Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 6 (Recap)

kakashi: The cohabitation shenanigans continue, but unfortunately, there is Jishu and Tingjun to spoil the fun.
JoAnne: I really miss Wingkind Emperor, sigh. I need to start Wuxin sooner rather than later even if he's not the main guy.
SakiVI: cohabitation is how people get closer, according to the patriarch in one daily drama that I'm watching. 

Episode 6

Ah, look at that lovely bed the Wingkind Emperor has! (*distracted*) He ain't currently in it, though. He has fallen asleep sitting up next to it, head in hand. Skillz. Yi Fuling carefully covers him with the blanket once she wakes up.
I think deep down WKE is a puppy, just - maybe one that bites sometimes.
It only takes one bite to be a bad dog. 
Cut to the ugly prince - who sent one of his guards to investigate his mother. He realizes that mommy dearest is hiding something. And that something is Jishu, with the other name and the other face! She has tied her former lover up like this (woman... you've got issues, I think) and we realize she's holding a massive grudge for being left by him. It must have been, what, about twenty years?!
At least twenty, and I don't think her son is ugly.  He's just not as appealing as WKE. I especially like his nose, though.
Tingjun's nose is a delight. And both these middle-aged people are freaking nuts. I seriously think he's enjoying sitting there like that. 
The sneaky prince observes how his mommy exits that secret place - and goes in once she has left. How unfilial! Of course, he is super surprised to find his "Uncle" in there! Alas, Jinshu is bound by "Lovers' Knots", uhm, you know ... super crazy locks that cannot be opened. Like the most clingy ex you can imagine. It's so S&M. Tingjun asks about the reason he was given the Corroding Boner and yes, Jishu did it to him because he knew his daughter was the Shooting God Flower Power. And that God must NEVER fall in love with anyone. Otherwise, a great harm will come to both of them. Uh-oh.
Then why not cast a spell so that the guy wouldn't fall in love? Why let them be together all the time, which basically encourages them to become close, and then make it so that when they DO, it's the most painful thing ever? Sidenote: That head piece always makes me think a big mechanical spider is resting on his manbun.
If the daughter is the Shooting God Flower Power, then she is the one who shouldn't fall in love, and who should get the Corroding Boner.  
When Tianyi awakes, he only has a few seconds to (slightly) smile (almost) fondly because of the blanket on his shoulders, because annoying noise from the kitchen demands his attention. Yi Fuling is attempting to make a fire! Not something the Wingkind ever do - they only eat cold and raw things.
Because basically they're birds.
The Emperor shares some of his dishes with her outside instead (all rude, of course). Suddenly, she remembers about her father and runs outside ... oups. There are a lot of soldiers there, pretending to be here to "apologize" to the Wingkind Emperor for insulting him earlier. Good thinking, girl, I'd hide behind this sexy beast too. Emperor doesn't care much about this siege, though ... we know why. Secret passage, anyone?
Doesn't he look like he'd feel really warm and solid? You know, not bony, but with a good solid sheet of comfy muscle and padding all over? Tingjun looks bony.
Agreed. For a good cuddle, I'd go to Tianyi.
Fuling doesn't get what's going on (she needs to smarten up a bit, please), but rather than listening to Tianyi's rant, she suddenly feels hugely uncomfortable and has to throw up. It's serious though, she passes out afterwards ... on his shoulder.
It's that bird diet.
In the Queen's special dungeon, Jishu enlightens us and Tingjun about the God-thing. There is the Yin amulet that we have already seen, but there also is a Yang amulet! Both are needed, jointly, to awaken the Goddess. And here is the deal: The Yin Amulet points to the reincarnation of the Goddess (that's our Fuling), but the Yang amulet points to "the ruin of the God of Shooting Stars Flower's existence". Dayum. And here is Tingjun's task: Find the person that the Yang Amulet points to and kill him or her! It's the one chance he has left if he wants to be with Ling'er.
I really do not have these names straight. But in any event, she's the Goddess, someone else is the God, it takes two to tango, but tangoing leads to death? Do I have that straight? And oh - if there's a Goddess but no God, there's no problem. She just shoots her pollen out all over and the Wingkind fly another 100 years? 
She needs the god for the pollen, I think.  
Hmmmmmmmmmm, hands up if you do not trust Jishu AT ALL.
I don't actually like him.
I dislike him a lot. 

There is also a prophecy or something, pointing to the location of the Yang Amulet. It says: "Shadows will rise from the extinguished light. Tears will melt the cinnabar. The Flying Flower returns to earth, on the string of Heaven". Good luck, Tingjun.
Well that's just as clear as mud, isn't it?
I'll just focus on the nose.
Jishu urges the young prince to leave quickly and when he has left, he thinks to himself that Tingjun is so in love with Fuling, he would actually kill himself without hesitation if the Yang Amulet pointed to him. Nice.
Great back up in case your Corroding Boner doesn't work.
Speaking of amulets, the Wingkind Emperor (his eyes are back to turquoise) has remembered the task he gave Huanzheng. Imagine how PISSED he is when he learns the Amulet has been opened, a Flower came out, but Huanzheng lost its trace. He even screams "You've ruined my life". Boy, chill.
A timely reminder that he is, after all, a teenager.  
How has he ruined Tianyi's life?
Huanzheng stays alive after this, so I guess the Emperor was being overly dramatic. Anyway, we see him next wrapped in a blanket, serving Fuling some food. Awwwwwww. He cooked for her?! His face is all dirty! (and his eyes are no longer blue) She has nightmares and he looks at her ... and sees the Flower birthmark behind her ear. Actually, it looks like a tattoo. But details.
He looks so young there, our delicious little WKE. I wonder, does China think he's as hot as we do?
He's getting lead roles, so probably.
She wakes up eventually and finds the steaming noodle dish on the table. She digs in happily ... while the Emperor sits somewhere to the side, all grumpy. She complains about the lack of omelette ... and then becomes aware of his presence. Ahahaha.  
Poor man, he is sick! He's coughing! Oh, I know how men are when they're sick and he seems no different. She grabs his hand to get him to join her for something warm - and then realizes he has several cuts on his fingers. She laughs at his dirty state ... eand then realizes he cooked for the first time in his life, for her! and ventures to put bandages on his fingers. He calls it "ugly" (of course) and her unwomanly, but the truth is, he is quite delighted. And then, he offers her a spot in his harem as his consort (seeing how nobody wants to marry her). Haha, as if.
Meanwhile, his heart is in his throat because omg, does he want her bad.
He practices his whip after this. (Is that what they're calling it these days? I guess it's better than wrestling alone with the sword fairies or whatever it was in IF.) 
Fuling takes issue (his hands! the wounds!) but he tells her he needs to practice day and night to be good at this. He has a point. The conversation shifts to his father, whom he obviously hates. Or not really, but he thinks he hates him. They sit down and she talks about her own father and how she misses him, despite how difficult living with him was ... and then tells Feng Tianyi that she has seen through him. He actually has a good heart and just pretends to be evil. He adds that he does not want to get close to people, because that makes you vulnerable. People who know him know what kind of person he is - and the others, he doesn't care about.
The plight of the lonely royal.
Prince Harry probably complains about this every day.
Marveling about whether she is a person who knows him or a person he doesn't care about gives him pause ... and there is a moment of charged silence between them, until Chishu, the mechanical glitter-farting butterfly, turns up. The message from Tingjun is about her father, who is, so the Prince, doing fine. The mention of Tingjun and the sight of the glitter-butterfly are a sure way to change Tiangyi's mood COMPLETELY, haha.
His mission in life is to destroy that kid. That was true even before they had a girl to fight over. 
But why?
Still, he goes to meet with the Prince in some forest afterwards. The Prince has a doll with him ... it's Fuling's, actually. Both men immediately recognize her knots, Tianyi on the doll, Tingjun on his fingers. Princeling gets super angry that his "Ling'er" is near Tianyi - and our Douche Deluxe takes the opportunity to tell Tingjun that Fuling begged him to become "the maiden who warms my bed". Ahahaha. The scenes with these two are the best. Please never become friends.
For a minute earlier I did think it might happen but you're right, I really don't want it to.
Tingjun hits the Emperor in the face for this (deserved), which the Wingkind Emperor considers the perfect opportunity to start a proper fight, whip and all. They're equally good though and it ends in a stalemate. Once they have that out of their systems, the Emperor tells Tingjun why he wanted to meet: to discuss how they can get Fuling out of harm's way (=the Queen).
Oh this was the episode where I thought they'd maybe become friends, haha.
The Queen is plotting something new indeed: to publicly execute Jishu! That will most certainly flush Fuling out of hiding! Tingjun is the one who suggested a bait-ploy ... he now pretends to be on his mother's side (clumsily! OMG, it's so obvious).
She's so pretty. Too bad she's dead inside.
Jishu's fault.
Feng Tianyi is in a very bad mood after his meet-up with Tingjun. First, he unwraps all of Fuling's bandages and pushes her aside when she wants to help put them back on. He tells her to stop wasting her time on him, but to go care for her "Brother Tingjun" instead. He just laughs at the suggestion that he might be jealous. His greatest pleasure is to see her suffering, he claims ... and makes her clean up after him. Of course, he deliberately makes a mess.
That was hilarious. She should have just pushed him; he's really begging for an opportunity to get all up in her face, and if they're physical with each other how long will it really be before there are some really spectacular kisses?
Sleeping in his bed is a no go either, of course (unless she really wants to be his consort?) - so he locks her up in the storage room. He turns a deaf ear to her ranting, but he does not feel comfortable about it. And indeed, when it's completely dark, he brings her a blanket, marvelling about the fact that she can sleep so deeply in such am uncomfortable place.
I don't imagine it would be possible to just lie next to him. No, indeed.


You can't fool us, handsome Emperor! We know that you care and everyone who cares to look will know it too! Of course you're jealous of "Brother Tingjun", who has Fuling's heart and trust. It will be hard for the Emperor to give up on his inbred distrust of people. His father taught him not to depend on anyone and not to let his guard down (we do not know any details yet, but it seems that ruling over the Wingkind territory is no piece of cake), and I think this is how this boy survived after his father's death. Fuling is really dangerous to this side of him.
That is true, but part of what makes it so enjoyable for us. Forbidden love! Except none of us care a fig about Tingjun's forbidden love, actually, except to think it was a particularly nasty trick of Jishu's.
Yes, yes, tortured hero and all. 

Of course, love will conquer all (maybe), but there are a few ominous things said in this episode that point to the opposite of smooth romance. The Goddess cannot fall in love? Okay, then be careful, you two. Fuling is not in love with him yet - he is too nasty to her still - but she has already pierced his defensive armor. She has seen through his act and they're already becoming friends. But it's pretty obvious that he feels something he has not felt before and if we believe him when he says he always gets what he wants, then I foresee that he will get this woman. Only that getting her will forever change him and I am feeling wary about that. 
I want him to get her but then again... I like him when he's a bit of a jerk. I think I'm fine with them just doing the cat and mouse game for oh, 30, 40 years. With maybe occasionally the cat catching the mouse and taking it away for a long weekend.
If the Goddess cannot fall in love, then what happens to Wingkind?