The Man (That Should Be) Living at my House - Episode 1 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: People, let me be frank: I don't care about this drama. I've never warmed up to Soo-Ae and even though Starry Nights was cute, I have not come to love Kwak Kwak (that would be Kim Young-Kwang for normal people). The same goes for Lee Soo-Hyuk... I don't get the fuss. Jo Bo-Ah is one sexy woman, but I don't actively follow her work. There is just one person in this drama that I do walk an extra mile for and if you've been following this blog for a bit, you probably know who that is: Kim Ji-hoon! Sadly, he isn't even second lead in this. Not sure what he is apart from a major douchebag. WTF are you doing, darling, get yourself a lead role again!!! In any case, I will not recap this in the traditional sense. I will just look for Kim Ji-hoon scenes, recap those and gladly forget about the rest.
JoAnne: See that look on his face? That's my face that you would reject my lovely Kim Young Kwang AND the not inconsiderable charms of Lee Soo Hyuk. Also, my face at seeing the Cheater Friend from Five Children again so soon.

Episode 1

Enter my man (his name in this drama is Jo Dong-Jin) at around minute 3 and 45 seconds. He is waiting for Soo-Ae's character (her name is Hong Na-Ri) in "a café specializing in proposals". Obviously to propose. I say yes! Yes! Yes!
I say no to beige suits. Beige suits are worn by really boring men.
I kinda think that's exactly the point
She actually doesn't say anything, just accepts the flowers, looking overjoyed. He remembers something. Something attached to one of the balloons. Okay, he's a bumbling fool, apparently, because he does not remember where it is. "It" being the ring. She finds it for him.
I really, really thought this was her imagining what he would do and that she would have a terrible surprise at the actual event but no. This is really what was happening.
He's a long-term boyfriend, we learn. And he is damn clumsy. Be clumsy with me, Kim Ji-hoon, I will teach you. They have dinner, her phone rings - and she learns that her mother has passed away.
When he looks like this I do not find him attractive at all. I mean, not ugly, certainly, but just.. no spark. It's okay though. I've followed you down the Kim Ji Hoon path many times, because it's always worth it. (Well, there was the Goddess of not ALWAYS...) but I'm in that early 'meh' stage, I guess. Plus I'm waiting for the real star of the show.
Cut to the funeral. Jo Dong-Jin takes good care of the funeral guests. Especially the female ones. Especially one, who looks at him with HUUUUUUUUUUUGE eyes. It's Jo Bo-ah, playing Do Yeo-Joo.
See? Put him in a black suit, make him look a little tired - already a huge improvement.
Time jump! Don't we all love them. We're now 10 months in the future and Kim Ji-hoon is BACK, Baby! Wow, he looks like a Korean and clean version of Johnny Depp. Let's not get carried away here. He's waiting at the airport for Hong Na-Ri, who is a stewardess. They seem to be in vogue lately. Both Hong Na-Ri and Do Yeo-Joo receive texts from guys they love... apparently, Yeo-Joo is known to be a flower snake/gold digger, but seems to like "this one". She hasn't dumped him yet. Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Brain-dead zombies are thinking what you're thinking. This show is not exactly challenging.

Oookay, back to Kim Ji-hoon. So HOT. Yep. Here he is, being hot. The more rumply he gets the better he gets. It's quite unmistakable how his eyes rest on Yeo-Joo much longer than on his "girlfriend" (so I guess they have not found time to tie the knot). He is also quite obviously NOT waiting for his girlfriend. He lies, wow, he's really absolutely horribly bad at it, first about having to go to China, then about having Chinese investors coming here.
He at least has the grace to look conflicted about it, the putz. And hot. He looks hot.
Oh well, it seems she has really neglected him, since all she did after her mother's death was work. No, you don't do that to a hot namja like this. They say goodbye, she remembers she has a present for him, turns back ... and sees how he runs straight to Do Yeo-Joo - he gets almost run over by a bus - for hot namja fondling. Ahahahaaaa, this is exactly what it looks like.
Back to looking not-hot. Jerk. Also, quite a departure for Miss Jo.
Na-Ri has this violent fantasy of herself going over to punish the two of them, headbutting the rival and all...
This is where I learned that dull as dish water Soo Ae is actually way more fun in a rom-com.
... beating him up... (maybe Kim Ji-hoon likes this? Doesn't look like it, but I'll ask him if I ever meet him)
This was very, very satisfying.
In reality, she just stands there, shellshocked, and watches them drive off together. Dong-Jin is taking Yeo-Joo to the sea ... haha, he is stalking her on social media?! Hahahaaa, what a jerk. She tells him "it's the last time", but smiles in secret. She's playing him.
Oh, how I hope she gets the rug pulled out from under her at some point. That little tramp set her sights on him at the FUNERAL.
And why? He's not exactly sizzling. Is it to hurt Na-ri? 
Later, when they're almost at the beach, Na-ri calls him - and breaks up with him. He almost crashes the car. Yeo-Joo says it's all "oppa's" fault and then hangs up on the other woman.
In truth, he's the one that broke a promise, not her. But we can see her manipulativeness from early on and that fake cutesy shit and ugh, just punch her, someone.
That's him some time later:
Na-Ri is already drunk (and depressed) and he makes her drunker before he tries to get her apology. She's pretty matter of fact about them being over. Her father cheated her mom too and she cannot be with a cheater. Never, ever.
I thought he was making a very sincere (although probably ultimately insincere) gesture toward reconciliation. For probably all the wrong reasons, of course.
Yes, he seems sorry, the weasel
Oups, but apparently? Her uncle borrowed quite a lot of money from Dong-Jin. He does not want it back, it seems, but I think this means to him that they cannot split. He adds: "Whom else do you have but me right now?" Oh, you entitled PRICK.
Except it didn't seem like he was rubbing it in her face. It seemed like a genuine argument for her to return. Am I that terrible at reading people?
Indeed, he means it. He thinks that's because he gave money to her uncle, because she is in a bad spot right now, she kinda HAS to forgive him
And then, she shouts at him in front of a convenience store, creating a huge spectacle for everyone else on the street.
I mostly spent this time admiring her over-the-knee boots and making a mental note to buy a pink sweater, because it's been a while since I had one.
Ha, noticed her clothes here too! And his, which are horrible. 
He's not giving up, following her into a supermarket. And then, he DOES give up.
Ten bucks says he'll be back.
Hopefully, or I can't do any more KimJiCaps :D 


What can I say ... Kim Ji-hoon was really good! Hahahaaaaa. What a DOUCHE. I bet you he really is sorry, that's the kind of spineless prick he is.
YES. He'll marry her because he can't face the disapproval of his family and their friends, even though in his secret heart he doesn't want to - and he'll cheat on her the entire time if she takes him back, all the way crying about how guilty he feels.

Lee Soo-Hyuk has really bad skin, by the way, but that's off topic.
Sigh. Kim Young Kwang is delicious and BAKES BREAD and takes care of people, but that is also off topic.