ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 13 FINAL (A Contest Squeecap)

kakashi: We're at the final episode! Which is, sadly, very draggy. But it gets us to our happy ending! And they're so cuuuuute. It's all that matters.
JoAnne:  I'm holding out for a date at a hair salon for both of them. New hair for a new life!
Sparks: HEA for the win! His hair really grew on me and has developed an Elvis association...I'm not sure why. Her hair, though, is unceasingly distracting...
Trotwood: I'm still trying to figure out how she sleeps.
Shuk:  Extra neck pillow?

Episode 13

Momo is in the car with Yi Zhi, who is (or says he is) confident that Mars can heal in time. Momo, however, has doubts about pretty much everything: mainly because of the fans, who might stop supporting Mars because of her. (And I thought she was going to finish this line with "mainly because of the fans who drive to run him over with their cars because of her." That would've made more sense.) Damn stupid fandom! But Yi Zhi says: "Zhuang Jun Nan needs you". She smiles. She has the courage to support him - at least until the concert. I don't like that last add-on. She is thinking about something nobly idiotic again. 
I like the distinguishing - Mars may not need her but the man behind the persona does.
I liked that as well although I'm not sure they were that deep on purpose.
I don't think either party to the convo are particularly deep.
And then, we see Mars fighting and struggling through physio, and Momo rushing to his side whenever she can. Mars feels the pressure keenly, but she gives him hope: he will heal in time. It's his mantra.
I wonder what Jia Sen thinks of all this.
I wonder how realistic this all is. And I say that having a brother-in-law who survived a 30-foot fall of a roof and another brother-in-law who barely survived an Osprey crash. 
My uncle fell off a 50 ft crane, so I think it is realistic if he worked like a dog 24/7. However, I remember being pissed that they were pushing him so hard when, like Jo said in previous post, he could just sit and sing. I don't understand why they think he is running the risk of having to cancel the concert. It's not even his arm or hand, which he would need to play guitar.
Yes. he can always do an "Unplugged" concert and just sit, play, and sing. Being in PT right now, I have to make sure I don't overwork the damaged area while doing my home exercises, which could set me back. And my injury isn't anywhere near as severe as Mars' (or any of your relatives) are.
He is exhausted, she tells him Prince Kasaba stories. We hear again: It is love that can save Prince Kasaba's planet. But will Prince Kasaba return to earth, to find the woman he loves? Dun-dun.
Of course he will! This is Taiwan, not Mainland.
I like how Mars wants to change the ending. If anyone can, it's him.
I love how he doesn't mind listening to Kasaba stories now.
He's already read the comix, so he's probably now familiar with a lot of them. But look at all the handholding! So cute and supportive.
They smile at each other often and sweetly. Mars is so extremely cute in love.
In anything. Probably out of anything, too.
[shaking head at Jo]
Her grin is pretty cute, too. They are adorable.
I still like her pink wig better than this trapazoid thing she's got going.
Then, Wei Mama calls. Of course, this is about going to England to study. And by the way, "Jia Sen is SO excited about going together". ARGH! Where is Trot's slapsuit?!(taking slap suit back out of closet for Kakashi. It's been steamed and pressed) But! Ohhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! Momo declines. She has to stay here, she says. BRAAAAVO!
Somebody slap ME, because I must be dreaming.
Mama tried every trick but yay!
Focusing not only on who needs her, but the person she needs because he is the person who doesn't make her feel alone.
Yay! She found her backbone! And her "No". About durn time, since Evil Mom is already picking out names for her grandbabies [shudder].
Jia Sen storms out - and after a few words with Wei Mama, Momo goes after him. I seriously hate this scene: Momo explains that Mars needs her, that he's injured, that he's not "Bad Guy". Jia Sen demands that she stop liking him. He even grabs her hand violently, and she struggles to free herself from his grip. He then throws her out, forcefully. (Can I call the police yet on these people??) Every time Momo has to say "I'm really sorry", I'm having a rage-fit. What kind of mentality makes people behave like this?! As if they had a right over Momo. And that stupid mother even says: "I know I don't have the right to make you love Jia Sen". (But then asks her to stay with him anyway.)  WTF WOMAN! To even SAY THIS. How about thanking Momo on your knees for all that she has done for your and your family?!
People can be shameless when they love someone. Jia Sen's mother loves him, but she makes the wrong decisions every time. Thankfully, Momo has put her foot down.
As she should have done days and weeks and months and years and episodes ago.
I was glad this was the end to Wei Mama's machinations. Just think how it would have gone in a kdrama! (Or how it went in the drama whose ending we have changed...)
Actually, this is why so many kdramas get weighed down in their middles because noble idiocy rules the day until we finally get hero/ine to stand up for their own happiness rather than everyone else's.
Okay, I'll calm down now. Or maybe not. Momo feels she has to explain things to Jia Sen still and goes to see him at the swimming pool. He is mad and won't talk and makes her pursue him for quite a while. When he finally does talk, he screams at her how much he hates her now. Whatever. I get that he is like an eight year old, but my eight year old is more mature.
I'm thinking back over all the 8 year olds I've known, and I think they were ALL more mature than this.
I saw an 8-year-old yesterday, dragged away wailing from a birthday party because he was told no playing on the Wii. Though my daughter would have gotten a good spanking for that kind of behavior...
All along, I never believed the "8 year old" mentality. If he was truly that way, he would have never progressed beyond a 4th or 5th grade no matter how much he aged. He seemed to have autism more than anything, and should have been treated for such instead of pandering to his every will and treating him AS an eight-year-old. His parents did him no favors and probably ruined any chance he had for a full and happy life.
When she sees Mars after this confrontation, he immediately sees that she is unhappy. But he is healing well! The concert will most likely happen! This episode draaaaaaaags.
I was annoyed he didn't ask why and just assumed it was over him. Not like she probably would have told him but still.
He wants to think he is uppermost in her thoughts.
At home, Jia Sen continues to rage some more and then, he goes to the hospital. Uh-oh. Mars is practicing a song and looks quite apprehensive, understandably, when Jia Sen comes in, looking scary. But Jia Sen has only come to sort things out. He demands to know whether Mars likes Momo. And Mars answers simply: "I love her" - and adds a "really" for emphasis. Jia Sen then wants to know whether he will protect her and Mars promises to do that forever. After a "fine" and the promise to "always hate him", Jia Sen leaves again. Okay. Are we done with this storyline? I really hope so.
WTF was that about, honestly. An attempt to show us that Jia Sen actually does care about Momo's happiness? WTF ever. Go away now. It's the last episode and we need all our time for Mars and Momo.
Jia Sen manfully accepting the situation finally? I just enjoyed Mars being so firm and quiet with his unwavering love.
We had to do something to make the opening credit sequence true. They have them all being friends in that.
My eyes were rolling so hard, I thought we were in an earthquake.
Not quite! He also apologizes to Momo the next day. He doesn't hate her, of course, and thus wants to take that back. She assures him it's forgiven and forgotten and he will always be Momo's best friend. Yay! And Jia Sen even gives a lollipop to Mars. Yes, share those cavities! Haha, he made it spicy though.
Okay, I don't mind that. It's kind of funny. But NOW go away.
The spicy lollipop was funny. I'm hoping Jia Sen goes to England after all but don't really care anymore.
It's the last episode. I resent every scene that does not contain Mars and Momo.
Mars makes massive progress and starts practicing his dance routines. What a glorious body. She often goes to see him at practice, and he is sweetly distracted ... but oh no, I think all the hustle and bustle reminds her again of how alien she feels to his world of fame. Throwing out the tea she made for him, she asks herself whether her time with him is over.
No. No, it is not. It is just beginning. Don't be dumb. Be brave!
And if it's too busy a day, don't go see him!
I've almost given up on her. Mars shows her every moment they are together how important and central she is in his life, and Momo chooses CHOOSES to ignore this to form her own cocked-up version of their relationship. This late in the game too.
And then, it's time for his first concert! It will be held at the university, basically as a test run. Tony Ge gives an interview and everyone we know smiles and waves into the camera behind him. Haha.
He looks a little cute there, Tony does.
Everyone hustling in behind him and waving cracked me up.
Okay, he's cute. but I dislike his hair. Still, I'll forgive for the chance he gave Momo and Mars.
Mars is backstage, collecting his thoughts and energy. Momo knocks and a huge smile spreads over his face. He has been expecting her. She is carrying a bouquet of flowers almost as big as herself (and she's wearing Mars' handkerchief). They are cuuuuuuuute. But we all notice that she is sad. I think she's meaning to say goodbye. Idiot.
Don't be dumb. Be brave. Look how cuuuuuuute he is, and he loves you, and you love him, and he's a good guy. He's one of the best guys. You guys belong together. Don't be dumb. Be brave. What would Kasaba do? He'd be brave. Be like Kasaba.
Yes. Don't be a casaba, honey-dew stand tall with your man. You are one in a melon. Okay, I'll stop.
He's looking hot-hot-hot in that leather, too.
He lights up as soon as he sees her. I'd think she would notice this.
And she calls him handsome, for the first time. Squeeeeeee.
Cuz he IS.
He's so happy to hear her say it, though. Squee!!
He looks ready to purr.
The poor boy is a bit nervous and demands she does the Kasaba method again - but not slapping this time! She does, and cries...
I laughed at how he remembers to ask her to cut the slap part.
I love his mouth. She better change her mind.
His is one of those mouths I can pick out of your "whose mouth is this" line-ups.
... and then kisses him. YOU GO GURL!
Who wouldn't after touching those lips like that.
Bravery! Sadly, I think it's also goodbye.
It's sweet but I want better kisses!
He doesn't react enough for me. When she missed his mouth, he should have sought hers like she was his oxygen tank.
He opens his eyes, wipes away her tears and wants to know why she's crying. She can't answer him. PLEASE let him realize what's going on with her. And then, it's showtime! The room goes crazy, Momo cries.
WHY MOMO. Why do this? You don't have to do this!
Let's blame the hair - it sucks all the thinking power out of her brain. (But truthfully, she probably thinks he's healed and doesn't need her anymore.)
She knows better, Sparks. It's all but spelled out by airplane stunt pilots how crucial she is to his life.
And then, we're at the end. Mars stands there, in a (sort of) suit. He thanks the crowd and they grow quiet. He says that the next song is very special. He wrote it for a girl in the audience. Tony Ge gets very agitated in the background, but there is no stopping his star: he talks about how this woman was always there for him, when it was the most difficult. He wouldn't be on this stage without her. "I love her", he says. "Ah Zhai ... I love you!" More than she could ever know. But Ah Zhai is no longer on her seat.
God damn it.
And Tony Ge literally faints - hahahaha! 
I can't believe she snuck away. More proof that her sister is useless, Why didn't Chu Chu pin Momo down??
Momo is at the door, opens it ... and there is Mars.
What? How? And squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he KNEW.
He told her he'd always find her. (And I have a feeling she was just on her way back from a potty break? Maybe?)
I spent far too much time watching this scene trying to figure out the logistics. Where was she? Where was he? How did he get to that door? Are they going in or out? What is the audience doing now? What did he tell him? Oh forget it. Just kiss already! Oh, there's got to be a song first.
He takes her hand. And he sings their song, gently leading her on stage with him. For the world to see. This is his woman. And they'll never be alone again. And the crowd starts chanting "Momo! Momo!"
I woulda, too.
We flash through every sweet moment they've ever had. And he tells her the song is written by Zhuang Jun Nan. Sung by Zhuang Jun Nan. For her. Squee!
Now do you grok him, Momo?? Honestly, he should have just tattoo'd your name on his butt and be done with it. I like Tony's stance; at the end, it's okay if Mars is taken. Yay, Tony Ge!
Epilogue: hand in hand, they walk to Momo's house. He is so happy that everything is the same still! (I loved that he laughed like a little boy at the still-wobbly dining table) The same? No! She has hung up a new contract. The most important rule: he can't bring any women home. He wants to seal it with a kiss when ANNOYING sister comes in and ushers them out - there are tons of women at the gate with Momo signs.
I love it. She has fans!
But they all have Momo hair, too. Noooooo!! (And I wanted another good smoochums!) 

The End


Bye, lovely arms! Beautiful V-necks! Cute smiles! Awwww, I loved you. Overall, this was a very sweet and heartwarming drama. I adore Mars' character. Such a good person! Such difficulties he encountered, but such strength to persevere. I don't know anything about Jiro in real life, but it seems to me that Mars isn't too far off from (at least) part of him.
This was very sweet when it was sweet and REALLY infuriating when it was not. I'm really glad we watched it, though. I always liked Jiro (based on very limited exposure, though) and had never seen Rainie Yang or George Hu in anything. I might like to watch her again, but I don't think I'll ever overcome my Jia Sen antipathy.
He always plays such cutely vulnerable characters - it's hard not to think he must be at least somewhat that way for reals. George Hu has been lead in some good dramas - I promise the memory of Jia Sen fades quickly (Love Now kiss scenes in particular). And I love Rainie but whatever you do, do not ever, ever watch Miss No Good. It's actually an ok drama but her hair and voice are scarring.
I can attest to that. I think I watched it either right before or right after, and I thought that she must have some illness where she had to wear wigs. 
I've watched all three leads in various dramas down through the years. This was the only George Hu vehicle that was jarring or unpleasant. And Rainie is in my Number 1 TWDrama, "Drunken To Love You" with Joseph Chang. This was my favorite Jiro drama.
Other aspects I really enjoyed were Yi Zhi with Mars and also, to a slightly lesser degree, Tony Ge. He got on my nerves a bit, but as a character, he was quite believable.
I liked Yi Zhi a lot.  I was all set for a Korean style manager so Tony Ge was a welcome change.  I didn't mind the sister as much as some did, but she's a complete airhead.  I have nothing good to say about Jia Sen's parents AT ALL, and very little that I liked about Mars's mother, either.
It's sad the Yi Zhi actor isn't in more. Tony Ge strongly reminded me of the manager in Smiling Pasta. There must be a "type" for star managers.
Oh, I absolutely hated the sister. Every second she was on screen.  
Jia Sen's parents were such enablers, especially the mother who didn't want anything to happen to her son.
All parents sucked in this one, sucked like a black hole of manipulation and way inside the Moral Event Horizon. At least for me. Ugh. And I never thought Yi Zhi ever adequately recompensed for his earlier betrayals.
Sadly, I do have some considerable issues with Momo's character. I did find her cute and I liked her (mostly), but I could never even begin to understand her. Why did she remain certain she'd have to part with him until the very end? Why did she not stand up for herself much earlier and fight everyone who kept piling negativity on her? I do understand that she wouldn't have done that at the beginning of the episode, but why did she not believe in his love much earlier?
Some people just don't have courage.
Could be that Kasaba manga, too. He leaves Xiao Yu, her parents are gone, she's always left behind and forgotten. Even believing in his love, it'd be hard to shake the belief that eventually she will get left again.
We see this in her questioning at her parents' graveside. Even at this moment, remember she was wondering why they had to be alone as if it were the right thing to do when nothing in the past actually worked out for her.
I never understand why dramas take a fairly strong female character, and turn her into a conflicted puddle of goo over the "L" word. Despite her boneheadedness, though, I always rooted for her to stand up for herself and reach for that T-shirt happiness.

It makes me slightly fearful for their future, too. He needed to do this grand gesture at the end for her to stay. But how could we be sure that she wouldn't run again, the first opportunity she'd get? Nothing has changed, really. I cannot trust her. But hopefully, with time, she will believe she has worth for him, that he loves her, very, very deeply and needs her. I choose to believe this.
Yes, let's all have faith in our tiny Mushroom Head.
We watched (and recapped) the "long" (DVD) version and I'm thinking that in part, it might have been too long (without knowing what the 12 eps version cut), especially in the latter half. The angst part was, well, as angst parts are - angsty. And pointless. My second big issue is the Jia Sen-storyline (and much more than him his loathsome mother). It's an odd choice for a second lead and it actually made me feel very uncomfortable, especially when he became a bit violent towards the end.
I feel like they went too far and yet not far enough with Jia Sen, as if his character belonged in a different type of drama.
They shaved off tiny bits here and there. The latter half really didn't change much. Jia Sen was the oddest thing about the drama and it is weird.
George Hu's character never really contributed any sort of tension. Did she choose him over Mars several times? Yes, but it still felt disjointed, maybe because there was never any second lead attraction. 
I never understood the decision to make him this kind of person and what that meant because there was never any question really that he would be a viable option or is it because of her personality they couldn't think of any other type of character that might pull her away from from Mars? Frankly, as we all agree, she has enough hang ups of her own that would've (and did) kept her away from him.
Finally, thank you, Sparks of Amber, for making us watch and recap this. It was worth it!
I'm glad to have had the chance to share this underappreciated drama with all of you. Thanks so much!!! 
Yup. This was great fun.
This was a great collaborative party, and thank you Sparks Of Amber! This was a great choice. I hope to win next time and pick a nice long Thai drama.... [evil maniacal laughter] (pick one with a violent wedding scene and I'm in)

Why yes, we like you just as you are.