If not, go read it again. There's a huge brawl. Peng brings out his whip, but Er Ye punches him, Bwahahahaha!
I'm thinking a whip isn't all that useful in a train that narrow but hey! what do I know about whips and whipping
I should hope nothing. Whips are disgusting things originally thought up by total creeps.
Fo Ye beats up everyone else. And the train goes through yet another cave here in this massive rock.
Damn, even the rocks in this show are pretty
The brawl continues... When they come out to the light, Peng gets up and yells at everyone to stop. Er Ye and Fo Ye have disappeared while his men are fighting each other, Hahahaha!
Heheheee, classic. Well done, boys. But .... where did you go?
Unfortunately, Peng knows they'll go to the XinYue Hotel because they stole his invitation card. So that means more of him, sigh.
Oups. That seems like a tiny issue in their plan...
Cut to Ya Tou and her usual worried face.
Come on now, woman! Your husband is awesome, he will be fine!!!
But the gang come into her compartment, yay! Ba Ye, of course, collapses from nerves. 
Luckily everyone is happy for a change.
Wow, look! Yatou can smile.
Ba Ye is complaining. But everyone is going, "Oh, Ba Ye." Well, what did they expect? I was surprised he didn't break down before.
I think he secretly likes all the excitement.
He is one of the Nine Gates, so this kind of adventure should be in his morphogenetic field.
Turns out, once Er Ye and Fo Ye had got Peng's gang fighting each other, they'd smiled and just jumped to the passing train. (Sidebar: train schedules must've been so accurate back then.) (*My Swiss heart jumps in joy*)
Ba Ye, on the other hand, sobbed as he looked over at the other train. Can't blame him, though shouldn't he work on his physical fitness if he's going to do things like this?
I don't know, I think he just likes to rely on Fo Ye. And maybe Fo Ye likes someone a bit softer by his side? You know, to cuddle from time to time, when things get really hard? 
But he could have us for that! 
Aw, he's still crying. 
He should hurry up though... that train won't continue forever.
He does jump eventually.

Anyway, Fo Ye and Er Ye are still laughing at him, and Fo Ye asks, didn't you tell your own fortune before coming? 
They're such bullies!!! 
Ba Ye says, yes, of course, and it only said a threatening, but not dangerous position. Er Ye says Ba Ye should've told them, but Ba Ye says no, if I'd told you, you two would've slacked off.
Haha, see? He's completely fine. He just likes to moan.
Look at Fo Ye all proud of Ba Ye. I wonder if he keeps Ba Ye around to avoid other people moving in on Ba Ye's position, though? Just thinking aloud.
Awwww, you think so? He is very protective of his bro (if he doesn't bully him, which he does often). ((Oh, maybe he keeps Ba Ye around to bully him?))
Here is Ya Tou smiling for a change.
Yeah, yeah.
Er Ye wonders what they are to do next.  
Well, probably get on another train, because this one is hardly going where Peng was going, which is where you want to go. 
Fo Ye says the people at Xin Yue hotel aren't ordinary, so they'll figure it out when they get there.
I'm so excited!!!!!! 
Ya Tou smiles, yay, no moping! 
She's still boring as ever. Bleh
Cut to pretty Lt Zhang striding through the flowers like a flower boy amongst the flowers, Le Sigh.
Visual Zhang, inspiring poetry
He goes to the USA Chamber of Commerce only to be stopped and told this is American soil. His soldier protests that it is run by the Japanese, but no, an American boss bought it. And we know who. Oddly, Lt Zhang just backs off. 
Looking exceptionally pretty.
Look at him thinking here!
Oh, yes, I'm looking! 
And look at him peeking over the wall!
And here he is jumping over! So cool, and so very very very pretty!
Lt Zhang doesn't stop being pretty at the wall, though, he continues being pretty as he walks into the house.
Look at how pretty everything around him looks too. Does he make the world more pretty? I think he does
You're right when you're right, sensei.
And continues being pretty as he searches Hendry Cox's study. 
You daring beast, rawr! 
Lt Zhang hears someone coming and goes behind a screen.
Oh noes, it's this dude. 
No comment.
Hendry puts out snacks
while Lt Zhang looks at them
and Hendry pours drinks
and invites Lt Zhang to talk.
Lt Zhang comes in and says Er Ye especially ordered him to come here to thank Hendry for treating Ya Tou. 
I love how cool he keeps 
He is a Zhang, and, as far as I can tell, Fo Ye's disciple.
Loaded words.
Lt Zhang then asks the obvious question no one bothered to ask before: Hendry, are you even qualified to prescribe that drug? Of course he asks it very nicely and only implies Hendry is fraud, so Hendry gets away with, "I know a thing or two." Lt Zhang then asks if Hendry realized that this drug would only treat Ya Tou's pain and not cure her illness, such as it is
Hmmm ... let me guess.... (three guesses as usual, yes?)
Hendry says Chen Pi came to him, and this was his will.  Plus, Henry casually notes that Ya Tou is terminal, so the illness can only be treated with painkillers.
Oh. Told you so, Saki! Dying! Dead! Almost!  
She needs to make up her mind.
Then Lt Zhang asks where did you get this controlled substance when only the army in Changsha has it? Urgh, the phone rings, and sorry, but here's Hendry smirking.  (Occasionally, we have to see the villain.)
Yeah, unfortunately, we see a lot of this villain.
He gestures to Lt Zhang to pick it up, and Lt Zhang does, only to be scolded by some army higher-up for entering the USA Chamber of Commerce without permission. Lt Zhang explains he is there regarding drug smuggling, but the chief doesn't care.  
The chief says that Hendry's supply of morphine came from him, and that Hendry is a good friend of the country and that Chinese-American relations could be ruined. Melodramatic, much?
Still fudge. Make Fo Ye chief of all the military pronto!  
While we're at it, just make Fo Ye Emperor of China.

Lt Zhang is told to get out immediately. He very politely says to Hendry that he has interrupted (for us viewers it was the other way around), but is invited to finish the wine.  
My appreciation of Visual Zhang continues to grow. He handles all that tricky stuff so well. *heartbeams*
Lt Zhang leaves, but knocks out one of the guards who deliberately bumped into him. It seems like revenge for the bump, but in reality, Lt Zhang wants to look at the man's toes. Something about them tells Lt Zhang the fellow is Japanese
Because he has socks that have a special compartment for the big toe (Tabi) that you need to wear Japanese sandals comfortably
He then sets fire to some hay (was that normal to keep in a house in those days?).  
Aren't those stables? I guess they have horses somewhere. Hahaaaaaaa, Little Zhang looks so satisfied :D
Next, people are rushing to put out the fire. We see our Visual Zhang looking over the wall again. 
I think he likes to climb on top of things *appreciates*
Ryouko and Hendry run away from the fire. And Lt Zhang tells his men that Fo Ye said, if the matter can't be investigated, clear them all out. Hee.

And hahahahaha, Lt Zhang meets Hendry and Ryouko outside of the building, saying, come stay at Fo Ye's. 
Of course, Hendry doesn't want to, but Lt Zhang says, no no no, this is for Chinese-American relations. Pftttt. Hendry and Ryouko get hustled out. Hendry laughs mildly maniacally, but Ryouko, being sane, just looks annoyed. 
Do you think he is using that morphine himself from time to time? 
That would explain his craziness.  Unless he's just a narcissistic control freak psycho.
At Fo Ye's mansion, Lt Zhang offers them refreshments. First, they get some alcohol, which neither of them want to touch.
Can't blame them. I thought he would do something really nasty to them
Hendry downs his drink, though now he's got an angry crazy smile.
It's a clever plan that our Visual Zhang came up with. If Hendry refuses this "hospitality", he'll just come across as super-rude and insulting
Ryouko takes hers next, though she still looks unsure.
Then Lt Zhang wants them to eat authentic Hunan cuisine. Not really sure where all this is going, to be honest. Anyway, Lt Zhang looks determinedly pretty and tells Hendry that when he returns to America, this food will be beyond their reach.
Hendry says, there seems to be hidden meaning to all this.
I'm thinking that too? 
Yes, please tell us, Lt Zhang. Ah, so Lt Zhang is telling Hendry, American things for the Americans, Chinese things for the Chinese. Oh, and they can return to their own territory safely today. Ha, nice point.
Oh, I get it! Hunan Cuisine is particularly spicy. Hot and sour, because they use vinegar a lot
The villains continue with lunch, which looks delicious, and I think Ryouko dripped some sauce on her suit.
Oh no, what will she do now? 
She might actually have to get something new to wear. One can hope, anyway.
Lt Zhang then tells a subordinate that since these two villains have shown their true colours, they won't be a problem anymore. I'd have thought they don't have anything to lose, but sure, I'll go with what Visual Zhang says. To make the whole thing seem just a visit, they're to be sent back quickly after eating everything, and, oh yes, those minions at the USA Chamber of Commerce? All Japanese.
Hmm, Little Zhang. I lubyou and all, but I really don't think that feeding them extremely spicy things will make these villains back off...
Cut to Hendry and Ryouko walking away, and creepers, is Hendry's lipstick smeared Joker-style?
That's either sauce or a red mouth because it was so hot. Or both. He is gross
Ryouko complains her men are all lost, and Hendry says she must tell her superior that if he or she wants to continue working with Hendry, Ryouko needs more men, and that Hendry needs more time. Oh, and send someone to see where Fo Ye has gone. Hendry also grins as he notes the Zhang family are interesting. (Is that a reference to our beloved Little Master?)
I think he just means Little Zhang. I hope he isn't into boys because I don't like this grin AT ALL. It's lusty. 
I think he's just into power trips and controlling people others can't. 
Cut to a cute girl in men's clothing. Look, lady, nothing is going to make you look butch. Just look at that tiny hand coming out of that great big overcoat! 
She's surrounded by maids, too, all of whom are serving her with food and massages. Her purpose? To keep Peng out of her Xin Yue Hotel! 


Wow, Er Ye came alive this episode! He brought out his little knife and flew and stood between the carriages of a train and generally was one elegant, bad ass hero.  
I'm very happy he gets to do something FUN for a change. He may value a quiet life, but in reality, there is a part of him who cannot sit still. He is too good a fighter for a limp noodle life

I laughed a lot at Fo Ye beating up practically everyone. I mean, people need to learn already. Why isn't he ruling all of China?
He is a bit of a thug
As are royalty generally.  

Chen Pi was himself, and it was disappointing that he knew the morphine wouldn't cure Ya Tou. Seems Er Ye's faith in Chen Pi's innocence, and that faith is there despite knowing him to be a gang boss and all, is seriously misplaced. 
I find this part of the story pretty unbelievable. Unless, as said previously, we're to believe that Er Ye has deliberately turned his back from everything important and real life, to simply be with Yatou. The drama isn't all too consistant with Chen Pi's character either. So did he know or did he not know what he was giving to Yatou? And, more importantly, does he know what morphine does? He clearly does not know that she is "terminal" as that Cox-dude said. 
I wonder if he was just fronting with Lt Zhang.

Ba Ye, well, that jump was funny, though still a bit surprising because he whines a lot. Clearly, Fo Ye has reason to ignore Ba Ye's whining.
I think it's part of their bromance. Ba Ye whines, Fo Ye bullies and both are happy. 

What is the point of Hendry Cox? What is he after? He seems to enjoy causing chaos and appears totally crazy to boot. He is getting very annoying, so I posted lots of Visual Zhang just to push him out of the way in this post.
Much appreciated, Saki. Hm, yes, as villains go, he isn't very convincing. The same could be said for that annoying Chief Lu. Chief Lu just does not like Fo Ye and wants to topple him. Fine. But Cox? We learned a few episodes ago that he wants what's in the tomb, but if that is the case, I would appreciate a bit of backstory on him or a bit more on his motivations. Why does he want what's in the tomb? How does he know what's in the tomb? Etc.

And finally, that cute girl thinking she's disguising herself as a man. I hope she's a new heroine!