Rants and Weekly Raves #107 (RAWR)

My precious wolf, look at him. I'm buying that lottery ticket. I just want him to sit across a table from me and give me his different smiles for a little while. I'll hire him, I'll give it to a charity he designates, whatever he wants. But I really want to sit somewhere and look at him and have him smile at me. And maybe say Hi, Jo. It would be enough.
kakashi: And yet, all people are interested in at the moment is Ice Fantasy. Thousands of hits from Indonesia. Hi!!!   
Hi, Indonesia!  
*waves from the back*  


Woman with a Suitcase (New)

Oooh, I like.  The first episode was quite promising!  
She was totally faking being a lawyer. She should've said upfront that she was a consultant, not even a paralegal. Gotten a detective's license or something. I don't know, but something that would give her a proper advisor-to-the-advisor role. But advising and recommending and not saying right away that she was a lawyer made her guilty under that act. And everyone could see the attorney with her was her puppet in both episodes. And I do understand people have issues taking the bar exam, but I also know people who kept diligently trying, didn't try to show up the attorneys around them, and eventually passed and now are working as attorneys.  So, I found I just didn't like her much. She reminded me of those people blustering how they could've been a lawyer, and being all aggressive to show they're the better arguers. Also, after some serious thought regarding my schedule, I'm dropping this.
I like everyone in this, but I had a hard time getting into it. No time, anyway. Have fun!


I don't even care anymore what happens, I am spellbound by his beauty. Actually, I lied: I do care VERY MUCH what happens, but I am still spellbound by his beauty. And I'm getting ready for intense sadness. I'm totally ready. Totally.  
I love him. I don't care what he does, or where he goes, but this week he earned whatever he wants. He has earned it, I tell you. Give it to him. Good Lord, that face. How does it exist?
Just kill me now, damn it.  Why would you ever look at anything else?
Are you asking me? 


Maybe it's just me but I did not expect CP's old teacher to be Ra On's grandfather. So he loves and guides the prince but was part of a rebellion? And the old eunuch, too - he has stood next to three kings, but has been supporting the opposition the whole time? How? I don't know why, maybe because MoonJunki we've pretty much accepted will end sadly, but I was assuming this would be the happy moon. I wonder...

Drinking Alone

The students procrastinating and fighting over each other procrastinating was so funny! This show is really good, even if I am puzzled by the amount of alcohol these people imbibe in a night.  
For me, it was the live video feed. The dancing. I'm laughing now thinking about it. And then all the times on their trip when he said 'this is not for you, this is for the success of my class' - and then she got him to drink with her by using his own line on him. And the way he looks when he giggles. Ah, I do love this. Even if I want to cut off my own ears every time I hear that other female teacher speak. Oh, and how sad is our Mr. Impersonations? I do like him, very much.  
All of that, too. I hope Chaeyeon and Gong Myung end up together because I don't want my darlings unhappy.

On the Way to the Airport

I've decided I'm not even going to try.
Ah, but he is pulling, every week, slooooowly.... Maybe I'll try watching again.
credit as tagged.
I'm glad I don't need to watch it but can still look at Mr. Dimple-Swoon

Jealousy Incarnate

The mud fight was perfect - I love that these guys love each other so much that even when they are so mad at each other that they have to fight, they still worry about each other.  They call this Jealousy Incarnate, but there is actually so much love between the various characters that it's quite touching to see.

Shopping King Louis

I haven't felt moved to watch this week yet, but I will - I'm curious about Oh Dae Hwan's character.

Cindy and the Gang

Somehow missed that I didn't watch episode 14 last weekend. What the hell, PA Lee? WHAT THE HELL? Park So Dam really cries, huh? Her face even got all puffy.  
Last full episode I watch was 9. Oups.
 I'm pissed because everyone, and I mean everyone gets happy ending redemption land. I want punishments people! And there wasn't enough people being sorry and saying I'm sorry to Cindy to my liking and PA Lee should not be in a group of people without a partner. Pfft. he can't just spend the rest of his days being fought over by us. So think guys, what fictional sidekick do you think would be deserving of and good for PA Lee?  
See, I didn't mind the fluffy ending, because the fluffy ending was what Cindy would have wanted.  I also didn't mind that PA Lee was alone, because it means he's still waiting for me.


Caught up this weekend and now waiting impatiently for next week to get here. So many cliff hangers in one episode! Plus, I heard Ji Soo is on the mend and should be back on the show soon and I'm dying to see what plays out with him and his Noona. Of course they won't have a true romance, but I still expect it to be very satisfying - he's so nice, and she is stuck with that terrible family. It must work out for her in some way.

Laurel Tree Tailors

Officially putting this in the one episode a month if I'm lucky club.

Not Korea

Fo Yever

Fo Ye is back from the land of the meteorite (we think), back in Changsha and back in power. Yes, Lu Slime Fucker is a goner. We also met all the other Gates, although too briefly. Saki wasn't happy. Yes, I'm really mad such a great character was ignored.
This guy was a serial killer who tortured Wallace Huo. No.
 Oh! Really? He would be my favorite other Gate, if they only let us meet him! Good face.   
Nice puppy, too.  Jui Ye even asked for a cuddle.

Ice Fantasy 

DAMN. This week was AWESOME. 
Watching a bit before bed, and this happened.
Jaehyus cont'd: now this is a tomb.
And he's here, he's finally here! Look at those beautiful eyes!