Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 24 (Recap)

kakashi: Kisses! Many, many kisses! I didn't know where to look! Kasuo and Li Luo get to spend a few happy hours, enjoy them, kids. Who knows, might be your last ones, buahahaaaaa.
JoAnne: Finally your precious Kasuo has a few non-mopey or limp moments.

Episode 24

Once again, Li Luo is all packed and ready to go. With a heavy heart, she says her goodbye to Snowdash - she does not want to take him where she is going. Qin Chu thinks she's crazy (he's still there too) because the northern border is "like the graveyard of the immortal realm". That's exactly why she does not want her unicorn with her though, duh. Qin Chu wins this argument by simply loading all her stuff onto Snowdash's back. Did she really want to walk there?! These people ..... 
Well, it would delay the inevitable, right?
And then, all the tribe leaders come to see Li Luo off! They have presents for her, such as healing powder, a special protective dream cape against all sorts of weather, an encyclopedia with blank pages that that answers in multiple voices when you ask it a question - and they party well into the night with wine and beer from Mr. Bear. Only that it isn't night at all but still bright as day. Never mind. Maybe the sun doesn't move there.
They could have had a movable sun, but they blew all their cash on the Fire King's wig?
Li Luo wakes up the next morning and stares towards where Ice City lies - and Kasuo lifts his hand in his room, which has been turned into a prison by his father, and thinks of her at the exact same time.
So now it's the Limpid Prison?
Using his considerable magic, Shi frees Kasuo from his enchantment-shield protected room not much later and Kasuo runs outside. Well met, because Li Luo has come to Ice City on her way to the northern borders too! Only she didn't think she'd meet him again - when he appears in front of her she runs. He chases after her (for the record, Feng Shaofeng is not a good runner, though he looks cute. Maybe it's the strange shoes he has to wear), way outside the city. Eventually, he slips and falls. Good trick, man.
hahahahahahahahahaahah I can't I just can't.
When she hears that he broke free of his father's prison just to see her once more, she gets quite angry (because she's concerned for him, of course) and starts to walk away again. When he tries to stop her, she stumbles over his foot and they start tumbling down the hill. I would love to see a BTS of this.
She looks like it hurts.
It would, wouldn't it?
When they finally come to a standstill, they kiss. For a long time. Is it just me or do kisses in C-Drama get more and more daring?
They have to have something to entice them on to these crappy sets. 'Yeah we're just gonna stick bunches of plastic flowers around here randomly, but you do get to kiss Victoria Song, so...'
This moment of happiness for them is not without bitterness, because they are all too aware that she is leaving and maybe never coming back. He tells her he always wished he could freeze time, so that he could hold on to the best times of his life. She tells him that she keeps the best times in her memories and in her heart.
Here they're imagining how much of a good time they could have had if they didn't waste it all rolling down a hill in slow motion.
She also tells him to lead a happy life with Princess Lan Shang, which makes him sangry (sad and a little bit angry). He has been in love with her, Li Luo, ever since he first met her, he tells her. He thinks that losing his powers was a gift from heaven, because it made him just like her. They kiss again.
He is a good looking man, mopey or not.
They spend the night together - fully clothed, but you never know when clothes come off and go back on in C or KDrama - her head on his chest. She sneaks off while he is still sleeping ... and we realize that she has been given a special secret mission by the King. She has to find an exiled immortal named She Yin. He knows the deepest secret to the Ice Tribe's magical power. The Ice King is certain he knows how to restore Kasuo's powers. Godspeed, Li Luo!
Wait, so that's why he really banished her? Or is this a kill two birds with one stone thing.
The Ice King puts Shi into an ice-ball prison for busting out Kasuo though. He calls him a betrayal to the Ice Tribe when Shi is defiant, which has Shi explode the ice ball from within. Bravo, Shi! Before things get out of hand between the two, Kasuo turns up and shields his brother with his body. That, in turn, earns Kasuo a space in the ice-ball. Shi hovers outside ... and they swear each other eternal love for the millionth time.
Not all the balls on this realm are made of ice, if you know what I mean.
Next, Lan Shang lingers in front of Kasuo's limpid room until one of the maids invites her in. She is too stupid to recognize Shi from behind. You deserve neither Ice Prince.
Oh my GOD go away, Lan Shang.
He is nasty though, telling her she has to marry whoever becomes Ice King since she's a mermaid. Then, he says he will promise not to marry her if she swears to leave Kasuo alone. She throws a fit and says she has a right to like anyone she wants. Can't argue with that, lady, but please leave Kasuo alone. He. Does. Not. Want. To. Be. With. You.
No one does, Lan Shang, except maybe Shuo Gang. Go visit him on the mountain or something.
Shi confronts his mother about this Fire Magic abilities afterwards - time to spill the beans, Lotus? She tells him not to worry, the Ice King does not know who Shi's father is. Uhm, I don't think that's very comforting right now, Lotus. Shi even thinks he doesn't want to be Ice King anymore, but that means a) he'll not be able to help Kasuo be free and b) he'll never find out how to restore Kasuo's powers.
Wow, mom of the year right there.
Lian Ji is shocked and saddened that her son would throw away this chance in life - and remembers...
... the night she lost her fishtail to the Fire King and shed the Teardrop Charm.
Ah, the famous sex scene. Until this came along I thought you were talking about that time in the tub.
But the next morning, when she wakes up with permanent legs, Mr. Fire King Flame is long gone. In the present, Lian Ji whispers how much she hates the Fire King. Behind her, the black smoke says: "You are the most beautiful princess in all the three realms. Neither the Ice nor the Fire King are good enough for you. You are mine".
I just had an idea. I have to save it for later though. It's about the smoke monster. I'll just say this: Where there's smoke, there's fire.
You are onto something there, JoAnne


Ah, and thus we understand Lady Lotus a bit better. She gave herself to Flame before her wedding night with the Ice King, thinking he loved her as much as she loved him. But it seems he did not. He probably was just after the Teardrop Charm (it is puzzling why he did not take it then, but we do find out later why) and he abandoned her the next morning.
He's a jerk, but then we knew that didn't we?

Currently, we have NO clue what that black smoke wants or who he is (like everybody in the story). No spoilers! Apparently, he has quite an interest in Lian Ji of all people. He also likes to torture Shuo Gang, which makes me kind of like the black glittery smoke. 
Torture away, Smoke Dude. Torture away!

As for the rest! Kasuo and Li Luo's love is still doomed and Shi is battling his sucky destiny. Not the Ice King's son, but wants very much to be Ice King to help his brother become happy. But whose son is he? Clearly, Flame did put his fiery sword into Shi's mother, but the question remains: where does the white hair and the blue eyes come from? Something is fishy.
That's Lian Ji, but it's kind of rude to mention it.