Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 4 (Recap)

kakashi: There is an amulet to open and a Flower on the loose. Excitement all around, really. And why is the Emperor so tame all of a sudden? Could it be ..... looooove?
JoAnne: To quote from our esteemed colleague, 'its twu wuv'
SakiVI: Whooo, yes, it is! 

Episode 4

The Queen hears from her dodgy astronomer that the Star of the Deity of the Shooting Amulet (*scratches head* - no, that's no it) has changed and she thinks to herself that Jishu's daughter is still under 18, how, then, could the God of Shooting Stars Flower be awakened already? Ohhhhhh, hint, hint, hint! The dodgy astronomer has also calculated that the incarnated God is currently at Stars Court and advises Her Majesty to go there immediately.
Honestly, I can't keep these things straight.  Star of the Deity of the Shooting Amulet, God of Shooting Stars Flower...
Aren't they the same thing?
Yi Fuling is currently mixing some concoction to active the forbidden WhatEverTheNameIs. A nice dude from the Crown Prince's entourage (Ye Yan, as portrayed by Wang Yujing ) tries to talk her out of it, but to no avail. At Tingjun Gege's bedside, she takes the pill she just made and then feeds him her blood. It works! He wakes up! Tingjun is immediately worried about her though - she gets a nose bleed - but she pretends it's nothing.
Hmm, will we have vampires? I'd rather they were the blue-eyed kind. Now I can't stop thinking about Wingkind Emperor as a vampire.
Oh, please, no vampires. This show is really refreshing with the wingkind. If we throw in some overdone vampire storyline, I'll quit. 
I think vampire stands for sex here
Yu Huanzheng gets one of his guards to take him to the person who provided all the gadget goodies. Through an underground passage he goes ... to end up in the Wingkind Emperor's lodgings, where Mr. Arrogant already awaits him. Haha. Begrudgingly, Huanzheng has to admit that what the Emperor set up for him is pretty great (and actually much better than what the Stars Court had to offer), but he won't fall for the Emperor's traps anymore! He is leaving! Forever!
Who could leave that magnetism?  No one.  No one could.
Remember those words for later. 
Not really leaving, no, because the Emperor has something for him: It's a forbidden and previously lost book by Jishu named "Abyss of Ocean and Sky" - and if I'm not mistaken, it's the book the Emperor has been reading all this time. He will give Huanzheng a page a day if he continues doing what he likes doing and becomes the best inventor of all times.
Hahahahahah this guy is such a jerk. I love him to bits.
He's like that toxic boyfriend who is a total charmer and jerk at the same time. He knows just what to give a person to keep them around for more crap.
And then, the Queen arrives at Stars Court. Observed by this unknown man (see below). Ohhhh, he is Fuling's father! Which means he is Jishu, but with a different face! His undercover name is Yi Qian Ji (Yang Chengjin).
Like, a plastic face? Or he actually physically changed. The other actor - his face is so long.  How did they squish him up?
Maybe that thing he asked for in the first episode is the same poison Mei Changsu took?
But what is this?! Our Emperor is on a cliff, with wings on his back! Did he build them himself? He concentrates, runs towards the edge and jumps! He is flying! Awwww, the joy on his face!! He shouts: "Heaven, despite how much you give me trouble, I was still able to fly!"
Look how solid that chest is. Also, the phrasing here is important.
He isn't twenty yet, which means he is not allowed to fly by Wingkind law. Like he cares. But due to the mean winds, he crashes. Completely undignified, ahaha. Why is he so eager to fly, though, seeing how he is almost twenty? It's a mystery.
That boy is eager to be a man, I think.
In all the different ways?
At his place, he runs into Huanzheng, who trespassed, because nobody brought him the next page of the book. After thinking about it a bit, Wingkind Emperor gives him the whole book this time (it's a special one in comparison to all the others that Jishu wrote because it touches on the subject of flying and contains words on a "flying machine" for the Humans). In return, he asks him to open "that thing" at all cost. That thing = the amulet he stole inside that Mountain.
Open what? Where is it closed?
Who know with these things? How anyone would think it was "closed" and had an entry point of some sort is beyond me.  
He knew because he did a lot of research on it
Huanzheng complies, eagerly trying everything he can think of on the thing (fire, water, etc.). In the meantime, Yi Fuling is staggering around outside, dying. Just when she collapses to, well, die, Huanzheng breaks the Amulet and a flower appears - the Shooting Star Flower! It drifts out of his hut, unreachable by him.
Ooops. On both counts.
And, that's it? 
Tingjun hears that his Ling'er is dying because she saved him - and then he hears that she has disappeared! Out he goes in search of her. And because they're fated, he actually finds her! Collapsed and quasi-dead (but happily hallucinating about being married to him). Here comes the Flower! And disappears in her ear. The birthmark glows and he remembers ... how he fell off a cliff once and she tried to save him. They both fell, but landed very softly ... because hundreds of flowers appeared to soften/slow down their fall.
That doesn't seem like a thing you'd forget, actually.
Okay, so the Flower did something. Cool.  
He also recognizes the flower that just disappeared inside her ear as Shooting Star Flower! It seems to have healed Fuling completely. So neat! Less neat: the Queen watched it all and now thinks to herself: "Ji Shu, looks like heaven is fair. What you owed me, your daughter will have to repay all of it to my son". Cryptic, woman, cryptic.
Have we seen her in other things? She seems really familiar.
She looks like this one Korean actress, Kim Hye-Ri.  
This one, Liu Min, is so cool. She's a "military dancer", according to Wikipedia.
Are we sure that's her?  Born in 1958 makes her close to 60, you know.  (Also, I have a friend who was a military dancer.  Her photo albums are gorgeous.)
Fuling gets to rest a bit at Stars Court but when she wakes up, she realizes she has super-hearing. Scary! That could be annoying for privacy, hers as well as others. It makes overhearing things "an issue" - she hears the Queen's conversation with her son Tingjun. Most importantly, she hears that the Queen wants them to get married. The title of Crown Princess will be "bestowed" upon Miss Yi.
Lucky her, married to a Ken doll and with a MIL who hates you.
Except that Ken doll will be in agony each time he tries a move. Not exactly conducive to a happy married life. 
Yi Fuling is so happy about this! Until she runs into the Wingkind Emperor, who has a letter for her. He's all gruff and "I don't know why this letter was sent to my place", but we know better. The letter is from Huanzheng (so the Emperor claims - but it was HIM who wrote it!) and in it, her friend tells her not to worry. (Funny detail: she praises the nice handwriting and the Emperor is a bit pleased)
He gives me whiplash. One minute I want to pinch his cheeks (which ones?) and the next I want to beat him to death with a rock. But before that, I'd take care of some other pressing matters with this Emperor...
The Wingkind Emperor comments on how she "speaks with good energy" and obviously isn't dying, which he regrets. Haha. But her mood is too good to be dampened by him. It seems he has come to invite her to come to a place with him anyway and drags her along (she's (naturally) reluctant, because she's obviously blind). That is why Yi Fuling does not hear how Bai Tingjung objects vehemently against the marriage (mentioning her commoner status). The mother doesn't give a shit, haha, fail, boy. He then claims he loves someone else. That, so the queen, doesn't matter either. Since when is marriage about love! He will marry Yi Fuling and that is that!
Oh man, his life sucks. Married to the love of his life and unable to touch her.


I wouldn't want super-hearing. Imagine how annoying that would be!! And gross!
The food chewing alone would send me over a cliff.
Yeah, super-powers are probably not all they're cracked up to be. 

Poor Tingjun is probably thinking how painful it would be if he had to marry Fuling. Imagine the wedding night. Doesn't look like his mother can be convinced otherwise though. That will be interesting. And we know for sure now that our Fuling is connected to the Flower Deity (Reincarnation, hint, hint) and it seems the Queen has been looking for her ever since she was carried away by her father.
How did she know back then, though?
The birthmark? Or perhaps just plain timing.  
Research! And she saw the Flower that came from the sky

We also got to know the Emperor from a slightly different side in this episode. He was quite lenient, if not almost nice with Huanzheng (whom he obviously needs for gadgety-reasons (pffft)). And when he used his self-made wings! So cute! Why is he so desperate to fly though? Maybe to throw things on people's heads from above.
He just likes being higher than everyone else.
All youngsters want to do what grown-ups do.

PS: I'm glad the Queen isn't MY mother, she seems so intense. But I really like this actress.