Cinderella And Her Four Knights - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: Things are getting more twisty and complicated, but really, all I'm waiting for is the relationships to start straightening themselves out. And a PA Lee brooding shower scene. Actually, maybe all I'm looking for is a PA Lee brooding shower scene.
Drama Noona: Ditto, that’s pretty much all I’m looking forward too. Really let’s have a show with PA Lee as the star!
Kmuse: I would be OK with all the guys having a good shower brood. You can never have too many angsty shower scenes.
Trotwood: The hope of a broody shower scene is pretty much the only thing getting me through at this point. And my devotion to this team. We will get through this I promise. 
JoAnne:  Shower scene, plus I want Ibeol and Rabbit to get together. She's adorable.
Jaehyus: yes, all of that.  PA Lee and Ibeol are why I'm here.
Yes! Ibeol and Rabbit absolutely need to end up together!
The Continuity Fairy

Episode 6

Preparations are going apace in the temple. Pictures, memorial tablets food, everything is efficiently laid out.
 But The Continuity Fairy apparently was taking a potty break at the beginning of the episode. Previously it was Cindy alone as Gramps, Maleficent, and PA Lee trudged up all those steps. But somehow, PA Lee is now standing beside her, next to Gramp's vehicle.
Seriously, I think the temple is super high up, and we were at different levels of the temple. You know how Dante's Inferno has different levels?
Makes you wonder what they were doing with all their pre-production time when they have huge issues like this.
I feel like this is something they were too close to and couldn't see properly. You know how you obsess while editing paragraphs and fix each piece just so and completely fail to realize that you left out key information because it's so obvious to you? Continuity is more like she starts a scene in one outfit and ends in another, but this is piecing things together without considering the whole.

Together they wait. The car is a snazzy silver number, and Ibeol's mom pops out in lots of frills and black tulle. She exchanges a few words with the "uptight" PA, then notices Cindy. She formally introduces herself to the older woman, who recognizes her name as "Hyun-min's fiancee". Where is Ibeol?
I’m still a fan of Ibeol’s mom, she’s cute and fun and it makes me happy that he has someone who cares for him so deeply.
Yay! A healthy parent/son relationship.
I can't decide if I like her or not. I mean I don't know if she just seems good because the other mom is so horrid. She is nice to her boy, but I'm not sure he's getting the parenting he needs or deserves from her either.
I don't consider it a healthy relationship. She was very childlike and I get the feeling that she depended on him when there wasn't a man her own age around.
Ibeol is an adult. He doesn't need mum parenting him.  I did think he could've set time aside for her visit, though.  And I don't understand why neither of these mothers live in SK.
Anyone else want to stroke his knee?
He is in the recording studio, creating a plot filler new song recording. For a minute there, I thought "plot filler new song" was an actual thing, and then I thought, nah, can't be, and then I realized oh, yes, we just got it. He soulfully sings as we see a montage of Cindy talking to all the Kang Cats, in situations where Ibeol would have never ever heard the conversations. Somehow this is relevant, though, because as soon as he finishes the recording, he bolts out of the booth.
Because he realizes (as they all do) that she is right. he really does want to sing for his dead father! (Sigh.trying not to roll my eyes because I do like his character)
Logic is unwanted here!
Ibeol is going to have great song material once his heart is broken.  A little bit of a Taylor Swiftesque silver lining.
Will 2017 be the year Kanye shows up in a drama?
I don't like Ibeol's music.

At the temple, there's a new vehicle. It's DuckMom! Her black outfit is almost purple. IbeolMom points out her crow's feet, which, HAAH!
We get a flashback when DuckMom abandons her little boy, warning him to stay and protect his position within the family. She gave him a fierce hug, then threw him to the ground and walked away, leaving him crying after her. WTF?
And what is this supposed to show us? Am I supposed to see that she really loves him and abandons him out of some weird noble idiocy? Or am I supposed to think she's just an evil harpy?
I thought I couldn’t hate a parent more than I hate Cindy’s dad. But wow, this mom is a nasty piece of work and deserves lots of terrible things. How could you leave your grieving, frightened, terrified little boy? Seriously ugh, she is the worst sort of person.
So many bad parents, so little time to create life long parental baggage.
I'd like to know why she couldn't stay. It was clearly very difficult for her to go.

Turns out it’s not a flashback, but a nightmare Ducky was having. He drags himself to the sofa for a glass of water. He’s surprised by Mrs B and Mrs B vacuum in hand, is surprised to find him there. She mumbles about what a heartless guy he is not to have gone to see his father, and does he know about Ha Won agasshi’s situation? That perks his ears up, and he wonders what Cindy has to do with the whole mess. Before she can close the door and leave, he pushes it open and demands the info.
I love that Mrs. B can’t help herself but to mumble just the right things to get the Kang Cats to do what she wants.  
Mrs. B is the best kind of meddler. 
I still want to know why they gave her that hair.
It's modern-day court lady hair.
Is this another flashback?  Is all of this a backwards time skip? I don’t know, since the Continuity Fairy must be taking a dump and reading the newspaper. We now are in a scene where Cindy and Mrs B are happily prepping the food for the memorial service. We find out that Cindy had never performed a memorial for her mom, since StepBiatch didn’t like it. But she would at least visit every year on the death anniversary. Mrs B and Cindy chatted about the Kang Cat’s terrible manners, Cindy’s great pancake-making skills, and the fact that they both expect everyone to show up at the temple.
Those pancakes looked delicious. My mouth was watering watching them cook.
I would think Cindy would at least do a small memorial, even if it is in her closet. She doesn’t seem the type to ignore her mother’s death anniversary.

And now, back to current time, we have the DuckyCar heading out – yay!  Just in time, too. Cindy is sad that none of them have shown up for the service.  PA Lee says it’s too soon to throw in the towel.
Sigh. Swoon. Lovely PA Lee. Can you give a hug of solace maybe?
Good ol’ PA Lee making sure to keep Cindy’s spirits up!
Idol Van Alert! Ibeol and his coordi pull into the parking area. Ibeol and Cindy exchange friendly grins and waves. For a moment, he looks sad that he is the only cousin to show up. Such an expressive nose. Just then, DuckyCar pulls in, and we are 67% there! Cindy’s smile gets wider; PA Lee hasn’t shown any teeth, but it’s clear he’s happy for her.
His eyes can turn on the warmth.
By the power of PA Lee's eyes, I undress thee!
By your powers, here's your Precious. PA Lee is busy with me. ^^
Ducky is looking anywhere but her.  He asks if they were waiting for him, and finally focuses on her when she answers in the affirmative. But it’s not her that’s waiting, but everyone, breathing and not breathing, up those stairs. He gives a ghost of a smile and the two boys head up the steps.
The birds chirp, the branches sway, but no other vehicles or men appear. Looks like we have a failed mission.
Does this mean she gets kicked out? The missions are a stupid plot device. 
Yes, they are.  Unless we look at her as a contract employee going from job to job within the same company.  But the word "mission" is irritating here.  Just say, here, the goal is to make these young men into a family, and each assignment is a separate contract.
We must have been in live-shoot by now with these post-production gaffs. Cindy walks up the steps alone as PA Lee turns invisible. She bows to the suddenly-appearing-out-of-nowhere Gramps, and apologizes for her failure. (This is the final scene of last episode). He says nothing but sighs and  walks up the steps again, leaving her and the suddenly-reappearing PA Lee on the second tier of steps. Pa Lee thought it would be a miracle for Emo to show up, but a miracle was what Cindy expected. She was successful, though, even if it wasn’t complete. She heads back down the steps, alone.
Again, logic (or continuity) has no place here!

Gramps takes his place in the row of people before the altar; PA Lee stands outside the temple and watches. The ceremony begins. IbeolMom is crying, but almost everyone else is calm. Outside, a monk greets PA Less and chats. He’s happy that all the Chairman’s sons have seen their children this year.  PA Lee is puzzled…everyone? The friendly monk points out a dried up white rose placed in front of Emo’s dad’s photograph. Ah hah! He did show up after all!
This is very in character for Emo, he can’t show up when everyone else is there, it would be a hamper to his brooding.
He needs to embrace the emo and channel a full goth look. I might like Emo better with a thick layer of guyliner. 
Now this is something I can't unsee and something that I didn't realize I wanted.
After the ceremony, everyone sits down for a meal notable for its almost physical awkwardness. DuckMom spits out a few ingratiatingly flowery phrases about her new and refined stepmother-in-law. Maleficent smile-sneers how nice it is that after allll this time, she finally shows up for the service. From DuckMom’s point of view, it’s natural that she would show up, as the mother of the family heir, you know, the only one completely raised at Sky House.
Ugh Duck Mom has no place to call herself a mother, she abandoned her child!
She sucks.

She uses the moment to campaign for her son, but Mal has something to say about that. So does IbeolMom. So does Gramps, who finally puts her in her place by saying he would never put an under-qualified person in charge of the company, even if he has to search for any byblows her husband might have seeded. Whups, there are potential illegitimate heirs?
Then why hasn’t Gramps found them? I mean he’s so about finding an heir, wouldn’t he have gathered everyone, legitimate or not?
Aren't we assuming that he has? Emo has always presented as an illegitimate son.
Ibeol is the son of an illegitimate son.  And, Duck is totally unqualified for anything except shopping.

During the entire ceremony and meal, Cindy has only managed to walk across the parking compound. She looks back and sees now-strangely-parked Grampsmobile pick up its passengers and head out. Inside the vehicle, Gramps is sad Emo didn’t show; Mal squeezes his hand, since at least he is enjoying  the afterlife with his wife. He doesn’t want to ever talk about the woman that caused his grandson to end up raising himself.
They should at least call an Uber for poor Cindy.
That's rather mean to Emo's mother.
PA Lee climbs into the driver’s seat, and, for whatever reason, Mal lets go of Gramp’s hand.  She mentions how nice it would have been with Grandson #3. PA Lee alerts Gramps that Emo stopped by earlier in the day and did pay respects to his father.
TAKE THAT, MOM. How do you like THEM apples?
Emo car driving scene. Current? Flashback? Time skip? Does it matter in this episode?? (Is it going to matter ever again?) Anyway, he looks snazzy in a white turtleneck. Yep, flashback. He stopped by the columbarium to see his mother first, and noticed the wilted rose Cindy left in the niche. Somehow he knows it was that pesky shortie.(It's because it is a flower exactly like the big bunch she left in the space below for her mother) He spends time at the columbarium walking around until dark, thinking. So, err, this was the night before the service? It’s sunny now, though, when we see him place Cindy’s rose on the stand where his father’s picture was displayed. So I’m guessing he spent the night in that dark, creepy columbarium with all those dead people, trying to decide if stopping by a pretty, bright temple was better than this…
Dark, creepy columbarium with dead people is the perfect place for brooding don’t you know? Only place better would be a graveyard during the new moon under the cover of fog.
Emo can only psychoanalyze his true inner angst in creepy places.  His fancy room doesn’t fit the bill.
He does have that work room.
Maybe he needs to hang out in a different house.
At Sky House, Cindy is packing. Since she failed, it’s time for her to vacate. She looks at the selfie stick and remembers the fake birthday before putting it away. She writes a teeny-tiny goodbye note and leaves it on a table in her bedroom, which, naturally blows off the table as soon as closes the door.
Because this always happens. I can't blame dramas though. Has anyone read Tess of the d'Urbervilles? Even Hardy pulled this crap. This is a 19th-century trope. (Hmm. another reason I've always hated Thomas Hardy)
Of course it does, there’s no way it could stay where someone would see it. That wouldn’t make sense.
You would think she would at least say goodbye in person to PA Lee and Mrs. B. if no one else.
Cindy has to be as noble and self-sacrificing as possible because she's annoying like that.
DuckMom is in DuckCar with Ducky. What happened to her wheels? All she can talk about is how all the other cousins know their 'place' and won't challenge him for the position of heir. Wow, Mom, no "how are you doing", no "you're looking good, trim those bangs"??
She isn’t a real mom, she’s a witch so no she wouldn’t waste her breath on being kind to her son.
Ducky has also had enough of her one-sided obsession. She notices that they are not heading back to her hotel. Nope, says her son, he is taking her straight to the airport, and she should never come back to South Korea again.
I actually love this line and wish it was said by more sons in more dramas.
Don’t let the car door hit you on the way out. 

The StepWhatevers have made an appearance at Sky House. I weep for the lack of minimal security, even if it just keeps this sort of riffraff out. They blah blah jealous blah blah about the house. Mrs B  meets them, and they greasy-talk their way in (I love her, but she ought to know better. She should be a housekeeping gatekeeper). Wherein, of course, they act like complete green-faced fangirling asses. AssMom heads for Cindy's room and bitches about how nice it is and how she doesn't deserve nice things. AssSis runs over to Ducky's room to fondle his belongings. She finds Cindy's school uniform and decides to completely destroy it.
I am so tired of these stupid peoples, can we just skip their parts?  Also, where the hell is the security of this place?  Any vagabond off the street can just waltz up to the front door?
They need a sign on the gate. "No Soliciting, No Proselytizing and No StepWhatevers". 

ShukNote: I asked the TList for other words to describe the steps without using the word "ass". The winner from randomsoju: "villainous penisleeches".
Haha that is the best description!
It makes me picture random penii slowly snaking their way over a thigh, like blind snakes pulled along by some mysterious force. I'm thoroughly creeped out. Also, add one billboard and Sky House looks like a departure terminal.
This is not an image I needed first thing in the morning, Jo.
PA Lee comes upon the pair just as AssMom is tapping on Ducky's door to get trespassing, vandalizing daughter out of there. She can't talk her way out of it with him, and they end up forcibly removed by suddenly-appearing security. But only to outside the building. Why not off the property, Show?
All I can do is shake my head at this point.
The security is only paid to walk to the door, they can’t go past or it will nullify their contract.
Don't you mean Ma Penisleech?

AssSis goes on the offensive, as if she wasn't offensive enough, by using social media to excoriate Cindy as a runaway mingling with the Kangs and doing [...] with them.
Surprised it took AssSis this long to go that route.
Miss Penisleech?

Cindy is oblivious to all of this. In fact, she is at the cafe, trying to beg Barista for a place to stay overnight before their graduation. But she lives at home and her house is tiny. The 'discussion' is interrupted by Fashion Girl stopping by. In short order, Cindy is heading over to Hye-ji's house to stay the night.
Yay, Hye-ji! I never thought I'd get to say that...
Is Fashion Girl happy about this? I don't know, but she seems friendly enough when she gives Cindy a tour of her place. Cindy does her usual snooping around and finds a photo of a young girl and two boys. Fashion Girl pulls it out of her hands, and tells her it's her between Ducky and her older brother, who died. Way to go, Ha-won.
The way people touch other people's things in this show--bad people and good people--makes me crazy. This bit of the story does show that Fashion Girl isn't always mopey. She could be nice, and they could be friends. I love how Cindy is so excited about spending the night with someone really. Sky House doesn't count.
What? Why would Cindy suddenly want to stay with Fashion Girl? And why would Fashion Girl suddenly say yes? I thought she wanted Cindy to disappear? So many questions with no answers.
Rabbit put Fashion Girl on the spot, and as Trot mentioned, Cindy would love to make friends.
And that photo made me understand Hye-ji's obsession, and really hate Duck.  

Cindy mentions that Ducky doesn't look nearly as broody in the old photograph as he does now. Fashion Girl says he was bright and happy once, then slides the conversation over to Sky House and Cindy's relationship with its inhabitants. Our Tracksuit Princess is happy to finally clear the air about her fakey fiancee situation and her real status at the place. Fashion Girl is relieved, too, especially when she finds out Cindy is rooting for the two of them.
I was so thankful that she finally told her this. We (and Cindy) needed a respite from some of the misunderstanding.
Holy cow, finally we spend two seconds telling the truth! This wonderful clarity won’t last long though.
Fashion Girl can now resume her usual stalking schedule with an untroubled heart. 
I hate fake fiancee storylines. 
The two of them are finally ready to sleep, and Cindy expresses gratitude for the comfortable sleeping arrangements the day before her graduation. Hye-ji wonders if her family will be there to celebrate; Ha-won isn't sure if they'll show. On impulse, Fashion Girl promises to be there for her. That gets her a gleeful Cin-hug. Later that night, though, Cindy sends a text to her father, asking if he will be there at the school tomorrow.
This man does not deserve to get such loyalty from Cindy. But this was nice of Fashion Girl. I mean, I don't know what she does with her time otherwise, but it is still a nice gesture.
Am I the only one who is confused by her sudden desire to be nice to Cindy?
Nope, it is so odd.
There have always been signs that she was intrigued by Cindy, and now that they've had a minute together where Ducky wasn't being a dick, she can see that Cindy is a nice girl. A nice girl who is very lonely. I think Fashion Girl would appreciate a friend...and a friend who is close to Stalker Prime Objective could be useful.
Amazing how so many people haven't had friends before Cindy came along.  

At Sky House, PA Lee is knocking on Cindy's door, never realizing she isn't there. Maybe he ought to peek between the blinds? As he's knocking, Emo strolls by, and PA Lee takes the opportunity to thank him to going to the temple. He's sure it was Cindy's influence that got him there, and he asks Emo to comfort our girl, since she was upset that he didn't show. He mentions her graduation ceremony the next day. After the convo, Red heads back to his EmoCave to mull over PA Lee's words. Does it matter to him whether she graduates or not? He hugs a pillow and thinks.
Is the hugging pillow bit supposed to show he's progressing?
Should he have been hugging a tangle of thorns, you mean?
Early in the morning, Ducky barges into her room, but figures it's empty because she was already out and about. He snoops at her calendar, and suddenly realizes (a) her graduation is that day; and (b) he still had her uniform hostage. He hoofs it over to his bedroom and, to his horror, finds her StepAss-ruined clothes. Eottoke?!
Shop, that's what. It's what he's for.

The sidewalk is full of chattering teenagers in the exact same outfits, and one tracksuit being completely ignored. The behavior continues into the classroom, where AssSis makes sure Cindy is ostracized even more.
Something bad, publicly bad, needs to happen to her. They better not try to redeem this character at all.
I really hope that show gives AssSis her comeuppance! She is so evil and conniving and just cruel. 
Karma needs to give her a swift kick.
Peeee nissss leeeeeeech. Miss. Miss Peeee nisssss leeech. I think you can call her Teeny Peeny, yeah? And Mom can be Ma Peen. Unless you guys think that Ducky should be Peen, and then Teeny becomes Miss Leech and Mom is back to Ma?
Eh, I just don't care. I skip her as much as possible anyway.
Finally Barista shows up, and they head to the auditorium together. And in another part of town, Ducky is high-ending an emergency purchase of a new school uniform. He tries to call her, but it flips to voicemail. He leaves her a note that he is on his way with her clothes.
See, he's in this show as the official shopper.

Ducky is driving through the streets with a couple of panel trucks. Fashion Girl picks up a cute bouquet of flowers. And finally, finally, Mrs B finds the good-bye note and contacts PA Lee. He wastes no time in telling Gramps; together they wonder where she might have gone.
StepAssSis spamming clickbait pops back up, implying that Cindy is Gramp's mistress. Everyone glances at her tracksuited self during the ceremony. (How anyone would believe this story while she is wearing her tracksuit to graduation makes me afraid. South Korean teenagers could not score in the top 10 of the international PISA test with such a lack of critical thinking skills. It must be just this school.) Afterwards, she takes few pictures with Barista. When her bestie heads to the side with her parents, Cindy wanders towards the hall entrance. StepAssMom is here!
I would think that a mistress of a bajillionaire would dress a bit better. Logic is obviously not AssSis’s strong suit.
That whole thing was just gross. Wrinkly old grampabody and Park So Dam? NO way.
Honestly, it's amazing the things people will believe. And it just takes one negative thought to kill a positive view of someone.

Of course, the only words she shares are hurtful ones, ending up with a reiteration to never come back to the place she grew up. She squeals happily when she spots AssStepSis and forgets her other daughter completely.
AssMom is an ass, which I suppose is apparent in her title.  
Why was Cindy worried about her family showing up when her stepsis was graduating the same day? 

Ibeol is being dolled up as a schoolboy for his shoot. As he posts a selca on IG, he sees a barrage of sasaeng comments about attacking "that girl" at her graduation. Right away he yells for his coordi and runs out the door.
He is such a great friend. Always there when needed.
Totally friend-zoned.
In the auditorium, a classmate tells Cindy that someone is looking for her. Outside the venue, Emo can't decide if he should go in or not. But he overhears some students talk about "capturing' Ha-won. At the same time, Ducky pulls up in DuckCar. The panel trucks open up to reveal snack shops. Ducky grabs a tiny bullhorn and offers treats as "Eun Ha-won's boyfriend". He heads inside to look for her.

But poor Cindy. She's in the soundproof recording studio (since when did high schools have these?), being held by a couple of mean girls while a couple of others snark at her. She's not even struggling. Where's your martial arts skills Cindy?
I hate that they have done this to her. Why even have her like that in the beginning if they are going to abandon half her personality especially since this is the personality that Ducky liked from the beginning and that Emo found so intriguing? To me, this is the biggest travesty to the narrative even more than the Continuity Fairy's bowel problems.
Seriously! Kick them? Throw them? Use those martial skills to beat their dumb mean girl asses! Ugh, Cindy isn’t a weak, delicate flower. Why in the hell would she just let them hold her like that? She isn’t even fighting back!
I hate that Cindy lost all her spunk.
Those penisleeches sucked it all out of her.
This happens in dramas, right, where a woman knows martial arts, but loses all skills when around cute guys?
Ducky and Emo are wandering different parts of the building, followed by a trail of fangirls. F4 / BoF homage as a cover of SHINee's "Stand By Me" is the BGM during the boy's stroll through the school. But go faster, guys! Mean Girl Overbite decides to cut off Cindy's clothes to see if she is "pure". Oh, and also to videotape it. Wow, I'm incredibly glad NOT to have gone to a South Korean high school.
Fight them Cindy!
Plenty of mean girl stuff going on here, but I (cough) I mean other people I know would have been rolling around on the floor injuring others at this point. Actually, it would've never gotten to this point at my high school. We would've taken care of this long ago. And we had to wear white dresses for our graduation--no one would've messed those up or thought to mess up someone else because we were not going to mess up our ceremony (somebody out would've messed up our military precision-like but lovely entrance).
We wore white under our robes, also. Guys wore white shirts and navy slacks, except this one guy we all called Fish (no part of his name was even close to that), he wore a tie-dye tee, cut off jeans, and bare feet. Fish went from 5'4 to 6'2 the summer between 7th and 8th grade and let his hair grow out into a blond froth of crazy that he never cut and probably rarely brushed throughout high school, and he never really got over any of it. I'm not certain that he had one day of high school that was not viewed through a haze of pot smoke, either. He was the mellowest creature you ever imagined.
He's probably a State Judge now.
Emo finally makes it to the right hall, as evidenced by the bored male students bullying each other. He takes them out in about 15 seconds, and busts in with Cindy still doing nothing to defend herself. The girls scatter, leaving her crumpled to the ground; her shoulder is ripped but her clothes are otherwise intact.
All hail the Emo White Knight.
Passing on the Hail because too disappointed.  Cindy should've laid those girls low.

Emo gently lays his jacket over her shoulders and helps her up, leading her through the fallen boys. But the mean girls are back, and they've brought more penises with them. Emo readies himself for another fight when Ducky's voice rings out.
He's a lover, not a fighter. He wiggles the car keys in front of everyone, then throws them out the window. (I remember thinking that this was a very smart move for someone who can't fight) (and who can afford to lose his car.) All the guys run pell-mell towards the exit, leaving Overbite and a few girls. They slink off, tails between their legs. Cindy is relieved.
Where is the school staff? Where are the parents of these kids? Why are they allowed to wander the school halls?
Ibeol has finally showed up. Love the outfit! He warns everyone to let him know who the mean girls are, but they are all swimming in Ibeol-love and yell out denials. He then calls out for anyone who knows Eun Ha-won, and who pipes up? Barista! Together they run.
I’m glad that Barista and Ibeol have a moment together, her love for her Oppa is adorable.
This is one of the few times I think Barista came through in the friend department.
I like Barista Bunny. Her voice makes me laugh.

Fashion Girl has finally arrived. Upstairs, Ducky tosses Emo's jacket back at him and starts fussing over Cindy. Emo takes it as time for him to leave. Cindy tries to thank him but doesn't get the chance. They exchange looks, though. Ducky leads her to the studio to change.

And who gets the keys? Who who who? Why PA Lee, of course, who chases the youngsters away with his sheer hotness and style.
And we all know that he could've taken them all without messing up his suit. Sigh. (waving my brand new glitter sign!)
Go PA Lee!!
I have keys, PA Lee. Frisk me.
Cindy's happiness is restored, and she yells her thanks through the glass window of the production room, where Ducky is leaning against the soundboard with his back to her. Finally he turns around and pushes himself upright, not realizing he flipped the broadcast button on.
Because why not? This just flows right in with the rest of the logic.
Logic be damned. 

Every television set in the school lights up with a perfectly-focused shot of Ducky and Cindy face to face. And everybody everywhere is watching.

Emo leaving bumps into Ibeol entering. He is embarrassed when his younger cousin asks if he came to the school specifically because of Cindy. His exodus is short-lived though, as the audio from the nearest monitor is heard.
I love how straightforward Ibeol is.

They cluster around the screen, and Fashion Girl finally makes an appearance, surprising Emo.
I told you that the clarity of Cindy telling Fashion Girl the truth would be short lived.
Oblivious to the goings-on outside their room, Cindy and Ducky are talking. She is adamant that she is not returning to Sky House, but he's not interested in that at all. Just one word: "Confession".

He admits that she is different from any other girl, and that his thoughts constantly come back to her. Emo takes one look at Fashion Girl's stricken face, and heads back to the A/V room.
Guess this means no more girly sleepovers for Cindy. 

Meanwhile, Ducky is on a roll. He doesn't like her hanging out with guys, especially Emo. He enumerates his sterling qualities, and waits expectantly for her starry-eyed agreement.
Ducky has not learned, she will not fall for his cheese, ever.
She's assprose intolerant.

Cindy chooses her words carefully. It's time to stop this. Every girl in the school collectively gasps, including AssStepSis. Ducky got dumped!
I love that she finally told him that she wants to stop, but I hate these public confession exposure things in general. I hated it here because I really wanted Cindy and Fashion Girl to become allies, but now the script has changed them into unnecessary rivals again.
It's an SK drama. The lead female has to get all the menz.
Cindy get ready to leave, but Ducky grabs her by the shoulders. There's more to his confession! The two of them should....[CLICK] Emo shuts off the feed.

From Ducky's point of view, since they hadn't 'started' anything for real, maybe it's time to try. But Cindy says no, she is tired of being a pretend fiancee, and they should just end it. Oups! Emo's ears pick up the word "pretend" in the convo, and turns around to look at the couple through the glass partition.
Ducky is perfectly agreeable to ending it. That way they can begin a real relationship! Cindy hears, Emo hears, annnnd Fashion Girl, standing outside the partially-open door, hears. Ack1 All those pretty purple flowers hit the ground.
Fashion Girl can move through portals? She was just with the other students watching and now she’s at the studio?
That's right.  She's actually a ghost.


This episode was all over the place, but at least we had some advancement. This is the first mission Cindy is able to complete on her own, mostly on her conviction about family. Ducky is fascinated by her, but I think more like a strange specimen than a girlfriend.
I agree. I think he does like her but I think he doesn't realize that none of the other people he hangs out with are real friends. Cindy is a real friend. He needs one, and he likes having one, so he thinks he likes her as a girlfriend. It makes me sorry for how lonely he must really be to conflate the two concepts.
Strange specimen, yes that’s perfectly accurate.
I do wonder if Ducky’s feelings could have shifted to true love? You know, if this was a different drama and he was the lead?
It seems like none of them had any friends before Cindy came along.  Yet, I don't feel sorry for them at all.
We get a glimpse of the kind of parenting everyone has experienced. It's clear that none of the Kang Cats have experienced what most of us would call a "normal" childhood. Of course, now we know why Ibeol is so bubbly (I love his mom), and Ducky is sooo....Ducky.
I love his mom too!
I didn't really care.

Then post-production continuity errors got on my nerves, but I have to admit I didn't notice them the first time watching it. (I did. It made me crazy then, too) So maybe I'm just too sensitive? (Nope, you aren't. You were being gracious before) I would probably be a lot more forgiving if the show didn't disappoint me by turning Cindy into a helpless ingenue.
Ugh! I am so fed up with the 180 turn that Cindy’s character has taken? It’s like they have introduced a new character, she’s resembling the spunky and self-sufficient girl that we met at the beginning.
Damsel in distress Cindy is a downer.
Yes, disappointed that living with cute guys made changed her that much.
Anyway, the cats out of the bag, the whole world knows Ducky got burned, Barista got more fangirl time with Ibeol. Let's see what's around the next corner!
I think Trotwood needs her own glitter truck.