The Man (That Should Be) Living at My House - Episode 8 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: We say goodbye to my man and I won't lie, I'm not sad about it. Because I don't like this show and hence, I don't like him in it and anyway, I don't care, because he will soon be on my screen as smart and friendly oppa. If you guys have seen the variety show Let's Eat With Friends, you will agree with me that he impersonates that oppa. He won't even have to act.
JoAnne: It's okay, I'll just take my Nan Gil love to the RAWR...

Episode 8 (Final)

22:31, my man. Earnest and proper in black-grey business attire (we later find out that he is wearing jeans to this - daring!). Looking contrite. Still regretting his life choices.
He needs to relax his shoulders. He looks all scrunched up.
Then, he gets to do some PPL, which is good, because it means he has market value. She wants nothing, which means ... not sure what.
It means she's all about the good guy waiting for her back home.
Here he is, doing animated PPL:
Then, he's getting deep. "How many times do you think we missed our chances of getting married?" he asks. It seems they were often close but never walked the extra mile -- and it seems they both know it is also her fault. He "wants to share the burden" of breaking up with her, and apparently, that is fine with her. So I guess their relationship was comfortable, how long relationships sometimes are, but never really meant much. Or enough.
Inertia. Bodies in motion, etc. I guess The Evil Hoobae played the role of Gravity here.
And by ways of saying a final goodbye, he has something for her, something her mother gave him when it looked like they were going to get married soon. Look how excited he looks. I think this was filmed when he knew he'd soon be in another show:
It's amazing how different he looks, really. Up there he just looks constipated.
She had one of her "sons" (=orphan boys) steal it. Hm, who could that beeeeee? It seems it's a poem/story she wrote when in school. Yes, that's really funny.
He opens his mouth wide to show you how his lips now match his tongue. It's the latest SoKo makeup craze.
Our boy tells Nari he is going to HongKong with the Snake, which has Nari snark about how these two deserve each other and good riddance.
There's one last thing: Dong-jin is concerned for her well-being, about the house ... and about Nan-gil and whether he is ill. It's the first she hears of it and because she's already maaadly in lurve with Kwak, she perks up and wants to know more ... enter Yeo-Joo. *Sigh*
OH GOD why why do we have to have her every.single.time.
The Snake makes a scene about Dong-jin being registered with a marriage office, which is news to him. Na-ri keeps asking about Nan-gil and then, another woman sitting in the café gets up and attacks the Snake. Apparently, Yeo-Joo stole her man as well. Dong-jin prevents the enraged woman from hitting Yeo-Joon and then runs out when he realizes that Na-ri is about to drive a car (it's her friend's), which she hasn't done in very long, because she is SO CONCERNED about the Kwak. Too late, Na-ri is gone.
Bye Nari, go be with the people who actually matter!  Bye!
One more Kim Ji-hoon picture:
And then, he breaks up with Yeo-Joo and leaves like a hero. Well, not really, because weird stupid character, but anyway.


Wow, how painful. 
Very, because you deprived yourself of the happy moments and good scenes...
Bye! See you on the RAWR, Nan Gil lovers!