ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 2 (A Contest SqueeCap)

kakashi: It didn't take me long to fall for this. Truth is, how could you not feel for this man-child who keeps falling deeper and deeper ... not in love (quite yet), but falling from the superstar sky into the pits of utter humiliation? I seriously want to hug him and tell him it'll be okay. Luckily, he has Chen Momo, who already is his friend, even if both are leagues away from realizing this.
Trotwood: I don't know if she considers herself his friend or if she is just the kind of person who wouldn't leave a stray puppy outside in cold even if it pissed on her carpet and nipped at her. But I think once she starts seeing how pitiful he really is and once he starts seeing what it's like to have more than one real friend . . .
JoAnne: I'm fairly certain she doesn't think of him as a friend. In fact, I think she dislikes him.  But Trot is exactly right. He is a puppy out in the cold, and she will do the humane thing.
Sparks: She's a truly decent person for sure. Plus - it's probably what Prince Kasaba would do. ;)
Jaehyus: What Sparks said, it's what Kasaba would do, so she's doing it. Good thing Kasaba is such a decent character (and now I'm curious to read this nonexistent comics).
Shuk: I'm waiting for her to realize his Kasaba-esque qualities. Of course, it may take a while. Watching this a second time after so many other dramas, it reminds me of the Thai version of "Full House", when Aom-am realizes that even idols are human,.

Episode 2

When Mars comes to, he is tied tightly to a chair and threatened with a toilet plunger. He claims not to be a pervert, this is where he lives, but she says no way, we are renting to a man called Zhuang Jun Nan. Yup, that's his birth name! It happens to mean: "Handsome Village Man". Momo thinks that's quite hilarious and so do I.
I do, too.
I wondered why it was so funny to her!  I love it.
Parents all over the world - embarrassing their children with crazy names since the beginning of time.
Fits him, though. 
Beware the Plunger Of Doom!
The lease is in his bag and she goes to check whether this (of all things!) can be the truth, while he grows increasingly desperate for a leak. No way, woman ... are you going to let him piss himself?!
I'm pretty surprised he didn't when she knocked him out. 
If she thinks he's an intruder, then she probably cares more about keeping him tied up.
This happens:
Then this. I can feel this guy's desperation in my own bladder, I tell you!
I could just picture him trying things and even as he's trying he's realizing why they won't work.
I die. Especially when he settles the chair right over the toilet ready to sit down, his cries getting more and more frantic as he tries to hold it. I'm usually not much for toilet humor but this!
I - ignored all this.
He screams for help - and she gets the biggest knife that she can find. But don't you fear, rockstar, it's only to cut the tape on your wrists.
I can't believe that he didn't pee on himself when he saw the knife.
The joys of not being a woman in your fifties, I guess.
I was surprised she hadn't grabbed a knife earlier. She had the time to tie him up and arm herself with a plunger.
Maybe she wanted to keep sharp objects out of his reach until she was sure he couldn't untie himself?
This crisis is solved, ouf! It's slightly awkward for Mars and Momo in the kitchen afterwards, but she does feel sorry about the black eye she gave him, well, twice, and applies some medicine. Only... it's "gentian violet". Oups.
Is this even something people have hanging around their houses? I've some odd stuff in my medicine box, too, but . . .
I had to look it up. I have always known the name but mostly for dye, and wondered about the medicinal properties. It was misused, basically.
You'd almost think she did it on purpose if we didn't know better. I guess that's karma for what he did to her book.
Ice would have been better, but less amusing.
She has other things in her little box to try ... from hydrogen peroxide to steel brush, she suggests it all! He ends up with these (see below) and attempts to fix the eye-damage himself.
He'd make a passable woman, which I thought was surprising.  I guess it's that mouth.
I thought she handed him makeup until he put those on his face. He does have a gorgeous mouth. (Have you seen when he cross-dressed in Absolute Boyfriend?
I don't remember him cross-dressing in AB, but I didn't see all of it. Yes, his lips are lovely!
He looks like Edna from The Incredibles, dahlings.
The next morning, Momo's sis barges into his room and takes pictures of him sleeping. Wow, sis. Rude. (She's just an intrusive sidenote, a spendthrift, sister-ignoring plot device) She claims she's deleting them when he complains (and promises to keep his presence in this house a secret) but ... yeah. She thinks they can all get along well, which he does not: Momo? He thinks she's horrible. Our Momo? Side-eyes him like this. Hahahaaa.
Rainie is just so cute even in that horrid wig.
She really is.
I think the "keep it secret" ship sailed when she had dinner with a crew of friends last night.
I will need to see her in something else because I cannot get past this wig.
ShukNote: Watch "Drunken To Love You" with Joseph Chang. Trust me, you'll name your firstborn "Shuk" in thanks, (FF annoying second lead girl)
Mars drinks their entire jug of milk next (well, Momo makes him pay for it, at least) and they continue to fight over everything, which ends in Momo saying Mars should move out, sister give him the money back .. only sister has already spent it all on shopping. A brand name bargain sale. Wow, sis. Selfish, isn't she? Anyway, it means Mars stays.
This overspending by people in debt in dramas saps out humor for me. I have a hard time keeping good will for characters who do this knowing full well they are in debt. It also makes it look like the only way people could possibly be in debt is if they are overspending when we all know that ordinary living can put a person in debt. Trufax. It makes debt appear to ONLY be a personal failure/character flaw rather than a systemic social problem or depending upon whether a person was born in fortunate or unfortunate circumstances.
I'm just always amazed that a plot point works out to be secretaries carrying around purses worth thousands of dollars. If people are doing this they deserve the loan sharks that come after them.
A year's worth of rent up in smoke - she's insane. (btw, check out the BTS - Jiro got so sick filming the milk scene...)
What annoys me the most is she didn't even buy jewelry or gold but handbags.  And I say that as someone who has a bag collection - just not overpriced ones made in the same Chinese factories as H&M.
Mars offers Momo a ride to school, but of course she won't go with him - she prefers the bus. Plus, no parking of cars in the yards, it'll ruin the tiles! Lol, Mars trips over his own legs and falls into his car and Momo cracks up again. He's such a dorky dummy. He also starts to call her Ah Zhai (= house girl, someone who stays at home and doesn't socialize).
The goofiness he generally has in his roles makes me feel very warmly toward Jiro.
Even when he's not trying, he can be such a dork. His "woohoo!"s always crack me up.
I do love Jiro.  And at this scene, I really wanted him to sell the car and buy a motorbike, partly because he would look so good on one.
This is the most realistic part of this. Isn't it the dorkiness that we all fall for in an actor [cough cough Trot Weir cough cough]?
The fangirls are going all out in class (they bring him food now), but Mars is called away by his manager to a film set before the teacher even gets there. It's Ah Ben's new drama that's being filmed, but there's a big shot producer that "likes Mars". However, the producer is under the impression that Mars is "too busy" and that is why he didn't take this lead role; after correcting him, Ben benevolently offers Mars some minor role right then and there, calling it his last chance. Of course, Mars is seething, but only loses it when Ben starts talking about Mars' mother who called him at the house. fight, fight, fight! Oh no, the Korean nose! Haha. 
*mutters 'Ben' in such a way that you know I mean it as a bad word* Shout-out for Jiro's yummy throat, though.
That guy really knows how to go too far. He must feel pretty threatened if he can never miss a chance to take digs at Mars. Though attacking him really isn't going to help those rumors swirling around Mars...
That's why he's attacking Mars, to keep the bad reputation going, and thus to keep the company's resources focused on himself.
He knows Mars' weak spots, but Mars knows he knows and really needs to rein that temper in.
Mars rage-drives home, only to find two of Chu Chu's friends in the living room, waiting for him. So much for keeping his presence a secret. (She's horridly selfish, this one) He feels embarrassed, humiliated and self-conscious enough as it is, so when they start taking pictures of him, he gets a little loud before he storms off into his room. Offended, they start dissing him loudly for no longer being popular and then objectify him, just as loudly, for his v-neck and his bulging muscles. Our Momo hears it all in her room (he hears it all too, poor boy) ... and kicks the stupid cows out of the house.
Cheers to Momo for human decency and for keeping their promise.
Shame Momo can't kick her sister out, too.
*Quietly continues to objectify him for being many, many different words that all equal delicious*
I'm with JoAnne on this one. They start praising his physique right as he's ripping off his shirt. (I could watch those yummy abs all day.) 
This, you mean:
Note to men with chest hair: shave and have awesome abs first.
*looses train of thought* Thank you, Kakashi!
But I was so glad Momo intervened. And then Sis has the nerve to reprimand her for being rude. Umm pot, meet kettle!
He moodily plays the guitar in the garden after that and Momo steps out to listen and look at him.
Another plus in the Yay for Jiro! column.
I don't know what it is about guitars but they are always a plus.
Aww, sad puppy needs Momo-hugs. Lots and lots of Momo-hugs.
When they meet in the kitchen afterwards, he thanks her for what she did, but she wants no credit for it. She quotes Kasaba at him, who said: "The more shallow a person the more attracted he is to shallow things". While he is puzzling over what that could mean, his mom (who wants more money from him) calls. I think Momo is noticing how different he is on the phone with her. After he is done, he asks where her parents are but she does not give him an answer. Instead, she takes the instant noodles that he was about to eat away from him - they have expired for years. She made him sandwiches instead. He loves them. And smiles happily. OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE!
They really are. So cute. Already. Episode 2. More dramas could take this as a sign.
If only we could lose their hair. (And replace it with better hair, I'm not advocating bald romance. Nothing against it but it would be distracting.)
I think I would be less distracted if they were both bald.
*Melt* I really love how quiet Momo is - she's very observant under that reserve.
Mars gets a dress-down at his agency the next day. He really, really does not want to apologize to Ben (who, by the way, is the son of one of the company shareholders), but the fear that his contract may be cancelled and he'll have no chance to become popular again wins over his pride. Ben doesn't even properly shake hands though. Such an asshole.
So Ben is a parachute. No wonder he has issues when confronted with real talent. Still an ass, though.
*Ben*  I did it again.
It's a big moment though - the first, tiny chink in his pride and transformation, I think. Though I was distracted throughout that apology. Even his hands look muscular and manly!
When he walks to his car, complaining loudly about being mistreated so much, Mars runs into a famous female director and she invites him over to an audition at her house. He takes care in dressing up and then brags a little to "Ah Zhai" about his good fortune. She has another Kasaba quote for him: "Luck that comes too fast is like milk that has soured: you have to drink it before you realize it". She adds: "Don't be happy too early".
I feel like I need some Kasaba quotations myself.
Here's one:  If you have a house rock star, enjoy him.
A rockstar in the house is worth any amount not in the house?
This luck didn't come this fast, though, considering he's been a successful star already.
"Cheese is always good when paired with 'grate' abs."
Oh dear. Poor, poor Mars ... his manager-friend calls him with a warning: this female director is known for exploiting male celebrities. But Mars knows better and goes there anyway... only to be told to take his clothes off. The only thing that counts, says the woman, is being popular. Dignity and pride? Forget it. Nobody wants to know HOW you became popular.
Can I feel bad for him and disgusted by her but also disappointed that he refused? Like, he could have taken off his shirt and THEN refused, you know?
This was an interesting reversal - not often we see the male celebrities exploited in dramas. I thought this scene was filmed masterfully - the close-ups and the way his hands shook as he almost unbuttoned - all his hopes crashing around him. 
This is a new one to me. Anyway, he knows his career is not going anywhere with this woman, and that he'll be blackmailed the rest of his life.
Nice reversal of the casting couch trope.
He can't do it. At a new low in his life, he goes and finds solace in whisky (I have that Singleton too, it's good!). When the bar closes, he walks home in the rain, probably hiding his tears. Oh you poor boy.... TT_____________TT
I felt really sorry for him here, too. How humiliating. I'm so glad he walked away, especially since we know so many do not.
Fine. I know he did the right thing. Maybe he'll take a shower to warm up when he gets home, or something.
Showers are good. Long brooding showers clean the soul.
My heart - so broken for him. But I think the walk in the rain was basically equivalent to the shower.
At "home", he bangs at Momo's door and when she opens, he basically falls in, demanding to hear that "Kasaba" quote again. He draws "Ah Zhai" close - now on the bed! - stammers that he was told to take his clothes off and passes out. She almost hugs him, but because she's under the impression that she "really hates him", she does not. However, she realizes she cannot push him away at this moment, because he hurts so much. And thus, Mars sleeps in Momo's room, under the watchful eye of Kasaba times one hundred. 
She felt the sympathy, too, when she heard his story. No one would have kicked him out at that point and definitely not her. She knows those feelings of being left behind and having yet another disappointment piled on top of another.
I mean, it doesn't hurt that he looks like he looks, but yes: he's just so sad and hurt and kicked-puppy that anyone with a heart would respond.
He really has amazingly touchable looking skin, doesn't he?
The tear that rolled across his cheek as he tells her what happened. No one could have resisted. But I loved how she asked Kasaba to understand her reasons.
His skin is amazing.
We should all dogpile him for snuggles. Or would that be too much? Nah.
The next morning, Sis barges in and finds them huddled together on the floor. On the floor?! Come on. Momo says "it's not what you think it is", haha, and Sis goes: "You've finally grown up!" Momo flees to school and Mars is left wondering what the heck happened when he wakes up seconds later. You're fully clothed, man. What do you think happened? 
He had to check, though - hahaha!
Guess he believes the hype about Asian idols being "pure".
It bothers him a lot though and he bugs "Ah Zhai" to tell him what happened, driving slowly next to her while she walks to the bus stop. She gives him a death-stare when he gets offensive enough to say: "I couldn't do anything to you anyway". Awww, he apologizes. 
I don't know why she doesn't just tell him nothing happened. They never just come out and say this in dramas.
I didn't think he meant he couldn't as in he couldn't be interested enough; I thought he meant he was too drunk.
He says: "No matter how drunk I was, I couldn't have done anything to you". 
I just thought he meant he'd have too much integrity for that, even drunk. And her glare made him worried he had done something?
I thought he meant he wasn't interested.
Time to meet a second lead (of sorts)! This is swimming captain/champion Wei Jia Sen (George Hu), who is best friends with Momo since forever - and, we soon realize, is mentally challenged. He has the body of a fully grown man, but the mind of a first grader (who likes his lollipops). Every morning, he waits for Momo at the bus stop (despite having a driver). His reaction to Mars is severe (mainly because he clearly affects Momo in negative ways): he says he's a "bad guy". 
I'm leary of this.
Definitely a unique SL. It fits that Momo would befriend him but... How does he even attend college if his mind is so young?
This character is tedious. George Hu is cute. #conflicted.
I never thought of him as having a low IQ. To me, he seems more of a higher-functioning autistic kid. That's how I took him throughout the show. Maybe the writers were afraid of the "A" word?
At university, Mars still can't leave "Ah Zhai" alone. He really wants to know! Momo gives him the cold shoulder. He could as well be air, haha. His attempts to get her attention don't go unnoticed by the Bully Girls (who start calling her Transformer, for changing so much). The fuckers trip her, but Mars sees it and comes to her aid. Not that she wants his help - she runs away. 
I really hate these girls, and I really wish that Mars would be more forceful with them. I understand why he can't/won't, I just really wish it were different.
I'm so glad he saw it, though. I hate when bullies get away with it and the reason behind the bullying is oblivious.

Cut to Jia Sen swimming and his team mates screaming how good he is. He is super happy to see Momo in the stands and they chat a little... he realizes that she's unhappy. He really can't stand that. Will lollipops help? Yes, he makes her smile! We get a flashback to when they were 8, when it was her that gave him lollipops against being sad. He fell for her right then and there, thinking she was an angel. 
This isn't going to end well, is it?
I knew that going in, and I don't know the final details yet - but where I am, in episode 10 - I'm both very frightened at how dark this could go and very angry at a few people to be named at a later date.
It's a no-win situation, for sure. He's a sweet, sincere kid running around in an adult world.
Their relationship is enjoyable, though,. And proves that Momo has the ability to becomes friends with our socially-arrested Hot Dork.
They walk home afterwards, only to be accosted by Mars in his car again. Jia Sen gets defensive when Mars wants to give her a lift (and is rude to Jia Sen). Momo does get into Mars' car eventually, probably realizing that she does need to talk to him. That basically breaks Jia Sen's heart ... oh dear. He runs after Mars' car (quite some athlete there) and Mars stops when he realizes that.
More explanation that would shorten the story. Jia Sen is like first grader or even younger. But you can still explain things to children. Problems occur with them when adults treat them as if they have no basic understanding. I don't know why she doesn't explain anything to him or to Mars.
That's been pissing me off regularly. So much could be avoided.
I don't see why she just didn't tell Mars she'd talk to him at home - there was no reason to have to go with him then and there after avoiding him all day.
You guys do realize Momo is not that mature herself, right? She follows Kasaba's teachings, sure, but she's rather silly in her own way by being so stubborn all the time. It doesn't take much to say, nothing happened, and stop bothering me, but if it's not a Kasaba quote, she's unable to say it because she's not actually an adult in her head.
Momo gets out, and Jia Sen catches her in a bear hug, breathing heavily. Then, he gets a determined look on his face and he starts yelling "bad guy" at Mars - who makes fun of Jia Sen and his mental age once again. That's it for Momo - she does no longer want to go home with Mars, but takes the bus with Jia Sen. 
To be fair to Mars, I don't think he realizes that the guy is actually delayed; I think he just thinks he's different, much like MoMo is different.
He definitely doesn't realize Jia Sen is "unique" - so far as he can tell, he's returning insult for insult, rudeness for rudeness. I can understand Momo's desire to not spell it out but it's not fair to Mars or Jia Sen for him not to know.
Yes, this was all stupid.  I just focused on Jiro Wang's chest skin.
Mars is waiting for her at home when she gets back (it's quite dark already). He has something to say: after being nosy about Jia Sen and Momo's relationship, he apologizes for the Bully Girls and for being a hassle to her yesterday, clearly fishing for info once again! So she finally tells him that he just came home, collapsed and went to sleep. He is relieved... But he also does not want to be in debt to anyone, so he gives her.... a Mars handkerchief, full of his sweat. GROSS! Haha. He ties it around her arm. 
I'm pretty sure it's not literal sweat. (I sure hope not anyway! Well, if he wore it one stage? It's real sweat - Surely it's been washed?) And she had the chance to tell him right then about Jia Sen - its no wonder he doesn't quite put it together when she gets offended at him even asking.
He thinks she likes it when she promises not to sell it. But, my dear boy, it's because she thinks the price will be low right now, given his unpopularity. (laughed out loud at her practicality) She will sell it later, she says. That makes him smile, because that means she believes he can be popular again. 
LOL, poor guy.
He so needs someone else to believe that.
Poor baby boy/man, he is so pitiful these days.
His joyful crow at her belief in him - lol.
The next morning, Mars has put all his man-stuff into their bathroom. No way, not on Momo's watch! This calls for an emergency meeting.
The leopard-print thong!! 
There it is!


There are tons and tons of little things happening throughout this episode that add depth to our main characters. I must say, I'm impressed. He makes her laugh more than once, but not deliberately ... just because he cannot really hide his true self from her. She offers him warmth in small gestures - not deliberately aimed at him, but aimed at a person who seems lost, hurt, and truly down in his vulnerable moments.
I agree. We get really good character development and relationship development. There are subtle things that are given to us that the characters get to see as well, like Mars's conversation with his mom on the phone. It's not only important for us as an audience to see but also for Momo to see as well.
The writers are humanizing him quite nicely. And showing Momo responding to that.
I do like that things unfold in small ways, something approaching the way we'd slowly unwrap the mystery of a new person for ourselves.
She's seeing underneath his persona in so many little ways. Not sure how much he's seeing of her yet but the groundwork is being laid.

This guy is indeed a "handsome village man", in his heart, he has never changed. I love that he is vulnerable with her - again and again. Many times, it is not deliberate, but I feel that he is already letting his guard down. It's a small gesture of trust, but he is showing his true self to her. He may appear vain to the extreme, also because he gives himself this image, but he is not. He knows what is expected of a "super star", but he also draws clear lines. Several women reduce him to his body in this episode, which hurts him a lot. Momo never does - she does not even see how good looking he is. Clearly, Momo is exactly what he needs. A level-headed, brutally honest person with a good amount of optimism. 
They really are perfect for each other.
I think so too, but then I think what if he does become hugely successful again - could she be comfortable with that life and the demands it would make on him that would inevitably take him away from her or from their family? I'm not confident about that.
Actually, I think her personality would be exactly the kind he needs because she doesn't care about fortune or fame unless it means that he can feel good and be successful, so she wouldn't pressure him to do anything just for money. She also doesn't need to be center of attention, so she wouldn't be all pouty with him if he has to work. She'd have her own life that he would have to work to fit into as well. 
She'd see him for who he is, not just who he has to act like. And that belief in him could go a long way. He's certainly gotten under her skin in ways no one else has.
Yep.  She'd be good for him and bring some peace to his life.  I'm talking about whether he'd be good for her.  Well, whether his life would be good for her.  I have some doubts.
He looks like Prince Kasaba, she should notice sometime, I hope.
I can picture them bickering, stopping, smiling at each other, one kiss, argument done.

But then, Jia Sen ... I am not sure how to feel about this. He clearly has a massive crush on her. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. It seems innocent enough with the lollipops and all, but Jia Sen is clearly capable of quite severe jealousy. As soon as Mars will step up his game, this will certainly create some massive disappointment. Sadly, because of his disability, Jia Sen has no chance against Mars in the long run. It seems really unfair somehow - and I wonder how Momo does not pick up on his possessive streak and loving adoration. It's great to have such devoted friends, but I doubt he will just want to stay friends like this forever.
The problem I think is that he has been her only friend. She has never been forgotten by him when it's clear that she has been forgotten by nearly everyone else at some point. She still thinks of him as an 8 year old with misperceptions, as I said earlier, about what an 8 year old feels. An 8 year old understands the concept of boyfriend and girlfriend, but she isn't thinking that way. However, since she's never had any other friends, it shouldn't surprise her that he would be possessive of her even if he didn't love her, which he does.
We all know that stagnation in a relationship is bad. How much worse will it be for the one who gets left behind when the other starts moving again?
He is a ticking time bomb. An 8 year old brain in a man-sized, athletic body at peak hormone development with an object of affection and even desire? That's actually pretty frightening.
It's like she's been stuck along with him - her life frozen - the same old routine, the exact same friend, the exact same book. Mars is shaking her world and slowly rumbling it back into motion but Jia Sen's not going to be able to keep up. 
What Jo said. And considering the general lack of maturity of the characters other than manager ge, this show could be renamed Arrested Development.