The Man (that Should be) Living at my House - Episode 2 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Alright, Kim Ji-hoon plays a weak douchebag and he might not be in many episodes. So be it. I will soldier on. My love burns like a candle in the vast dark that is his absence from the small screen for so long.
JoAnne: That guy you hate is absolutely adorable in this. The whole show is funny.
No. I refuse. And for the record, I don't hate him, I just don't like him. 
Hmm, whatever.

Episode 2

Okay, back to pretending Kim Ji-hoon is the real star of this show! Not that it's easy! He's obviously smitten with Do Yeo-Joo, the pretty golddigger. What gold is there to dig, I wonder? She requested a meeting, they haven't seen each other for a while. It's obviously to control him. She claims their "status" isn't clear. That's shorthand for: He's thinking of Na-ri too often and she wants to own him entirely (probably to dump him afterwards).
Who would watch a show with such a spineless jelly fish of a lead? And wow, Jo Boa is making a character that just really makes you want to slap her a few times. But you raise a good point - why him? Is he rich?
Dong Jin has got a call from "someone" telling him Na-ri had to go to the hospital - I don't know why and I don't care. Yeo-Joo thinks Na-ri is playing dirty and goes full out, oppa-ing and stuff. I really want to smack her. She obviously doesn't like this man at all. Is she really just in it to humiliate Na-ri?
'Someone.' Someone tall and responsible and loyal, you mean? you think it's not about the jelly fish at all? Do you really think this is about Na Ri? Interesting... I like that idea.
She tells Dong-jin they should continue their affair. "We can just make sure we don't get caught", she says. WTF, woman. He wavers ... and then says, regretful, he'd feel too bad. That has her do a dramatic, sad goodbye, which has him jump out of his car. Reconsidering, are we? He is so weak.
The thought of even considering wanting a man like that makes my skin crawl. What is her game?
Go Nan-Gil, who thinks he's the lead in this drama, has invited his "son-in-law" over for dinner. He was also the one who told our cheater Na-ri was at the hospital. Why? Does he know he has cheated on her?
Well, he knows they fought - but as a good person with an interest in Na Ri's happiness, he is trying to be helpful and maybe give the young folk an opportunity to smooth things over.
The two who think they're the leads get into an argument (he is talking banmal to her and later to him, which confuses Dong-Jin a lot) over whether Dong-Jin is family or not.
I'm going to call him Don't Jin. Because just DON'T. Not anyone, not ever. He's very icky in his spineless jelly fish way.
I'll readily admit that he is. 
Na-ri - who is super unhappy about this dinner with her ex - thinks her "father" Nan-Gil should at least punch Dong-jin before sending him on his way, but that's not going to happen. Yet. I laugh a little because Kwak Kwak is so much taller than Kim Ji-hoon and when he towers over him, it does look threatening.
And yet he's so mild-mannered he can barely even make a fist. Or so they would have us think?
When Dong-jin finally finds out what has happened (for those of you who do not watch this: Na-ri's late mother married Nan-gil before her death and the house is now his), he is quite furious and calls Nan-gil a "con artist". I am not watching this properly, but indeed, it does seem pretty con-artisty.
I have to give that to you. It does. But I have faith in him. He makes dumplings! How bad could he be?
I am totally biased, but Dong-jin makes a lot of sense when he says this is all very fishy, she is pathetic and her mother fell for a gigolo. He even doubts her mother died in a car accident. Her uncle might be in for the scam too. She hits him.
Way to be supportive, Don't Jin. You've questioned her judgement, insulted her mother, and insinuated that her uncle is a crook.
Sadly, his moment of glory is interrupted by Yeo Joo. who is texting him like a madwoman. One tiny bit of text at the time. Later, Dong-jin's attempt at intimidating Stepdaddy kinda backfires. He's just not tall enough.
Can we break Yeo Joo's fingers?
Sigh, he's so pathetic :D
But Nan Gil is very much not pathetic at all. :)
After dinner (she seems to be on her way to the city), Dong-jin is waiting for her. He seems to have accepted she no longer wants to have anything to do with him, but he's also genuinely concerned for her (and her ownership of the house). Again, his sincerity is cut short by the serial-texter woman.
I'll admit that I am a little confused by Don't Jin. He does seem genuinely concerned, and I somehow don't think it's really about money - but could it be?
Na-ri is taken away by another man in his car who is going to Seoul while he is texting back and when they're alone, Stepdad tells Ex-Boyfriend he will pay the debt (30'000) - so that Dong-jin will never have to show his face again.
The other man and Nan Gil have a history, and it doesn't seem too pleasant. He owns a toy factory and has a younger sister he takes care of. The younger sister has a big crush on Nan Gil and stalks him, but I don't think that's the issue between the two men. Also, that man is intrigued by Na Ri because, as he says, 'Most people can't tell I'm a scumbag right away.' - and she clearly did.


Oh dear, everyone annoys me SO MUCH. Jo Bo-ah's role is horrible, horrible, horrible. It could be because I'm not properly watching, but her actions don't make a lot of sense. There is nothing great about Dong-jin. He is a wuss deluxe and even though he has the hots for Yeo Joo, he does not seem to get really warm with anyone. That's why I'm thinking she must be in this solely to hurt Na-ri, which makes little sense beyond being extremely mean.
I'm puzzled by this as well, and she is truly a hateful person.

I thought Dong-jin did show some true concern there for Na-ri, whose actions baffle me. Why would she just give up this house? Because he makes sense when he's a decent man, I'm hoping Dong-jin gets a chance to redeem himself - obviously not as her boyfriend, but at least as human being.
I agree with you on this point, also - he does seem genuinely concerned. Maybe they just should have been friends and not lovers for so long. But he's not a good guy; he's weak and his morals are suspect. If he were a good guy, he'd have ended it with Na Ri before pursuing Yeo Joo.