Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 26 (Recap)

kakashi: One episode closer to finding out who will be the Ice King, but it's babysteps, really. I'm yearning for some kick-ass fighting! Bring it!
SakiVI: this competition thing is rather annoying. Either have a general election or just designate a successor.  
Ice King is stalling. Maybe he gets paid extra for more episodes?
He just really likes wearing that makeup.
Bad Hair Day

Episode 26

Where were we? Right, Li Luo was sucked into a deep hole! Yes, that was it. When she wakes up, she is at the bottom of the deep hole. It's some sort of cave? She is also bound (with "the Binding Rope" (accurate)) and a man appears. His laugh is insane (naturally) and his hairdo messy (he still looks much better than the Fire King). It is She Yin! The banished man she was looking for. What a HAPPY coincidence. And gets things moving along nicely. He says he knows how to restore someone's immortal powers, but he does not plan to tell her. He is a bad, bad man, who took lives and tortured mortals, he says. And he plans to torture Li Luo too.
Li Luo isn't so easily tortured, though.
So is he connected to the smoke monster?
Granny is super happy when she hears about the Dreamer's plan to put up the Truth Mirror. I guess because it's old and powerful, like her? Exposition time! The Truth Mirror is magical, when you press your hand on it, it will display your true self. Nobody can deceive it. Useful. Less happy about it: Lotus. She wanted to cheat, now she can't.
Granny's hair. It looks like she's got a fancy wisk broom draped over her forehead.
Dream Lord has summoned the magical mirror and unseals it. Right that instance, Lan Shang comes in. Seriously, buzz OFF. She wants to check out the mirror of course, but pretends she's here to deliver a gift for Dream Princess. If only she were a bit smarter. I am on the brink of saying something super sexist soon.
Lan Shang is kind of asking for all the insults on the tip of my tongue. I love this actress, and hope to see her play interesting characters one day, but Lan Shang is just a no.
I hope the mirror reveals that she's supposed to be a boy or something. Let's really shake her up.
The Lord of Dreams lets her have a look at the mirror (she is a bit scaaared before touching it) and it starts speaking the truth immediately, as if it could smell it. Lan Shang stole the present she just delivered etc. etc., The mirror knows everything about her stupid plan and her feelings and it's quite embarrassing. That thing is officially quite scary. But it makes the Dreamer laugh. He is cute and I don't care what Saki says about him, he is my favorite.
Like who you like. But I'm not into super-goody-two-shoes types, sorry. (Shi, baby, jiejie loves you! LianJi, call me! YanDa, girl, you da bomb!)
But he's not a super goody-two-shoes type. Remember that whole plan to kill people? And he has the best clothes.
What we learn from all this: the truth mirror is "fair and just". Okay! Get on with it.
Fancy lie-detector machine.
She STOLE the gift? What happened to cutting off her hand?

Granny puts Kasuo to bed, as if he were a baby, and then, she sees his dream roll-dildo flicker. She exclaims: "Blood-red Lotus shall bloom soon" (say that 3 times quickly (I did it)) and the rest about the twin stars and the wheel of destiny, etc. Hm, so she knows this dream? She whispers that she hopes for Kasuo's sake that this day will never come. I hope it will come sooner rather than later, because I'm getting a bit bored here.
This would have been hilarious porn, you know.
Outside Kasuo's chambers, Luna stands guard. Granny becomes aware of her and is really suspicious, but before Luna can even start explaining herself, Hang Tuo comes running to do it for her. He makes me laugh every single time. He has a whole string of explanations why he needs to explain things for her, but she's gruff as always and takes offense whenever she can.
It's because he's not as handsome as his older brother, Siwon. thank you.
Granny has some tips for him after she has left: he is far too nice to her. She claims that women "prefer men who are always at odds with them". They do?! I don't, but then I'm still single, so what do I know? The Healer is super confused, but then, he decides to heed Granny's advice. Oh dear.
You know, his wig is not nearly as bad as any of the others.
Li Luo manages to shake the Binding Rope (because she's not immortal, her blood weakens the power of the rope - she just goes and hurts her wrists at a rock) and then goes exploring the cave. She happens upon She Yin, who is trying to get near a coffin (but can't: there's some force-shield). He ties her up again afterwards, but Li Luo shows concern for the wounds he got. He pretends not to care, but he is clearly a man stricken by grief and remorse. Li Luo calls his bluff - he isn't going to kill her for sure.  
Can't fool Li Luo.
So what's his deal, then? Is he another emo prince? Maybe there's a time warp and this guy is actually Kasuo in the future.
Truth Mirror time! The tribe leaders have to put their hands on the truth mirror, say whom they want to support and the mirror checks whether they're genuine about it or not. Sadly, Mr. Dreamer, who owns the mirror, cannot be part of the game. Everyone puts their hand on and in the end, we get these two teams:
Team Kasuo: Luna, Eagle Man, and Lan Shang. Oh dear. Pfft. Like we're surprised.
Team Shi: Healer (because he wants to do the opposite of what Luna does), Bear (he wants someone strong as king), Chao Ya (who wants to fight alongside her man).  
They all have genuine reasons, even if Healer's is a bit stupid.
Agreed. But I'm not sure I'm ready for another election run.
By the way, Xuan Ta, who steps forward to support Kasuo is exposed for lying. He is only loyal to the Ice Tribe and the tasks given to him by ancestor She Mi. Yeah, we already knew that he isn't really one of the good guys. The mirror declares him as unfit to fight. Good. Except he didn't lie. Kasuo IS one of the tasks given him by the ancestor She Mi. As for Lan Shang... oh dear. Well, I guess they want us to like her because of her unwavering love and loyalty for Kasuo? I'm trying, but I really can't. She's like an annoying kid at a grown-up party and the longer she stays, the more annoying she actually gets.
I don't understand how someone who is the only heir to the Mermaid Kingdom can be so silly. 
I have never liked her, ever. That dumb expression on her face makes me want to throw things. At her.
They have ten days to train for the match. While they do, Kasuo has another sword fairy attack (so they are still in his body after all). To maximize his misery, the owl he sent to watch over Li Luo comes back without any news, and speaks in Lan Shang's voice on top of that (since she found it and gave it food). She assures him that they're training hard and will surely win for him, but we've already seen how useless Lan Shang is. She claims she has a method to win though. What is it, being beautiful and dazzling everyone with it?
All answers point to no.
Shi has his team (minus the Healer, who'd rather spy on Luna) fight him. He exposes their weaknesses and gives them training instructions. Oh, I think he'd make a good volleyball coach! Shi is just awesome all around. But I don't think Trot is reading these recaps. Later, Chao Ya and her Bear worry that Shi might be dangerous as king (since a bit cruel and unpredictable), but Bear thinks they will be able to lead him onto and keep him on the right path.
I'd call him Machiavellian, sure. But if Kasuo had been truly willing to take the throne, Shi would not have fought him for it.  
But he wants it now. If Kasuo came to him and said dude, I'm good, you can stop - I don't think he would.
Kasuo doesn't want the darn throne. They're just making him want it. Even though, now that they have "banished" Li Luo, he could just say "fuck it, I'm leaving too", couldn't he
But no, he won't do that. Too little opportunity to mope.
Because Luna is mean to Huang Tuo again, he is even more confused, but Eagle Fairy Pian Feng says it's better to be disliked by women then to be ignored by them. Healer, you know what? Don't listen to any of them.
It might be nice to see Luna as a person with likes, dislikes and her own space. Then, she might just start liking Healer as a friend at least. 

The episode ends with Xuan Ta asking Xing Jui for help with the murder investigations. Sadly, the dead don't dream, so he can't really do anything. He thinks that the fairies of the Spirit Cluster might be able to uncover something though. Oh, more fairies! I like them.
Yep, fairies are fun! Great style, too.
Bring on the fairies!


This was kind of fillery, wasn't it. We got some Healer-Luna shenanigans (he's very cute in his clumsy attempts to woo her), some Chao Ya-Bear cuteness (I don't like him, sadly Me neither) and some sad Eagle Fairy as a result. Ah, love... there is always tragedy around the corner, isn't there.
I like Bear. What's not to like?

There isn't really much to comment further on this. I did find the whole Truth Mirror thing useless, though, since who cares what the people on the teams really think? If they chose that team, that's where they go and that's where they fight.
Ah, but what if three of them say "I'll fight for Shi!" but in fact, they want Kasuo on the throne, and then, they lose deliberately. See? Truth Mirror: needed.  
Very much so, but it would never occur to me to do that thing. People are scary.