20% Percent of What They (Mostly) Got Right: Jae-in's Jackets (Final)

Shuk: I actually goofed up. I thought there were 14 episodes not 16. So this one is actually going to be 4 episodes long, and may contain ugly suits. Any complaints, though? Any? .... Okay, here we go then.

Episode 13

Welcome to My Underground Lair
Whether he rethought his wardrobe post-kidnapping, or he wanted to prevent her from running away from his house screaming about his suit choices, this one is nice and sober. Well, except for the bright brown shiny leather shoes, I guess. 
Lose the tie and the jacket, and our chaebol becomes pretty irresistible, neh? Another reason to never put them on ever ever again.
Trotwood: His shirts do fit him nicely though.

QAS' Batik of Blech
Mercifully, this little vomit-inducing shirt is in only one scene. Purple Peopler Eater yucky. The photographer tried to hide it with a fuzzy foreground, but alas, our flowery / cloudy / whatever could not be denied.
Yeah it looks like a bunch of clouds or an explosion is a cotton ball factory.

Corny Chex Mix
The only saving this atrocious outfit is the Happy Trail tie after that jacket mercifully disappears, thrown back into the Time Vortex to spend its days waiting in a dark closet for the next Lifetime Original Movie set in the 1960's.
It's patchwork quilt meets 60's newscaster. Outfit looks so normal sans jacket. Wishing I could see into the cordi's mind the second that decision was made.

Episode 14

I Bow To Your Superior Fashion Sense
I think the pants were "Gift With Purchase" when he bought that lumberjacket. And that shirt was never meant to be a workout item, and she should have given him a gift card with the shirt that said, "YOU ARE TO ONLY MATCH THIS SHIRT WITH SOLID BLACK PANTS" It could have saved the eyesight of 1.2 million Seoulites. And mine.
Once again mistaking fugly streetwear with work out wear. I get hot and break into a sweat just watching him want to run in this, and not the good sweaty hotness either -- more like the hot sweatiness you get when you're about to vomit.

Channeling His Inner Ji Sung PS Partner
I wanted to talk about how appropriate this is for sleepwear, until I realized that, Happy Trails notwithstanding, he has gone pantshands with clothes that have no pockets. Can anyone unsee this now???
Thanks. I can't unsee this. I didn't see it before but now . . .Do you think that's why they cut to her so quickly? Somehow, though, I'm not bothered by this at all.

Couple Clothing For The Win
They look so cute when they match, don't they? It could happen more often if Teacher could learn to make him not wear clothes that look like someone threw up in Technicolor.
But she has better taste than that. Thank goodness.

There's a Tear In My Eye For Not Matching Shirt To Tie
This is his final suit as a guy with his girl. Can we blame his sad sad eyes for completely missing any sort of connection of any part of this to any other? Textures, colors, their breaking up. ALL TOTALLY WRONG.
I feel like his clothes are part of some psychological test for us. Unfortunately, we'll never see the results.

Does This Wave Make My Butt Look Big?
I loved and lusted after this jacket, and I would never have put it anywhere near salt water. Also, roll those pants up! We already know how see-through your white pants collection when dry.
No. Do not roll them up. Get wet!!! Get SOAKING wet!!!! We deserve it after all those ugly clothes.


From here on out, Sadness = Hotness. As much as I hated for Teacher and Chaebol to spend time apart, it did him good to get a post-ForeverLove makeover.

The Board of Directors Votes Overwhelmingly YES

I'm drooling too much to make a comment. Except. That. Hair. Is. Fabulous.
Yup. And the material of his suit is excellent. I have to say though, as fond as I am of vests, I don't like the cut of this one. Still, after the injury my retinas have suffered from his other suits, I'm willing to look past it.

Sexiness Emergency. Dial Fine-One-One.
"My butt has the perfect wineglass curve, see?"  Why yes, Chaebol Hotness, we see...
Thanks for drawing our attention to this, Wineglass. Taking up for the lack of tie trail I see.

Do The Lights Make Him Look Like He Has Bunny Ears?
I made three screenshots just so Trot had more vests to look at. Plus the mirror shot so there's more of him. He never puts the jacket on, but it's the same fabric as the vest, which is a nice change from the past 13 episodes. Poor little sad smile. Oh wait, we are supposed to be talking about the business suits.
Thank you.

Double-Duty Suit
It's perfect for both visiting the hospital AND visiting the crematorium. Although, in honesty I teared up during this whole scene, so I only saw the outfit as watery wool. That man is begging for a backhug.
I cried here, too. When he begged to know if he had done the right thing. He sure did look good, though. Did he need to become completely pitiful to get some dress control?

Taupe is Top Notch In My Book
I'm running out of nice things to say when it comes to his post-breakup couture. He just so well put together while he's holding his emotions together by a thread. You can have both you know, great threads and a great love!!
Stand up straight, buddy. You look great!

He Didn't Wear Blue Velvet This Year

I think this episode had the most number of clothing changes. Certainly the most fabulous amount of clothing changes. Not a single chartreuse in the bunch!! And I happened to like a darker tie, even if it's not a Happy Trail one. And look, Trot, a vest! A good one!!
Yes, I heartily approve. The dark tie here is perfect.

Episode 15

Crestfallen Comfortlessness But Still Casually Classic
A nice plaid pinstripe button-down shirt, khaki chinos, and adorable ankles lounging around the house. You may be sad, Chaebol, but you're looking good.
Yup. He does do sad really well.

A Blooming Idiot Without His Lady Love
Only a little bit of excessively flowering fabric, so I'll let this one slide. He's still stupid for not chasing after Teacher. And letting Annoying Kid Sister lead you around when you know Teacher is going to be at Idol Boy's concert. Great look but soooo pabbo.
And what is she wearing. Why are those sleeves covering her hands? How can she shop like that?
She's about one-third my age and thinks this is hip. I don't, so I guess I'm gonna drown in the mainstream.

Jacket On Jacket Off
Nice shirt.
Nice stretch.

Black Beauty
If he never works out again (with those atrocious exercise choices) and just lounges around the house all shoeless and sexy, Teacher will be a happy woman. His bangs are back down, though. Boo.
I like the bangs. They tempt the fingers.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

"Teacher, I want you to see how smexy I am in the rain! And how much better fitting my suit is compared to my gangly cousin! And how my Happy Tie dangles to the right! And I will think of us while listening to Captain And Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together"!
Those ties really lead the eyes where they shouldn't really go. They are like the friend your mom warned you about in high school.

Women Want A Tiger In Bed, A Jaguar In The Garage, And a Jacka** To Pay For It All
 But Teacher will settle for a cuddlebunny with a duct-taped car brand and the ability to wear Easter Egg colors well. Plus, I think she ripped up one of his suits to make that cute skirt. She needs to do more of that.
I wouldn't mind the jacket if it weren't for that awful weird tie. Shape and color so wrong for that jacket. And why is it that he starts dressing worse when he is with her and better when he is alone?

Episode 16 (Final)

They're Baaaacccckkkk!!
 Jao Por Sayumphu called from Thailand. He wants his shirts back. And I don't think TeachDad appreciated those threads either. Did he pick them because they were close to the same shade of blue?
Why would anyone think those prints go together? Why am I still asking this even at the last episode? The period of angst and regular clothing options lulled me into a sense of complacency I guess. Either the shirt or the tie would go with this suit (which is very nice--see how well the pants fit?), but both of them together.

Racing For Your Love

Each time Chaebol tried to see TeachDad, he tried a different outfit. Pretty much, we get butt shots of him at a closed door, so I decided to montage our determined suitor's shirt/tie combos while driving to and fro was the best way to go.
Why would you even tell us you chose this combo over butt shots?  The combos seems fairly normal (considering that I probably have a slight case of Stockholm syndrome at this point), but I can't concentrate because I'm imagining all the butt shots that will never be.
The winner? Polka dots! Over pinstripes! With a knit tie! Which goes to show (a) TeachDad also has no clue about clothing; and (b) I'll forgive a lot for that boyish earnestness, and call this one "Not Completely Awful".
1.Hurray we get one butt shot.
2.He got dad completely passed out drunk before he got the permission, so I'm not sure dad will even remember the polka dots let alone how much he hated them on this shirt.

He Kneels, I Squeals

 Subtle blue pinstipe, dark brown shoes, sober paisley tie, and a shiny happy ring! Yes, yes, yaaaassss!
I literally clapped at my screen during this scene.

 [sucking on oxygen]
[trying to steal her oxygen tank]
[hands Trot a spare just for these occasions]

Cuteness Overload
 Congratulations, kids. You deserve this. Casual clothes that look good, matching couple slippers in blue, couch for two. Well done.
Can I say again how well his shirts fit?

Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet

Post-wedding bliss and he hasn't reverted back to his former scruffy hair / bad clothes. Yay! The tie looks likes some type of Scottish plaid. It's a shame he's not wearing a kilt of the same design...
Are you saying that because of the way he is sitting? Shuk, you're so shameless.
You are just learning this? Pffft.

Pretty In Pink
It's so good to know that even his non-work clothes look good. I think this is the first pastel/pink shirt, with the exception of the Easter Egg blue one. So nice and soft, anyone want to touch?
This post is all about teasing us isn't it, Shuk?
Have to make up for all that other Crappy Clothing.

When I'm Feeling Blue, All I Have To Do...
Shirt and pants are the same fabric. The tie is knitted but looks good. Another thumbs up for our boy. But Teacher is looking mighty pretty too! Maybe he's finally realized how good they look together when he doesn't dress like a used car salesman.
They are just completely adorable together. They are so happy.

Two Tones Are Two-riffic
 I'm not fond of burgundy and blue, but there's no outrageous prints or crazeballs accessories, I'm going to take both colors with a smile. It's doesn't hurt that Teach is with him all the way.
See how low we put the bar now? Did I already mention Stockholm syndrome? Yes?

Tales Of A Tuxedo

Ah, final outfit is a redux of our tuxedo-clad Chaebol. Too dark to see the fit of his pants, though. Darn it.


I lost track of how many times I thought "WTH was Ha Suk-jin thinking??" But in the end, we have proof that marriage changes a man for the better. I won't count that one mafia lapse because they hadn't tied the knot yet.
Thank you for doing this, Shuk. I was constantly making comments in my mind and then on twitter about the close in this show and felt a bit alone for awhile there. But people were noticing. I think it took a bit to get over the horror and to acknowledge there was a pattern of tastelessness going on here.

Anyway, thank you, dear Squeeglets, for traveling with us through a Couture Journey that even Jang Kun-suk would have thought twice about wearing (haha) . Will there ever be another couple who overcame such obstacles to get to their happy ending?
You mean those clothes, right?
At least I didn't mention a Happy Trail, right? We can at least celebrate HSJ's good and bad fashion choices in RL.