Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 33 (Recap)

Kakashi: Kasuo and Li Luo break up for good (or not) and Shi admits several times that he finds girls very annoying. He's being blackmailed though, the poor young Ice King, and it looks like he is going to do something very vile and stupid to get out of it.
JoAnne: *sigh*
SakiVI: Shi is still mentally a child in some ways. This is very disappointing for my Ice Fantasy.

Episode 33

Fire Tribe surprise attack on an Ice Tribe outpost! So ... their arrows fly all the way over the Infinity Ocean? That's kinda neat. There's a message on them, too. Shi and his mother don't tell us though, they're just saying how "Flame knew about it" ages ago. It = Shi being his son, I'm guessing, cause that's still the topic of the hour.
This is feeling more and more high-schoolish to me.  
Flame is not exactly mature, no.
Shi is very unhappy about it (=being Flame's son and left in the dark for so long about it). He seems to have an idea what to do about it though.
I think the squiggliness of Shi's headdress has a direct correlation to the state of his mental health.
I like how Shi always has an idea what to do.
First, he returns all the fire arrows to their sender. Flame likes that sort of thing, apparently:
He looks like he might be remembering a particularly good night, though...
And here comes "the Son". His beauty shines ever brighter against all the red and he swats fire soldiers away like flies. Yan Da comes running and he stops when he hears her voice. Poor woman, her face hides nothing.
I just can't feel it.  I see it, and I always bought her as liking him, but not romantically. I wish they could be friends.
She wants some acknowledgement from Shi that they are something, be it friends or more. She'd settle for friends as long as she could see Shi.  
When Flame calls him son, Shi ice-chokes Yan Da. How mean. Shi clearly does not want to recognize Flame as family (understandable) and even threatens to kill Yan Da (she even edges him on, the stupid woman (she does not want to be his sister)). We find out that the reason for the arrows are a) to serve as warning and b) Because Flame wants a Teardrop Charm.
He just does not give a shit about her, does he? I can't decide whether he does and acts this way anyway, or whether he really doesn't. Either way, they each could use a friend so it makes me sad.
He cares, but he's not unwilling to use her, or anyone else, for that matter, in his Great Goal to save Kasuo from any responsibility.
That's all he ever wanted from Lian Ji? That's harsh. Shi actually brought it - to be rid of Flame. But ... hers is worthless; you can breath underwater with it, but apparently, you can't get to "the very bottom of the Infinity Ocean" (what's there?). She's an illegitimate child and does not carry the royal blood of the Mermaids. Shi needs to get Flame one from a virgin Mermaid Princess of pure blood. If he doesn't, Flame will expose his true heritage. Oh hell.
Oops.  Guess that's going to be Lan Shang, huh?  Lian Ji tossed aside yet again. I can't say I'd be sorry to see Lan Shang go, althought I do wish Lian Ji was going with her.  And the Mermaid Saint, for that matter.
Okay, we know that the Mermaid Saint is not LianJi's mother, which tells me that if Lian Ji is part royalty, then she's the Mermaid Saint's husband's child. No wonder the Mermaid Saint hated her all along. 
In the meantime, Kasuo has faced "the fairy alone tonight" (stop giggling, JoAnne)(I can't - and you are too, you know it!), but actually, Li Luo, the beast, helped him! The sounds coming from the cave are horrific and even though I am pretty sure they were told to stay put, our three stooges run into the cave. Healer sees something scurry away, but he has no time to look - he needs to take care of Kasuo! But there's good news: the sword fairies are all gone. He is healed (though still powerless).
Shi updates his mother on Flame's threats and after he has told her to stop meddling, darn it, there is the black smoke! It says it wants the Teardrop Charm too, to return to its territories. What a mystery!
I will admit to some curiosity about Mr. Dark and Dirty. For a while, I thought the Smoke would turn out to be Shi's true father, somehow.
So Lian Ji's Teardrop Charm is not worthless. 
Kasuo is happy and smiley (awwww), but only until Li Luo (who went MiA) sends him an owl, telling him she does not want to get married to him and she even wants to step down as Envoy of the Guardian.
If I feel sorry for anyone at all in this story, it's Li Luo. She's done nothing but her best from Day One, and she's just a lovely person all around - yet she has the emo-iest boyfriend ever and a serious case of bad luck.
This is why I like her: she's incredibly resilient. Talk about opposites attract, though.
Shi has the answer: 
But Kasuo won't accept that nor won't he give up. Li Luo decides to escalate. She even asks the Queen of Ice (who visits her to find out why she's shunning her son) to help. Why? She doesn't want them together anyway. Mother Ice sets Kasuo up for a dinner with Lan Shang. There's chitter chatter, then Shi turns up all of a sudden. Kasuo leaves to see his mother and Shi tries a few pickup lines on Lan Shang. In vain. He even gets slapped! You really need to work on your flirting skills, Shi.
Or your target selection.
It's like Shi went online to one of those "Women Love Rude Men" dating coaches. He told Lan Shang he'd marry her to keep her from being single and that he didn't like or dislike her and that he'd need his own Queen of Ice.  Charming.  
In front of his mother's chambers, Kasuo overhears Li Luo speaking to his mother about how little money she has received for helping Kasuo. Of course, she did everything only to get rewards and authority for the Envoys. She has no interest in him anymore whatsoever. Oupsie, there's Kasuo! And he has heard it all!
Oh come on, you know better than that, Kasuo.
Well, he does not look happy - but he grabs Li Luo by the hand and tells her he will give her the reward she seeks. They go where some bushes bloom (or trees) and he gives her the kite string, the token of when they were happy in the mortal realm. She claims to not remember - and throws it away. Despite him being so sweet and hopeful and supportive. He wants to protect her all his life and he is even willing to give up his immortal status for her. Cruel woman. 
Yeah, she should just tell him that thanks to his screwed up family, she's cursed to be a beast who rampages around the countryside. I'm sure that would make him get over it more quickly.
I wish she would tell him that, actually. It would be funny - for me.
She continues to say mean things (though she's actually crying, with her back towards him), that she cares nothing for who is king, that she wants to be free and live without and further thoughts towards the immortals. He is emo again. Good job, Li Luo.
If it wasn't her, it would be something else. His hair won't cooperate. Maybe his favorite jacket didn't get back from the cleaner's in time. It could be anything who knows?
The Northern Lights dancing all around him, he makes her a bracelet that night, carefully braiding the kite string in. He is taking Emo to a new level. Xing Jui comes to visit and the heartbroken Kasuo asks whether he's in a nightmare. No, just life, says the Dreamer. Thanks. Everyone's so cheerful! But Dreamer has come to tell Kasuo they need to go on a journey.
A Dream Journey? To The Land With No Emo?
The Dreamer takes Kasuo to Prison Rock Island. There are chains, but they are broken - the prisoner who has fled is only known as "the most insane god of the three realms".  
Who has conveniently never been mentioned before.
All information is on a need-to-know basis here.
Elsewhere, a new calamity is brewing. It's Lan Shang, who wants to take Kasuo to Cherry Blossom Island, which is only for Mermaids. She begs and begs and finally gets permission.
Because he doesn't feel emasculated enough, I guess.
He seems to like being emasculated.  
Shi sits in his chambers and is thinking about Flame's command and his and Lan Shang's convo earlier. He then gets up to check in the mirror whether his transformation skills still work ... and in his head, he apologizes to his brother. But this is the only way he can get the Teardrop Charm and keep everyone safe. What the heck, Shi!!! 
Ooooh.  Looks like some cherries will blossom, alright.


Someone tell him to stop!!! How horrible to even think this far. He should just admit that he's not of Ice Blood, since everyone knows this anyway. This is going to be horrible if it succeeds: for Lan Shang, for Kasuo, for Li Luo and for Shi himself. Worst plan ever. Abort! Abort!
Don't worry. I am quite certain he will not be up to the task.
He's not into girls, so he'll never manage.