Rants and Weekly Raves #115 (RAWR)

kakashi: I want to stop being so busy, it's no fun! Also, I see that I'm running out of stuff to watch.
Trotwood: I feel that way as well. Very busy, and I'm not really excited about any upcoming kdramas. I'm still loving Snail, and Japanese dramas. I've been introducing one each week. I'm waiting for the Wallace Chung/Aaron Wang show and the Weir/Min lakorn.
Shuk: I have all sorts of small projects to complete, but combined they are well nigh overwhelming. Plus my Thai fanfiction starring one of my favorite lakorn co-conspirators.. [secretly points upward] But I have lots, new and old, to watch! Also, if I only had the time.
JoAnne: Busy, getting busier, and no shortage of things to watch. I curse whoever pointed out Marcus Chang to me (secretly points upwards.) Fantastic holiday, though. Man, I love Thanksgiving. 


The Fine Sweet Man Living in Our House

Can I punch her uncle? I continue to love Nan Gil and Na Ri and the way they just light up around each other, and now I love Duk Bong, too. I love those guys enough that I'm not even going to pitch a fit if they redeem The Snake because of course, you know they are. What do you guys think? Is Dad alive or dead?
This dad?

Night Light (new)

Not being subbed so far, right?
Not that I've seen, and honestly, I've no real desire to watch it.
Me neither.

1% of Something (Final)

This was thoroughly cute, good acting, little annoying stuff, the right length, the right amount of angst, a wonderful happy ending - it was like a romcom KDrama should be. Sadly, the rest of romcom KDrama seems to have forgotten about its roots. So yay for remembering the old ways.
THIS is how it's done, indeed. What an enjoyable experience. I can't expand on anything Kakashi said, really. It was a delight for all the reasons she mentioned. There's a rumor that the two leads were kinda crusing on each other during filming and well, the last time I saw chemistry like this was in QIHM, so...they'd make one cute couple, for sure.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--this was a love of a show. There was a story, the story about two people falling in love with obstacles and some crazy, but we were given a LOT of what attracted many of us to dramas in the first place--people we like who fall in love with each other and plenty of time for us to share in that falling in love, like, respect, trust, and comfort. Well done, show. Also, We have him dressing much better at the end.
His clothes were the stuff of nightmares and their romance was the stuff of legends. So much of the plot was about the two of them navigating their relationship. It was great knowing the stupid side characters or corporate shenanigans didn't derail the pace of the show. Really well well done. I heart them sooo much.

Legend of the Blue Sea

I freely admit, I would be OUT if not for my kid. Drop it while you can! Such lazy, copy-cat writing. Self-plagiarism is plagiarism too, people. What I hate the most is the extremely obvious writing for effect - every single plot development, every funny scene... it is just and only there to please the crowd.
Crowd of one here, getting exactly what she wants from this story. It's like eating puffed rice. Mostly air. Pretty, pretty, pretty air. It's fun while I watch it and then I don't think about it again until the next episode airs. (Well, I might think about Jun Ji Hyun making dolphin noises because that was hilarious.)
I'll drop it until really bored.  

Weight Lifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo

I like this. I like the kids, I think the story makes a decent stab at a few relevant topics, and I'm curious to see where they take the issues: we have parental expectation, uncertain futures, body image issues, competition pressures, money woes, psychological roadblocks - you name it. Kids and adults alike struggling with all the crap you'd expect, but somehow it's not depressing. It's mostly enjoyable, even considering the mean girls aspect - I think because our stars are just so charming.

Oh My Geum Bi

I liked it, but haven't been back yet.
It's so good, and little Geum Bi is adorable and so, so tragic.


Same here, but I liked it less than anything else honestly.

Father, I'll Take Care of You

Still not available legally.
It's crap, though.

My Wife is Having An Affair This Week

I'm hearing fantastic things, but I just haven't gotten back to this. For now, you can blame Marcus Chang. And maybe Lorelei and Rory.

Not Korea

When a Snail Falls in Love

I heart this show and everybody in it. It's a tragedy it's going to be over next week! As said, I'm planning a rewatch.
Love this, love them, can't imagine being without Husband.
Does not appeal to me at all.  Waiting for Candle in the Tomb which starts as soon as this is done!


DAMN. Good one. Devil boy is rattled and our lady dressed up for him. Not that I believe that a relationship between the Devil and a woman will be easy, but I am looking forward to seeing him vulnerable and in love.
She did dress up, didn't she!  Legs for days, our Chloe. Why do you think he's so rattled at the thought that he might care for her? I mean, I know he's the Devil, but clearly this Devil isn't the devil we were brought up on and he cares for LOTS of people, so why is it so earth shattering to have an attraction to Chloe?
He has had thousands of willing women, but not one like this. I think he has never been in love before.

The Princess Weiyoung

Now this, THIS - this is so much better than a few other shows I can think of...I like our scrappy princess. She's sweet but she's not above getting revenge, and it looks like our prince is going to be a charmer too. I could do without the braids, Vanness, but whatever. And yes, I know he's not the lead. But he's what brought me to the table, so I'll be paying him a lot of attention, or trying to, because there are a lot of other people in this to fan about.
I think I will need to start this because I have nothing else left.
I love, love, love this show!  It's moving along beautifully, and it's so good.  Also, Vanness Wu has totally grown on me.

Behind Your Smile (New)

I started this one on a whim. Well, and a glimpse of Marcus Chang's smile. Holy shit, that smile. I read the synopsis: a twist on Faust? Okay, I'll look. Turns out she's an insipid little ninny with no grasp of how the real world works. And, far from a jaded semi-immortal, he is surprised and smiles an awful lot. As for her, who wouldn't fall for a guy that constantly shows up to save the day, especially while jogging in the park with perfect hair? According to Jo, it's slated for 16 episodes, which hopefully means none of those long draggy middle epi's so commonplace in TWDramas. 2 episodes out, broadcasting once a week on Sundays.
This was not on my radar at all and then Shuk tweeted a couple things that made me want to check it out, dammit, and now I'm hooked. We've got a poor little rich girl, as naive as they come, and a mysterious fellow who is bent on revenge against her family. This girl is naive and innocent and almost too child-like, but she does have a sweetness and charm, I guess. I don't know if he's immortal, but he does have an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, or for sending people to do things that have ripple effects he's completely planned out. I think he does favors and then requires a favor in return, which would make him the Devil in this tale.One thing he didn't count on in his plan to destroy Bambi's family, though - she gets to him at times. Right now that could all be part of a long con, but sometimes it seems that he saves her because he can't help himself. You can see him struggle with the decision, anyway. Marcus Chang is panty-dropping handsome, and when he smiles you don't even have to worry about dropping them, ladies. They just melt off. One episode a week ain't enough of that, quite frankly, so now I'm ALSO watching Back to 1989. He smiles more there. I may not live through it.

Back to 1989 (new to us, but complete!)

This one has Marcus smiling more frequently and paired up with a very charming female lead (Eugenie, she's a doll) that he seems to be falling for, on his trip back to 1989. The only problem is she's his mom's best friend, so yeah, what does that make her, a FILF? He doesn't go back to 1989 on purpose, but since he's there he figures he'll solve the mystery of his father since Mom would never tell him. In the process, he ends up becoming friends with his mom's whole little friend circle and they're all as sweet as can be, so you know that means there's lots of tears coming. But in the meantime, Marcus sizzles. I mean smiles. Well, both. Good LORD is he handsome. Somebody give me a drama where Aaron Yan, William Chan, and Marcus Chang are all grumpy businessmen competing for Puff Guo and I will die a happy woman.  
I might give this one a peek, too, One good enable deserves another. ^^


I need to watch Episode 8! Episode 9 will be out soon!  I meant to last night, but Marcus had other plans for me. 
Still on 6.

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu/We Married as a Job

I'm recommending another Japanese drama that has my tlist buzzing. This is a quirky romantic comedy about two people who decide to pretend to be married as a job. Not like you would expect but because the woman likes doing housework while the guy likes having things taken care of. They get married, but really treat it like a job. She gets paid and has certain days off. The problem occurs when they try to convince everyone that they are really married when he has never even held hands with a woman before. Based on a manga, it's fun and you really start caring about the two of them because you know they actually belong together. For me, it's filling in the hole that 1% is leaving.
This sounds cute but it's gotta go on a list.