The Man (That Should Be) Living at My House - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: I continue with the excuse to post pictures and gifs of Kim Ji-hoon on this blog. Darling, I will go on pretending you're really important in this drama.
JoAnne: And I will continue to love the actual important things while also enjoying your darling. We're both happy! Speaking of actual... did you see Actual Flower Boy from Dramaworld? He's in this!

Episode 3

Fast forward to the first Kim Ji-hoon sighting! It occurs in minute 21 and 4 seconds. Yeo-Joo and Dong-jin are in a coffee shop and she tells him he's looking good. Wow, I agree. I did think he was wearing a tracksuit though.  
What's up with that buckle thing?
Nari calls. Yeo-Joo is massively displeased. Nari tells Dong-jing "to cooperate" if he wants his money back. She wants him to come over - it's her mother's death anniversary - and have a few drinks. Huh. In fact, Nari wants her Ex to make her Stepdad drunk until he passes out. Interesting.
She doesn't know anyone else who could do this?
Dong-jin is all game ... but when he turns around, there's that incredibly annoying woman, with tears in her eyes. Let's collectively slap her. 
And then, let's line up and individually slap her, too. And him too, for good measure.
Let's add some punches, but not for him
She feigns a nervous breakdown of sorts just because Dong-jin says Nari needs him. And then, she tells Dong-jin it's best they break up - because Nari lied when she said it was over between her and Dong-jin. She fully understands ... who could ever break up with a man as great as him? Come on, SERIOUSLY. At least, he turns her down when she wants to storm to Nari's house and confront her about the money he lent her. See, there's a spine in there somewhere.
I was quite pleased with that tiny, tiny, infinitely small bit of starch in his trousers. It's true.
And thus, Dong-jin turns up at that house that gave this drama its title. In case you want to fast forward like me, this is at 37:41. He is carrying two big bottles of alcohol. 
I cannot wait to see how badly this will backfire.
So Nan-gil is there too, by the way. Dong-jin bows and is very apologetic (in general, I guess and in particular) in front of the dead mother. Nari wants to hurry things up and go straight to the drinking part though. Oh dear. That will prooooobably not turn out well.
Nan-Gil certainly looks nice in a suit, and makes Don't-Jin look like a mini-boy in comparison.

The two men sit down. And then, we learn that Nan-gil went to Dong-jin's workplace earlier - and paid him back. Because he didn't want there to be a "money issue" between his and his new daughter. Of course, it's to be a secret that he paid the money back. After Nan-gil leaves the coffee shop they have been in, Nan-gil has some sort of panic attack right there on the street. Is he sick? I'm sure JoAnne knows.
Actually, I don't. That was the only mention of it, that scene. What kind of monsters are those people, anyway?  e's obviously in distress and no one even offered to help.
He doesn't want his "daughter" to know anything about this though. And thus, the drinking starts. The two boys go from "let's see whether you are a man at all" to alcohol-induced best friends fairly quickly, while Nari drinks water only, the smart woman.
I actually really want this bromance. They can out-stupid each other, while somehow always having Nan-Gil show up as the better man to Don't-Jin's weak-assed spineless jelly fish self.
Here are a few gifs.
It was funny. Enjoy.
Yeo-Joo tries to disrupt Dong-jin's life again, but he's too drunk to care. We learn this about her: She thinks she's every man's dream, because she is "like a friend, a lover, a mom, a daughter, an angel, and a witch". She's obviously two-timing Dong-jin with some bald dude she goes to the gym with, but I still don't get why she's after Dong-jin like this. She is on her way to pick him up, in fact. 
I was pretty sure that bald dude was her gay best friend.
Yes, quite gay. But we don't get openly gay character in KDrama often, do we
So, the boys even do a lover's shot and their faces turn all red (a telltale sign they're drunk). Time for Nari to start snooping around in her Stepdad's room. The goal seems to be to make a copy of the house key? And this was the plan all along, apparently. The boys get her to drink a bit as well, and so her face turns red too. Dong-jin kinda passes out. Time for Nari to tell her Stepdad all about how low Dong-jin treated her after her mother died. They agree on their dislike for him and Stepdaddy ventures to remove him from the house. 
Awww, so not only did he cheat but he was overtly heartless as well? Jerk.  
Well, she cried too much
Outside, Yeo-Joo has arrived. The women fight, and the "trash" is thrown into the car. Hey, I hope that nickname doesn't stick. That's the second drama my Kim Ji-hoon is called this!
That wouldn't be good. How will he ever get lead role in a prime time drama if he's always the waste of skin?


I admit that I laughed quite a bit. But I also cry a little because it's just sad Kim Ji-hoon is not the lead. And yes, I'm going to repeat this until this drama is over.
Maybe it's episode 4 where we see the Puppy Gangster again. Hmm.