ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 12 (A Contest Squeecap)

kakashi: Alright! Headed straight for a happy ending ... or are we? Oops, no... a little detour first.
Trotwood: You were joking about thinking we were going straight to the happy ending part, right?
JoAnne:  But this is it. There's no more time. It has to be happy.
Sparks: You'd be surprised what you can live through. Whoops, I mean - you'd be surprised what they can cram in 2 episodes... ;) But first we get smothered in their sweetness. *yay*
Shuk: I'm happy for whatever happy they give us at this point in time.

Episode 12

Mars asks her to stay with him and she does; she has lost all her fear of him or rather of what his world might do to her. Mars is feeling utterly alone ... mirroring her own sentiment in the previous episode. She comforts him, telling him that he won't be alone - like he told her she won't be alone. She lies down with him, a comforting presence for the grieving Mars. 
And, frankly, a relief to us all. At this point I so want Mars to get what he needs. He's just such a nice guy. Hmm. Come to think of this, how often can we genuinely say that about male leads. Most are good men and often learn how to show the world their goodness (or greatness), but the nice guys are often the second leads.
Oh, I think they're generally nice guys, at least by the end. They start out sweet but are turned harsh/cold/mean by circumstances and learn to hide their sweetness, then the heroine turns them into goo. Mars is a little different than the usual, though, since he's genuinely nice from almost the very beginning.
Yup - all that nice was smothered under a layer of stupid arrogance but that didn't last very long. And he spent two weeks feeling alone before realizing where he needed to go.
Yes, I'm glad they can support and take care of each other. And I loved how they needed just a small touch to feel contentment.
In the morning, Momo gets rid of her extremely annoying and nosy sister (I dislike her so much), trying to make sure she'll keep the secret of Mars' being here (Can she? OF COURSE NOT). In her room, she talks to Kasaba for a bit ... and then remembers the noodles recipe she got from his mom. Oh dear, she's cooking noodles ... Old Nine Gates watchers will understand! Here is Mars, being sad. It also seems to be night again.Yes, he slept the whole day.
He probably hasn't slept much since his mother died. It's telling that this place is the one place where he can rest.
I wonder if the noodles were bad.
They are weird, torn noodles though, instead of long skinny ones. Maybe that helps? She kept that recipe all this time - front and center in her desk, too.
In this house, he can be himself, poor broken noodle that he is.
Momo comes in to ask whether he is hungry - and she serves him his mother's signature dish, "Vitality Noodles". They make him major sad, but he wants to share them with her.(awwwww) When he eats, he remembers all the happy moments with his mom and his (and Momo's) tears add salt to the soup. Momo says several times that he has to work hard - and he promises to (again). I would say give the boy a break, but okay. Work hard it is.
I'm ready for all the mommy-flashbacks to end. Does that make me callous? And there's an awful lot of spam and veggies in those noodles...
All moms need to go in the last two episodes. And sisters.I think they feel comfort in repeating the same words back to each other that they said before. Mostly because we know that "Work Hard" is a euphemism for "I Love You".
Then, they get to sit on the porch roof together, his arm over her shoulder, and be awfully cute. He declares he will go back to work tomorrow. Good boy. Work hard!
Every time I see this, the logistics of getting onto that little perch worried me. It's not the safest hang out. But they are so cute together and no one bothers them up there.
It's not a load bearing surface! It's going to fall off the fricking house and they're going to die and be cute ghosts together.
At least no one in the corporeal world would bother them anymore.
This has been bothering me a lot & after looking back to episode 7 when he comes on the roof when she's hanging clothes, it's the ledge above the door. So I'm still not sure how they even get up there. And it's still not a load-bearing surface. But at least if they fall it'd only be a few feet?
That's good and all, but because her stupid sister told her even more stupid friends that Mars is at their place and a paparazzi heard, the newspapers are soon filled with pictures of him and Momo being intimate (hugging. they were hugging!)
Look how starved for visuals of affection between these two that we are as excited as we are worried about this pic. The most frustrating thing about her sister is that she seems to improve but then proves that she hasn't really changed all that much.
I loved the hug, though. They are soooo cute!!!! And I just wanted them to tell the paparazzi they were dating before his mom died, so there! :P
Stupid, useless sister. I would have disowned her years ago, and never taken responsibility for her shite.
Of course, all hell breaks lose. Tony Ge has rage-fit and thinks that's the end of Mars' new career. He has a solution though: a press conference, during which they will say Momo is in fact Yi Zhi's girlfriend. (and how would that make it better? I could see the headlines now "Mars having an Affair with his Manager's Girlfriend!!!)  Haha, seriously... Of course, Mars is completely outraged. I would be too!! And even more so when Yi Zhi says he'd do the press conference too. At least, he has the decency to come clean about his involvement in the break up a year ago. He's not feeling sorry for it though... he thinks it's a necessary sacrifice.
At least we get to see Mars be firm and unwavering. Small blessings?
[scratching Yi Zhi's name permanently off my list of Awesome Assistants and writing him onto my list of Awful Asses] And he used his "friendship" with Mars to manipulate him. Pfui!
Poor Momo ... there a tons of reporters at school, harassing her. Jia Sen comes to her aid and brings her home. Since his mother hid the newspaper with the paparazzi pics from him, he has no clue what is going on - and Momo says she will tell him later. (I was hoping this would be a wake-up call for this woman--that those pics would force her to see Momo in a different light as someone who may be a woman now with a life, love, and desires of her own) Jia Sen leaves ... and Momo sees Mars stepping out behind a bush. He doesn't care about being seen, he just wants to be with her. Awww. Also, he tells her about the outrageous idea to lie about their relationship, but Momo is really calm about it. Mars also tells her to hang in there - he is very serious about being with her.
I love him.
<3  I was glad there was no stupid jealousy or blame here either.
Yay for our hot, steady boyfriend!! And the hug! And the promise. And the V-neck tshirt is back! So many things to be thankful for.
He is looking forward to spending Valentine's Day with her soon ... as is Jia Sen, the poor sod. But before that happens, Yi Zhi attempts to patch things up with Mars and apologizes for what he did. Mars has already forgiven him though. Awww.
Don't do it, Mars! He'll betray you again at Tony Ge's request!!!
He's way more forgiving than I would've have been, but then Yi Zhi stood by him for a long time. a long time. They are more like brothers.
The bromance is back! (Though at first I thought Mars was demanding Yi Zhi open his beer for him. Not offering to drink together.)
Mars' fans are also acting up - a girlfriend! No way! Not allowed!
Fakety fakesters. They were fine when they thought he was secretly dating Ivy.
Isn't that always the Path of the Saesaeng? To only want what they want? They can lust after the innocent innocent 30 year old??

But neither Momo (who cleans the house etc.) and Mars (who gets styled for a photoshoot and looks gorgeous, because FINALLY! Good hair!) care about that. And then, it's Valentine's ... but close after midnight. The guy to turn up is ... Jia Sen. With a rose. He has prepared a lovely poem, declaring his love...
I feel badly for how little I care for his plight right now. He's been set up by his family for this pain, but now all I think of is Mars.
Just. Go. AWAY.
I could swear he had copied an old love letter from his dad to his mom. But I have no idea why I thought that...?
DeLuLu Town called and they are missing their Mayor. Oh wait, there he is! The blooming idiot with the Wed Wose.
He runs away afterwards, exhilarated ... poor guy. For the first time, it registers with Momo that she might have a problem.
She's a bit dim, that one.

After dodging some reports, Mars has Yi Zhi drop him off somewhere he can buy a present for Momo - they talk about the dating troubles on the way there. It's really hard on everyone, because the media and the fans are so crazy - the timing is just so bad. Mars buys Momo a Kasaba necklace. Talk about high-class merchandise... it's actually not for sale and he has to discuss for quite a while, so he is running late.
Of course he is. Otherwise, how would they invent a problem?
Why even give him the sales pitch if it's not really for sale? It is pretty, though. (Did you catch the tiny drop of foreshadowing? There's a crazy fan but no worries!)
Why would you have it on display in a jewelry store if it wasn't for sale? It's not the Hope Diamond or the Crown Jewels.
He is so happy when he heads to their rendez-vous point ... but he never gets there. On the pedestrian crossing, he is hit by a car and promptly hospitalized. Momo waits and waits... until her HORRIBLE sister turns up in a taxi and tells her Mars was in an accident. 
I like how you capitalize "horrible" here when she wasn't even doing anything horrible this time. 
It's a white SUV. Is there some RULE about this shit? The other day I was watching Mermaid and while they wait at the intersection (very safely) a white vehicle passed by and I immediately thought 'TROLL'.
The worst part was as Momo was waiting, she heard the sirens go by. He was so close and she had no idea!
Poor Nicky Ferrante...I mean, poor Momo!
All the reporters are there and the Mars fangirls and everyone's just nasty. The fangirls shout "it's your fault" (and all the reports start too. Sure). Upstairs, Tony Ge is the next one to be nasty, but he reluctantly lets her into the room (thanks to Yi Zhi's insistence). Inside, Mars wakes up and gives Momo the Valentine's present. She loves it, of course.
Awww. (but I was also hoping there'd be some of his dried blood on the box for effect)
A scuff or a scrape, at least, right? A ding?
I liked how Yi Zhi tried to deflect the chanting onto himself. "that's right - it's my fault!" - Which was ironic because Tony Ge pretty much blames him later. And Mars falls asleep again right after giving her the necklace. But he had to give it to her before he could rest.
Okay, I'll take Yi Zhi off my Ass list. But he's still not going back on my PA list. And, yes, Mars was going to make sure she got her present. After all, he held onto it throughout the chaos of the rescue scene and the hospital situation.
Poor Mars. He has all the bad luck. Tony Ge has Yi Zhi promise he'll convince Mars to suspend his relationship with Momo for the time being. And Momo cries at home. She definitely is NOT the happiest Valentine that Mars wanted her to be. And things get much worse when it is revealed that the person who hit Mars with the car is a crazed fan who ships him with Shi Jia. Wow. (This might sound odd, but I was glad it was done on purpose; otherwise, it would be just another random car accident in a drama) And: the Doctor says Mars needs at least half a year to fully recover from a knee injury. However, there are only 4 months until his concert. Well, I do hope he does not just have ONE? looks like it.
Two things: Since he can't do his other projects, he has time to hang out with Momo, and he could always do the concert sitting down. (I remember thinking this, too. Why can't he just sit and sing . . . and perhaps wear a V-neck)
I'm thinking they mean the kickoff concert before the tour? And what about the Kasaba drama?? I always thought it could have just been a random hit & run rather than something else to make Momo feel bad. But now that Trot mentions it, I agree it's nice to have a good reason rather than random plot-device.
I really don't understand how the entertainment business can just grind their 'stars' into pulp and never think about it. If Mars needs six months to heal, give him six months, Don't cut it short and risk potentially re-injuring him for good. And 42-hours of filming followed by an IV bag isn't good for anyone's health. When will they stop doing this? Oh right, probably when the rabid fans calm down.
At school, Momo tells the Fangirls that Mars will return to the stage in time, no matter what. Then, she waits for Yi Zhi in the parking garage and makes him take her to Mars (trying to trick Tony Ge in the process). That doesn't go too well. Tony Ge first tells her what this whole thing is costing his company - but then, in a somewhat surprising turn-around, he tells her he will not give up on Mars. And he tells her that her and Mars ... it is going to be damn hard. Probably too hard.
I'm not surprised at all. He isn't perfect, but I don't hate him as much as the rest of you do. I don't hate him. He has been really patient with Mars and has been looking out for him and his interest. He could have (and many would have) cut Mars long ago when he wasn't bringing in any money and causing all sorts of problems. I understand that he needed time after his mother's death, but it wasn't cool or professional for him to completely disappear without telling anyone anything--leaving Tony and Yi Zhi trying to make up stuff for the press when really the truth probably would have been fine. From his perspective and with Momo's track record, it seems like it will be too hard. We're doubting her. Why wouldn't he?
But he's been a model employee and moneymaker for over a year now, and that should be taken into consideration too. Your recent behavior should carry more weight than the years past. 
Will she give up? Mars is already worried she isn't picking up her calls and hasn't come visit him. And he misses her so much ... Yi Zhi tells him about what Tony Ge said. The results of this is Yi Zhi picking up Momo at home and taking her to Mars. He tells her not to listen to a word Tony Ge says ... and Tony Ge comes in. Lol. Mars makes him stay and listen: he will make sure to stand on that stage in time. Or rather: he and Momo will make sure.
I thought this was the final episode.
lol - that explains your optimism at the beginning of this episode. One more to go!
And I'm glad Yi Zhi is making up for when he chased Momo away.
Still annoyed with him. But I'm ready for more Momo And Mars time!!


I am bit torn about this episode. On the one hand, I am annoyed there is another thing our poor V-neck hunk has to endure. A wrecked knee and an upcoming concert? Really? On the other, I get that Momo has to feel "worthy" of this guy. She has started to see their relationship as a possibility, but with everyone opposing it - and fans even attempting to kill Mars for dating the wrong woman, she might do what she did before: run.
There's also the factor that she chose Jia Sen before because she felt like he needed her more. But now she knows how desperately Mars needs her, too. Plus there's their "never-alone" promise.
So, by being by his side when he mends (like at the beginning of the episode), she can establish that self-worth. And she can also show the crazy fans that she is worthy. We should get more sweet scenes between the two though!
Sweet scenes! Sweet scenes! We are owed show!
Kisses and v-necks, please.
I wanted more sweet scenes, but that walk screams other things that are not really sweet.