80% of Something Horrifying: Jae-in's Jackets (Part Two)

Round Two of the destruction of our eyes! And just because of these eyesores (well, and the kissing), I am now the proud owner of a HD version of the show.
Trotwood: (breaking out into wild applause) The things you do for humanity, Shuk!

Episode 7

This episode starts out with several jacket-less outfits. Which is good, as they seem much less fugly that way.

Man With A Mission Meeting
Dark shirt, exposed arms, conservative tie. Oh yeah, he's gonna kick butt in this meeting.
Initially I hated the tie. Then I tried to come up with a better tie to go with that shirt, so . . .

Chaebol: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

I couldn't decide which was better, the jacket hiding the shirt, or the shirt de-emphasizing the 1980's knitted tie. Either way, NOT a good color on anyone but Will Ferrell. And the pants has belt loops but no belt?? A nice "H" in gold and black to accent the waist. And give Teacher something to grab onto, here.
I can't even describe this color. I didn't even know those ties still existed. Was the cordi going into his/her dad's closet? The weird thing is that we complained about him not matching, but now he has a matching outfit, but it's still horrid. He's one step away from Garanimals .

Chaebol: The Sequel
No belt, no jacket, no tie, skate helmet, adorable smile. This is one where the sequel is much much better.
He's another one (the first is my Banker husband) who can make a bike helmet look cute.

Birthday Suit Boy
The tie sticking out is like a reason to look at his naughty bits, but I think this outfit still deserves a kiss.
Snap out of it Shuk. The naughty bits have got you distracted. None of this goes together. You just like the kissing and the invitation that peekaboo tie offers. Focus!

Do These Stripes Make My Angst Look Big? (love title)

Many things look good in stripes. Woori Kissmaster? Okay, but just not so damn much of it.

Episode 8

He Wins the Chukkas And The Game
 Jae-in needs more polos. If he wore more of this, Teacher would have given in to him by episode 4, guarantee it.
Showers and polos. But not all polos. These, too, can go horribly wrong. 

Exhibit A.                                                Exhibit B.
See my previous comment about stripes, though. Good stripes good, bad stripes baaaad. As for Exhibit B, unless this guy is a Steelers fan, then this is also a monstrous no-no. Please don't send these pics to anyplace in SoKor that a coordi might shop at.

Check Out My Wedding Tackle...Err...Finery
 There are those white see-through pants again. Camel shoes? Not feeling it. Plus, if you plan to stroll the city and sit on public objects, white would be the last choice for me. Only the other hand, no chance for a Truck of Doom because you can see him kilometers away.
Camel shoes? Camel Shoes?! you can't tell me with these clothes that he doesn't have a pair of ugly white shoes. I don't mind the cut of these pants at all though. 

In Your Easter Jacket, With Flowers Near the Placket
 We continue our Parade of Pastel with this egg-custard-colored combination with dark brown shoes. (Brown shoes when we know from previous outfit that he has camel shoes--shaking my head) I guess it's to show we've moved along from the dark, woolly, nubby, purple beginnings of their relationship. Maybe. But I have still detested every single daisy-embedded ridiculous tie. And later, when he takes the jacket off, we find the shirt is thin enough to almost see his nips.
See how see-through it is?
No shirt. This was just your fantasy, Shuk.

Slumber Party!
Despite the cozy and snuggly feel of this one, I think it's a bit chilly in his apartment.
Yum. Snuggly sweater is back.

Scarecrow And Mrs King
 This is not an exercise outfit. Even if he didn't want to wake her up, there had to be something, anything better than this hayseed costume.
People do not go exercising in gingham and chinos. We also know he has exercise clothes. Where are they? Now this makes me think that the continuity fairy is drinking with the cordi.

Episode 9

Tommy Two-tone
 Not really keen on the whole white-on-white, but what little charm this suit had was completely destroyed by the nasty second lead's attempt to Saint Veronica his jacket with her kabuki makeup. (And I refuse to show it)
I just liked the whole tie tying bit. So much closeness and his ties take you places. Also, he was trying so hard at this breakfast to  make her feel comfortable. But white on white should only be work if you are wearing a white bow tie with a tux.

The Man In The Gray Non-Flannel Suit
Best suit, best tie, best backhug scene. Best pouncing kiss scene. I heartily approve. The tie is a bit long....[distracted again]
I've decided that we should use these long ties as guides . . . you know to follow in case we get lost.

Episode 10

When A Coordi Has A Fling With the Mayor Of Hobbiton...
Call that evil Leprechaun and tell him to pick up his suit, pronto. And hide it in his bucket of gold and never let it out again.
UGH. It's the conifer suit. With the exactly matching tie. I can't even think of anything to say.
If you really want to be a tree, go bling or go home:

The jacket is horrible, the pants are too short, more brown shoes. Periwinkle shirt? Ugh ugh ugh.
You forgot the tie. How could anyone put any of this together and think that the ensemble was a good idea? In fact, the only thing that would work by itself is the shirt. 

Episode 11

When I'm Feeling Blue...
 As we approach the angsty part of the show, I think (hope) that both the suits and the coordi sobers up, Compared side by side, Jae-in looks much spiffier than Tae Ha. I think this might even be the first time. Clearly Kim Hyeong-min's coordi had his rangy tallness in mind throughout the show.
But that long tie is still leading us away to other thoughts.

Everybody Knows That Smoking (Hawt) Ain't Allowed In School
Once I went to a giant college fair with my older daughter. Every single guy in line to talk to the admissions counselors at Princeton wore this outfit. Every single one. My daughter refused to get in that line.
I don't think even a Harvard tie would save this one.

Mother Called. She Wants Her Picnic Tablecloth Back
Coordi must have gotten this blue gingham shirt Free With Purchase when she got that lumberjacket in episode 2. Tie is meh, jacket is meh. He wore dark blue shoes, which was good, but without socks, which was bad. Too much ankle flash; the Victorians would have been shocked.
No. Cordi got this shirt at the Buy one get one free when she bought the gingham as exercise wear one.
ShukNote: Excepting the dress she actually wore to the gala, this was my favorite outfit she tried on. And Jae-in with his clothing collection should never ever be allowed to choose anything Teacher wears.
Too true. It's a combo of that he wants her more covered up but also that he likes the way she already dresses.

Episode 12

Perfect Couple With Perfect Hair and Perfect Outfits
 We see forehead! And what a lovely thing it is too. A tuxedo with black pants and a burgundy jacket, yum. Shoes matched, he wore socks, life is good.
They did look lovely here. It makes me want to rewatch this episode.

Another Happy Trail Tie

I couldn't decide which picture so I included all three. The jacket looks like some sort of sweatshirt Jersey knit. And, even drunk, Teacher hates the shuriken-patterned tie. And yet, it peeps....[distracted again]
Because it peeps in exactly the right spot. No wonder she has trouble forgetting about him later. Every time she sees a tie . . .

 Black-on-black, different textures fabrics, plus stripes spells disaster for this outfit. I think the slippers were the best part.
So bright.


Our beloved Twitterbean Cass described Chaebol's clothing collection as "colour blind-plaid chic".  It matched so many of these that I couldn't use it for just one. Anyway, I'm saving the last two episodes for a separate post because (1) His hair stays mostly upswept and that deserves special recognition from the wiry Beatles look; and (2) His sadness at losing Teacher and his 24/7 workaholic lifestyle meant a much better class of daily wear.  Or maybe Coordi went home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the rest of the staff decided to have a belated Liberation Day.

Anyway, our stroll through Jae-in Oppa's closet is ending soon. [sigh]. But maybe there are other ways to keep up our flagging spirits. Like proving that stripes / plaids sometimes DO look good on our guy:

Let us all bow in appreciation for this.