Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 35 (Recap)

SakiVI: I'm back! I was away on holidays, then had a sudden family visit, and then the election, and now, I'm back for your recapping pleasure! and I'd like to say, I really need this show right now. Fo Ye and Gang just cheer me up a lot. I'm even mildly happy about seeing the Nose again.
kakashi: This episode is a lot of fun because of the poncey and lavish Qing Prince, who loves nothing more than fooling Lu and his band of Idiots. 

Episode 35 - Inscription on the Tombstone 

We begin with Fo Ye telling our Fabulous Qing Prince where his room is, which is far from Fo Ye's. The Prince is not happy. Hahahahaha, he says he has to be next to Fo Ye's so that at night, it is convenient. Fo Ye misunderstands (taking a step back, haha), thinking the Prince wants a little slap and tickle, but the Prince points out all his efforts on Fo Ye's behalf, and Fo Ye relaxes.
That rock on the right, that's a Ba Ye contribution. Reminds me of Nirvana in Fire
To be honest, Fo Ye, you should still be careful. You are an engaged man.
But not too careful. We also want a piece of him, no? 

Xin Yue's maid shows up with a melodramatic message from Xin Yue that Fo Ye had better show up or she will hang herself. Pffft. The Prince is concerned that it's unsafe for Xin Yue alone in Fo Ye's mansion - Fo Ye is hiding out - and Fo Ye says no, it's fine, dude, she's the heir to Xin Yue Hotel and no one will touch her. Personally, I wouldn't put it past Chen Pi in a temper tantrum, but sure, let's go with this line.
It is indeed unsafe for her. However, having her there all by herself with no Fo Ye anywhere to be seen is probably the best way to deceive Lu. 
In response to Xun Yue's intel on spies and guard-change times, Fo Ye gives a little note back which the Prince thinks is a love note, but is instead further instructions. This couple are just so in sync!
Haha, she made sure to point out when he can come visit her. I'm sure she misses his soft lips and his ... well. And he was totally expecting someone to talk to him, he had that note prepared and in his pocket.
Lt Zhang shows up to look pretty and tell us Ba Ye is here.
That rock is constantly photobombing! And now, some lantern post wants to be in the frame too! 
They seem to be staying in his place, which is bigger than it looks on the outside, and is filled with the finest rosewood and feng shui, as Princie notes. It is a pretty place, for sure.
All handpicked by Ba Ye. He has skillz! 
Time for Fo Ye's request! They only took a whole minute chit-chatting about rosewood, feng shui, and saying things like "I have a request," "anything for you, Fo Ye," "I hope you don't mind," and "not at all, what is it already?" (Wait, that last phrase was me.)
The friendship is strong with these people
And what Fo Ye wants is a negotiation with the military. Fo Ye and Ba Ye tell the Prince that there are things in the mine that Chief Lu and others want, but that shouldn't see the light of day, so they're going to bring them to the light of day just to keep them away from the Bad Guys. The Prince is much impressed with the Ye's patriotism (sidebar: I am mildly confused by their reasoning- I guess it's a subbing issue. Aren't they just saying: we will get all the stuff from the mines these other guys shouldn't have and we will hide it well elsewhere so that they'll never see it?).
But to get back to the point, the Ye's want the Prince to join forces with Chief Lu to help them get into the mine undercover and to get those things, whatever they are. They want the Prince to be all grand with the baddies using all the rules and regulations of the royal household and generally making the baddies feel bad about themselves. Ba Ye will go with him.
The Prince is so gleeful! I think he is generally very bored in life. 
Cut to Xuchangxing Restaurant (I read the name in English from the banner - you smart cookie you). Inside, Chief Lu, Huo Niang, and Chen Pi are waiting. Hahaaa, the Prince is making them wait. I really heart the Prince. Chen Pi is angry per usual. Chief Lu is mad too. And Huo Niang is the only one with a brain cell when she asks why only Chief Lu would get an invitation to this place, delivered through some obscure channels.  
And a note, reading: "I can help you achieve great things"!  
Chief Lu is actually surprised when she says there's a new force in the city. And gosh, is he a force! Our Princie-wincie arrives with musicians playing an instrument called a Suo Na, and a general crowd of servants who we later learn are actually from Xin Yue. This is simply hilarious. Ba Ye is with him and enjoying the crowd's attention. Huo Niang is calm about it, but the boyz are still pissy as evidenced by Chen Pi's nose.
Cue nose: 
When the Prince arrives, only Huo Niang bows because she's the only one with basic manners. They all introduce themselves. Seems Chief Lu is still the defense chief despite the complaints against him. Oh well. On the bright side, our Prince is Fabulous with a capital F! I'm totally digging his embroidered outfit, and he's easily the only person I've ever liked in Qing Dynasty Half-Shave.
He is simply deliciously flamboyant.
Ha, our Prince questions Chen Pi's social status. ("How is a person like you suited to have a meal with me?" Ahahahaha) Chen Pi then questions Ba Ye's standing, and Ba Ye, also looking fabulous, but with lower case f, says Chen Pi shouldn't talk because Chen Pi is dodgy. Bwahahahaha, the Prince has his throne brought in! And ooh, I recognize that listening servant by him!
Hahahaa, I love this.
The Prince mocks the wine, and has his own special wine brought in, and Chief Lu looks greedy. He thinks it's good wine, though I suspect it's probably crap wine brought in to fool the social-climbing Lu who would simply assume it's good because a prince is serving it.
Chen Pi interrrupts, and the Prince again notes Chen Pi has no business interrupting. Pfft. The Prince then tries the Lu-recommended roast duck. The Prince spits it out. Then he brings in his own food that his personal chef made. I dunno, I really liked the look of that duck. God, all of this looked SO YUMMY. Oh, and apparently it's leopard meat on the table. Oh. Sorry guys, but duck is surely way more delicious. But not as kingly. Plus, leopard probably just tastes like chicken. That is likely. Monkey brain is also served. I think he's just pulling everybody's leg.  
Cut to Xin Yue in a pink coat, with pink furniture, and pink curtains packing clothes, also pink. Bless. She sniffs some perfume when Fo Ye comes in with a dance step. She hears him, and almost smashes a glass on his head, but doesn't because he's good at blocking.
Pink delight.
Anyway, they flirt while Xin Yue also complains about being bored at the house. And then Xin Yue says she is afraid the Prince will snatch Fo Ye away. Yes, we know how the Prince feels about Fo Ye, but Fo Ye doesn't feel that way back, so don't worry, Xin Yue.
Poor Xin Yue is very bored and lonely. And gawd, they're so CUTE together.
Back to Xuchangxing Restaurant. The Prince and Lu are getting drunk together. Chen Pi has left the table, hahahahahahahaha, and Huo Niang is a bit bored. Ba Ye seems happy, though. And then they all wake up when the Prince suggests going into the tomb. The Prince notes neither Chen Pi nor Huo Niang have been successful getting into the tomb. And he suggests he pay for men to help our core group of baddies and that they split the treasure.
It is pretty ridiculous that they've been talking about the tomb but have still not been in it, actually
Then a Qing servant brings in a jade statue as a present for Chief Lu. And then a servant brings in goose feathers. Chen Pi asks what skills the prince has, so the Prince tosses the feathers, and the listening servant counts them by her hearing alone. 43 feathers. Wow. 
Huo Niang takes this chance to ask Ba Ye how Er Ye is. Ba Ye says he doesn't know, and then Huo Niang tells him to watch out for Er Ye when entering the tomb. What, she knows this is a Ye Plot? She seems to have guessed? Anyway, then Ba Ye talks about the Huo Family being in danger of losing their position, and Huo Niang brushes that off, although it does seem a concern.
Ha, the Prince sneezed feathers onto Chen Pi! Chief Lu says he's off to the mines tomorrow, and then both realize that neither means to actually go in when there are other people to go in for them. Too funny. The Prince is bringing out all Chief Lu's absurdities. Oh, and then the Prince tells Chief Lu to control his dog! Pffft at Chen Pi!
I can't get enough of this Chen Pi-dissing!  
Cut to a full moon (the only moon this drama knows) and Er Ye reading lots of papers while Dr Mo brings him medicine. She's very pretty, but I don't think she stands a chance with him. He's too into noodles. She tells him she will stay in Changsha after he asks when she'll leave - he's just not that into you, Mo! - and he suggests she leave him to rest. Hmm, does Er Ye know he is hot stuff?
I'm pretty sure he has noticed with all the women after him. 
Cut to Chen Pi and team gathered outside the mine. Huo Niang is there with her warrior ladies. And oh, look, there are Fo Ye, Er Ye and Visual Zhang dressed as members of our Prince's team. They look so alike! That dress-up did fool me for a bit. Being dumb, chief Lu and Chen Pi do not arrest them right away, but let them go in. Seriously incompetent, our villains.
That didn't make sense AT ALL, it actually made me a bit angry. Lu tells Chen Pi to "think of the bigger picture" - what bigger picture? Where is the obsession about bringing down Fo Ye gone? Now he suddenly doesn't mind Fo Ye going into the mine, dsiguised as a tomb-raider for hire? But I guess they're thinking: if anyone can find the treasure than these two. 
The tomb-raiding group enter and get to the big doors we've seen before. I thought they bombed it all? Or do these doors have magical restoration powers? The enemies all glare at each other, especially Chen Pi, who seems made for glaring.
It's true, he is good at it. Glaring skillz.
Fo Ye HOT. 
                  Instruct me, Fo Ye.

Then, they make it into the Holey Room, and there, our heroes shake off our villains by running to the passageway they found the last time they were there. Hahaaaaa. Chen Pi et al. are going in circles. Chen Pi looks for a pattern in the Holey Room. Ooh, he finds one of Er Ye's decorated little balls. Dun dun, da, dun!
Oups. He stepped on one of Er Ye's balls. 
Fo Ye ..... HAWT.
                          Fans Self.

As for our heroes, wherever they are, they push open some doors to enter a room with engraved obelisks and uneven stone blocks. It's quite cool, really.
It is
Then Er Ye and Ba ye find writing by Qing Wuzi, an ancient feng shui master, and Ba Ye bows and bows and bows nine times. Turns out the writing is the Qing Wu Jing, an ancient text about feng shui. And there we stop at Ba Ye's open mouth.


Not much to say, except the Prince is a hoot! I loved how he teased Chen Pi. Also, it was lovely to see Xin Yue and Fo Ye be a couple properly. Plus, Fo Ye looked amazingly handsome after having been a zombie in earlier episodes, so that was refreshing.
*Sigh*, Fo Ye...... Yes, I am extremely happy he is back. And I absolutely enjoyed the Prince's little sham, almost as much as he enjoyed himself.