The Man (That Should Be) Living at My House - Episode 7 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Oh look! He's still around.
JoAnne: He needs to be kicked in those teeth.

Episode 7

kakashi: Ah, so Cho Dong-jin is rich (we find out when Yeo-Joo removes her name from a marriage agency database and the lady in charge shows her his profile)? And he only wants to marry someone who is also rich, or maybe that's his mother's wish? Oh, so he told his mother that he cheated on Na Ri and left her?  And Mom was all 'Nooo probs, this time we'll go for a rich girl.'  (Ooh, wait, what if the secret is that Na Ri's dad is rich and she doesn't know it?) Fair enough. Sliiiight problem for the snake though. Also, why are him and Nan-gil wearing almost exactly the same coat plus turtleneck? That's confusing.
Kwak Kwak: left / Dong-jin: right
Oh look: good guy in white, dirt bag in black.
Dong-jin seems mildly interested in how many men Yeo-joo has seen and she gives some angry answer about rich douche bags (he is the one who is always late). Unfazed, he tells her she can't be in a bad mood today, seeing how he's planning to introduce her to his friends. Since she's completely fake anyway, she can just switch back to smiley oppa-cooing within seconds.
This scene leads me to think that he did not place himself in the marriage registry, but who knows. he wouldn't be the first well-off young man to actively pursue a woman for a relationship while knowing that he'd be marrying someone else.
These are Dong-jin's friends: A blabbermouth, a busybody and a cynic:
They were practically cartoons. It was very strange.
Kim Ji-hoon in black turtleneck appreciation shot:
(Please note the rosy cheeks. It means he's drunk)
He is obviously against signing up with marriage agencies. Did his mother sign him up then?
Count down to the moment when we realize he's the worst kind of person out there, 3, 2, 1...
Still, the evening is all sorts of uncomfortable for Yeo-Joo. I feel a tiny little bit sorry for her at this stage. Just desserts, Kakashi.  I have no sympathy for her discomfort as the other woman of a man she took from a co-worker. When Cynic shows the friends old photos of them together, Na-ri is on many of them and Dong-jin goes really quiet.
BINGO! There it is, proof that he sucks as a human being.
He even enlarges one of the photos to get a better look at Na-ri's face. Boy, is he not over her... He drunk dials her later, but she doesn't pick up.
Because she's out on a one-time-only magical fantasy date with the best man in this drama, something that they can both remember forever since 'circumstances must keep them apart.' Ha, right. Well the date part is right, at least. But if anyone thinks anything is going to keep Nan Gil and Na Ri apart for long, they need to watch more K-Dramas.
Then he texts her to let her know that "he has finally realized what he has done". He is very sorry.
Oh. My. God. When he had her he didn't want her. Now that he doesn't have her, he wants her again. This is the type of wishy-washiness that should be bred right out of humanity. Bred? Is that correct? What's the past tense (well, isn't this future perfect...God, it's been so long, I don't know.) Did I say it correctly?
[SakiVI: Jumping to say, yes, you said it correctly. Jumping back out now.] Thank you Saki.
Yeo-Joo comes and rips the phone from his hands. WTF, woman. She slams it to the floor (where it doesn't break, good quality) and tells him that he is the worst she has ever dated.
Here I am placed in the unfortunate and uncomfortable position of agreeing with her while still wishing for her to suffer grievous harm.


Well, Yeo-Joo, you've been too greedy. Having an affair with a willing man, okay, that is one thing - but thinking he'd be over his long-time girlfriend/almost wife within such a short time is just stupid. Of course he'd be sad. Why of course? He didn't have to do it. He wasn't left. He left. What's to get over? And he is allowed to be. Nope.  Go, be sad.  BUT. Do not show it on pain of death, you spineless jelly fish waste of skin. You have no right. You can't dictate somebody else's feelings and if you try, you have already lost. That is true, though. But despite my dislike of them both, I (dammit) have to sympathize with her a bit here. She didn't drag him into an affair, he went into it willingly. Just as he should not take Yeo Joo places where he knows Na Ri will appear, he should at least have the courtesy not to display his regret to Yeo Joo while still moving forward in a relationship with her. So, if you really like this man (and I think she actually does like him, as much as she can like somebody), you have to change your clingy behavior.
Add on: So, quite in constrast to our dear JoAnne, I fully understand this guy. Moping, sad Na-ri was annoying and no fun, so he tried some other juicy fruit. But now, he is feeling very sad and very sorry because he actually liked her. That's completely human. It doesn't make him a good person at all, but it's human and that why I keep saying: of course he'd be sad. They were together for 10 years or something.

OMG it's so frustrating to only have this ONE NO GOOD EXCUSE FOR A MAN when there is such an awesome guy standing right there and such GOOD THINGS happened in this episode! Duk Bong surprised me by sincerely and enthusiastically courting Na Ri and, well, of course, there's the Nan Gil/Na Ri KISS to be thrilled about, too. (I will ignore the small voice in my head that says wow both of those escalated pretty quickly.)
Oh, you can just start YOUR OWN RECAP, if you don't like it, ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
YOU TOLD ME I COULDN'T. Plus, I hate recapping. That's why you're laughing so hard. I'm basically hoist by my petard.