Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 7 (Recap)

kakashi: Bye, bye Tingjun - fate doesn't want you near Fuling. I won't object! Everybody attempts to save Jishu in this episode ... but that doesn't go too well.
JoAnne: And you know what I say? Forget the bastard. He's really not a nice guy, even if he isn't exactly a villain.

Episode 7

In the morning, Wingkind Emperor's chubby bodyguard brings Miss Yi some Humankind (warm) bread... awwww. She quickly realizes that he went out to buy it and that that means the Queen's soldiers have left! When she notices the the Emperor's blanket, she thinks to herself that he's weird ... making a point to torture her whenever he has a chance, but doing very nice stuff if he thinks she doesn't notice.
I like the chubby bodyguard. He seems to be the most honest person around WKE, and he's definitely someone who thinks of others.
Just so. Here he comes, angry and nasty as ever. He smacks the bread out of his guard's hand and throws hers to the floor too (and makes a point to step on it when he goes out) - and then he commands that nobody can ever go near her prison again. Of course, this is all part of his plan.
Still, a girl's gotta eat. Come on, dude. Couldn't you have done this when she'd taken a few bites?
In the Human City, the Queen is furious that Yi Fuling "has not come out yet" even though she's spread the word far and wide that Ji Shu will be killed. Yes, cause Mr. Wingkind is smart and has her locked up! But what is he up to now?! He demands of Huanzheng that he makes him a machine to torture people - one that has people in so much pain that they don't want to live but cannot die. And then he makes it seem as if he wants to use it on Fuling. Hahahaaaa. 
You know, I actually think he's prettiest in these early days, when he's at his most dickish. He looks really good in pastels.
And because Huanzheng is a bit of an idiot, he breaks her out that night (exactly like planned). Of course, he takes her through the secret passage ... right to where Feng Tianyi is waiting. He has skillz, because a moment ago, he was on his bed (sexily), wearing his other outfit. 
DAMN. I think I even hiccupped because...damn.
Gawd, he's hot.
He has Fuling led away again and then takes Huanzheng aside ... he has a special task for him. Later, WKE meets with Tingjun, who is worried that Fuling might still fall into his mother's trap. But no, Tianyi thinks he has everything under control - he also made sure Fuling is no longer where the Queen suspects her, in case she attacks his Windy Pass. After they have freed her father, he will make sure they will go "far away". Tingjun is still worried though ... also about losing Fuling. Well, he shouldn't have decided against marrying her then, suggests Tianyi. But he needn't worry about him - Fuling hates him to death. Awww... are you sure, boy? 
I keep picturing him in a Chinese remake of Wuthering Heights. I'm Cathy, of course, but I won't be an idiot. Okay, I know that makes it not Wuthering Heights. Basically we're just alone in some remote location, madly in love.
And then, it's the day of the "execution". The Wingkind Emperor is going all in. With all his boys (who are slightly confused about his actions). In some kind of turtleneck outfit. *swoon* Tingjun on the other hand ... is gassed by his mother as soon as he leaves his room. Tingjun, the idiot: out. This means trouble for the Wingkind. Queen Bai Xue knows something is up.
He's definitely better in pastels. Although he looks good in anything. Why do we not get some ancient fantasy shower scene? Him and his boys, in a Scarlet Heart-esque bath? Do we not deserve it? We do!
And there's more trouble on the way! Huanzheng is in the city, harboring resentment against the Wingkind Emperor and that is why he gave him faulty weapons ("Ring of Flying Light") earlier. And then he hears on the streets who is going to be executed. Uh-oh. He goes back to Fuling and helps her escape - and of course, he has to tell her all about her father! Damn, there goes WKE's lovely plan to keep her safe. Huanzheng realizes he made a mistake pretty quickly, but it's too late: Fuling won't be stopped. She wants to go help and rescue her father herself!
Huanzheng I do like you and everything but my God, be smarter about non-machine related things.
Feng Tianyi is right outside the gates (in a .... mask) when he realizes that something is wrong. No Bai Tingjun and his soldier boys - and Huanzheng's weapons don't work. He goes: "Never mind, charge!" Ahahaha. Teenagers! They storm the execution ground and are immediately surrounded by hundreds of soldiers. Including archers.
The masks make the chubby bodyguard look like he's wearing an ancient animal-face filter in some fantasy version of Snapchat.
It's not looking food for our Wingkind - when Fuling makes a heroic entrance from the sky. Haha, is that another one of Huanzheng's inventions? The Queen is delighted to see her - she planned all this to make her Crown Princess. And Fuling - who just wants to protect everyone, including Tianyi - says fine, bring it on, I will marry your son.
Meanwhile MKE is trying to be all cool and serious but inside his teenage heart is screaming noooooooooo, not HIM, ME! He's so boring! Don't do it!
Despite father and future lover shaking their heads at her, Fuling steps forward and kneels down in front of the Queen. But when her Majesty is right in front of her to put the crown on, Fuling attacks! She has one of Huanzheng's needle weapons! The Queen is quick, Fuling misses, but she still manages to put her knife to the Queen's throat!
Off-screen, WKE is pumping his fist in the air screaming YESSSSSSSSS and then he remembers he's WKE and he settles down and frowns seriously.
Back at the palace, Tingjun realizes that the "father" at the execution ground isn't Fuling's father at all. What has the She-Devil done again?! When he gets to the ground, Fuling is trying to get away together with her "father" (who cannot speak because of some devilish thing) and Huanzheng, while the Wingkind fight the mass of soldiers. The Queen laughs at her son - the one playing Fuling's father is her best assassin. He will glue himself to Fuling (sic), so she won't be able to escape from that, ever.
Come on, the head piece looks like the arms of some parasitic robot pulling on his ears.
Tingjun shouts at Ling'er to let go of that man who isn't her father, but she doesn't hear him. All desperate, the silly boy grabs a bow and arrow (that just happens to lie around there) ... and shoots Jishu. Oh no...... now Yi Fuling believes that Tingjun has killed her dad :(
Well, that's bound to throw a monkey wrench into things somehow. But really, it should help with the Corroding Boner bit since she won't want to be around him, and it's bound to throw the odds in WKE's favor. So I'm good.
Feng Tianyi takes the opportunity to grab her hand and flee, while Huanzheng stays back to cover for them - and of course gets captured. Soldiers are closely behind Tianyi and Fuling and they get to a cliff ... but Tianyi comes prepared. With a set of new wings, made by Huanzheng. Oh gawd, I hope Huanzheng didn't tamper with them!!! Tianyi tells Fuling to hold on to him - and jumps.
Damn, he is one sexy beast.
They fly alright, but all of a sudden, Fuling realizes something is wrong ... she pulls her hand away from his chest and it's full of blood. Oh no, our boy got hit by an arrow earlier! As he loses consciousness, he drops out of the sky.
It's wrong but the way they fall made me laugh.
The Queen is fuuuurious when she hears that both Fuling and Tianyi are nowhere to be found. There is another thing, though: a warlock has come to see her, who has the ability to change faces (she was looking for such skills). Excellent! She takes what he offers her (medication called "Black Datura", more powerful than the Shura cinnabar, and a mask) - and has him killed on the spot. Dead men can't talk, that's why. She then forces the pill (or whatever it is) down Jishu's throat.
Datura is from the nightshade family. It's very poisonous - I have Datura Inoxia (Moon flower) in the window box by my back door, because despite looking similar to the morning glories it lives with, it blooms at night.


Damn, woman. You're deliciously insane. I really like this character! Will Jishu go back to his old face? I hope so, I do like the other actor's long horsey face a lot. 
It's so very, very long. It almost doesn't look real.

Several people were a bit stupid in this episode. It couldn't really be helped though. I think Tianyi made a mistake when he did not tell Huanzheng everything (he should have foreseen that he'd go back for Fuling), because it's pretty clear that Fuling cannot be stopped from doing what she wants to do. And Tingjun is just so unlucky. I feel sorry for him, wretched life.
He is a poor bastard, isn't he? I really do feel sorry for him. He's done nothing but be a good friend and naturally fall in love with a girl who actually loves him back, and because of their screwed-up parents, his life is pretty much ruined.