80% of Something Horrifying: Jae-in's Jackets (Part One)

Shuk:  I started Something About 1%  by dramarathoning the first ten episodes or so. After sighing and squealing and my emotions running the spectrum, I wiped away tears from my eyes. They weren't tears of sadness, nor of joy. They were just irritated from the sheer ugliness of more than half the outfits that poor Ha Seok-jin had to endure. Do they ever get a say in what they wear?

The irony is that the first minute of the first episode shows the workings of a laundry. Including an iron.
Trotwood: I am proud to say that I've been invited to comment on this posting. I have a rep for talking about clothes since my love for the attention I paid to the clothes that Min-Jung wore in Jang Bori is Here. Of course, I had to comment on the fugly clothes going on this nearly perfect body.


Professor Plum Did It In the Office With A Tie
No, it doesn't smell bad, but the combination of all those slightly-off purple shades was off-putting.
Actually, the picture makes it look better than it does in the show. If it really looked as muted as it does here, it wouldn't be that bad. It also does NOT prepare the innocent viewer for what is to come.

Oh Yes Lemme Wipe The Sweat Off Your Brow
This was the look he should have just maintained throughout the episode.


By Grandfather's Couch and Slippers Combined

Plaid suit, collarless I-don't-even-know-what-kind-of-patterned shirt, and a colossal "NO" screaming in my mind. Even he is thinking it's a bad idea. Wei says she has been to some third rate motels on her travels with carpets like this. JoAnne called it "Burnt waffle with a melted chocolate core, wrapped in bacon." That's probably the most accurate description to date. Mmmm bacon...(distracted)
The only problem with that description is that it would taste good, and this has nothing to do with taste.

I'm A Lumberjack and I Don't Care
The little black flower boutonniere does not link the  the black daisy tie with this blue jacket at all. Looks like a lumberjack made it for a Sadie Hawkins dance, especially with that left breast pocket.
I kept thinking, "Maybe it's warm?" Really searching for why this was thought of as an idea. It isn't even an attractive plaid. This is the pattern of those shirts that LLBean sells in the spring for 50%, and then you see why it was left behind.

The Fun Side Of Al Capone
 This one is the best of the lot. I have always liked the double-breasted look, even with that silly rule that says you never button the bottom button. Even the white collar is a nice touch. Later on, though, we find out that the shirt is actually white polka-dots. Keep the jacket on, Jae-in, jusayeo!!
I remember thinking that maybe the original cordi was sick because even though he looked like he was auditioning for Dick Tracy, at least he matched, but then the jacket came off.


There Once Was A Guy From Nantucket
This suit made me think he was ready to go boating, but it's not bad. The flowers worked well here, but he still needed a cap and a paddle. Later on (see kisseu) we see the jacket has a sort of seersucker texture to it. I don't know what that's all about.
I kept looking to see if he wore these as well. It would have been perfect.


All I Want For Christmas...
He's smiling because that look is on my Nice List.
And we get to see some arms and he's slightly sweaty and . . .(oh wait, that's why I'm smiling. sorry)

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...
 Um...at least the high-water pants aren't plaid? Other than that, I got nothing.
Plaid and two different kinds of stripes. At least the shirt is a plain color. You know it's bad when I can't support a vest. 


Every Girl Crazy 'Bout A Sharp-Dressed Man
Except for the wrinkly-ness of the jacket fabric, this one gets my thumbs up. Although on second look, the white pants look like the might be see-thru if he gets wet.
What do you mean if they get wet? They are already see though now. I can see the fabric of his pockets through the pant legs! These are the pants you try on in dressing room and then put right back on the rack. You don't even have to bother zipping them up first.

The Comfy Look
 I'm never cold enough to wear a sweater to bed. Wouldn't the texture make it uncomfortable? At the very least, I think it would develop those little annoying sweater-ball things all over it.
I'm cheap enough to not put the heat on, so I've worn sweaters to bed. This is snuggly. I approve--both sweater and bed.


By this episode, we have settled down to a stretch where the majority of the outfits are agreeable. It's doesn't last long, of course, but it's still nice while it lasted.

It's Not the Worsted I've Seen
This is some type of knobby wool or camel hair. It seems too casual for a cutthroat chaebol hotelier, but I really like the look.
Why are you still even expecting him to wear anything suitable (pun intended) for a "cutthroat chabol hotelier"? It would be difficult for me to be afraid of him in any of his outfits.

Blue is Da Bomb

Double-breasted, sober, business-like, and no pesky flashes of bare ankle when running around after that evil bomb prankster.

Sleep Cute, Wear Awkward
A geometric tie instead of a flowery one is a good choice. The jacket looks like it doesn't fit right, though.
And the tie is too wide and does NOT go with the shirt or the jacket.


His coordi must be doing drugs. And not the good kind.

I looked at the credits to see if PPL is to blame. Zishen (one of the primary sponsors) states that it targets "men and women in their thirties and forties. The brand name literally means "oneself" who needs to recover one's identity with self-confidence. Suits for women focus on chic and stylish designs. Menswear is called Zishen Homme that focuses on younger-looking items. It showcases men's suits with chic designs, staying away from regular designs in other brands." I don't know about 'chic', but the link shows good-looking clothes without a single flowered tie or odd suit fabric in the bunch.

However, if one of the sponsors is this underwear brand, I give them a heartfelt kamsahapnida for this brief scene.