Rants and Weekly Raves #100 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I am a bit sad. I think we used to be a bit wilder in our youth, and we've gotten more sedate now that we are OLD.
kakashi: It's a fact. 
becca: *wonders what it's like to be young*
Wait until you get old(er), you'll know then. 
Jaehyus: you mean the blog was wilder in its youth?
cherkell: I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now.
Shuk: Wow. It really has been a long time. We may be less wild, but we have a lot more Subtle Snark Skills.
mary: I like re-discovering your old crazy posts.


It's our 100th RAWR! We are going to do a contest. Contests are fun! Especially if you win.

This is how it goes:

- pick the show you hate the most because of its ending
- tell us why you hate it so
- write an alternative, much better ending
- send it to kakashisensei4444@gmail.com until 31st August 2016.

The best entry (decided by vote) gets posted on the blog and ... you get to choose any upcoming Asian drama of not more than 20 eps, subbed and easily available on legal streaming sites that we will recap/squeecap for you.
Wow. We're a bit scared, but it cannot get any worse than, let's say ... Birth of a Beauty. Or Heirs.
Or Blood. [shudders]
Can Squeecappers send entries too?
Yes, you can. But only you.


Since I like playing with numbers, even though some math skills escape me, I created this. For Asian dramas, we have:
-     754 Posted recaps
-      46 Total shows (average of 16.4 episodes per show)
-      33 Completed (71.7 %)
-       7  Dropped     (15.2 %)
-       6 Ongoing      (13.1 %)
-      37 South Korean  (80.5 %)
-        3 Thailand  (6.5 %)
-        6 Mandarin (13.0 %) [Taiwan, Mainland China, etc]



Noooo, no. No. Not the baby puppy I have watched grow up so carefully, no. Nooooope. 
Let me guess: Brain tumor? 
Fucking yes. They can't even give him a good disease that he doesn't have to share with someone else.

Fo Ye and Those Other Cuties

Jaehyus: Something I don't quite understand: Fo Ye has talked about the Nine Gates' ancestors, seems to have known the other Ye's since forever, and yet was new to Changsha as an adult? Anyone? And how are these lamps burning in abandoned ancient tomb?
I'm not sure about Fo Ye's background story yet (it seems to be rather traumatizing though! But I think that was in the episodes that are going to be subbed this week), but from what we've seen, the Zhangs always were an important graverobber dynasty. So I guess these grave robbers just know each other, whereever they are. As for the eerie fire.... I'm guessing there are fire-lighter ghosts down there. Or zombies. They keep the fire burning by pouring in some bodily fluid of theirs. Or something like that.

Bring It On, Ghost

So this is how it's going to happen, okay? Taec is going to go off to do his MS and Kim So Hyun is going to grow up some more and then he'll come back and he'll be busy and she'll continue to grow up but, you know, they'll sort of keep tabs on how each other is doing, and then they'll run into each other at some awards show or something, and that will be that. Swoop. Done deal. They'll have to date for 45 years or something but they'll get married when she's 28 and he's 38 and when she's 30 they can have a baby. Glad that's settled. 
Hehe. So it's bothering you too now? 
No it doesn't bother me at all in the drama, but in real life she is much too young to be serious with anyone, and he IS about to go off to do his MS, and if they follow the plan outlined above they can do what they need to do and still work that lovely chemistry they have.
I can see this happening. She's a fan girl in real life. Not sure which groups she stans, but she's not impervious to Oppar Power.
Rang and Sang continue to be adorable and hilarious and come one will some one please tell us how the demon vet became the demon vet? We already know he was possessed as a child and killed his dad (but to save his mom from more abuse) but where did it come from? No, it is not the ghost that got exorcised from Bong Pal. Think about it: he's older than Bong Pal and they were both little kids in those scenes, but at Bong Pal's middle school graduation, Demon Vet was a grown man. But yeah, he had something major to do with Hyun Ji in the past.

Ice Fantasy

I am obsessed. I've researching the actors, found out the Lord of Rings set designer is also the set designer here, and am anxiously awaiting each watching session with MarieGossip. I want to read the book (not translated, though, sob!). I am now incredibly excited for L.O.R.D. by the same actor, and that also, conveniently has William Chan.
Yeah but are you obsessed like you were with Limnium in Shine or Go Crazy or is this based on something? Should I check it out, in other words?
More than Limnium. Obsessed on the level of the Daomu universe dramas or Cruel Palace or Queen Insoo, which I haven't shared yet here but will once subbers finish those last six episodes. Yes, check it out. It is crack. (And now I'm wondering maybe that's why the Ice Tribe ruled over everyone else for so long, they're selling drugs.)
I watched an episode last night. I will never forgive you but I think I am going to watch this.
Started! So far, I like it.
I told you so.
Now watching with my girl! She's totally into it. Fun! Our first common Asian drama. Not that this is, by any means, a good drama, but I've watched much, much worse. And Ka Suo is such a dear. Aw. 

Uncontrollably Fond

Oh holy Hell, Shin Joon Young is out for blood and he's a freaking genius. I love it. I LOVE IT. I need to get on those recaps.
*sigh* This is gonna be Heirs 2.0 where I will ship him with an equally "bad" girl. I don't know. Woobs is just more attractive in hell. (That's a compliment)

W-Two Worlds

One episode is just not enough and they fell in love fast enough to make heads spin. Well, clearly she's been 'in love' since she was a young girl. Tell me exactly how it works that she had no idea that she invented Kang Cheol? Will we be treated to a head injury next week? OOOOOH SHE'S IN A COMA ISN'T SHE? All of this is a dream.
Trotwood: he did warn her that if she kept saying she loved him, he might be moved. And she created him as her ideal type. Why wouldn't anyone fall in love with the character that was based on her fantasy man?
I'm fall in love with this character, and he isn't even my fantasy man.
I ended up dramarathoning this one. I'n not even sure why it caught my attention, except that my TList was all aflutter. But how could Doc not fall in love with the man she created as her ideal other? I wonder, though, on CEOhBoy's part. Is he that much in love or is he just drawn that way? I've been speculating on who the BigBad will be. The nasty prosecutor is too obvious, so I'm leaning towards the ex-Girl-Friday. I thought it might be Nerd Boy, since he obviously likes his noona, but the preview for episode 8 seems to bear out that he's the Hooded Evil. Except, can a manhwa artist draw his own clone? Hmmm.

Whirlwind Wookie

cherkell: I’m baaaaaaack! Here to add my two yuan about the currently-airing C-drama “Whirlwind Girl 2,” starring that luscious hunk o’ man, My Precious Ji Chang Wook. Even though this is not my first viewing of a Chinese drama, it may be my last. I’m not lying when I say this show is testing my patience in more ways than one — if Wook was not starring in this production, I would be running away from it faster than Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics. But the show does have some moments of joy, mostly when we’re treated to some eye candy such as this:
To its credit, the show does pick up seamlessly from the WG1 storyline (albeit with a change in both male and female leads). I’ve watched up to the halfway point at Episode 14, and I’m STILL having trouble keeping up with the various plots coming out of nowhere. The first 10 episodes were painful at best; upon first blush, I assumed these are actors in their mid-20s acting like spoilt middle schoolers. (Research tells me most of the cast are actually TEENAGERS in real life, for chrissakes. Hence the "Idol Drama" genre.) And the dubbing! Oh god the dubbing. At least the production found an extremely low sexy voice to use for Wook’s dubbing, but it’s still jarring to not hear any melodious Korean spill out of those gorgeous lips. *sigh*
And since this show is marketed as an “Idol Drama” it totally lives up to that reputation in following your basic fluffy cookie-cutter premise: Boy trains girl; girl falls in love with boy; second lead gets all jealous and stalky; boy leaves; girl pines for lost boy; new hot boy arrives; second lead returns and gets all jealous and stalky; new hot boy slowly falls in love with girl, girl has no clue… you get the drift. My Precious is giving it his all, but it’s just not enough and I’ve already busted the fast-forward button on my remote getting to his scenes. And since there is no such thing as restraint in China when it comes to sponsorships, the PPL is blatantly way off the charts to past the point of being annoying... it's downright obscene. But the ratings have been very good with a 1.58% to begin with and a flirtation with 2% for last week's shows. Go figure. Rating on the CK Side-Eye Scale: a very generous 4/10. Pick it up, show… or else. *makes slashing motion across throat*

Five Children

They want us to think Mi Jung is sick but I think it will turn out that she's pregnant, even though they don't seem to think that's it.  I mean, come on.  It will be a little boy named Woo Jin, after the rock. I'm so sad this is almost over - we've watched everyone go through all these changes, and now in many ways they're settling in - I want to see the next phase, too!  I want to fast forward 20 years to the kids weddings, I must be a glutton for punishment.
So will the show's finale have to be changed to "Six Children"?  I'm still rooting for Taemin and Jinjoo to kick his evil wench of a mother to the curb once and for all.  (Park Hae Mi sure does play the evil momma to a T, though.  Kudos!)
I am now 24 episodes in (after on week, lol), and I'm in love with this show and its characters.

Prince of Wolf

I just keep reminding myself how cute he is, and now there's this younger version of Peter Ho, too.
"Eagerly waiting" for the next recap.

Cinderella Plus Four (New)

Looks like Shuk is going to recap...Yay! Extended squeeing and snarking will commence! So far, I want the Butler. Well he's more like the Secretary, but whatever. I want to run my fingers over his chest and loosen that tie and distract myself from the fact that (except for when he's mean to Fashion Girl)...I *sob* kind of like Ahn Jae Hyun's acting in this. (I am truly shocked. I run screaming as soon as I see his face, I really C A N N O T) I remind myself that he was very funny in MLFTS, too, and mentally insist that Blood just never happened. (He was fun in You're All Surrounded, too.)
I thought you meant the guy taped to the ceiling but then realized you were talking about the Hot secretary who is the ONLY normal man in the entire show. Of course I was too slow to call dibs, but I have a feeling there will be lots of my glitter signs involved for this man. I already know he's not getting paid enough to this job.
Yes, I've decided to recap it, even though I really was trying to clear my plate for my upcoming 50K-word fanfiction challenge. But this is cute enough to give it a go. I do wonder why they are using a SuJu song originally part of HARU OST. Are they running out of boyband songs??
I thought the random OST changes were hilarious. it's not like they are even taking themselves that seriously. How many more times can the boys all show up randomly and arrive to make a visually perfect triangle, for example?
I'm not expecting War And Peace. But so far it's fluffy with enough substance to engage my interest.

Next to Last Love

Well, Trot?
I love Ji Jin Hee, but I've completely fallen behind in this show. I don't know if I will pick it up again either, which makes me sad. I so wanted to love it. i so needed to see older people getting a second chance, but I feel like that whole idea is being mocked somehow. maybe, I'm just in a bad mood. Once I present my report on Tuesday, I might pick it up again to see if I feel differently.

Age of Youth

Finally some answers on Yi Na's past and that Ahjussi. I hope that is resolved positively because I LIKE that girl. My heart is breaking for Sr. Yoon and her Chef, and really for Ditzy, too - I think the guy does actually really care about her but he's convinced he's a bad guy like his father and now he's just living down to expectations. I cannot stop squealing over Sunbae and his mega-watt cute love for Eun Jae and the sexy he turns on when he moves in for a kiss, though. What's going on with Ji Won? Is she going to get more of a story?
I'm gonna throw a fit if they don't give us a Ji-won episode. Or if they give it to us in episode 11 like some other show we know *stares daggers at Six Dragons* Re: Yi-na, I'm surprised they're going the "Yes, I killed that girl watcha gonna do about it?" route. I was expecting a wishy-washy "Oh, I pushed her by accident and didn't know". So I like that they went there... but also worried they went there. I can't even defend her now if Ajusshi murders her in cold blood! :O
I think she's very defendable.  How young was she, after all?  She was fighting for her life, and it was clear from the expression on her face when she saw the girl drift down that it wasn't what she intended to have happen.  Imagine that chaos and confusion and terror - you react instinctively.  She probably didn't even know it was a kid while it was happening. I also don't think she went to Ahjussi with a 'so what' attitude' but more of a 'now, what' feel.  She seemed to me to carry a real burden of guilt for this, or at the very least some very complex emotions - and the fact that she went to him and told him the truth looks like a mix of bravery and resignation.

Bu Bu Jing Xin

I didn't get to see any this week, so I still love Prince 4 the best. 


Not the greatest show ever, but better than Dramaworld and kind of funny with the forced skinship. Our hero looks better as a hairy silent warrior, but he's still worthy of puppydom. Nam Bo Ra is a cutie pie. Everything is really predictable but at 15 minutes an episode, it's not a difficult thing to watch at all.

The picture isn't appealing to me, but I might check it out when I have a bit of time. 

Raeng Tawan (The Power of the Sun)

It seems I have the worst luck when watching Thai lakorns. My most recent love stalled out and may never be completely subbed. But this time, I'm part of the subbing team, and I will do my darndest to make sure we have a complete and satisfying view.
Meet Suriyen, a mafioso with an abusive childhood and a heart of gold. When his sister dies mysteriously, he decides it's her husband's fault and puts a contract on him. As bait, he grabs his nephew. The problem is, the waif has a few issues of his own, and is fiercely guarded by his Aunt Tanthawan. So why not kidnap both to his heavily-guarded ranch? Slow makeover begins.

It has a lot of the revenge-y elements I like, but with a lessened (not entirely gone) amount of misogynistic aggression. He also has a great sidekick assistant, and who doesn't like that? 6 out of 14 have been subbed, with the first episode posted. 

It also inspired me to create my first fanvideo!