Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 3 (Recap)

kakashi: There is considerably less Emperor in this episode, which is good, because I won't spend hours taking screencaps and gif, but also bad, because there is not much Emperor in this. In this episode, he gets what he wants and at the same time proves that he is not thoroughly rotten.
JoAnne: I want him to suffer.
SakiVI: He's a difficult person in his way.

Episode 3

Yi Fuling has entered the Floating Mountain Ridge and has awakened the Flame Core Machine Armor! It's huuuuuuuge. She tries to shoot it with Yu Huanzheng's device, but the machine doesn't slow down one bit. Then, the Emperor's Sky Grass takes effect and she jumps! And fires! And the robot loses an arm. Well done, girl!
Yaaaaaaaay! This girl must have had a ball making this movie, don't you think?
I laughed so much at all of this. 
Outside, Huanzheng opens the Gate for her. Fuling runs out ... the Robot close behind her. Everybody runs ... but Tingjun, who's a heeeeero. Three seconds later, Tingjun spits a looooot of blood. Spoiler: It's not the last time. By the way, I totally dig this robot! It can suck up stones and then blast it at people! Awesome!
Another thing that struck me as incredibly funny. I guess I'm just in a mood and this show is the lucky beneficiary of my good will?
Like I said, I laughed a lot at all this. 
Behind them, a Humankind pupil enters the cave. Humankind?! No! It's the Emperor, in disguise! Judging by the overcoat, he is disguised as Luolin.
Or maybe Luolin's heavy-featured sister.
He struts in and goes straight for some glowing flower something there - the greedy look on his face makes me guess that this is the amulet he wants. It's force-protected though; only when all the Stars Court Masters together disable the robot can he take it. Carefully, he positions one of the mirrors from that race  ... it belongs to Luolin and the Emperor took it from him earlier. Additional info on the Flower Deity Amulet: it normally is taken out by Stars Court officials when the God of Shooting Stars reaches 18 years of age and will naturally awaken.
So who's this God of Shooting Stars, then, and how old are they now?
I won't tell you cause spoiler
Well, the good news: Yi Fuling kinda did pass the test. Managing Director takes her as a pupil and all her past misdeeds are forgotten. No more flogging! The bad news: Tingjun spits a FOUNTAIN of blood and is dying. Spoiler: It's not the last time.
I mean, he can't be with Yi Fuling anyway, because of the Corroding Bone (sounds like a curse from a jealous ex, come on, admit it) - but since that's the case, just let him die already so that Yi Fuling can hate the Emperor without reservation while he in turn falls madly in love with her and suffers greatly for it.
Better a Corroding Bone than a Corroding Boner? No? 
I wonder if that weed Tianyi gave her healed her wounds?
Enter a new character! The beautiful, mysterious and sad maid Bi Anhua (Zhu Shengyi), who is completely and utterly in love with Bai Tingjun, but thinks she stands no chance, because of Yi Fuling, the only one in "young master's heart", as she knows. Yi Fuling on the other hand has doubts, because Tingjun seems to intentionally avoid her - and won't react to any of her "red bean"-hints. And yet, the interaction between the two women is kinda sweet! Yi Fuling is such a nice person, she even apologizes to Bi Anhua for being too enthusiastic about Tingjun's love for her.
They were nice to each other, it's true, but I get that feeling off of Bi Anhua that she might turn into a spiteful thing eventually. She just radiates future-bitter second leadness.
Or maybe we're just way too trained by kdramas that women are either sassy or sweet first leads, or bitter second leads. 
The Stars Court Masters start investigating the robot incident - and quickly suspect Yu Huanzheng as one of the culprits. And Luoling, because his mirror was there (and because he "was seen" entering). Luoling is imprisoned - but then, the Emperor's men get him out and lock him up in a village. Emperor calls him a poisonous snake that cannot be trusted. Huanzheng is expelled for breaking the Wheel (also thanks to the Emperor's insistence) - the only one saying farewell is Li Fuling. Poor Huanzheng is moved to tears. He asks for her birthday - and whether he can call her Sister Ling (she is older). Awww.
I like the guy, I hope he's not gone forever.
Spoiler: no, he's not gone.
He takes some Sky Grass then, to run away from her (she doesn't want to let him leave) - which makes her realize that Sky Grass does NOT need to be taken mouth-to-mouth for it to work - and huuuui! Off he goes. To be kidnapped right away by people in red cloaks. What?! haha. They drag him to a hut in the forest, which is filled with the bestest goodies ever for a tinkerer like him.
Oh, you Wingking Emperor, you frustrating creature you. But it seems she thinks you're a good kisser, at least.
No wonder with these lips
Feng Tianyi sends some "mystical medicine" for Tingjun through Bi Anhua. He wakes up after ingesting it! To spit more blood a few minutes later. He has only three days left to live - but not because Feng Tiany's medicine was bad, because it actually prolonged his life!
And he did this because why?
To confuse you.
Fuling MUST save him! Yawn. The Stars Court Master Master (Xing Gu Xuan) mentions a method how to save him: the "extending his soul" method. But! It calls for an exchange of another person's life for Tingjun. Three guesses who is willing to give her life? 
Fuling! Yep. After the ghost of the robot appears to her (WTF!) and tells her how to do that "extending his soul"-thing, she mixes a specific drug, which she has to take. Tingjun is then to drink her blood - and will be well again!
How does a machine have a ghost? Wait, nevermind. In context, this is a ridiculous question.
And we end this episode with our Mad Queen and her dubious adviser/astronomer, who tells her that it looks like the God of Shooting Stars will be awakened prematurely.
I wonder if this God is a separate being, or something that lies dormant within one of our current players.
Think reincarnation. Oups, spoiler! Forget I said this


Robot ghosts, huh. Well, let's just assume ... I don't know, the robot wants her dead and that is why he told her? 
I assumed it was a trick from the Emperor.
I'm not even going to try getting my head around robot ghosts. 

Anyway, Yi Fuling is smartening up, slowly ... she hates the Emperor's guts and won't trust him anymore. Good on you, girl! He is a lying liar who lies, but! He also has morals, sometimes ... when condemning the traitor Luolin and when helping Tingjun with some medicine.
Well, I suspect his moral code is a little different than ours, but think how little different our DNA is from that of apes - or is it orangutans?  Anyway... I wonder if he plans this all out or is more like Mei ChangSu, and simply sees ahead several steps and takes advantage?
He is not as smart as Mei Changsu.

Or maybe he's just in a good mood because he got his amulet?
Or his kiss.
He can get kissed anytime.