Cinderella and Her Four Knights - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Through a large amount of time, Cindy manages to sorta-kinda complete her first mission. What are the chances of her finishing one in a single episode? And will we see any of the infantile behavior of the Kang Cats morph into something we can actually root for? Also, KMuse has decided to add into the commenting fun! I am giving her my green font since I'm not using it for this project.
Trotwood: There are things we can count on already--1.Player will deny his feelings 2.Fashion Girl will be sad 3.Ibeol will play his guitar.  4. Mrs. B will be the only bit of maternal warmth within a hundred mile radius 5. I will still wait for Emo to really turn into Biker guy 6. PA Lee will be extraordinarily wonderful and paw worthy.
Jaehyus:Great, Trotwood summed everything up and now there's no point continuing except to see PA Lee.
DramaNoona: Yay!  Success-ish!  I don’t think a mission will be completed in one episode sadly.
JoAnne:  I'm here because I like the music and PA Lee, don't hate anyone, and still can't get over the fact that Blood appears to have been the anomaly in AJH's career. To date.
Kmuse: I am so in awe at AHJ’s performance I almost feel the need to do a rewatch and see if Blood was really that bad. Then sanity returns.

Episode 5

Stand off with blazing eyes and bright fireworks.  Cindy pushes the two apart, but before she can say anything, it’s happy birthday time! Our happy guys are wearing party hats! That deserves a gif.
She’s puzzled though. Her birthday? It isn’t her birthday.  She spins around to the two antagonists. Ducky smoothly swings around and admits their fight over her was a prank staged for her special day. Emo looks disgusted and wants to admit the fight is real, but gives in.
Oops. I believed him.
Ibeol is ready for cakey and every sits down for the food.  She sits down and thanks everyone. Ducky asks if she liked her present? Ah, he’s the one that bought her the expensive cosmetics she found. But in a flashback, we find out that he chose them because of all those sad, wet freebie samples that merrily merrily floated down the stream. I’m still a little icked out by the idea of smearing salmon oil on my face.
I was not impressed at all until I saw that he actually thought about this gift and he had reason for it stemming from her distress. Why can't he be thoughtful most of the time? I'm still not getting the root of his pain and assery. At least we know Fashion Girl isn't completely delusional.
Ducky is just a Poor Little Rich Man.
I was actually surprised by Ducky’s ability to empathize here, it was a pretty thoughtful gift for him.
I wasn't impressed if only because shopping for women is the only thing he seems to know how to do.
Ugh. You people. There is a reason. Not just a reason, but A Reason. Just be patient.
She doesn’t need that stuff; what she really wants is her uniform back, especially since her graduation ceremony is only a week away.

Ducky dares Emo to present her with a present, but Cindy has a better idea. With her handy-dandy selfie stick, she snaps a photo of all five of them in the same frame.  Emo is grumpy, Ducky is snarky, and Ibeol mentions image copyright. And now, she has a surprise of her own.  It’s not her DOB! Everyone looks puzzled, even PA Lee.
I don't like this because my (my) PA Lee would have known her true birthdate, anyway. My (my) PA Lee would have seen it for an opportunity to bring everyone together (goal met!) for a meal, AND to show some love to Cindy.
Am I the only one disappointed that this wasn’t an elaborate plot of Cindy’s to get them to eat together? At least then I would feel that Cindy succeeded with this mission.

Ibeol blusters that he saw it on her planner (and I think, "this is what you get from looking in someone else's planner), but Cindy points out that it’s not torn from that day’s page. Right date, wrong month. But they should party and eat together anyway! Nope, Emo has had enough and storms off.  A final challenging look at Ducky and he leaves. Everyone else sticks around. Does it still count as “eating together”?
Yes, it totally counts, she has a picture! Emo sat at the table for half a second, it counts!
The picture counts, damn it! Send it to gramps NOW!
See, and Cindy would have more integrity than that. Sitting together does not equal eating together.
Fashion Girl is sewing something. She pricks her finger and remembers Emo’s confession in front of her house, and his promise to help her in regards to Hyun-min. She wonders what that cryptic remark meant.
So do we all. Or we would if we weren't tired of him hating Cindy for no reason.
It's not no reason: he's Emo and she's Chirpy. Trust me, emo people hate chirpy people.
History has proven you wrong. So likes Soo.

Cindy heads off to her bedroom, and also wonders about Emo and his cryptic statement to her. She peeks out her outside door and looks into Emo’s bedroom. When she realizes he’s staring out at her, she quickly runs inside and shuts her blinds.
I love those windows, the blinds, and all the random gazing they provide.
They look like much-older brother and tomboy-sister to me.

Ibeol isn’t going to have that mystery over his head. He goes through Cindy’s planner, until he discovers her true birth month, which happens to be May. Some six months from now. He’s happy, but marvels why he feels like that.
Hello second lead syndrome.
Ibeol is my bias here, but bad puppy chewing up someone else's planner!
Poor adorable puppy can’t help himself! It’s pretty adorable.
My heart is already hurting for poor puppy who has no chance.
Isn't he more like 4th lead?
 The next morning, Ducky is waiting the moment she steps out of her bedroom. He wants to know if her heart was moved by that big dumb Biker and his words the night before. She says no, and Ducky presses the point that the only person in his heart is Fashion Girl.

Gramps is delighted at the fuzzy, far-from-perfect photo as proof she completed her mission. But, did she really? LogicShuk feels morsels of food didn’t pass everyone’s lips, so it’s a no-fly. Gramps doesn’t care about MY sensibilities (Sorry. But I don't either. She has to count this) and signs off on the completion of a family photo. You guys are so late to this particular party...College tuition is paid for a year, plus a cash bonus. She doesn’t want the extravagance and starts computing the exact expenses of her stay there. Gramps interrupts her computations. He doesn’t care and he’s paying her too little. Plus there’s the next mission! Geez, will that take another five episodes.
At least five episodes. Shhhh we don’t need no stinkin’ logic here!
She's there to do a job, she should take whatever money is offered and even say if she wants more. I hate when women undermine their financial potential by not speaking up.
Sure, price is whatever the market will bear, and this particular market has plenty of cash...but she's being paid more than generously and I understand her wish not to appear grasping. I think her discomfort comes from a sense of decency, not from a lack of feminism.
The bonus is the rest of the crematorium remittance, and she thanks PA Lee for bringing it to Gramp’s notice. He’s embarrassed to be caught, but she interrupts his apology with heartfelt thanks that he helped her when she wasn’t able to protect her mother’s ashes. He offers to drive her there, but she tells him to stop nagging her like a parent; she will be fine traveling on her own.
Not a parent Cindy. None of us feels about our parents the way we feel about PA Lee. Sigh. Makes me wonder about her taste that he isn't on her radar at all.
You get no argument from me on this one, for sure. He's all kinds of yes, please.
He should definitely have more of an impact on Cindy. Out of all the romantic options PA Lee has the best “I can take care of you” vibe. Girls love that in real life.
I adore PA Lee!  He’s so sweet and adorable when she’s thanking him, too cute!
She has terrible taste. That much is clear from her clothing choices and hairstyle, all of which are fixable even on a budget.
 Alone in his room, Gramps stares at the selca for a moment before picking up a picture of three good-looking men. He tells his sons that their children have finally gotten together for the first time ever. Hmm, so unless it’s photoshopped, all his sons did interact with each other, despite their wives’ antics.
I was confused by this, every mention of the dads makes it sound as if they had nothing to do with one another.
Maybe that generation had a Cindy, too, and this is the photo from her birthday.
I wish we had more background on the fathers, their wives, and why the kids now all live at the mansion..  I think it would make the cousin’s timelines/relationships gel a little better in my head.

At the Who Gives A Rat’s Butt Day Spa, StepMom checks the register and realizes Maleficent is scheduled to be serviced. She jumps at the chance to be her massage maven.  Mal’s skin is so shiny, no doubt from all the greasy words from StepMom.  But she gets confirmation that Cindy is living at Sky House. Cue telephone whining from StepBiatch.
I keep forgetting that these two characters actually exist.
Meanwhile, Cindy is on her way to the crematorium, with fresh flowers and a smile. She arranges things in the niche to her satisfaction.  She brings her mom up to date with her life, which, really, makes no sense since the ashes were stored at Sky House in the first place. But Mom listens patiently and doesn’t interrupt.
Because that is what moms do.
When mom does interrupt we’re in for a totally different story ;)
Um, your moms might listen patiently, but that's not what happens where I'm from.The child has to listen patiently. Not the parent. And this absent, idealized, silenced mom is so Disney.
Sometimes I think maybe you don't understand K-Drama.

Cindy tells her she is happy that the boys, no matter how high-maintenance, still came together to celebrate her birthday. On impulse, she places a white rose in Emo’s mother’s niche too. Non-sequitur: I’ve decided I want my ashes in a Chock Full-o-Nuts can and have someone Sharpie the dates on it.
Why Chock Full-o-Nuts? Do you like that coffee that much? Are we picking based upon our favorite thing in a tin? I'd pick Countess Grey tea from Fortnum & Mason, but wouldn't that be odd? Wouldn't you be afraid that someone would accidentally brew us?
LOL. Nope, they put me in hot water, they are gonna a blast of weirdness, with bacon and Dr Pepper being the primary flavonoids.
I'd want to be scattered over gorgeous moors. 
I want to not be dead.
The kitchen is bustling when Cindy returns; according to Ms B, it the death anniversary of the three brothers. They all died on the same day, one by suicide and the other two by motor vehicle accidents. Anyone else think this is suspicious?
Yup very suspicious!
If this wasn’t investigated back in the day, I will have a whole new disgust for Kdrama detectives.
Same day same year? Or just same day? Either way...

Anyway, Ms B tells Cindy that none of the boys have ever observed this anniversary, and how sad their fathers would be to know they are ignored like that.
The dads are dead. They don't know anything.
I'm sure as you wrote that some very disapproving ancestor was shaking a finger and saying 'just WAIT til you get here, young lady!'

Cindy is thinking hard while walking through the house. PA Lee is addressing the Kang Cats, explaining that they must come to the death anniversary of their dads. One thing all three agree on: "NO". PA Lee sighs; Gramps will be there and waiting for them. He addresses Emo directly, since this is the first time he was at Sky House for this date. But from Emo's point of view, he hasn't even known of this father for a year, so why should he go? With that, he leaves the living room.
Emo has a point.
All the more reason to participate. He has nothing. Wouldn't it be human to wonder? Wouldn't being around on that day maybe bring a little more info? What big plans does he have for the day anyway?
Cindy catches our Hottie's eye and together they go to the staff room for a chat. She is a little peeved that the boys completely ignored PA Lee, even though he was talking directly to them. But PA Lee understands each of their circumstances, and doesn't blame them. Cindy gets a great idea?
You’d think that Cindy would realize that the Kang Cats reacted very in character. And seriously, it seems that the Kang Cats haven’t been treated like family at all in Sky House or by Gramps until recently. Why would they want to do family oriented things?
That's what i said the last time. She keeps throwing the word "family" at them like it should mean something to them when it really has only been a source of pain and/or annoyance.
I don’t think Gramps is even treating them like family now. He sure seems to be hands off in the grandparenting department. A nice long forced fishing trip would do wonders for this family.

Gramps is clearly delighted that his charge has volunteered for the next mission - to get the Kang Cats to come to the temple for their fathers' death anniversary celebration. Gramps warns it will be hard, but Cindy believes it's actually more worthwhile and important.
She would take it like that having lost a parent. 
 When it's just the two of them, PA Lee questions whether this girl will be able to do this. Gramps wants to trust her, since he's been working so hard for ten years now.
It seems that Gramps wouldn’t let her take this mission if he thinks it is so impossible, this will effectively end her work at Sky House and all she’s done is gotten the boys to sit at the same table.

Swimsuit butt shot! (It’s amazing how watching him in a swimsuit can make me forget his emo personality.) Emo is doing laps again. And Cindy is there again. He stops when he sees her. She nonchalantly asks if he's wearing swim trunks today; he offers to climb out of the water and show her. But he stops short when she is agreeable. After all, he said he likes her. So maybe she should jump in and see for herself!
But does he have the ability to publicly confess in front of Fashion Girl? He thinks Cindy has gone nuts, but she goes right to the heart of it. There's already a love triangle going on between Emo, Fashion Girl, and Ducky. (I don't see any evidence of Sucky Ducky in this triangle. It's more like three dots connected by a line.) So why make it a love dodecahedron by adding her to the mix? Does he enjoy complicated relationships? Since he does, it's time for Cindy to skinny down and jump in! Now it's his turn to be embarrassed and leave, and she now has the pool to herself!

Afterwards, she heads to the shower to rinse off. But guess who is there? Emo saunters in and oh-so-casually mentions that there's only one shower by the pool - should they share? After all didn't she have something to say to him. She closes her eyes tightly as he crowds in closer and gently brushes his hand on the side of her face.
Queue twinkly sounds and fluttery music. Just in case you didn’t realize that this was “a moment.”
When she opens her eyes, he tells her in a low voice, "I meant it when I said that I would steal you away." His hand ends up on her neck, but before he leaves he tells her to enjoy and look forward to it. It takes her a few minutes before her scattered brain comes back together and her heart to stop fluttering.
No martial arts dodge or witty remark?
She has been very aware of him as a male for a while now - so why would she react any other way?

The first Kang she approaches is Ibeol. He isn't interested, mainly because his grandfather only acknowledged his dad posthumously. His grandmother was Gramp's mistress, and it caused his father to hide from the rest of the household. While she is processing this, he gives her a sad smile and asks her to leave so he can go back to his music.
Well that is a sad story. I wonder why Gramps is so focused on claiming them now or if he ever apologized.
Poor adorable puppy! I feel bad for him!
Gramps has something he wants, I'm sure of it.
Yes, he wants an heir for the business. Some one to take the reins.
She spots Ducky on the phone, and we hear him telling someone to come to Korea or not, he doesn't care. A tap on the glass brings Cindy to his attention, and he quickly hangs up and composes himself to greet her. She wants to talk to him, and he pretends that she must be confessing to him, oh how boring. He places her hand over her heart so she can feel it quickening by his nearness. Her face is blank, so he puts her hand over his heart instead. Does she feel something now? She thinks it's a bit irregular, so he just knocks her hand down.
Her cluelessness here is so helpful. It almost makes up for the rest of the time. Almost.
Ducky is a one trick hat these days. I’m still waiting for him to grow up a little.
His one trick still makes me happy. Someone has to since Emo is a dud..

She flat-out asks him, why won't he go to his father's death anniversary? Nope, because someone he doesn't want to see will be there. So she needs to give this up as a bad job.
She gives herself a little pep talk in the hallway, and she is overheard by Emo. He doesn't care, of course, he just wants her to stop blocking so he can walk past. She uses this as an opportunity to ask about the anniversary celebration. But to his point of view, he has no father. And with that statement, he sails past to his bedroom door.
I can see where Emo is coming from here, he only recently found out about his dad. 

Cindy decides to seek out Ibeol again. He's not in his room, and as per usual, she starts snooping through his stuff. (what's with the snooping? I know I should be outraged that they are, but I'm more outraged at how badly they do it) (Oh my God, me too!) She finds a picture of a young boy and an older man, and sentimental handwritten lyrics. She still looking over things when Ibeol comes back in. Immediately, he gets defensive about his stuff, and demands an explanation why she was touching his things.
Doesn’t he snoop through her stuff though?
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
She uh-oh-ah's a bit, then changes tactic. She is sure those lyrics are a song that he wants to sing to his father. So he should go see him and tell him so. She leaves him thinking.

As Cindy heads back to her room, she finds a well-dressed older woman sipping coffee in the living room. She waves Cindy closer and identifies herself as Hyun-min's mother. Cindy offers to track Ducky down, but DuckMom has other plans.
Yeah that’s going to end well...
I never liked this woman.
I am not making an opinion until I see how evil DuckMom ends up being. Maybe she is misunderstood?

It appears Cindy's job will be to carry things while DuckMom goes on a massive shopping spree. All this shopping is just so she can stay for a week? Cindy tells her to get practical things like a toothbrush or a reading book, but DuckMom just gaily laughs.
I get that these people have loads of money, but I've never understood how much drama people randomly spend. Besides, they can get things delivered. I know some rich people and they think hard before they spend their inheritance away.
PA Lee heads out of the office after receiving a phone call, but bumps into Maleficent at the elevator. He bows and brushes past her, despite her attempt to make him stay. She's in Gramp's office chatting with him when PA Lee shows back up with a large picture frame in hand. It turns out to be a blow-up shot of Cindy's selfie in a heavy frame. Mal gripes that it's not really a family photo without the two of them.
There’s something there between PA Lee and Maleficent, that doesn’t bode well.
Gramps should make Cindy do a mission where she has to get everyone together for a family portrait. That huge blurred selfie makes my head hurt.

It's dark outside when DuckMom and Cindy arrive at the hotel. A porter takes it all up, leaving the two together. DuckMom invites the younger woman to a meal.
She's been sort of decent for a long time, she must be about to blow.
She still isn’t as evil as I was expecting her to be.

At SkyHouse, Ducky finds out from Ms B that his mom waited for him at the house for a while.

Cindy is happily chowing down on lamb chops. Hmm, are they at the same restaurant that Ducky likes? DuckMom offers her a tip to compensate for her time today, but Cindy doesn't take it. After all, it's something she should do. No, it isn't. Immediately, the velvet-and-poison-coated claws come out. DuckMom sneers at her: is she part of the family? Are they related somehow? After all, her family is quite the catch, and they don't accept just anybody into their ranks. So little girl knows better now, and shouldn't assume anything, right?
Oh how I wished Cindy would tell this woman that she isn't interested in her son and that he's pretty obnoxious and would be a horrible boyfriend, That is where this conversation went in my mind, but ...
I expected that, actually I expected it to be much worse.
Me too. I also understood that Cindy did it because she's a nice girl and thinks of people she knows as friends. Of course you'd help the mother of a friend, if they asked.
Cindy is still digesting this nasty comment thrown her way, when the door opens and Ducky walks in, With barely a glance at the older woman, he warmly takes Cindy's hand and leads her out of that room. Mom is all smiles, expecting him to acknowledge her, but he leaves her in the dust without looking back.

Outside, Cindy finally breaks free and asks what that little scene was all about. Ducky is exasperated; he knows how his mother operates, and can't believe that Cindy didn't realize that this entire day was to belittle her and put her in her place. Cindy, of course, doesn't see it as slave labor but as a favor to a friend's mother. Ducky snaps back that he has never considered them to be friends, She is crossing a line here, and she needs to just stop. Cindy reels for a moment, then apologizes for overthinking her place in his life. He's left standing alone with all his pent-up emotions when she walks away without another word.She doesn't need this crap from you, Ducky, after putting up with you horrible mother all day!
Cindy needs to find a better quality of friend.  Maybe one without crazy elitist parents.
There is always Barista, remember.
Emo is in his room, going back over the recent interactions between the four of them. He remembers Fashion Girl's words and his confrontation with Ducky on her "birthday". On impulse, he tries to call Fashion Girl, who is staring into space at her shop, reliving the same scenes. Emo notices her throwing away the wedding party dress she made, and asks her why she threw it away. She doesn't answer.When did Player become Ducky?
You have to ask Shukie.
Last recap. When he told the Matseon Girl that he likes a girl who can eat hearty and punch. His player days were officially over then, whether or not he gets the girl of his dreams.

Gramps and Maleficent are having a quiet dinner, but he isn't hungry. It always happens this time of the year. Mal provides a bit of sympathy but wonders if the grandsons will show up at the temple. Gramps is understanding towards his grands; after all, there was little affection between the generations, so standoffishness is to be expected. She thinks he doesn't really need grandsons, but a son to depend upon. Ooh, was this what she has been angling for the entire time?
Oh yeah, she got her foot in the door, a son would give her ultimate power.
Unless she bears a child FOR him, I don't think she'd get very far.
Isn’t she out of the childbearing years? Just the thought of Maleficent increasing made me gag a bit.
Emo finally makes it home from Fashion Girl's place, only to find Cindy jumping up and down and swinging her arms in the outdoor area. Her stomach isn't feeling too good, so she took medicine. But a person feels worse when they are sick and alone, so she's outside to boost her spirits.
She just operates on cliches.
I am getting a bit tired of Cindy always referencing how alone she is. We get it already.
Emo looks ready to bolt, then doesn't, then looks at her, then looks indecisive, then tells her to follow him. He takes her to a nearby bench, in order to do the "Prick Your Thumb To Remove Tummy Troubles" action. He pulls out a needle that looks like it could take down a whale. She squeals before that gleaming dagger even comes close to her cuticle. Pop! Done.
Ok this was pretty adorable.
I had severe heartburn when I was watching this and was sorely tempted to try this.
Does romantic lead know how to do this needle to the thumb thing? I see it all the time but think I would be more likely to end up in the ER after stabbing the needle through my finger.
Have any of our squeelets ever done this? Comment, please!

He gently holds her hand to wipe away the blood, and she smiles that he must have a lot of experience. He gruffly tells her that he's been on his own since he was eight. She smiles at the picture of him as a little punk. He catches her smiling at him, and almost reluctantly pulls his hand away. He tells her to go rest now. She thanks him; without him she would be miserable and by herself. Nobody has helped her this way since her mother died.
So I guess the way to her heart is through her upset stomach?
At least their mutual loneliness is creating an emotional connection. Guess I will forgive Cindy for mentioning it...again.
He wonders about her father, but she says her dad wouldn't do anything for her, since they aren't biologically related. Sometimes she wants to believe he really is her relation. He tries to make her feel better; there's other people who have never known their dads, like him. She smiles at his efforts, and thinks out loud that if, just if, he really isn't her dad, she would still want to meet her 'real' father.
Be careful what you wish for, Cindy!
There’s a thing called a paternity test and this whole mess could be cleared up! Though I did appreciate this whole scene between Cindy and Emo. It was nice to see them connect without him being so emo.
 Emo looks over at her as she looks down at her wringing hands. The quiet moment is shattered when she burps. Ewww, Emo jumps up as she gives him a look of admiration and a thumbs up - Biker is da Best! Almost immediately, her stomach growls, which greatly amuses Biker. He leaves after a snarky comment about burp smells, and she happily chases after him.
You know it is true love when you can burp in front of your significant other. Emo is obviously a keeper.
This is gross, but I can't believe we all haven't been in that situation where a burp (or a fart) hasn't made us feel so much better.
We have.

Ducky is now in Emo mood as he tries to decide whether to call Cindy. He thinks about their argument over his mother's antics. He clicks the call button but her phone isn't on. He wonders if he was too mean to her. He walks over to her room and knocks on the door. There's no answer, so he opens it up. It's dark and clearly she's not there.
So did they show that fight scene here? I get confused remembering this show because the sequencing seems to frequently be off kilter.
Slowly Ducky is realizing that he can be a total jerk, maybe.
I think you are giving him too much credit.
Ducky is annoying. I would like this show without him. PA Lee, Emo and Ibeol are enough.
Biker and Cindy are at a convenience store, waiting for their cheesy ramyun to finish cooking. They steal glances at each other. Once it's done, he smiles as she digs in with gusto. In the middle of their snack, though, she grows pensive and addresses the guy in front of her. She thinks Biker secretly wants to visit his father; after all, he is the man that his mother loved. She tells him to visit his dad, and the rest of the meal is in silence.
I loved the little glance that they stole and their shared love of convenience store food.
Amazing. They live in a stocked-up house full of servants and food, but they have to go out for ramyun and cheese.
Maybe they don't keep that kind of trashy food in the house.
Sometimes plebeians just need to stick together and eat at convenience stores. Even though Emo isn’t as plebeian as he once was.
Ibeol is waiting in the living room when a woman trots through the front door, sees him, and squeals. It's his mother, practically fangirling over her handsome son. She came straight from the airport. It's clear they have a great relationship, although I'm not sure who the adult is. She apparently lives in the States and only travels to South Korea once a year. She wants him to go see his father at the temple, but she doesn't push the point.
Ibeol is probably the adult here. But man I was so happy that he had a momma that adores him. Their friendship is the cutest thing ever!
Aw, I like Ibeol’s mom. Thank goodness there is one parent I don’t have to hate.

They bump into Hyun-min, and she asks about her sister-in-law. He gives a universal shrug answer and keeps walking. She is unsurprised; they've had that same horrible relationship forever.

Once Ducky gets to his room, his mother calls him. He ignores the phone until it goes into voicemail. She leaves a text message instead: "You had better be there tomorrow."
And she thinks she can make him because?
Biker and Cindy are heading back to SkyHouse; Cindy keeps dozing off, so much so that Biker finally pulls over under a sakura tree to lower her seat. As he does, he gently straightens her head and stares at her for a bit. She's mumbling, which makes him smile, until he hears her mumble that she misses her dad. He sighs and continues the drive.
Another super sweet scene between them. I’m glad that this episode had less emo-y moments for Emo.
I'm glad that they're setting him up for her properly, not just dropping it on us.
They are growing on me as a OTP. Slowly. Very very slowly.

Once at the house, she insists that she never snored in his car. She also wants to know what she said while sleeping, to the extent that she grabs his arm and aeygos a bit. He stops and looks at her, remembering all the skinship that day. He's uncomfortable enough to pull away and head back to his bedroom. She cheerfully gives him a good night, and heads to the kitchen for something to drink.
Ducky watches this from his room, and follows her into the kitchen. He notices she seems pretty giddy tonight, and asks Cindy if she spent the evening flirting with his cousin. Remember there is no dating at SkyHouse. She tells him to mind his own business, and he blusters that she is still publicly his fiancee even when hanging around Biker.
Which makes me wonder if Emo was only nice because of his plot to steal Cindy away from Ducky? Or have we already forgotten that storyline ever existed?

Cindy wonders about his behavior, since he clearly stated before that weren't friends, or anything to each other. She demands that he tell her exactly where she stands with him. Before walking away she has one final thing to say to him. She figured out that the person he didn't want to see was his mother, and she doesn't have the right to tell him to make amends to her, or to go to his father's ceremony. But she wants him to understand his father's loneliness.
I was really keeping my fingers crossed for a semblance of an apology from Ducky here.
Told you. Not really sorry.
The dad is dead, Cindy. Maybe he's in Heaven with all his childhood pets around him, maybe he's burning in hell with any dead childhood bullies and that cockroach that scared him once, but he's not here in this world anymore. Lonely isn't the issue.

Biker is in EmoCave thinking about Cindy's words at the convenience store. He pulls out the old box of mementos, and looks at a few picture of his mother. He flashes back to her funeral, and we find out that she died in an accident, and the grown-ups at her service speculated that his father must have knocked her up and ran away.

We get a montage of all three Kang Cats spending the night thinking. In the morning, Cindy is waiting outside the temple by herself when the first car arrives. It's PA Lee, Maleficent, and Gramps. The three of them head up the steps.
Then, in what I guess is a post production gaffe, Gramps is now in front of Cindy at the base of the steps. She bows deeply to him and apologizes for failing the mission.
I thought she waited a bit and when no one showed up, she went up the stairs to a different level and that is where she bowed in apology. But then again, I may have just automatically made sense of something that really made no sense originally. Wouldn't have been the first time.
Nope, that's what I assumed too. And the next episode fills in the blanks.


I want to know more about the past.  Like how was the relationship between Gramp’s sons?  What happened to Biker’s mom?  What were the circumstances of the suspicious deaths of the sons?
Good question. They haven't really explained any of the past issues between the last generation. Maybe writer-nim can stop show Emo being emo, Fashion Girl being self-destructive, and such, and finally give us some kernels of information.
Less Emo-ing is all I could ask for right now. I am starting to give up on the thought we might get any type of deeper backstory.
Yes, why are all the sons dead?
So we could have a drama.