Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 13 (Recap)

Kakashi: Don't be confused, this is kakashi! I will help Saki with the Old Nine Gates' recaps a bit. This episode is one of my favorites, because our Miss starts her marry-me-campaign and I love it for all the right (=feminist) reasons. It looks like Fo Ye has finally found his match in life: he is simply stunned.
SakiVI: She has true determination. Forget the Rules and not being obvious and other dating maxims: no Fo Ye can stop her.

Episode 13 - An Item to Confirm their Love

Back to the whipping contest! I'm not sure I'm appalled or happy that Fo Ye is cheating. But since he is, and since Ba Ye and Miss Yin Xinyue are making a lot of noise to confuse the Real Peng, he wins immediately. Haha. Peng-peng, Peng!
I'm glad Fo Ye's cheating. Some people are so awful they don't deserve fair rules. Besides, Fo Ye's working for a greater good, that is to keep the medicines away from the Japanese.
Everyone cheers, minus Peng and minus the Japanese mister, who just looks thoughtful. Well, Peng does not accept his defeat and goes and grabs Ba Ye's shirtfront, accusing him of cheating. Ba Ye is left to fend for himself, because Miss Yin is making mooney-eyes at Fo Ye.
Mooney eyes is the appropriate way to look at Fo Ye. I'm surprised at how surprised he seems to be, though.
I guess his soldiers don't dare to look at him that way.
Peng still won't accept defeat, so he attacks Fo Ye next, with his whip. Fo Ye dodges masterfully. OMG he is hot. I want his babies.
Me too, sigh.  
She is thinking the same thing. Hot hormone flashes.
He's saving her from a Peng worse than death!
Who knows what he's thinking. Probably: Fo Ye, two thumbs up!
That sounds about right for Ba Ye.
Seriously, this annoying Peng breaks all the nice things, including one of the huge, super-expensive chandeliers. He gets ready for his death-strike when Miss Yin calls out to stop. The Brute does so immediately. Wow, she has power. I want her babies too.
I bet her babies will be adorable!
Don't fear, Ba Ye, your Fo Ye is perfectly alright.
Miss Yin says Fo Ye is the real Peng ("my fiancé") and that the real Peng is the imposter. The real Peng complains about her believing the wrong person "just because he looks better than I do". Looks better, eats better, speaks better, probably smells better, and oh, doesn't sniff everything like a pig in truffle season. Oh my dear Peng. Don't even try to compare to his Royal Hotness. Anyway, Miss Yin throws the real Peng out of the hotel and bans him from ever entering again. 
She then takes Fo Ye upstairs, where he thanks her for the rescue. That's right, she rescued you, Fo Ye.  She tells them they must leave quickly, nobody is fooled by their act. Ba Ye won't stop making "husband and wife" jokes. Fo Ye doesn't approve. I think he's quite a bit terrified inside. Give him a Peng anytime, but beautiful women? Not something he can deal with.  
I expect he's used to occasionally dating girls like those twins. I'm not dissing, I think that was probably the macho culture of the time. And, later, we see he doesn't get on well with a woman arguably more his social equal, Huo Nian. So, he probably doesn't meet many pretty, single women, or any at all, who are socially his match.
She takes him by the hand next to go get the medicine from the treasure room with him - no Ba Ye allowed! In there, she shows off a bit first and then calls him stupid, for not finding the herbs when he sneaked in here before. They are in a safe, behind the picture. He was close though!
I'm surprised he never picked up the picture to look, but then he also was short on time.
Okay, they've got the medicine - she asks whether he isn't feeling sorry for all the money he's spent on someone else, only, for him, Er Ye isn't just someone else - and now it's time to say goodbye! Thinks Fo Ye. But no, our Miss thinks they need her to get to the train station in one piece, and she's probably right. Peng and his servants are still milling around the hotel, eager to tear the real imposters to pieces.
Fo Ye needs our Miss. He really does.  
In the closed carriage that takes them away, Ba Ye is anxious (because it was a close call in his opinion) and even Fo Ye seems a bit tense. I think he will only be able to relax once he has delivered this incredibly expensive medicine into Er Ye's hands. And then, Royal Hotness steals a glance at beautiful Miss. And promptly denies it when he's caught. Oh dear. She tells him to look openly, because she likes it when he does.   
She is so confident and cute, I just love her and want to be her. I know I'd be shy if Fo Ye was looking at me. Also, I wonder if he's considering the marriage, even if it's "maybe one day when I've saved China from the Japanese."
Meanwhile, at the hotel, Peng is handed a bill for all the damages he incurred and is finally kicked out. Outside, he's accosted by Japanese Mr. and led to a car, in which the ugly Hendry sits. That ass tells Peng who Fo Ye is and where he can find him. Oh my, I didn't understand until now, but Peng is particularly upset about not getting his snotty hands on our Miss!
I will never understand our Miss's father arranging this marriage. There must be so many rich and successful men she could marry who are not Peng. Like Fo Ye.
At Changsha Station, Fo Ye starts to say goodbye...
... when the Qing Prince suddenly turns up, clearly looking for him. Ba Ye has a minor freak out and runs to hide on the train (calling him Fo Ye in the process). Miss Yin bravely says she'll deal with him if he dares stop Fo Ye. But no, Fo Ye "does not need a woman" to step up for him. (Except she totally has stepped up for him several times. Bit late to be macho about that now.) Awwww, darling. Everybody chill, the Prince - whose name is Bei Lei Ye - has just come to express his deep admiration for Fo Ye. He wants to be friends!
Bei Lei Ye is such a Fo Ye Fanboy. He would take Ba Ye's place, and our Miss's too, if he could.  
Fo Ye doesn't, but the Prince isn't discouraged in the least. He tells him to look him up anytime he's in the northwest and hands him a special token for authentication. Miss Yin is actually proud that her Fo Ye is also liked by men. Hahaaaa.
Our Miss may not realize how much the Prince likes Fo Ye yet.
He tries to say goodbye again, but she insist on going on the train with him now. Because it's so dangerous! Not for her... for him. She talks so much that he finally caves. Or maybe he's just running out of time because the train is leaving. Anyway, Fo Ye, you've lost so many times to her already, you're in trouble.
And look, she is stepping up for him again. This girl is very protective of her loved one. I like that. 
Er Ye and Yatou are like ????
Totally amused, too.
Ba Ye introduces them and then, Xin Yue says she is Fo Ye's as-of-yet-unwedded wife. Deal with it, Fo Ye.
Ba Ye thinks the situation needs diffusing and claims he's really hungry, but Yatou is not hungry and if she is not hungry, Er Ye isn't hungry either. Fo Ye and his new almost wife already speak unisono (that hints at perfect compatibility!) and also declare not interest in food. Fine, declares Ba Ye, he will go eat alone. And off he goes!
Poor Ba Ye: he needs to meet his soulmate too.
Fo Ye feels the urge to clarify things now. He tells our eager Miss that he really had no choice in joining her auction and once things are settled, he will make it up to her ... and Peng. You're an idiot, Fo Ye. You're right when you're right, kakashi.  She sets him straight by pointing out that rules are rules - and her family's rules are: buy the medicines and marry her. He lit the sky lanterns, he has to take responsibility of her.  
He understands responsibilities. But he also thinks she's being a bit hasty and needs time to consider this situation. Ah, think about it more? She does! For 3 seconds. She's all in.
That was too funny!
Er Ye and Yatou are like:
Fo Ye start another attempt. He is a warrior and these are dangerous times. "Oh, you're a Zhang!" she exclaims. Huh. Is that because all the Zhangs are military people? I think she just heard his surname for the first time. She is curious to know why his friends call him Fo Ye then. And then, she wants to hear more about his possible deployment to the battlefield. So it's dangerous? He might die at any time? He tells her to stop asking so many questions. Rude. He also tells her "his women will not have a happy ending". That is a bit ambiguous, Fo Ye. 
I thought that was just macho posturing, frankly. What women?  
In short, she does not give a shit about all this. She wants this man - and she seems to be the kind of woman who gets what she wants.
Oh yes, she worked out everything. And, I bet, if Fo Ye hadn't come into the picture, she'd have found a way to run off Peng.
She basically tells him to be obedient and tell her everything about him. Oh gawd, this is funny. Fo Ye is at the end of his wits. Get her off the train is his last line of defense! He starts collecting money from Er Ye for her return ticket, but we already know the two men are completely broke after the auction. So he hands her ... his silver bracelet. Ohhhhhhh.
Subconsciously, he wants to give her an engagement present because those medicine boxes are totally unromantic.
I don't know, dear Fo Ye, but giving a woman jewelry of clear high value is probably not the best way to get her to leave? Er Ye and Yatou tell her how good it looks on her too. Haha, they're a bit mean. (This is the power of our Miss: she gets some personality from these two showing.) In fact, Yatou gets involved and tells Fo Ye that shooing Miss Yin off the train is not good style - and dangerous for her. She should come all the way to Changsha with them, stay for a while, and return once it's all settled.
For the first time ever, I thought, Yay, Ya Tou!

Now the two women are hungry all of a sudden and leave the carriage to go get food ... so that Er Ye can convince Fo Ye to let this Weirdo stay. He tells Fo Ye she is "rather cute" and "suits him rather well". Fo Ye doesn't even disagree, but he thinks that Er Ye "suits him even more". He may be noisy when he sings opera, but at least, there are times when he is quiet. No thanks to the kind of excitement this woman would bring. Buahahaa. Er Ye says: can't handle her, huh? But of course, Fo Ye thinks there is nobody he cannot handle.
Pfft, he can't handle her.
He can so not.
Naturally, Xinyue is super mad. I'd be too. Yatou thinks it's up to her to "apologize on his behalf" (woman.... seriously), but then, Xinyue starts gushing about Er Ye being such a perfect husband and I want to tell her that this kind of relationship is TOO BORING. Don't go there! The two women decide to be friends - but Yatou still does not want to tell Xinyue who Fo Ye is. Privacy and all, I guess.
Ya Tou had a point: stay out of the other couple's relationship on all levels. That's a rule for life, really.
When they join Ba Ye in the restaurant car, he is overjoyed to discover Fo Ye's family heirloom on Miss Yin's wrist. It's super special! And he starts calling her sister-in-law. She wants to be called Madame Zhang though. No problem! Also, Ba Ye tells her that she will turn Fo Ye's misfortunes into blessings. Ba Ye is so sweet. She's so happy to hear all this!
Ba Ye's probably already done that calculation thing.
The women bring back the food for "their" men, but Fo Ye does not want to eat (Er Ye and Yatou on the other hand start spoon-feeding each other (gag)). They're at the next stop and he is STILL thinking she should get out. She starts this long rant about why she cannot possibly go back at this time. Reputation! Danger! He owes her! And finally, she will not marry this Peng dude or any man like him. She wants him... and him alone. 


Buahahaaaaa, Miss Yin Xinyue is indeed a handful! Ba Ye thinks Fo Ye "has it coming", and oh boy, he does. He is pretty much defenseless against this force of nature, well, short of picking her up physically and throwing her out. He knows it and everybody else knows it, but it's in his rather stern nature to resist this inevitability for the moment.
Fo Ye likes to be the one in control, and he's not any more.

I loved how everyone ships the two already, including Xinyue herself... her insistence does not make me feel uncomfortable, because she is so wonderfully full of herself, so confident that she is a super good catch and that anyone must be stupid who wouldn't want her. Fo Ye is a hard nut to crack, that much has become clear, but would he have given such a special bracelet to someone he disregards? Certainly not. There are no feelings between the two yet, but it is pretty obvious to everyone - and I am sure to Fo Ye too - that an alliance with her house is a pretty big deal.  
I think Fo Ye is just being stubborn because this is something thrust on him, rather than him directing it. He's a bit of a control freak, though in the hottest way possible, naturally, so to have someone else directing things in his life is something he will naturally resist. But because XinYue is an amazing catch, and because she has such an irrepressible personality, and, most importantly, because she is a loyal person, he will like her. 

Ah, seeing him squirm is so much fun. Looking forward to more!
Shenanigans, go!