ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 8 (A Contest Squeecap)

Sparks of Ember: After that last episode, we deserve a cute interlude. But it wouldn't be ToGetHer if things didn't immediately dissolve into childish interactions, right? And also, unfortunately, the implode with Jia Sen we've all been expecting...
kakashi: Damn, what color do I get in this recap?! This is creating identity problems for me. Let me just say that I don't like childish behavior in adults at all, but I'm making an exception for Mars, because he's so damn cute when childish.
Shuk: The fact that his cuteness covers over the heavy things on his shoulders goes a long way for me. And those singlets help a lot.
SakiVI: I didn't have time to watch this, so I'll just comment on the pictures.
JoAnne: Fortunately there's always a lot to say about Jiro. Also, I've been laughing to myself because I recently learned that the Mandarin for chicken is jirou, which doesn't sound EXACTLY the same but close enough for Western ears, so now in my head I call him Chicken.
Not a good look.

Episode 8

We open with Mars bored out of his mind at home. Hello V-neck again. He wonders where Momo is (she's still Ah Zhai, I notice) (probably will be even when they get married) and tries to get Cutie Manager to keep him company but Yi Zhi is busy actually earning a living and can't come. His boredom is interrupted by a call from his old bandmate who's calling to remind Mars of their annual reunion the next day.
#Lifegoals: go to band reunions. But be careful not to have too many bands and too many reunions, it could get stressful
Trotwood: I just love it that he has a band reunion. He seems so lonely, so it's nice to know he has some real friends besides Yi Zhi.
Shuk: I love jam sessions, no matter the reason. But it is good to know that Mars has some guys to hang with who don't care about his fame and genuine like him. He needs more of that.
He should just work with them. Or maybe his contract won't allow it.  Nice V-Neck down there.
I loved watching him play. I do forget that Jiro is actually a musician.  Story-wise it was quite nice, too - what an intimate gesture for him to make to her.
Later that night, Mars plays air-guitar on his real guitar in the dining room waiting for Momo to come home from work. He confirms she has the next night off from work and smiles to himself secretly. Meanwhile Jia Sen lays at home contemplating his pay from work and thinking about how Momo told him he should spend it on something important to him.
I'm getting the feeling he's not thinking of lollies. 
This just made me get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
What will he come up with? Nothing good, as far as I'm concerned. 
I prefer his tank top look to this v-neck, actually.
But he can wear this out of the house, at least.
The next day he tells her he has a secret errand and can't go home with her after school. After school, Mars gets accosted by his fanclub (long time no see - I wasn't missing you!) - they know it's his annual reunion and they beg for an invitation. He shuts them down quickly GOOD to follow Momo home.
I actually admire how he deals with those fangirls. He's much nicer than I would be (which is a good and shows he's a good person), but they are loyal fans, so I guess they deserve something. However, he is not so worried about how he looks to not call them out on their bad behavior or to invite them to his private friends reunion no matter how loyal they are.
Idols are probably coached on how to deal with fans.
 After sprucing up a bit (the fingergun! haha), he comes out of his room to catch Momo trying his cheesy ramen recipe and tells her, "Let's go!" - He's lucky she didn't make plans!
Ha, but she never has plans, does she. Well, she has work now, but that's about it. And awwww to the cheesy ramen try-out.
I've only seen that cheese thing twice and never tried it. Is is really that good?
This is one of his better outfits outside of the tank top look.  I see Momo's hair is still defying physics.
I'd rather he lose the scarf.

She did have plans! Did you notice how sadly she looked at the ramen when she realized that she wouldn't be able to eat now with cold melted cheese on it. I was so feeling her. Who hasn't been planning on staying in all comfy in pajamas and have people call all excited about going out?
Jia Sen is shopping and a necklace catches his eye. The sales lady tells him it's an angel (looks more like an ugly dragonfly to me). And since little Momo is an angel in his memories... Meanwhile, Momo suspiciously asks where Mars is taking her, but he doesn't answer other than to confirm she hasn't eaten yet. He seems quite smug with himself.
Of course he would be. He's all about surprises that have something to do with him, and this one is really special. 
Open-top car and her hair didn't move at all, did it?
It weighs about as much as cement.
Looks like the reunion is at a hole-in-the-wall nightclub with no other guests. Mars greets his old friends and introduces Momo, whom they all seem to have heard of somehow.
Which means he must've talked to them about her. I can see him talking about her to people without even realizing it, and they knowing something is up with him and "this girl" without him realizing that either.
He catches her just as she's about to sneak away, gives her a plate of food (what? No pictures of those forearms? I love that shot of his arms we get in this ep. Was that just me who noticed?) and tells her to enjoy their performance. It's Lively, Amazing, Great, Again & Again! rofl. But I actually like the song a lot. And it's the only song in the drama he sings that's not a recycled Fahrenheit song. Momo waggles her head the same way she does with her bobble-head Kasabas so she must like it, too.
I loved this. er head bob combined with her completely deadpan face.
It's well played how she suddenly takes notice of what is happening up on that stage and gets into it. 
I think this is the first time she's actually heard what he can do? Aside from the time he played the piano for her, anyway?
When I first watched this show, I searched everywhere for a downloadable version. Never found one, sadly.
The little head bop.  Yes, girl, your man is sexy.
Yi Zhi shows up and waves at the performers. He grabs a seat next to Momo and keeps starring at her and grinning. When she asks why, he tells her it's obvious Momo must be special to Mars. That he's never invited anyone to this annual reunion before. When she says he's reading too much into a dinner invitation, Yi Zhi accidentally lets slip that Mars was the one who paid the loan-sharks, not Tony. Oops!
Dummy. But overall, it's about time our Kasaba groupie realized that Hot V-Neck is totally into her.
I agree. She so busy looking at him as this person from an entirely different world (I know that's the point of the Mars name), that it is very difficult to comprehend the human Mars--even though she probably knows that Mars better than anyone.
Wouldn't Yi Zhi and Tony Ge know him well?  Also, I heart Yi Zhi.
Love him!  I'd like to see him in other things.
Mars' hair doesn't move either.
After the performance, all the guys get drunk and play spin-the-bottle truth-or-dare. They've only got one thing on their mind and they ask Momo if she's had "that" thought toward Mars. They chant for her to answer so Mars grabs her bottle and drinks for her. Next round Mars gets the same question and downs another bottle. None of this dulls anyone's suspicions that there isn't something going on between them.
Aren't they a bit old for that game? Oh well, you can't win here, Mars. Obvious things are obvious. But it's nice of him to "protect" her.
I also like how none of his friends are surprised at all about his choice. There is no judgment but complete welcome. They probably know the "real" Mars as well and are just happy that he's happy. Also, I bet they probably like her because she is a regular person (or as regular as Momo can be) and NOT some huge celeb. 
From what I know about guys in garage bands, they are not fussy what girls they date.  So, amongst themselves, they wouldn't expect a supermodel. 
Afterwards, the band and Yi Zhi head off elsewhere for more drinking but Mars says he has to take Momo home. He's quite gleefully drunk, singing and hooting as they walk along. She follows him pondering the debt he secretly paid and wondering why he is so secretly nice to her.
Gee, what could it be? 
Gee, I don't know. Maybe he's doing community service. Sigh. I would like for just once that a heroine would get this right away and just leap all over that chance. Surprise kissing the person until they were breathless, say "Tell me you like me to my face next time," and coolly walk away. Shuk, I'm seeing a fanfic (or at least a fanfic scene) based on this.
Duly noted. I'll see if I can zipper it into the dialogue when your avatar meets my Weir avatar. But not the first time, sorry. ^^
Momo, he wants your wig!

Next we see Jia Sen clutching his gift as he turns up the road toward Momo's house. Only he sees Mars & Momo exiting a taxi and hides to watch. Momo stops outside the gate and asks Mars why he took her to his reunion. He tries to blow it off, laughing and saying it was fun, but she won't accept that answer since she knows he's never taken anyone before. She asks why he secretly paid the loan-sharks? Why didn't he tell her? Getting serious, Mars says he doesn't know and to stop asking. But she insists. "Why are you so nice to me?" "Do you really want to know?" She nods. And he kisses her!
Ohhhh, jawline.
Yeah, that jawline gave the tingly feels.
He still never asks her permission when he does any skinship. I'd like a bit more conversation and a bit less pounce.
At least one of them is in touch with his feelings.  By the way, don't these people ever get zits?
I don't think you always need to ask permission to kiss.  For the most part, I'd hope people were in sync enough to understand that, you is the moment.  Or something.

But we don't get to enjoy the kiss (grrr!! ) because Jia Sen immediately leaps out of the shadows, shoves Mars to the ground and jumps on him, whaling away with his fists. He's too irate to notice when he flings Momo aside and Mars has to shove Jia Sen off to go check on her.
This situation was quite dangerous, if you consider how crazed this very strong young man seems to be.
Someone needs to seriously call 119, and give Jia Sen some behind-the-bars cooldown on what constitutes 'bad touch'. His parents really did him a disservice by not teaching him boundaries when he was small.
Now would be the time, Momo, to give Mars some real explaining about Jia Sen.
I really dislike Jia Sen.  This big kid excuse he has is too useless and doesn't work on people like me who only like nice, polite kids.
It's not an excuse he's making.  There is something wrong with him.  He'd have to be taught to behave appropriately, and he wasn't, because his parents refuse to acknowledge that he's growing up in any real sense.  I don't like him (and in real life he'd be kind of scary) because that's his purpose in this drama - to be an obstacle - but it's not his fault in any way at all.
In the house, Chuchu treats Mars' scratches on the couch while Jia Sen fumes at the table. He asks if they're in love because his mom told him only people in love kiss. Chuchu has a minor meltdown over them kissing (haha) (as long as Chuchu stays away from that shark she was dating, I'll calmly accept her presence on this show) while Momo tells her to cut it out. But then Jia Sen interrupts with the accusation that Mars and Momo must be sleeping together! All three of them turn to look at him at that and Chuchu asks if he even knows what that means. He doesn't. I want to laugh but...
It gives me the chills that nobody has taken him seriously as a fully-grown man until now. I really think his parents are locked in some bubble where he is their precious 7 year old forever. It's creeping me out.
It's frustrating to see that they love him but cannot see him. People who have disabilities are not dumb. It hurts everyone when people around them treat them as such. It's worse when they don't even give them the respect they would a 7 year old.
I go right back to the parents. Yes, Momo treats him like a toddler, but all this behavior is perpetrated by his mom and dad. They treat him like an arrested infant, so of course Momo would too. It doesn't make it right but it makes it understandable.
Parents are like that, though. Mine still occasionally talk to me like I'm extra-slow.  And here they've got a kid who will stay immature, so they are making it worse out of sheer parental habit.
Mars wants to know what his problem is and that makes Jia Sen start pelting Mars with his lollipops.  Licked or unlicked? Momo jumps up to stop him while Chuchu holds Mars back. Momo yells for Mars to please go away. He stops, hurt that he's the one who got attacked, but Momo's defending the attacker. All Momo can do is shake her head as he goes to his room. Only now Jia Sen realizes he lives there. Momo & her sister tell him Mars is just a tenant, but he refuses to listen and runs off.
Not okay, Momo. I get that you want to protect this guy who is your friend, but that should not be at the cost of someone else who has become the much more important friend
I also think that even though they are keeping Mars living there a secret, they probably could've (and should've) told Jia En. He would've kept a secret until death for Momo. 
Trot has a point. Jia Sen would hate that, but with the right explanation, the situation might  be tolerable. Certainly the physical violence would lessen.
Agreed.  He's made the center of attention in ways he shouldn't be, and completely ignored in situations where he should be given particular consideration.  They're basically just living in a bubble of make-believe where it comes to Jia Sen.
Once he's gone, Momo knocks on the door to Mars' room, and he asks why Jia Sen acted that way. Momo finally explains what she should have episodes ago - that Jia Sen has not matured a day since they first met. She asks Mars to forgive him, no matter what he does, because Jia Sen is her best - and only - friend. I knew she'd had an excruciatingly lonely life, but this just really nailed it home. :(
This made me really sad. Especially because we see Mars at his most mature in these scenes. Not that it lasts long, lol.
This made me sad because she says he's her only friend with Mars sitting right in front of her. That had to hurt.
Poor Mars, thinking that, despite her importance in his life, he's only secondary in hers.
Yes, I'm sorry for Mars, not Momo.  Also, I've said this before, but I hate that stubborn look she does. 
Just a thought, here - but there's a strong possibility that neither of them actually expect to be in each other's lives permanently.  Certainly Momo doesn't - she views Mars as a temporary visitor in her life and that makes sense given their different histories and plans.  So even if he's her friend now, of course she wouldn't put him above Jia Sen who has always and probably will always be there.  As for Mars - is he thinking yet that he wants her forever?  Or is he just enjoying this vacation from his life?
Jia Sen's not better in the morning. He waits for Momo at the bus, but then refuses to let her sit beside him so she just stands there. At school he charges ahead while Momo chases after him. She follows him all day, begging him to forgive her, even at their job that afternoon. He ignores her until she spills water on a customer who gets mad which is when Jia Sen decides to pick the guy up bodily and haul him out of the store. Needless to say, that gets them both fired.
What damn right does this guy have to be mad at Momo?! Wow, this relationship is all kinds of unhealthy! 
I don't feel sorry for her here that much because she,too, has set him up for this behavior. She has been an enabler just like his parents. No, she can't treat him the same way she would treat a man at his age, but she can and could've all these years talked to him like he has sense. It's like they are now expecting him to understand trigonometry when they haven't even taught him or expected him to know basic math. 
Agreed regarding the enabling.
Sort of thinking that Momo, too, would have to be taught what to expect of Jia Sen over the years.  She takes her cues from the parents, who are at least theoretically in touch with medical professionals.  And since she did grow up with him, it's all pretty invisible to her.  'We try not to upset Jia Sen because he can't understand things the way other people do.'  For good or ill, that's how they live.

Once again Jia Sen storms off with Momo chasing after him. She finally gets him to stop and lectures him that it's okay to be angry, but he can't use such strong actions to express his anger. (a conversation, they should have--and could have--had years ago) He finally faces her and tells her how angry he is. That he dislikes "bad guy" and doesn't want him living with her. That he doesn't want her liking the "bad guy" who kissed her. He rants that he may be stupid, but he knows what love is (because he isn't stupid) and then starts screaming  "I love you, I love you" off the bridge before running off yet again. So not good.
I wonder what goes on in Momo's head. Does she really not SEE that this is a big problem? That he is not seven and does not feel like a seven year old? 
It shouldn't surprise us that she did not see that he loves her not just as a friend when she can't see the way Mars feels about her either.
She really needs to sit down and rethink all her relationships, including the passive one with her sister. None of these are particularly healthy.
Omo, did her hair move?
I get the impression that Jia Sen's more 'romantic' behavior was very new and pretty low-key until the existence of Mars kicked his competitive nature into high gear.  He's been giving her his medals forever.  Was she supposed to attach romantic significance to it when they were ten?  Everyone always has people right next to them thinking and feeling things we have no idea they think or feel, so why is it terrible of her to be surprised?  Not to mention that while he ramped up, she's had other things to think about, too.  There is, always, a moment where we 'realize' something.  It can't happen beforehand.  It must happen after.  This was her moment and given her own limitations it's right about on time.
That night, Jia Sen's parents look for him in the house and they finally find him curled up in his closet, crying. He's a zombie at breakfast the next morning, and Dad wonders if they should call the doctor. Ya think? On the way to school, Jia Sen orders his driver to keep going, and Momo waits a long time for him at the bus stop. Mars eventually drives by, telling her he's not coming and to get in the car, but she refuses. (Bad Momo for taking sides!) At school Jia Sen swims lap after lap to vent his frustrations and finishes by pounding his fists on the side of the pool, ranting that he will beat Mars.
Okay, do that, if that will make things better, I'm all for it. 
And then Mars can meet a girl with silky, flowing hair, or a short pixie cut, who can socialize and who only reads the occasional Boy's Love manga when she needs a short break from regular life as opposed to an entire break from regular life.
Next thing we know, he storms into Momo & Mars' class. Holding out his lollipop like a sword (licked or unlicked?), he declares that he'll be waiting for Mars' on the basketball court. After class, Mars' strolls onto the court and asks what Jia Sen wants. Jia Sen asks if Mars likes Momo but gets no answer. So he flings his lollipop on the ground like a thrown gauntlet and declares he will beat Mars.
It's a lollipop war!
Mars would need to eat sweets first.
The next day happens to be the last day for fitness testing, so Mars and a group of other students are sent to the gym. Jia Sen is there, too, of course. Would athletes like him really have to take this kind of testing?? Mars catches him staring and makes a face at him. (And he thinks Jia Sen's the only one with maturity problems? *rolls eyes*)
I admit, I'm very often very immature...
The rude face is funnier in motion.
First test is sit-ups and when Mars notices Jia Sen chugging away at them, he can't help but compete. Even after the whistle is blown, they keep going until Mars can't go any further. Jia Sen 1, Mars 0. At least we get Mars in a tank-top throughout these scenes...
Hmmmm, sweaty shoulders and arms...
 . . .the only thing that kept me from fastforwarding through these scenes. Seriously, how can Mars think he will compete when Jia Sen is an athlete that is at top condition ? Remember the gold medal?
Idols are usually in top condition too.  Except Mars isn't promoting, so he probably slacked off a bit in the gym, and he is eating carbs...
Next is pushups - Jia Sen 1, Mars 1. Last is the 1600m run. The two run lap after lap after lap. Mars tries to stop once they hit the required 10 laps but Jia Sen keeps going so he ends up chasing after him. The whole school hears about the competition and comes running to watch, including Momo. Mars eventually collapses, but Jia Sen won't stop and keeps running. Momo has to chase after Jia Sen to get him to stop. She keeps telling him he won to get him to listen, which Mars definitely notices. He's quickly surrounded by his cheering swim-team and Momo leaves to find Mars.
I don't particularly like these scenes (apart from the ARMS), but what I did like is how clearly Mars lost to Jia Sen. Not because I think he deserves to lose, but because he would, of course, lose to an athlete who does nothing else but train his body. In addition, it's a helpful lesson for both "men". Mars once again gets shown his limits, and Jia Sen will have to realize that beating someone at sports does not equal beating them at life.
I doubt that Jia Sen is going to see it that way.
It's a time-honored tradition in all cultures, really, that feats of strength are used to determine the 'best' man - when manliness is the prime consideration.  We've moved past that in the post-industrial world, but not as far as you might think.
Mars was dragged to the school clinic by his fan club. He finally chases them off (I like how much more decisive he is with them now) and starts to spray his legs with pain reliever when he notices Momo at the door. He asks why she isn't off celebrating with Jia Sen, and she asks why he's being so immature. She leaves, and he tells himself it was just because he was bored, that's all.
Dude! Seriously. Are we back to denial?! Didn't you kiss her recently?
It's like they both have forgotten about this. 
Yeppers, the both of them.
Momo has no business calling anyone else immature.
As Momo walks home she encounters Jia Sen waiting with his driver and a rose. The silly boy honestly thinks he "won" her, doesn't he? He announces he wants to go on a date with her. Right then Mars drives up and offers to take her home. She sighs in frustration and declares that she'll walk herself home, thank you very much.
Good for you, Momo. As much as I find some fault in her previous behavior, this is exactly the right response here. Don't get dragged into this war over you.
I don't like that she's either neutral or she chooses Jia Sen. When will Mars be on her consideration?
Why would he be, at this point?  He's a new addition to her life.  Their situation is undefined and, as far as she knows, temporary.
Some women may think it's great to have that much attention, but it really isn't. This is a particularly horrible situation, actually, because she really cares for special-needs Jia Sen.
His hair is almost as bad as Momo's.  Maybe they really are meant to be together Furever.
At the house, the two boys sit on the couch, and it doesn't take Mars long to realize Jia Sen is imitating everything he does, including parroting everything he says. pffft. Chuchu shows up with bags of food and asks one of them to help her and the other to fetch Momo. Mars does this ridiculous fake-out and runs up the stairs with Jia Sen hot on his tail. At dinner, Mars can't eat without Jia Sen following him from plate to plate. So he pretends to stuff an entire bun in his mouth and Jia Sen really does it. Mars then starts putting food on Momo's rice, with Jia Sen copying, until Momo's bowl is buried. She storms off without eating and Mars decides to break out the beer. I think he was trying to show off because he didn't expect Jia Sen to follow suit. And next thing you know, Jia Sen is face-planted into the table.
Okay, now the show is doing the right thing about this silly competition - it turns it into something so silly we can truly laugh. 
They are eating delicious food considering they're so in debt.  I was expecting them to eat ramyun all the time. 
Jia Sen ends up spending the night in Mars' room. He's not thrilled about it, but Momo can't very well send a drunk Jia Sen home, and Mars' certainly doesn't like the alternative of him sleeping in her room. He grabs his whale/alien toy for Momo to keep for the night, saying Mumu can't sleep with a stranger, and hauls Jia Sen to bed.
Dead at "Mumu".
Both Mumu and Jia Send are upside down. [snicker]
Mmmmm, biceps.
The next morning, Mars wakes on the couch to find Momo sewing a hole in Mumu's leg. He tells her how Mumu is the very first gift he got from his fans and that they look alike because they are father and son. Momo disagrees - Mumu is cuter. lol But Mars gets frustrated - why is Momo so upset at him? What has he done? He really doesn't see why??
His behavior is no different from Jia Sen's, true. But she shouldn't automatically assume Jia Sen can do no wrong because "he's seven". She's being unfair and a little blind to the faults of her old friend. A kid and an adult are jumping up and down on your couch. They are both wrong, and they both need to be made aware of it. The kid doesn't avoid a butt-warming and a time-out just because he's 'younger'.
Lol, he is very protective of his Mumu. 
They do look alike. 
Jia Sen finally stumbles out of the room, and Momo's face lights up. She brings him milk and eggs like a mother hen while Mars stews in jealousy. Jia Sen knows he won this round at least and grins like the cat who got the cream. Then both guys wait with their cars to bring Momo to school, and she's had it to here with this pissing match. And how many times does she have to tell them not to park on the tiles?!!
I'm only not angry because I know Jia Sen will lose in the end
I would also be mad about parking on the tiles.
But that's what they're FOR.
Jia Sen follows Momo all day, even crashing her classes. When the Cows try to bully him into leaving he shows off, reciting the poem Mars had such a hard time learning before. (George Hu was born and raised in NY, he wasn't discovered in Taiwan until after he'd graduated from college in the US. So needless to say, it's some pretty flawless English.) Momo storms out of class, and Jia Sen follows quickly, leaving the whole class flabbergasted at his amazing English skills.

Momo asks Jia Sen what the heck he's doing, and he tells her he wants to be her boyfriend. She turns to leave and he grabs her, hugging so tightly she can barely breathe. Struggling to get away, she finally breaks free and reflexively slaps him. He's shocked and hurt and storms off.
A long time coming. Deserved.
FINALLY! Now for the time out.
How could she not tell this entire time that Jia Sen was competing with Mars out of jealousy over her?  Eh, never mind, it's Momo.  
Yi Zhi and Mars eat out together (this episode is still going on?) and they see a news clip that some big artist, Shi Jia, has finally returned to Taiwan. Yi Zhi asks Mars why they broke up because if they'd stayed together, he could be a stay-at-home dad by now. Mars gets annoyed and responds by trying to stuff a pile of chicken in Yi Zhi's mouth.
Uh-oh. Second lead alert. *Looks at episode number*. Better late than never? At least we won't get to be annoyed for long.
That night, Jia Sen won't eat and tells his parents he doesn't want to go to school anymore. (Is it just me or is the camera extra shaky when it's on his parents?) He locks himself in his room when they ask what's going on, and he flashes back to being bullied when he was younger. He starts yelling at his reflection in the mirror, the younger-him calling him stupid and him yelling that he is not. He ends up breaking the mirror and smashing himself into the mirror and wall until he knocks himself out, a bloody mess. This boy really, really needs help!
TT________TT  (I couldn't ask you to gif any of this. It was just too horrible.)
It's really sad and scary when someone has not self management skills. It's even sadder, when it's very clear that he could have if he had been helped more earlier and if people hadn't underestimated what he could do and handle.
My evil doppelganger whispers that he deserves some of that pain. As do the parents. They all need to be woken up.
I'm with Shuk.  
He deserves none of it and if this isn't a massive wake-up call for his parents he should be removed from their care.  You cannot judge his emotional responses as if he were a normal 20-year-old man.  You can expect him to do better after he has been taught to do better, but to essentially assume he'd just 'pick up' signals about appropriate behavior the way you or I would is ludicrous.
Later he sleeps while the doctor bandages him up. Doc highly recommends the parents consider letting Jia Sen live in a special unit. Mom has conniptions at the idea while Dad thinks they should consider it. But Mom refuses to accept Jia Sen has anything wrong with him. This explains a lot. Dad needs to get a backbone.
I'm actually upset that the doctor suggested this. Where was the doctor years ago when they could've have been teaching Jia Sen better? So, because they have basically indulged him and he is now spoiled and assumes (because this is what he has been taught) that he will get whatever he wants, he is to be placed in a special unit for the bad behavior that they helped create? I was so angry at everyone but Jia Sen here.
They should consider some help for him, like a special school or managers.
It's not punishment for bad behavior.  It's a statement that it's time for him to move on.  He should be living somewhere else.  They're aging and can't care for him themselves forever, he's getting older and stronger and his emotions are now complicated by hormones; in addition, the situations he'll reasonably encounter are more complex.  I don't know that the doc was suggesting warehousing him somewhere, but for a person like Jia Sen, group homes with trained professionals providing guidance and teaching life skills (which have to be constantly reinforced) and making note of changes in behavior, working together with actual medical professionals - this is very often the exact right situation for a person like Jia Sen.  Living in society, with appropriate support. It is his best chance for him to be his best self.
The next morning, Momo sits in her room looking at all the medals Jia Sen has given her over the years. She asks Prince Kasaba what she should do. Just then the doorbell rings - it's everyone's favorite mother-in-denial come to visit. Dun-dun-duuun!
Maybe she's bringing over some cookies? *I wish*
They aren't matching this time. This is probably not a good sign.


Well that went downhill fast and it was painful to watch! We all knew it was coming but the situation with Jia Sen escalated quickly. No sooner is one hurdle cleared when another comes up between our OTP. What will they do now?
Yes, I cringed. And suffered. But we know it will get better and we know we have to get through this.
I can feel sorry for Jia Sen and still be pretty ticked off by his behavior. What hurdle was cleared? They are still rife with misunderstandings and miscues.
It's out in the open now.  It couldn't get better until that happened.  So yeah, painful as it was, this was a move forward for everyone.
I didn't even watch and this episode went on forever. 
HURRAY! a Mars arm shot. there were so many of them during the club scenes.

I just had a thought about the relationship progression. By this point, Mars has pretty much (almost) accepted his feelings for Momo, and we've seen him grow in leaps and bounds. While up until now we haven't seen Momo change a whole lot. But this is the episode where things begin to shift for her. Jia Sen has always come first, and she's never had to even consider anyone else so that's what she does after Jia Sen attacks Mars. But his hurt when she defended Jia Sen really seemed to register.
Were we watching the same episode? Because I still don't think that she ever thinks of Mars as any sort of friend yet.
She seems pretty dense. Or is that just the hair?  
I think she does think of Mars differently. I think she actually likes him--a lot--but the feelings she has for him don't fit into any category with which she is familiar. he is foreign, an alien entity that has appeared in her house, which is why she is always asking her alien manga hero what she should do about him. She wants to know sincerely why he--big shot star--would be so nice to her. It just doesn't make any sense. She can't believe what Yi Zhi tells her because it doesn't make any sense. No one else can figure it out because it doesn't make any sense. Really guys, let's be honest. It only makes sense to us because we watch dramas. Momo doesn't watch dramas.
Thank you.
And during the race, she stops Jia Sen from running, but then immediately takes off to check on Mars. She's conflicted and trying to juggle her different feelings for the two boys. Jia Sen is getting the edge because she doesn't think he's capable of handling this maturely, but she expects better of Mars.  It's small but significant.
They are both children in men's bodies. But one makes me on edge and fearful; the other doesn't. It should be the same for her, darnit!
Mars doesn't strike me as a kid. He's actually quite mature and professional. When it comes to work. The other one might be childlike, but his adult male side is coming out, and all without any control.  
It makes us fearful because we haven't grown up with Jia Sen. He is this really nice boy who has always been a devotedly nice friend and son--but partly because he has never been told "No" it seems by any of them. The time for someone to learn discipline--no matter one's mental capacities--is at a young age. He is never taught this. Now all they feel is worry and guilt not fear.
Trot's right - WE feel fear when we see Jia Sen's behavior.  And if it continued, at some point I'm certain the people in his life would begin to feel it too - but they don't now, because this is Jia Sen.  Cute, sweet, simple Jia Sen who loves puzzles and swimming and playing with his friend Momo.