Rants and Weekly Raves #110 (RAWR)

kakashi: Saki is on holidays, Ice Fantasy didn't air due to some SARFT shenanigans and The Mystic Nine is over. I've been too busy for many words, but you know what? I am happy.
JoAnne: And I am not on holidays, but very behind on things and you'll see I didn't watch much this week.
Shuk: I spent most of the week on the shores of North Carolina with a dozen teenagers, so no dramawatching for me. Plus, I getting ready for an eight-day Caribbean cruise, so dear squeeglets, don't freakout if the SqueeCap page isn't immediately updated.
bcook: Hi strangers!
Sob! (And so hot.)


JoAnne's Wolf (YES)

Only one episode this week, stupid baseball. We play Court Lady Oh's beautiful song for the 10th Prince, who finally grew up only to die a terrible death, and for that adorable Bear Girl, his lovely wife Soon Deok. I cried harder than I expected to, honestly, and it was as much for them as it was for my wolf, who's being forced down a path that costs him dearly with every step. At least we had our one very sweet and much too brief interlude before things really get crazy. I'll hope for more of that, but with 5 episodes left to go I think it's probably just misery from here on out.
I've been thinking about the episode a lot today, and I'm not just thinking back about the good parts, where So and Soo reunite, either. So's resolve to take the throne is very similar to Wook's earlier decision to attempt the same thing. Both have something that they wish to protect. Both have things they are willing to give up in order to do so. But the story lies in the details, and these men are so very, very different even when they make the same decisions. I was struck in particular by that moment when Soo asks her prince if he would give up the throne and run away with her, and how even though his answer is the same as Wook's, it's nothing at all like Wook's.
They really threw Wook away in the most brutal manner, haven't they. I rewatched some of the earlier episodes the other night and wow. Night and day
From there to here is very far indeed, actually for both princes. My heart and all my attention in the moment of watching are for So but that's pure emotion. If I evaluate it piece by piece both actors are doing a fine job but Kang Ha Neul, I think... if So were not Lee Joon Gi, perhaps Kang Ha Neul would have stolen the show. This has been a series of shining moments for him.

MoonlightBogummy (Finale)

So they took their damn time getting to the end and then crammed a million things into the final episode and it felt like they were ticking things off a list. I'm glad Kim Hyung lived, I'm so sad Yoon Sang died. There's not much more to say, is there? It all worked out just the way it should and pretty much how you'd think and all of the new generation were just great kids overall and it was very pretty, and now it's done.

Drinking Solo

How do you keep a guy an ass to the end of the show, Show, and expect us to buy him as The One? You have not sold me at all, despite his moments of sweetness. She's better off with Crush Puppy, honestly. They're suited to each other. And no one else is going to be with their chosen love? How many more episodes of this are there? You make me happy with the fun moments and the sweet stuff but honestly, Show, I sort of think you don't know where you're going.

Woman With a Suitcase

Trotwood: I'm behind one episode due to real life and Saito Takumi (see below). I'm still enjoying it, but despite my ridiculous love for Joo Jin Mo, he isn't my favorite. In fact, in stereotypical male lead fashion, I'm finding his character increasingly annoying with his possessiveness and his unwillingness to share the truth with heroine. Nope, My favorite character is jin Kyung's Goo Ji Hyun. Everyone needs a frenemy turned friend like her. I'm a bit worried about the turn the plot is taking and the slowness with which we are getting into the overarching mystery.

Jealousy Incarnate 

This show is just joy from beginning to end. I love everyone so much I honestly don't care who ends up with who because I like them all. I do want both moms to end up living with Ppalgan, though, I don't think I'll be happy if one of them is sad. Actually if they could manage the jealousy bit I'd love Pyo Na Ri to live with both guys, too. Mmm. But don't think I haven't noticed that you just dropped the kid's triangle flat weeks ago.

Shopping King Louis 

Did anyone watch this week? I did not.
Saving them all for at-sea dramarathoning.

One Percent of Something 

This continues to be very, very cute and enjoyable and FAST. Even if you didn't like the first one (I heard it was too long and meandering) this one so far is worth checking out!

On the Way to the Airport 

I find it hard to write anything meaningful about this drama that I have not already said. It's getting me right in the heart. A slow study of the human psyche, of what makes us love and hate people, sometimes love-hate. Everyone is suffering in their own way, everyone searches for happiness.
An look at how it is filmed. How masterful. It actually feels much more like a movie than a drama. 

Fantastic (Finale)

Sadly, behind. 
It's done though, right? How about doing TEN3 now, Joo Sang-wook? 

The K2

I'm slowly making my way through. Yoona annoys me but Chang Wook's face keeps me going. The fight scenes ar
Did Cookie's batteries wear down? I only saw the first episode of this week's pair.
The rest of the people who continued watching have dropped it in the meantime, so maybe she did too?  
cherkell:  I haven't watched 9 or 10 yet. Court appearances all week and then I take off to Wookie World!  *squeeeeeeeeeee*
Am back...fell asleep. woke up to bad internet connection. What I was trying to say was....the fight scenes are very well done and while others have dropped it I will plod my way through because of Chang Wook's bad assery.

Not Korea, but Also Good

Fo Ye, No More (Finale)

I'm actually crying. It's over TT____________________TT
How glorious you were, when you were good, show. How funny you were when you were not (which was often, but I still love you).
SakiVI: I sobbed at the end. Fo Ye remembering how Changsha became his home and the Nine Gates his extended family before everything got blown up was the saddest thing ever. I thought my heart would break. And just thinking about the Gates all coming back to fight with him, even Ba Ye, just makes me cry even now.  And I've been desperately looking for a replacement, but nothing until 2017.  I am officially Sangry (Sad+Angry). 
And yes ... him too.
All of them.


This week was fun. We're not really making progress in the romantic department though, are we. Not that we need it, but I think the Chloe - Lucy relationship needs some ... pepper?
Oh God, Maze and Chloe are going to be room-mates?  Well...eventually, right, since first they have to get through that final scene with the car accident.  I love this show.  You're right about the crimes, they're predictable - but I like the most how the friendships are developing, anyway.  I wouldn't mind a little romance, but I like a really long, slow burn in American shows so this is fine.

Jane the Virgin

I don't think I'm watching this season. I didn't even feel like finishing the last, so... I keep following the actors on Twitter though, I like all of them.
It's not on Hulu, where I normally watched it.  I haven't looked elsewhere yet but I've been given some suggestions.


A new HBO show you should check out if you can. The series is based on the 1973 film of the same name, written and directed by Michael Crichton. One of the Nolan brothers (Jonathan) is behind the show. It's about a Western "amusement" park in the future, populated by synthetic androids. High-paying humans come to the park and can do whatever they wish in there. Yes, anything. With no punishment. And since the machines are programmed to never harm them....
There are a few big names in this, like Anthony Hopkins (as creative director of the theme park) and Ed Harris (as extreme human scumbag, who tries to find a "deeper lever" in the game). There's the programmers and storywriters in the company, all of them excellent. And there are many androids, who die and get resurrected again and again, memories wiped clean. But ....... By the time this here will be published, four episodes will have aired. No spoilers.
Oooh, I liked the first episode. Lots. But then, I liked the movie years ago too. Sadly though, short of signing up for HBO this isn't really available to me. I'm not sure I want to do that.
I find the show deeply, deeply disturbing and really scary. I seriously almost gave myself nightmares when I watched episode 3 right before going to bed last night. Like other AI-shows, some rather fundamental questions are raised about what makes us humans and what happens when someone seemingly human is really much more of a beast than any of the machines that are apparently not human. It's a deep show. I'm already sad there will only be 10 episodes.

Unmei Ni, Nita Ko--Destiny-Like Love (Japanese)

Trotwood: I made a special request to talk about this show because several people on my tlist and I have been watching together and literally squeeling (seriously, I hurt my throat last night) while watching.  The show stars Saito Takumi and Tomoyo Harada in  what should be a stereotypical childhood first love-seperation-meet again boring story but is elevated by the beauty of the filming and the real genuineness of the characters. But also, let's be honest, Saito Takumi has this effect that I really can't describe--it's more than being sexy but the fact that his adoration of the lead makes us all want to give him our souls to play with. Of course it helps that he looks like this.
And that he looks at her all the time like this:
And hugs her like this:

(Look at how happy she is that she's come back to him!)
And kisses her like this: 

(Thanks to Newdramaaddict for the gifs!
I must also admit that spend quite a bit of time talking about his hair. He has a LOT of it in this show, and it's lustrous and makes you want to play with it and have it fall in your face as he stares at you. They met as young kids when she was suicidal. She is older, but he and his dog save her and they become friends. When they meet again, he is a successful designer with a secret, and she's a divorced woman with a deadbeat ex and a great 17 year old son who she supports by working in an upscale dry cleaners. If you can find subs. Watch. Their relationship is worth the screechy/crazy 2nd female lead, whom we just call "Harpy."
I cannot wait to find out what this secret is. I'm not crazy over it the way you are, but I, uh, did watch four episodes last night. It's the hair. And the lips. And the eyes.