Rants and Weekly Raves #104 (RAWR)

JoAnne: It's hilariously funny to me to open this post and have IU blinking away like that.
Kakashi: Mission accomplished :)
Kim Ji-hoon will soon be back on TV, YAAAAAAAAY! Sadly, in a drama I absolutely don't want to watch. For him, I will though. I will not KimJiCap, however. Or maybe only his bits. Let's see. His role is "not very big", apparently.
SakiVI/Jaehyus: What is this new KimJiHoon drama? He's a cutie. I am finding this crush of dramas on Mondays and Tuesdays to be overwhelming. I think I'll have to make plans for what to watch and when. Right now, I think the Moonlight Bogummy show can wait until Wednesday and Thursday. It's hard to hold off on the rest
It's called The Man Living in our House or something like it
Trotwood: But he's only going to be in the first part because he's the one who gets (goes) away and sets up the heroine for a new love story which she will not want because it will be so hard to get over Kim Ji Hoon okay, i may have made up that last bit).
cherkell: About time that boy came back to Dramaland! I was getting quite annoyed over only seeing him being all buff n' stuff in various pictorials. Oh wait...
Shuk: I've been living the drama dream, but mostly for YangYang and the Perfect Stalker Love, which balances nicely my deep hatred for the writer of "W(tf)".



Ohhhhhhh, how cute IU and the sad-sad-sad Wolf are. She has a perfect little doll face. I actually want a doll like her, to put pretty sageuk clothes on. And he breaks my heart.
I just want to hug him forever. Well not just hug but he needs lots and lots of hugs, mainly. All he wants in the world is to be accepted by his family. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.
But Wook! Poor Wook! Ahhhh, all those suppressed emoooootions! Yes, I like this. And I didn't even fast forward one second so far this week.
I do feel bad for Wook because what a rotten way to find the woman you love? But I don't feel nearly as sad for him as I do for my wolf, so even if he makes me swoon with his intensity and his (so far) honorable behavior... I will never be swayed from my poor 4th prince. You know given the chance So would be just as honorable, just as devoted, just as smart, just as good as Wook. Instead he's treated like an animal and every breath is a fight to survive - but look how, any time an opportunity presents - he rescues the people he loves no matter how badly they treat him.
Okay, but can we discuss the close-ups?!
We can. I will tell you, though, that every time we get a close up of the rough, bumpy, black-head clogged skin of Pee Wee the Fire Prince on IF, I am very, very grateful for the spectacular skincare practiced by our lovely-though-looming Korean faces.
Folks, just watch this. It's so gorgeous. Yes, this camera man has a thing for close ups, but everything is stunning whether it breathes or not, and oh man, does it grab your heart. And then it squeeeeeeeeeeeezes it until every drop of blood is on the floor and then it crumbles it to dust and then laughs as the wind blows it away. I wonder if there's time in my week to watch every episode over again? Every week? I would do it. I have vacation time.
Do we know why his mother hates him so much?
Also, do NOT look too closely into their eyes during close-ups. Or you might see ...
See what? See what? I think she hates him because he reminds her of her lowest point as a woman and a mother. And because she's a fucking crazy ass bitch who deserves to die.


In the minority here, I know, but I like this drama far less than the "how many tortured princes can you find in this picture?" one. It's cute and all, and I guess the acting is overall better, but it's just too familiar all around. How much more unoriginal can you get?
I enjoy this very much, but no matter what terrible thing happens in this drama, it will be a respite from the pain I feel for my wolf. But don't kill the swordsman, writer (did you guys know this actor is only 19? Yes, he's been a very good child actor, now a delicious puppy). And don't make Jin Young turn evil from love. Reunite the childhood friends, give the princess her Mister Jeong, and make Ra On a long lost princess too (I bet you she is), while you're at it, so that she can marry Lee Yeong.
So, who else has mild SLS? Look! Awwwwwww.
JinYoungie! I love my B1A4 babies, and I'm so happy he's doing such a great job here.
It's a good reminder that not all idols are crap at acting (*major Baekhyun side-eye*)
NOOOOOOO, a possible extension! That will kill this drama for me. There already isn't all that much of a story and definitely not much left, this will be painful. Extra angst or extra stupidity or a lot of flashbacks.

Drinking Solo (New)

Oh! Thank you! NOT - Another Mon-Tues drama.
Wow, the lead is unlikable in the first episode. Of course that's going to change, but I just wanted to crack his teeth with that beer glass, let me tell you. Key is hilarious, I'm laughing just thinking about him - and everyone else was likable enough to keep me going.
Jaehyus: Key is annoying me, but the rest I like. The main character reminds me of another misanthropic lead in this jdorama I watched earlier this year but can't remember the name of right now. He will get humanized. Big difference with the jdorama lead though was that character wasn't mean to people. Also, Ha Seok Jin is Park Kyung's friend, and and Park Kyung is a non-Jaehyo member of Block B that I like, so I had to check this out. Guess I'll keep going. But! Can people really drink daily like these characters do and not die?

Uncontrollably Fond (Finale)

Just leave me alone here in the dark so I can rock back and forth and cry. Update: still rocking, still crying.

W-Two Worlds (Finale)

Oh! I asked T-list why there was no gushing and oi, this is another one gone bad? Ah, Korea.... why always this struggle with the writing...
I think this writer may have lost control of the plot. How funny, considering. It's still an enjoyable watch. I can be quite flexible about internal logic if the acting is good and I'm enjoying the story, which it is, and I am. 
I'm actually quite enjoying Shuk's rage-tweets about this show :)
Yes, they're funny. I've seen through 15 and I can see why people are confused. Everything moves at such a fast pace and we don't get a lot of explanation. For example: the true culprit died in the comic world - so in the real world, the cartoonist (his counterpart, for whatever reason) is now pretty much crazy, because he has the memories of culprit as well as himself and his 'two sides' war for control. Is that only true for him? There's only one Kang Cheol, and only one Yeon Joo - but there are two bad guy prosecutors? How does that work? If they're really two separate, mirroring worlds, shouldn't everyone have a counterpart? It can be confusing to know which world you're in. Additionally, it seems there is some 'Other' who is controlling events - but who? Not entirely sure we're going to get an answer to that. Anyway...it HAS been fun, if a little nuts.
Ugh, grr. A story must have some sort of structure to hold my interest. But the logic train on this one derailed long, long ago. And now, with only one episode left, they have completely (yet again for the umpteenth time) rearranged the fundamental rules of the in-verse. It's like going to a p'macha, having drunken slobs write stuff down on pieces of paper, then randomly pulling them out of a hat to write the script. I'm betting on a huge, stupid, massive Deus Ex Machina to pull any sort of half-decent ending. Or maybe they just keep the other half assed. Either way I have to watch the durn thing, mainly because I managed to get my work-sister to watch it, and we promised to watch the ending together. Sometimes being an Enabler has its drawbacks.
I was screeching like Soo Bong in this show this week. Everyone is making me crazy. I like shows that make my mind have to work to figure things out like Signal or those games in the Liar Game, but this is just batshit crazy story telling. I should not have to rewind to figure out what is happening right before my very eyes. Nothing makes sense. Why did they do a time travel backwards which has never happened before in this drama world?
They did a reset early on, to make him forget her. So there is precedent.

Jealousy Incarnate

I like you, show. I didn't expect the dad to die, really, especially before the brothers reconciled - but I am so eager to see what these people are going to do next that I can't stand it. I'm not actually watching this for the romance, I think...I am fascinated by the tangled up mess of relationships. Especially so because no one is a 'bad' person. It's convoluted and messy and people are angry about stuff (lots of stuff!) but they're not evil people. It's refreshing to see.

Cinderella Plus Four

Okay, so now we're at the part where Player can't really hide that he's faking it when it comes to Hye Ji, and Emo and Cindy were juuuuuust about to be open with each other without alcohol...so now of course, Hye Ji is in crisis (not her fault) and Emo feels obligated to rescue her, throwing everyone in turmoil.  Of course, my favorite moments of the week were Ibeol quietly coming to the realization that his feelings for Cindy would never be accepted, and learning once and for all that my PA Kim's affection and respect for Grandpa (and by extension, his grandsons) is 100% genuine.  I'm still on the fence about his mom.  She clearly has ulterior motives but I'm not so sure that she's eeeeeeeeeevil.
I'm beginning to wonder myself. Perhaps calling her "Maleficient" was a bit premature.
She's dead to me because she makes PA Lee unhappy and uncomfortable. She can turn into mother Teresa and I still won't forgive her for that. Pffft. Also, I am actually liking Emo--maybe because he isn't so Emo anymore? And I so want to like Hye Ji but what she is doing is not cool. Just because Player is a jerk doesn't make it excusable to be a jerkette.
Agreed. She's using Emo because he's available and he wanted to date her. Not very considerate.
I watched ahead, even though I'm behind on the SqueeCaps. I'm still having trouble picturing Emo and Cindy together, and I'm not seeing a whole heck of a lot of character development. It has definitely strayed from the cute fluff as things get more tangled, but I still expect to root for the correct couples.


This show is hilarious and heartwarming and stressful all at the same time. While I have trouble believing a person who was coughing up blood just a day ago would go clubbing, I could totally understand our heroine's determination to party hearty even as a healthy person.
Maybe she and Yatou are friends
I love her, and I love Foot Actor. She is just the right mix of bravery and vulnerability, and he is a sweet guy under that act; one who genuinely loves acting and her and hasn't been good at doing either one of those things. Reasons will unfold. Plus, it's fun seeing her fledgling romance with her cancer buddy Dr. Hong. On top of this, we get a believably adult(ish) Ji Soo with a noona romance that I am loving - not that I encourage cheating, but there isn't any. I just want Seol to be bolstered up a bit, so she can do whatever it will take to survive that horrible marriage.
Also, are there really sites where people ask for date clothing advice? I foresee much pain for our sweet Noona romance here, but the sooner we get on with the second female lead leaving her horrific husband and in-laws, the better.
Ji Sooooooooo. All I can do is coo whenever he appears on the screen. I like them together but of course it's not going anywhere. I just want that crushed look off her face.
Ji Soo needs to be in a drama where he gets the girl like yesterday.

Laurel Tree Tailors

What does this title even mean?!
It's the name of the shop. A little tailor shop making suits, second-generation owner is elderly and needs to stop but has no suitable successor - the story is about his family and friends and what happens to them and the shop. I am a little behind, but it's well-stocked with good actors, it doesn't have that cheesy look some weekend dramas have, and it has plenty of plot for the length.

Not Korea

Fo Ye and Friends

We're back in the tomb! And Fo Ye and his Miss are major cute when they get a change to be together, which isn't often, cause Fo Ye must save the world. Er Ye is still not over Yatou (I guess he'll never be) and I foresee issues with his issue. Finally, Chen Pi needs to disappear already.
When do we see the other gates? We're in the last third of this season, and we still haven't seen Ban Jie Li, or Old Dog Wu. And by the way, for one of our recaps, I was checking a Lost Tomb episode, and Chastity clearly refers to her grandfather, Chen Pi.  Ouch.
I saw the Gates in one of the episodes I watched raw - they come together for a photoshoot, but I don't think we get to see much more of them than that. A shame, really, because Old Dog Wu is intriguing

Ice Fantasy

What a sexist battle! I mean the one where Princess Lan Shang and the Fairy Queen dance before soldiers to break down their mental barriers.
Oi! Those four episodes were quite something. It's hard to stop in between, isn't it? Can't wait for Kasuo to be, you know, normal again... though I must say, his powerlessness is good for the story. As is Shi's extreme power and the uncertainty surrounding his heritage/destiny.
I have been dreaming of Yan Da and Shi. I need that storyline going again.

Love O2O (Finale)

Will you all turn normal again after this is finished? 
Unless we find some other YangYang thing to be ridiculous over, I think so. Two more days, Kakashi. That's all. Just two more days. Honestly, I could use some sleep. This has been tough. Since August 22, there've been 26 episodes subbed. Twenty-eight as of today. And that's on top of all the other dramas! Plus all the BTS clips and YT videos and everything that shows up to feed the hungry for more yang yang beast that lives in all of us. It's good you stopped 20 minutes into the first episode. You barely saw him, and so you were able to escape with your life.
Oh, I had the pleasure in Lost Tomb. But I gracefully left him for Saki while I crushed on the Uncle
I am so glad to be done. I have lost so much sleep from this show. I was barely staying awake in the car rides home having gotten up at 1:30 am to start drafting work and preparing for an official statement. I was falling asleep in the (thank goodness) slow warm afternoon traffic, but I woke up immediately upon seeing the Master's face, and I started palpitations once KO got on screen. Wide awake now and I've been awake for 20 hours straight. Do you think it's the bright lighting from the show? My fingers are sore, too. It must be all that pawing at the screen. I want a chicken leg and I want it now! (help. my mind is getting fuzzy. I think I am falling apart from the Master/KO disease)
This was just a delight from start to finish. Everything was pretty, it all moved so fast you didn't really have time to care too much that none of it was very realistic, and as if Master weren't enough for us, Mr. Absolutely Perfect But Not Annoying Boyfriend, the writer gave us KO and Beauty, too, for extra added spice. I'd love to see more of them all, say, five years down the road in their universe?
Yay, bromance! My favorite. I managed to watch this over the course of a week or so. Then I found a fan translation of the original book and read that. It helped tremendously with all the puns and word plays. But it was still a sweet and simple show to watch. 

Prince of Wolf

Didn't watch a lick of this. Too busy with Master.

Whirlwind Wookie

So I'm not exactly sure how many episodes are left. 4? 8? WHO THE HELL KNOWS ANY MORE.  But what I do know is that each of the last four episodes (25-26-27-28) have been a major drag, with all the flashbacks taking up approximately 10-15 minutes of each show.  I guess this is Hunan TV's way of padding out the drama to [insert your number here] episodes they have planned.

[kinda spoilery] ABOUT TIME! We finally had the Love Confession to End All Love Confessions from Chang An to Bai Cao. And it was magnificent and swoon-worthy and COULD have been more awesome if only Bai Cao had pulled her head out of her ass and accepted Chang An's request for her to be his Sparring Partner for Life.  But nooooooooooooo, she's still all angsty and conflicted whether or not she still has feelings for Rui Bao and still tormented over injuring a competitor... etc. It's getting old, girly. Kick butt or get off the pot, okay?

If looks could kill... yadda yadda yadda...
And of course we have reached that point in any drama (K-, C-, or otherwise) where the Second Lead gets his knickers in a knot and and kidnaps the female lead.  Except this time around, it's rather squicky since she's incapacitated due to injury and Ting Hao squirrels away Bai Cao from her hospital bed. Dude, only Hyun Bin is allowed to do that to Ha Ji Won! What's next, sparkly track suits and body-swapping? Actually, that would totally help along the show big time. "Whirlwind Garden" - starting next week on KTN!

We shall see if this week is The Final Week. The production is already dropping major plot hints that a Season 3 (with Rui Bao returning?) may be on the table. I tells yas, but tables are gonna be flipped from here to Shanghai if Chang An and Bai Cao are not End Game, because there's no way in hell Ji Chang Wook will be able to reprise his role in a Season 3 with "THE K2" and mandatory military service coming up fast in his rear-view mirror.  In the meantime... wax on, wax off?  *hee*
Sad that the production had to downgrade its filming site to a chicken coop.