The Man (That Should Be) Living at My House - Episode 4 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: For a brief, scary moment, I thought "that's it, no more Kim Ji-hoon!" But luckily, he did turn up. If only very, very briefly.
JoAnne: He looked really good, too, since he was all scruffed up. Way to maximize those seconds, cutie.

Episode 4

Here he is. At 6 minutes 28 seconds! Poor guy. Totally drunk and at the merci of a truly awful woman. I'm trying to get good shots here, but...
I'm not sure how anyone could walk after sleeping for hours in that position.
Oppa snores.
The awful, awful woman steals his phone from his pocket (hey! where are you touching?!) ... and finds text messages between Dong-jin and his mother, who wants to know about how things are going with the wedding planning. Then, she looks at the pictures. And deletes all the ones with Dong-jin and Nari on them. It's not funny, but I'm laughing. Is she insane? Oppa is still snoring. And she leaves him in the car.
All I could think was - he's going to notice that, you idiot. How will you explain? With tears and pouts and Oppaaaa I was wrong I'm sorry let's break up? God, I hate her.  
At minute 18:41, Oppa is still snoring.
He doesn't even look like Kim Ji Hoon there.
He's an acting genius, I tell you.
And then, he finally wakes up. Well done, love. Well done.
When he finally manages to get up and go up into his apartment, he finds Yeo-Joo there. He's like: Why the f... are you here? He doesn't remember anything, but guesses correctly that she must have driven him here. Oh, and she even cooked for him? 
Probably tastes like crap. Crap and bitterness.
She tells him that Nari and "her brother" were like thugs and he needs to get his car fixed. Yup, Kwak Kwak did manhandle those side mirrors a bit roughly, it's true. But Yeo Joo has something else in mind entirely: she pretends something huge has happened that she cannot talk about and that she got actually hurt. 
I'm as confused as you are, oppa .... what does she want from you?!
She just wants to suck the life from everything.


Ha, totally love how fast I can do these recaps :D
Are you watching with or without subs? 
I'm watching Kim Ji-hoon bits with subs, but nothing else
Because there was a huge step forward in the story, and (among other things) we have confirmation that Nam Gil and Na Ri met as children, that she has no idea, and that she's the reason he's there, really. He had another panic attack, too, and I guess the head of that loan shark business is his adopted father but they are estranged. Because Nam Gil is a good person, of course.
You don't say! What a surprise! But seriously, STOP it with the fated childhood stuff, Korea.  
I'm also enjoying Lee Soo Hyuk's piece of the story, with his weird little sister, his Awesome Secretary who clearly thinks he's a piece of shit, and his own cheerful acceptance of being such a piece. I really like this show.