ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 6 (A Contest SqueeCap)

Sparks here, recapping episode 6. There's a change in the wind this episode. Significant events take place and neither of our main characters will be quite the same again!
Trotwood: I call this one "Mars in Rescue Mode (part two): Actions show truth"
Shuk: I just love how in orbit those two are becoming.
kakashi: Yes, if you look closely, it's a very space-focused drama
JoAnne: Space between their ears, maybe.

Episode 6

We open with our OTP in class together. Teach announces lunchtime and the fangirls swarm Mars, wanting to eat together. He's distracted, watching our quiet Ah Zhai, until they drag him off. *swoooooon* She coughs at her desk (that's worrisome after being out in the rain last night - *dun-dun-dun*) and seems prepared to nap at her desk since she’s broke and has no food. Does she even have a Kasaba manga to pass the time?
I'm pretty sure that's in her emergency kit.
Look at that look!!! Why doesn't everyone figure this out? He loves her. To pieces. grab her up and run away! (okay. I really didn't want that to happen, but the looks are squeeworthy)
It would be easier for people to see that look if his face wasn't being eaten by his hair.
Shortly later, a delivery man tears down the halls, hollering for Chen Momo, and drops a fancy lunchbox on her desk. But she didn't order lunch she says. Ah - it's from student Zhuang Jun Nan, announces the delivery guy. (Aw!! That's Mars' secret real name!) And delivery guy was asked to make sure it was an extra-big lunch, too. Momo's eyes well with tears as she bows her head over her yummy food.
This is so, so, so cute. You know you're in love when you've got those feeding instinct taking over
*Looks at Trot*
After class, Mars & Momo drive back to Yi Zhi's place and he asks if she's heard from her sister. Not yet, says Momo, and she's very worried about her. Mars offers to borrow from his company to pay off the loan sharks but Momo insists they wait a few more days. Mars isn’t happy about it and wants to know how much longer they should wait when it's already been three days.
I'm with him. And where is this sister? I never understood how people in these dramas who are in such debt have money to run hide out somewhere. Hiding out isn't cheap.
I understand Momo's loyalty to her blooded sister, but if she was willing to scrape you off, you should be willing to do the same. Don't typical drama loan sharks threaten to remove your organs too?
I probably wouldn't throw away my sister either. I would believe in her until I really couldn't.
And I don't think her sister was really throwing her away, anyway. I think she was forced to go away in some weird W-induced writer fugue.
That night Momo calls her sister over and over but she never answers. Mars suggests calling the police and Momo freaks out at him. So Mars starts criticising Chuchu, calling her materialistic and foolish for getting swindled (more truths), and Momo yells at him that they aren't close enough for him to be poking his nose in her business. He gets mad at that and says she's right and he should have just left her in the park to get rained on and sick. Poor Yi Zhi shows up right as Momo storms off and Mars bites his head off for offering dinner to Momo. They stay on the rooftop to eat and presumably Momo scrounges for herself or goes hungry down in the apartment. Good thing she had that big lunch, I guess.
She really shouldn't bite the hand that literally fed her. He's helping her; her sister isn't.
Both are just still SO immature. I get getting angry and why they do. But any adult would manage to take the emotions out of this conversation.
Oooh, yes! Let's spend 16-20 hours watching people have rational discussions. *dies of anticipatory boredom*
Later Mars mopes on the roof - he’s hurt that Momo said they weren't close when he was just worrying about her. Yi Zhi tries to get Mars to tell him what's bothering him and, when that doesn't work, suggests they should go in since Momo doesn't like the dark. But Mars insists they'll be sleeping in the garage tonight. (Because? How is this in any way making a statement?) Yi Zhi is less than enthused at that idea.
It's a "just you wait, you will soon realize how much you need me"-statement. Typical for lovers' quarrels
Meantime, Momo's phone vibrates with a call from her missing sister but Momo is asleep, her face covered in feverish sweat, and she misses the call.
Well, it did rain.
The next morning the guys come in, Mars loudly announcing, “Good Morning,” only to get hushed by Yi Zhi since their female guest is still sleeping. Mars is still nursing his grudge from the night before and storms into the bedroom to wake up Sleeping Beauty. She doesn't wake when he flings the covers off her and he realizes something is wrong. After gently brushing her face with his fingers to confirm the fever, he immediately scoops her up in his arms and rushes to the hospital where he hovers worriedly.
He's actually fairly good in rescue mode.
Shirt looks good too. And here we have the standard consequences of Unsanctioned Taiwanese Rainwater.
He's a bit of an idiot though. Only getting out of "I'm so hurt"-mode when he sees she's really sick. 
Rescue mode good.  Blue shirt good. Mmm. Good.
Out in the hall, the doctor asks Mars if he's been busy filming lately. Mars explains that he's been in school lately and not busy. If you're not busy, lectures the doctor, then why did you wait until your girlfriend's fever was so high to bring her to the hospital? Mars stammers over the girlfriend part but doesn't correct the doctor. All he can do is apologize as Doc lectures him to make sure Momo drinks enough water and takes her meds on time when they release her after her IV.
Even the complete stranger doc understands the way Mars looks at her. He's not just worrying about a "friend." (I'm also liking this blue shirt as well.)
About that high fever... 40 degrees celsius usually don't make you that delirious. Okay, just saying. 
It's a genetic thing, often found in people with abnormally thick hair. They tend to have lower body temps - the hair growth is actually an attempt by the organism to protect itself, and a relatively low temperature hike will have a real-feel effect of a much higher temp, just like the weather can feel much more pronounced than it actually is.
Momo awakes to find Mars sitting by her hospital bed. He gently scolds her for not telling anyone she wasn't feeling well. She tells him she was worried he'd be recognized and his current living situation would get out, but he tells her he couldn't care less about it.
Finally, some truth between them. Yay!
They're interrupted by two nurses coming to change the IV but really just wanting autographs. Momo points out he's still recognizable, even while unpopular, and he begs her to please stop emphasizing his lack of popularity. lol. She tries to get him to leave but he refuses, insisting he'll be taking her back. As they leave the hospital, every person they pass stares at them, but he pays them no mind as he helps her down the hall, his arm solicitously around her.
It really is worse for her. He genuinely doesn't care, but really, why should he? Yes, her hair is kind of embarrassing, but he's pretty much been humiliated so much in this drama so far, he should be immune to some stares in a hospital, especially when he doing something praiseworthy.
I thought it was a really cute scene, and shows his character development from that shallow creature in the early episodes.
I would go even further and say that he IS immune to the stares probably shows that he never was shallow at all. It was just a type of behavior he was told to exhibit.
Wait, they're staring at her hair?
She coughs in the cab, and he insists she sleep on his shoulder. She's feeling too crappy not to give in, and he continues quietly lecturing her for not taking care of herself while she dozes. He also offers to make her a special fish soup his mother always made when he was sick.
See, the feeding instincts are strong!
*stares at you-know-who*
Why do you keep staring at me?
Because the feeding instinct is strong within you, O Wise One
Back at the apartment building, Momo stops to gather her strength before heading up the stairs and Mars insists she ride on his back instead. As they head up the stairs, his hand reaches to secure her arms around his neck in a very tender gesture.
Piggyback Cute! My second favoritest trope after the Back Hug.
And yet, they still don't get that they're in love? 
If you don't have many, or any, friends...and you make a friend, maybe you think what you feel is friendship.
Momo eats soup while Mars tries to figure out which medicine she should take. He presses the back of his hand against her forehead and neck to check her temperature and Momo is suddenly extra-aware of his closeness. (It's about time. At this point I wouldn't be sure if I really had a fever or if I was just still hot from riding his back up the freaking stairs!) His attentiveness makes them both suddenly uncomfortable, and he runs off. Momo recalls another Kasaba quote about how friendly-worry brings smiles but loverly-worry brings frowns and wonders why Mars seems to be frowning while worrying for her. Not always the greatest at connecting dots, is she?
Even when wise Kasaba is spelling it out for her.
I honestly thought she was a bit brighter than him.
It's the fever. (maybe not)
Space, the final frontier.
Later Momo sleeps, a cool compress on her forehead (yes, that's where they belong!), while Mars worries about how to handle the entire homeless situation. The landlord rings the bell to hand him a blackout notice - there's going to be some construction in two days. So now he's got an additional time crunch if he wants to keep Momo comfortable.
The blue shirt is working HARD.
Momo wakes in the morning to an empty house and a note from Mars telling her to eat breakfast and take her meds. And, btw, she better not get him sick, too. She smiles to herself over his teasing.
Mars & Yi Zhi are on the roof stretching. Yi Zhi complains about the blackout notice and Mars tells him to worry about how they can fix Momo's situation. Yi Zhi reminds him there is one person they can ask and then looks away worriedly when Mars wonders who that could be.
Cut to Mars standing in front of a disgruntled Tony Ge. Tony thinks he's gone out of his mind, wanting to help his landlord out of her debt problem. He turns Mars down flat and Mars entreats him to change his mind. Tony says he could help Mars but that Chen Momo is nothing to him so why should he help? Mars brings up a stipulation in his contract that he can ask for compensation because he hasn't had all the cds and so on he was promised. He tells Tony he knows the odds of the company meeting those promises are slim, due to his lack of popularity. So he offers to terminate his contract early, letting them off the hook, for this favor.
Wow, more proof on how much he's changed for the better.
Oh, poor boy ... as if this were a real bargaining chip...
Tony rips him a new one for using his last big card over something like this. He tells him the reason his career is in such a jam in the first place is because of his rash way of doing things. And he, Tony, gets to decide when the contract is terminated, not Mars. Mars just stands there through it all, looking broken, and Tony softens. He tells Mars to go wait and he'll try to think of a solution.
Tony is really all BS and mirrors, imho. Despite his treatment of Mars, I think all along he wanted to just get the boy back on the straight and narrow, and never really intended to kick him to the curb.
Yes, I kinda like Tony. He seems alright, overall
Outside, Yi Zhi is extremely unhappy that Mars offered to cancel his contract. What if Tony had taken him up on it? He cries that Mars might have been okay with it, but Yi Zhi would have been stuck as Ah Ben's manager and he's miserable and the only thing that’s been getting him through is the hope of Mars getting his career back. He begs Mars to never bluff about canceling the contract again. Mars promises to work extra hard and rescue him from Ben asap. And it's so sweet and cute, but I'm dying over Yi Zhi being the damsel in distress.
Yup, the bromance is adorable, but I don't blame Yi Zhi. I wouldn't want to work for Ben either.
Felt sorry for Yi Zhi. He may call himself manager, but he is first and foremost one of Mars' only friends
I love him. Love him. Also, I am not sure why, but his face right there? Makes me think of the old sea monkey advertisements.
Anyway, Mars makes Yi Zhi promise to never breathe a word about any of this to Momo and then orders Yi Zhi to go shopping with him. They come home and the first thing Mars does is lean over Momo and reach toward her face. Momo jerks away to his surprise - he's just checking her fever. She's more than a little aware of his proximity as he cups her cheek (*swoon*) and compares temperatures. Her fever's gone down - yay!
Damn. This is hot. 
Kakashi's fever rises.
Poor Yi Zhi trundles in a minute later, lugging the shopping bags by himself. Momo asks what they bought and Mars tells her she'll find out soon. Cut to the three of them at the dinner table toasting a hot-pot party. The two guys start dumping in their favorite ingredients while Yi Zhi tells Momo this is all Mars' plan to cheer her up. Mars brushes it off and Momo calmly joins in. Two seconds later Mars realizes she's putting taro in the pot and gets upset. Then why did you chop it up and put it on a plate with the other items? Ha - Momo asks that very question and he's all, "Can't I buy it just to look at it?" Yi Zhi cracks up over the whole exchange, nearly choking on his beer.
I like the flavor of taro, although I've never had it in a hot-pot.
I'm not sure I've ever had taro
I had a taro-flavored bubble tea once. Not my best choice ever, despite it being a deliciously pretty pale purple.
After dinner, Cutie-Manager connects his video camera to the TV and shares Mars’ introduction video from when he was a newbie. He was in a band called "Lively, Amazing, Great Again & Again" - complete with arm movements. lol
I was cracking up, too. So funny. And I love how embarrassed Mars is.
I wonder how many takes it took for Jiro not to bust out laughing.
Outer space reference in there!! 
Later, both guys are semi-drunk and declaring how Mars will become popular again. Momo states that she has faith in Mars, too. Well, that sure seems to sober him up. She asks Yi Zhi to teach her how to use the video camera and then tells Mars that he has to have faith in himself. That she likes people who have faith. Then she holds up the camera and tells him to declare how he will become big again.
Mars takes so long to speak that she droops the camera and has to ask him to say it again. Yi Zhi interrupts, popping in front of the camera to announce he'll be the hottest manager ever someday. I don't know about hottest - cutest, sure. Mars shoves him aside and starts to speak - every word gaining resolve until he forgets the camera and stares straight into Momo's eyes. "Ah Zhai, I promise you - I will become the hottest superstar in all of Asia."
I really love this. I love how he gets such strength from her. I love how she gets such strength because he gets strength from her. She is affected by how much she's been able to affect him. I wish more dramas had our OTP work together rather than spending their time being against each other.
So tender....
I love this.
Their little smiles.
The next morning Mars gets a text and leaves while Momo is still sleeping. We cut to Tony Ge giving Ah Ben dance lessons? Mars & Yi Zhi come to meet with Tony but before they can leave, Ben tells Tony they should let Mars star in his music video. He even offers to double the studio's pay out of his own pocket, just to really goad Mars.
Uh-oh, this can't be good.
Ben is such a vile ass
Another nice blue shirt on Mars, I approve.
Outside, Tony tells Mars he called up the loan sharks and got them to back off for a bit. The initial amount still needs to be repaid asap but the balance can be paid off slowly. Mars is in high heaven that Momo should be able to go home since all they have to do is pay off the initial amount.
The loan sharks are Mars fans, maybe that helped
Well that collar, though. Take points off for that collar. 
I don't like the necklace much either.
Next thing we know, Mars is offering to sell his car for filming? Yi Zhi kiboshes this latest plan - it might pay off the debt but he'd be taking a major loss and unable to send money home, too. Oh, right. There's that, too! They eat lunch together, Mars stressing that no matter who dirty or difficult the job, he'll take it. Yi Zhi brings up the music video and Mars reacts as well as ever - he doesn't want the pity job or to be background when he should be the star. Yi Zhi mutters that he knew he shouldn't have brought it up.
At school, the fan club tells Mars some loan sharks are harassing Momo. Mr Loan Shark (hey - he’s the nerdie-cutie in Aaron Yan and Puff's Just You drama!) tells Momo he'll be coming to school every day until the money is paid. And then he punches Mars for butting in. Afterwards, Momo stifles her tears as she takes down the posters the loan sharks hung on the windows while the entire class refuses to help. Mars looks torn up but doesn't move either.
That's who he is? I thought he looked familiar!
Driving back that night, Mars tries to cheer Momo up by telling her he got a job and is lead in an music video. She's happy for him and wishes him luck. Well, look who finally means it about taking any job no matter what.
Because the situation just got much worse for poor Momo with them coming to school and such.
You know he'll do anything for his girl. Except help her clean up all those stupid loan shark notices.
Sigh. Mars is so sweet. Such a sweet boy. Very sweet. Let's pet him.
The next day at the shoot, the director gives Mars a hard time, shooting the scenes repeatedly. And just when Mars thinks he's done, Ben has the director give Mars an even more difficult time - culminating in Mars getting slapped over and over and over.
Okay, that was a bit funny :)
I like the guy whaling on the guitar and oblivious to everything else.
Another really nice shirt look. (Notice how hard I'm pretending Ben doesn't exist?)
Yi Zhi brings over the payment afterwards and Mars asks him to hand it straight to Tony for Momo's debts. He only keeps the portion Ben paid and heads back to the apartment. There he tells Momo to pack up because they can go home. He lies that Tony paid the debt out of the goodness of his heart and Momo thanks him profusely. And seriously believes this?! WTF, Momo. Well, she believes her sister is a good person and deserves to be trusted in all things, so yeah. The sweetest smile flickers across his face before he demurs again that it wasn't him. But he wants to take her out to dinner for a double celebration - his job and their return home.
I spent a lot much time saying "awwww" in this episode.
He is so pleased, dammit. So cute. 
Ah, such a lovie. I even don't mind his hair right now.
They eat at an odd, fancy place, sitting on couches. Then he plays the piano, a song he dedicates to her that he composed after she rescued him from drowning. While she listens, she wonders to Prince Kasaba how her feelings for him can have changed so drastically. Watching him work so hard, and his sincerity, has changed her hatred to like and even dependence. Her eyes fill with tears, certain that their new closeness will disappear eventually. She asks her prince what feelings in her heart could be so touched and weak.
You are not weak my friend. You are incredibly strong. I may have fallen right over if he did that little smile at me over a piano.
Falling on top of you, Trot! 
So basically it's a Mars Fan Club pigpile cuz I'm in there too.
Walking home, Momo spins around outside the gate, thanking Mars for the last few days. She tells him his song was beautiful, and he looked good playing. As she speaking, his expression softens, and he slowly leans forward. Just as he's about to kiss her, she turns her head and catches her sister peeking around the corner.
And again, the annoying cow spoils everything.
She should just moooooooo-ve away.
Stupid cockblocking useless scavenging sister...[grunbles]
Momo takes off immediately and catches her sister. Chuchu apologizes profusely - her loser boyfriend stole her wallet and abandoned her and that's why she was gone so long. Momo doesn't care and glomps onto her sister, telling her tearfully that she can never leave her.
*sigh* - but I guess it's all that Momo had after the death of her parents.
Excuse me while I gargle the bad taste out of my mouth.
Back in her room, Momo runs around hugging and saying hello to her many Kasabas. Mars gives up trying to talk to her (love the head wiggle he starts doing like all the Kasabas :) and ends up perched over a window, playing his guitar and imagining the interrupted kiss from earlier. Pardon me while I watch that two or three or six times...
His eyes widen when he realizes what he is thinking, and he berates himself that he can't have feelings for Momo. Absolutely not. No way!
Yes way. And why would this be so bad? 
Seriously. About TIME.
Waaaayyyy now.
Do it! Doooooo iiiiiiiit.
The next day Momo interviews for a job - she can't make anything on the menu, not even coffee - but the boss is a fellow Kasaba fan so she gets the job anyway. At home she works out a budget with her sister - no more buying useless crap, and they both have to work hard. But she knows Sis can't go cold-turkey so she offers her a small allowance of personal money.
Pfft. She sure as hell can go cold turkey after leaving you behind and kicked out of your home.
Hahahaaaaa, Kasaba lovers unite. 
When Mars comes home, Momo offers to cook him some noodles, but he’s already eaten. Chuchu thanks him for looking after Momo and apologizes for everything. Momo shrugs it off, then he and Momo share a long smile before he heads to his room. Sis definitely clocks the change in the air. That night both of them lay awake thinking about each other and smiling. So cute!!
More "awwwwwwing" from me.
I'm getting cavities.
I love them. 
She's circles, he's stripes. Together they make flowers.
It should be babies.

The next morning, Momo can't stay awake in class, and after school, she runs to her part-time job handing out fliers and then to the restaurant where she spills all over the customers. Her boss scolds her to do better, and she promises to try. The end.
Life is hard


Well, I’d say there was some major growth with Mars this episode. He resisted for a while but ended up humbling himself just for Momo and didn’t even seem to struggle with anger over the way he was treated at the MV shoot. He still doesn’t seem to have quite acknowledged his feelings for Momo but actions speak louder than words and, boy, are his actions speaking volumes!
Oh man, he is in so deep. It is very, very cute to watch. 
He's just so happy around her, it feels good.
He deserves a little positivity in his life, especially since he's thinking deeper thoughts nowadays.

Momo, on the other hand, didn’t do much this episode except become much more aware of Mars’ presence. Like Mars, she is becoming aware of feelings but she hasn’t quite realized yet just what those feelings are. And sadly, she’s convinced whatever relationship they have is doomed from the start. Because he’s a star?
Yup. and her only connection to his fans are those mean girls from school. She considers herself rather ordinary, and she has got to know that no fan would want him to be with anyone less than another show business person or a model.
I think she's just been burned by too many people in her life. Remember the early episodes and always being overlooked? She's probably also always been bullied. People who are systematically bullied have a very hard time trusting anyone. Plus, her sister. So yes, she probably has MAJOR trust issues. Even if he weren't a star, he is one gorgeous and popular male. Someone like this liking her must be completely alien to her. 
Never in a million years would she ever think he liked her, not romantically.
Yep, what y'all said.

All in all, things are coming to a head and something’s going to give one way or another soon. Feelings are about to hit the point of no return, but there are several hurdles in our couple’s way. How will they deal with them?
Badly, most likely. Haha. Too many episodes to go :D
Yeah, shouldn't there be a bitchy second lead showing up some time soon? Or is Jia Sen going to cover that aspect for us?