Rants and Weekly Raves #106 (RAWR)

kakashi: Heeeeelp! Three new dramas are starting this week!!!
JoAnne: Under the heading of This Won't Help At All, it will be important to watch both versions of Scarlet Heart. There was a confession - a very, very heart stopping confession - in episode 8 that is only viewable in the version that played in SK. Why would they do that? Why would they have cut out scenes that included my sad wolf? They should be finding ways to include his out-takes in the drama, for pete's sake! Kakashi, when you stalked him, you didn't find him, did you?
Damn, I wish I had found him. But remember, my husband actually called the hotel in his hometown Joongi stayed at! Unfortunately, he had already left, the cheeky bastard.
Trotwood: Nothing on here that I'm watching. Don't even know if I'm going to be able to catch up with Cindy and People She Lives With. Spent all my extra time this week watching To Get Her instead and I'm not sorry.
Shuk: I actually dramarathoned MoonJunKi, and I'm not sorry either.
cherkell: I actually marathoned 12 hours of sleep this weekend. In a ROW. Never sorry about that ever.


The K2 (New)

Jaehyus: I am furious! Give me my life's hour back! I kept thinking, nah, this can't be this boring with so much action, but it frigging was! #fail
I guess it's just not your cup of tea, because it certainly wasn't boring. What it was, on the plus side: slickly produced, decently acted, well-choreographed. And on the negative: nothing exactly new, but also something we don't see every day.  In the end, a drama that looks like a movie, with promise to be a couple of nice little action/intrigue hours every week for a while.
I am not seeing what you are seeing. At best, I was curious about the villainess. So, except for his photo shoots, I give up on Ji Chang Wook. He just never picks a single drama I like, though I get it, they are all huge successes, and so he chooses well, but they're not for me.
I get the "boring" part. It's over an hour long, but nothing much happens, except for a load of action scenes - there is nothing wrong with them, but I do hope there is an actual story being told here
Geesus you guys! Why does everyone always want everything to be explained in the first few episodes?  I can never understand anyone who can't at least give a drama a 3 or 4-episode chance. I LOVE the slow plot buildup we're getting from all the cast, even down to Yoo-jin's (Could Be or Could Not Be) Evil Secretary and the JSS second-in-command who was Jae-ha's trainer in the past. Granted, you know I'll defend My Precious to the end of the earth and back again, but thankfully he has chosen yet another winner here. (I was sweating bullets at the end of both episodes... and I *never* sweat!) But the production needs to tone it down a bit. I understand that it had to grab the audience on the first outings, so now that that's over, let's move on with some plot now, okey dokey?  I do pray that it is better received by the Korean viewers than "Healer" was. My Boy has to go out on a high note before the Army comes knocking. FIGHTING!! (P.S. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!)

On the (long) Way to the Airport (New)

A definite no from me, though it pains me. Look at him! Awwwww, my Lee Sang-swoon! But even he won't get me to watch a drama about an architect and a flight attendant being horribly sad. 
I watched the first episode, and already it's clear who's the jerk and who we need to root for. But I don't know if I have it in me for some type of clandestine affair for two married people with children.
Just...never got here this weekend.  May never get there, although I am a little curious.
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Shopping King (New)

I slept through the second half of the first episode not once but twice, but I watched all of episode 2; it's a bit crazy, but not crazed. I can deal with that. I don't really get the penchant for adding little cartoons to everything but it doesn't matter all that much. I don't understand why amnesia would make you completely unaware of the fact that you're filthy and smell bad, or cause you to lose your table manners, but whatever. Bok Sil is endearing, SIG is reliably engaging, it has my favorite halmeoni...I'll watch next week, but honestly so far it's not all that interesting. If things don't step up next week it will be very easy for me to let this one lapse, even if Siggie is in it, and even if he continues to take his shirt off.
Not even trying. Life is way too short.
It will probably be tabled for me. until a later date with more time.

Moon Junki / Scarlet Heart Ryeo / Moon Lovers / We Love Joon-gi

I'm watching this raw now. I don't need subs for beautiful people.
Oh, but some of the subs, they were very, very good. Sooooooo good. 'If it's you, I can trust you. I am in your hands. Do what you want with me. I am yours now.' and 'I have decided now. I will make you mine. You should know, I will never let you go.' Wook is on his way out, baby. Sorry, Wookie. It's just not your game this time.
You misunderstand. I watch raw as soon as the episode become available. I study all of the facial expressions carefully (that works best without subs). That also means rewatching certain scenes several times. And then, when the subs are out, I watch again
I want her to be happy, dammit! She would be happier with Wook-8, but we all know her sad and angsty fate is Wolf-4. I learned from Signal; you shouldn't / can't muck about with time. A thousand years out? Oh yeah, that's a Mothra-sized butterfly effect.
That mask removal scene......... O______o
Kang Ha .... who? 
You got THAT right. Did you see the bit that they edited OUT?
Yes, cause DF does not exist in my world. I watch SBS pure, baby.
I have no idea what kind of crack those people were smoking, but it was not meant for a cutting room floor.
And then, she knows ....
My immediate thought: I won't care, I won't care, no, love him anyway, do it! But now I'm scared that losing her is what turns him back into a wolf. Because he does have to, right? Lose her? Doesn't she have to go back to her time, you think?
If they follow the Chinese original (which they really are, so far, with the different princes and the rivalry between them and the knowledge of the time traveller that things won't end well), this will have a very sad ending. VERY SAD. Like .... EXTREMELY sad. Bring it! I'm ready! 
It looks like we're going straight into angst and poison territory now - no time for happiness. Have another picture of Joongi. You know what, I'll just stare at him all day.
I'm dying. I'm so dead. I'm So-dead. My heart breaks over again every time I think about it. I'm so afraid they'll make it that her rejection of him is what makes him finally go full wolf. My poor sad, lonely, unloved, mistreated, rejected cub. God, it kills me. I have never loved potential evil more sincerely.
But if only one person is someone's complete emotional anchor, that's not exactly a stable relationship anyway. And Oh-Lady is right; Wolfie is an all-or-nothing guy, and Soo's heart has little bits out there for each of the Princes, and a big chunk for Wook. What's left enough is never going to keep him human.
You know, I get the feeling that the real problem is not Soo's reaction to So, but Soo warning Wook of So. That was outright dumb of her. Has the woman never watched time-traveler shows? So isn't changing, he is like he is. Stable. Not a bad or evil person, but emotionally abused and tortured, with a cruel streak, because he knows no love. He will be fine ... as fine as a person who was denied love ever can be. But Wook ... Wook is changing already.
I look at this face and my throat closes up and I feel my eyes start to well up a little bit. I know what you mean about Wook, too. He's the 'reasonable' brother. If he goes after So...argh, I can't even talk about it.
Please please please, don't end up with a Faith ending, please please please.
Sigh. I liked Faith's ending.
Huh. I have no memory of Faith's ending

Moon BoGummy

Another compelling confession, a couple little twists to the tale, and - how is this supposed to work? She can just suddenly appear in women's clothes and that's not going to get any questions about who she is?
So boring, this show.
Everyone knows who she is, now. Well, maybe not the PM grandson. Why can't I ever remember his name? Kim Hyung was the first to figure out who she is, and he's such a sweetheart, he was just going to leave her be. He came thisclose to dying for it, too! MoonBogummy is about to find out the significance of who she is. Maybe. That Queen is even more horrible than we suspected, as is the Prime Minister. I hope his grandson completely goes over to the CP's side.

Let's Drinking

Okay, Key needs an award for this crazy performance. First you can't stop laughing and then all of a sudden he gets emotional and you BUY it, 100%, because it's good. I see glimmers of the adorable guy hiding inside Asshole Jin, I am very, very tired of the older female teacher and her fake-ass ways, and can we talk, for just one minute, about how cute Crush Puppy is? He is so fearless in his pursuit of No Geu Rae, and so supportive of everything she does. Dammit, why does he have to be the brother?
I love this guy's smile.
Crush Puppy.  He is absofrickinglutely adorable from his first breath to his last, top of his head down to his toes.

Jealousy Incarnate

Fully caught up - inhaled last week and this week in one sitting. Such a well-done show - all these people, all these interconnected relationships and messy feelings and all of it, every bit of it, so absolutely clear and understandable and relatable. Everyone striving for something, worried that someone else will get there first, jealous of people they love and struggling with it. It's fantastic.
I'm on episode 10 while I eat breakfast.  Nari and Jungwon forever! <3<3<3  Also, ep 9 is the first time I found the two moms amusing in how they handled the mother-in-law.  That scene was funny.

Cinderella Plus Some Fellas

Truthfully, I'm like, whatever. But they're cute and I want to see PA Lee make it out alive, so I keep on.


Jaehyus: How much longer does Seol have to stay with that soulless family?
I swear, bile rises in my throat when that MIL and SIL have scenes, or when that fucking mistress shows up and rubs crap in Seol's face. How can people be so disgusting? On the plus side, she has Ji Soo. I'm so grateful the production company is committed to maintaining his story line despite the emergency surgery. I like seeing him in a more adult role. Granted, still young. But entirely an adult.

Laurel Tree Tailors  

Picture me reaching out imploringly as the clock races by.
I just started this over the weekend. It was good background noise as I cleaned my bathroom. Give me a few more episodes to get up to speed, but Ra Mi-ran is already hitting it out of the park as usual. And whodathunk Baby Daddy was really good at comedy? He's my favourite so far. Stay tuned!

Not Korea

Ice Fantasy (Now a Wed-Thurs show)

My daughter had a ragefit when she heard the show is now airing later in the week. Sorry, darling. The life of a fangirl... it's hard.
I am still mad. The change - and the previews on Facebook - have messed with my mental health. Plus, I had a routine going: Mon-Tues, this show and O9G, and then calm down with funny Jealousy Incarnate on Wed and Thursday
I just... don't feel this show the way you guys do. At all.
In her rage, my kid started to watch Naruto. Everytime Kakashi is on screen, I scream: "That's me!". When she talks about Kakashi and his jutsu, she now says: "You just did that really cool thing with your hands!". I approve. Also of hot, juicy Mr. New Evil in Ice Fantasy: Mr. Ice Flame.
Jaehyus: He can Evil me any time. Any. Time. Also, who would've thought Dippy could do serious magic? I had considered her fairly useless.
Jaehyus cont'd: this is just from the new trailer, but OMG OMG OMG! 
Update: he hasn't shown up yet, grrrrr.  Still, these last 4 episodes are INTENSE.

Oooh. Is haaaaaaaandsome.

Fo Ye, still hot

This whole meteorite shite is actually quite funny, if you think about it. U3 is slightly crazy and I like that. I mean ... look at that stache!
U3 is the biggest troll, and I love him for it - but not for ordering Er Ye's stache. Oh, and we got to see Little Chen Pi's first kill. Bless.
Before he got obsessed over noodles, he was obsessed with crabs! Awww
The mustache is probably the only time in his life that Lay has been the embodiment of No.

Whirlwind Wookie (Finale)

Who were the better actors in this show?  The real ones... or these wooden lookalikes?
And not a moment too soon for my taste. I'm ready to set my downloads on fire now. But all in all, the show was well-received by the Chinese viewers, scoring first in its time slot all throughout its run. It also reached and overtook that coveted 2 million Youku/Tudou viewers' milestone, even with the last four episodes being total clip jobs of the previous 32 episodes. Go figure.

I do believe the end of WG2's broadcast finally fulfills the contract Wook has with his Chinese agency, and he can now concentrate on K2 and his other upcoming Korean projects. But if My Precious EVER thinks he's going to star in another production this lame again, he's gonna see my angry face on his doorstep tout suite. You have been warned, babycakes!


Our sassy Lucy is back! I swore I wouldn't watch, but now I am! I liked the first episode. There's new characters and old troubles and it's still not a very good show, but entertaining enough.
Sassy Lucy! Yes! Amenadiel and Maze seem to have gotten in touch with their softer sides over the break. It's not unwelcome. Did you know there's going to be a third brother? There is! I can't wait!