ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 - Episode 9 (A Contest Squeecap)

kakashi: No, we haven't forgotten our girl with the awful hair and her (soon) boy with the incredibly sexy arms! The title song makes me happy. This episode less so. Too many stupid people doing stupid things, and everybody is unhappy.
Trotwood: I think this might be one of the reasons we slowed down on the recapping. We all knew what was coming. No number of v-neck tshirts can get us out of this pit. But thank you show cordi for trying.
Sparks: I was going to blame the crazy Christmas season but I think Trot's right about the main reason. I call this the "Everyone dump on Momo" episode...
Shuk: One gets tired of the same thing over and over again. 
JoAnne:  Look how sad that makes Mars. He even wore a new color for us.
SakiVI: Again, I didn't watch. So, I'll comment blind, as it were. 
Nice how this shirt dips down.

Episode 9

Yes, people, brace yourselves. This is the shoe we've all been waiting for (since we're experienced Asian drama watchers). Jia Sen's mother has arrived (Momo calls her "Wei Mama"), to tell Momo on the awesome rooftop terrace that Jia Sen's condition is very bad, that the doctor has suggested a special care unit. But that cannot be! So she needs Momo to "never leave" Jia Sen, because apparently, him thinking she doesn't like him is the source of the problem.
Trotwood: (slowly, methodically unpacking my slapping outfit) I can't recall when I last had the slapping outfit out. Was is during Fall in Love with Me? Anyway, It's out now. Who is this woman to use her "I'm a mother" request here to manipulate Momo? Does she even hear what she's trying to say? She is the person who put her son in the position of needing such care. He needs to be removed from her care, as Jo said in previous post, so that he can learn to manage on his own. What does she think he is going to do when she isn't around any longer? (I'm willing to share the slapping outfit. Line up in an orderly fashion, people). Slap one.
It's such a manipulative, despicable thing to do. Guilt-tripping someone who looks up to her as a mother figure and chaining them down.
[helping Trot don said outfit] Wei-Out-Of-Line Mama needs to take a goooooood long look in the mirror and put her big girl panties on. This is not Momo's situation to solve, or even be part of. She is a friend of the family, but not part of the family, and WOOL Mama is an asshole for even thinking this is appropriate adult behavior towards a juvenile.
Y'all are taking too long with your damn outfits.  *hauls off and slaps the bejesus out of Wei Mama*
No matter the threat, Momo's hair will defy gravity!  Also, yellow really suits her skin tone. 
A man with awesome arms overhears the conversation.
Thank goodness. Now, at least, he's getting the scope of what he is up against. Momo, as he knows, is a sucker for a sad mom story. And she has history and feels an obligation to this mom.
And he looks sexily brooding, too. I'm glad he's getting an idea what he's up against.
And he needs to roll up those sleeves and pose help her. He doesn't of course, dammit.
Help me Lord.  I want to lick his bicep more than anything in my life. Right along that vein.
I get distracted by the v-necks...
Wei Mama has given Momo a tin box, which is full of messages from Jia Sen - every evening, he wrote down what he experienced with her. Talking about obsessed... Lollipops and angels. All those memories ... and Jia Sen writing that he wants to be Prince Kasaba when he grows up. Of course, she's moved to tears.
Who wouldn't be. I wouldn't say this is obsessed. I'd say that this is focus. What else does he have besides swimming? Who else would he cling to besides his parents? If he had been getting the kind of care he needed all along, he would've probably still written these letters, but he would've have also had someone else on which to focus.
This felt a lot like reading someone's personal diary to me. Invasive and even more manipulative on Wei Mama's part.
Time for a group bitch-slap! [pushed Trot into the fray first] And yes, all this could have been avoided if Jia Sen's parents had any actual adulting skills and gotten him into some sort of self-control / independent living program for autistic children, instead of keeping him a mental infant.
I'm sorry, no one else would be horrified to read all these things and realize how wrong they'd gotten absolutely everything about their friend? Just me?
Oh, me too. But remember, we are talking about Momo here, who only lives in her world, and not the real one. 
Mars comes up, demanding to know what she's doing. She says she has to go see Jia Sen, to be by his side. Mars laughs bitterly. But she thinks it has nothing to do with him. Awww, gurl ... look how sad, disappointed and jealous he is! 
And that she has no other friends that could tell her what he is telling her. Even if Mars weren't in the picture, her choice would be wrong. If she had other friends, they would be asking her the same thing.
I'd wonder why she doesn't talk to her sister but we all know how reliable that Jie is. Not.
In many ways, maybe she is just like Jia Sen. But she has someone to lean on now. She needs to do that, and not try to be an emotional pillar for someone out of obligation or guilt.
Other than Mars, will anyone try to talk Momo out of this?  Besides, Momo is so freaking stubborn. 
He even has some really good advice. Sympathy is not what Jia Sen wants or needs. Mars may not fully understand what's going on, but he knows this: He likes her. *squeeeee* But she says nothing ... just gets up and goes into her room.
He understand Jia Sen better than anyone else here because he has the same feelings. Oh, Momo. What are you doing to that face? Especially considering that deep down you care about Mars, too. He moves you in ways that Jia Sen doesn't, but you aren't going to acknowledge that now, are you? Sigh.
He finally says it. Yes. After overhearing Wei Mama I guess he's realized there's no more room for games and denial.
Momo!! Get a grip! Grip happiness! Grip that t-shirt and stay!
Yes!  Grip something!  Anything!  That T-shirt, a belt buckle, a zipper tag, something!
Maybe try changing your hairstyle: that can really refresh things in life.
It rattles her deeply though - but the timing is all wrong. (She even asks herself why he had her tell her this now. This is telling. She doesn't deny it or say she doesn't care but why now) She goes to see Jia Sen, and they cry together, both remembering when they were little and the world was full of lollipops. Surprisingly, his tears move me. It may take a while longer, but I think he's realized that this woman will not be with him. Not in the way he wants her to be. Not ever.
I'm not sure he gets that yet. I think he always understood their difference (because like I said before, he isn't stupid), but I think he believed that he could always be first by her side. Why should he when she's never had any other friends?
The timing may be wrong but I don't see when it would be better? When she's feeling so pressured one way, I can see how Mars' confession feels like another huge weight on the other side of the scale. But better to have it all out on the table than hidden any longer. Frankly, this point in her relationship with Jia Sen was going to come sooner or later - they've done a fantastic job pretending like things would never change until now.
I agree with Sparks. She really doesn't need anymore on her plate. But darn it, this stalemate isn't doing anyone any favors. Everybody is stuck in a hold position until she makes the decisions to crack some relationships and build others.
It's entirely believable to me that someone like Momo has literally never given a moment's thought to the future and what that might look like with her and Jia Sen.  Even Jia Sen, with his dream of the future, isn't really thinking ABOUT the future.
Maybe Momo is special needs in some way too?
At the company, Tony Ge smells money - in the form of Ivy (real name Yan Shi Jia, played by Tiffany Hsu), an international superstar, whom he wants to sign with them. He offers her a duet with Ah Ben, the hottest commodity right now, with his new hit single (and the MV in which Mars gets beat up repeatedly in the background). But she has no interest in Ah Ben at all. She wants to sing with Mars.
To be fair to Tony Ge.Who wouldn't smell money here? If Shakira showed up at my company or Ariana Grande showed up at my company saying she wanted to work with one of my artists, I would be trotting out every single person and every single perk. That is his job. This is a great chance for anyone. Just because we know that she is the 2nd lead girl and we are feeling protective of Mars/Momo, we can't forget that.
I loved how she wouldn't even speak to Ben. He's all "Hi, I'm hot stuff." and she just whispers to her manager to get rid of the unwelcome slime.
I don't like second leads. But she gets two thumbs up for this one scene.
This woman was the second lead in Autumn's Concerto and she kept Vanness from Ady An for way too long.  She is dead to me.
Mars waited up for Momo at home - and the first thing he asks is whether Jia Sen is alright. He is a good boy, our Mars.
He really is. I also think he really has no animosity towards Jia Sen. He is just worried about Momo because he loves her and of course, he wishes she would choose him.
His asking about Jia Sen first was awesome. It's another small detail in showing how important she is to him - her biggest concern is important to him, too. 
We have always known he really is an empathetic person. But it's always nice to see it. And to let Momo see it too. He's sexy, caring, and lovable, Momo! Snap him up!
Now that he understands the situation with Jia Sen, of course he has compassion.  Plus, yes, he's concerned about what concerns Momo.  He's a good boy.  We should all pat him.
And he looks like Prince Kasaba.

She's very shy and monosyllabic. But he repeats what he said this morning and he means it: he really likes her. And he is desperate to hear about her feelings for him. "I don't know", she stammers, and scurries away.
This is not cute.  This is Momo once again so into her own world, she has no real space for anyone else, even though, time and again, there's proof there is space for Mars. 
I love how he so completely fits in at this house now. I love this house because it feels like a real place with its mismatched furniture and ugly wallpaper and he's sitting there in a t-shirt and running pants like any normal person waiting.
No matter what Momo thinks. they already are a family. 
This family needs some snuggle time.
He confronts her upstairs and when she finally opens her door, she asks whether he needs to know right now. Of course he does! She says: You and I, we are only a landlord and a classmate. yawn. (humph. You keep telling yourself that Missy if it helps you get through the day) But he does not want to know their relationship status - he wants to know about her feelings. She is unable to answer. Must be tough having feelings, Momo. And the poor boy runs back down and then out, to blow off steam.
It was cute - first he's all "I need to know now, I can't wait" then he cuts her off with "think about it!" and scurries off because he's afraid of getting the wrong answer.
Like I said before, Momo needs to fish or cut bait but stretching this out is unfair, even to her.
I only care how unfair it is to Mars.  I'm sick of Momo and her crap.
He is so down the next morning ... but he went out to buy breakfast.(That's a LOT of rolls (my stomach would swell out like it's 9 months gone with all that bread)) It's super awkward. And Momo declares she has to be with Jia Sen all day. 
Can we throw some rolls at her head?  Never mind, she wouldn't even feel it with all that hair.
Tony Ge has figured out that the risk of having Mars sing that duet is worth taking (who wouldn't? This is clearly a great chance for Mars to come back. He's probably surprised that she requested him. From his perspective why would she? It's be like Alicia Keys insisting on the doing a duet with the most recent winner of the X-factor or something) and he calls in Yi Zhi (who has been standing there all this time, haha) to go to Mars together. Who is preeetty stunned to see them. And flat-out rejects the offer. He does not want to rely on someone else's fame for his comeback. That is noble, boy.
I agree, but not necessarily that smart. I wonder if it just because it's her.
I think it's because he doesn't want Momo to get the wrong idea that he's hooking up with his ex-girlfriend. Nowadays her feelings are more important to him than his own career.
The comment Tony Ge makes about "no one cares how you get famous" was eerily like when that slimy producer tried to seduce him, though. But seriously - under normal circumstances, this kind of opportunity would be something anyone would jump at.
Mars is being impractical and silly.
Momo interrupts briefly, and afterwards, Tony Ge tells Mars to think about it carefully before he leaves. Did he, you know, pick up the vibes?! Ah, but the real reason why Mars is reluctant is revealed by Yi Zhi. Mars and Ivy ... they used to date.
And look at that v-neck.
I don't think that's the only reason but it's definitely a contributing factor.
I think it's the number one factor.
I'm with Shuk on this one, and I don't even really think it's about Momo.  He just wants nothing to do with this woman at all.
If he can stand Ah Ben for work, stand Ivy for a bit. 
That night, Mars cannot sleep (oi! seeexy--I know. Look at that v-neck!). And he remembers his time with Shi Zia ... they were highschool sweethearts. Happy and sweet. Then, she left to go to America without him, reluctantly. He cries in his sleep, when he remembers that bit. I'm afraid, Momo ... this is the worst kind of ex. One he hasn't forgotten, one he has never properly broken up with. And one who very clearly never forgot her feelings for him.
Thank goodness that Tiffany Hsu finally got other roles. It seemed she was destined to always be that first love that broke the hero's heart. She does have that kind of face though. Fresh ad innocent and beautiful. . .before the world gets to her.
I've never really liked her in any of her roles. Her character in this this one has very little chance of shaking Mars up.
Too much kissing with the wrong girl! But he looks so cute with the glasses.
I'm still pretending she's dead.
I do not care about any of this, or the actress. 
One that calls him as soon as she gets the chance and wants a meeting. She apologizes for not keeping in touch - she didn't have the courage. I really can't hate her, which will make things difficult. She is cute and shy ... and she wants to be back together and sing to the world, like they promised. He basically flees the café.
I get it that it would've been easier not to call, but she can't expect that he would come back to her. Although, if I were her, I'd still have hope because I would know he hadn't been dating anyone else. She also has to know what kind of person he is like we do. He is not a person who easily moves on and is extremely loyal to the people in his circle.
Why does she suddenly have the courage now, though? It seems mean to never call and then just hope to pick up where they left off. 
Did they not even communicate while she was gone? My first love and I broke up over the phone; not the best way, but a way nonetheless. If she drops off the face of the earth and expects time to stop for him, then she deserves the disappointment headed her way. No one is going to be nestled in some type of silk-lined box waiting for you, unless they are vampire.
*busily imagining Mars lying on satin, minus tee shirt*
I could live with that. 
The next day, the newspapers are full with stories about the two meeting. Tony Ge is ecstatic (I'm sure he tipped the press off - if it wasn't her) - and starts ripping Ah Ben posters down. Ahahaha. Wouldn't you be excited if you were him? And he clearly actually likes Mars, which can't be said about Ah Ben. I'd be excited if I didn't know the complete back story. Even if I knew the story, I'd still be excited; however, I'd also be worried.Good riddance. Mars' mother calls, Chu Chu almost ruptures something over the news and Yi Zhi appears to lecture Mars again (also because he is suffering a lot under Ah Ben).
Poor PA. Stuck following the paycheck instead of following his heart. Let the bromance blossom again!
Man, I hate Wei Mama with a passion. She is now telling Jia Sen he has to "try even harder" if he wants Momo to "like him". Is she crazy??!   
Yes, she is delusional. Try harder at what? Jia Sen has basically been trying harder since he met Momo. If it hasn't happened by now, it's not going to. Slapping line up Round Two.
Ok, I'm in line this time. Where is Dad when Mom is being psycho?
Probably out looking for Momo, small woman-sized burlap sack at the ready.
What Wei Mama needs.
In the Momo house kitchen, Mars and Momo talk that night - about his wish to return to the entertainment industry. She doesn't get why he is refusing to collaborate. His answer is: "Because of you". He wants to stay here, in this house. No, no, it's just a joke! So NOT. And Momo doesn't think it's funny at all. It's isn't.
It's not funny, it's so sad this scene.  . . .and so frustrating. Why are these two things mutually exclusive? Why can't he still live here and work in the industry? He doesn't seem to have a problem getting to the company now. that wouldn't change.Think, Mars. Think.
I'm thinking it's another timing thing. This is a golden opportunity for him but it comes right in the middle of this giant mess with Jia Sen. Taking this chance would mean being gone a huge amount of time - recording, promoting, etc. and leaving Momo alone with Jia Sen and his stupid mother. If he was secure with his relationship with Momo, it'd be a different story.
Yes! He can't go and leave her in this morass of guilt and pressure. What will she be like without him?
She'll be the lobotomized bride of a too-strong man child, playing dress up while his creepy parents watch.
He could always hire Momo as an assistant. That way, she'd earn some money, and he'd be able to stay close to her.  
But now, the real bomb: Wei Mama tells Momo that Jia Sen has the opportunity to train with a famous swimming coach in the UK. So they want to send him abroad. Only: he doesn't want to go - because of her. No pressure at all, but this thing will determine Jia Sen's future and she, Momo, should go along. WTF! *rage fit*
Noooooo!  no slapping pikachu!
Handing you the slapping outfit. You can start slapping line up round three.
I don't see how shipping off someone with such issues is a good idea. And what - do they want Momo to be a lifelong nanny? Though, ironically, in some ways here's another golden opportunity.
Oh hell no, WOOL Mama, Go back to your fancy house and stick your bejeweled richie ostrich head into that black hole of your own making.
Yes, they want Momo to be a lifelong nanny and baby mama.
Mars meets with Ivy again. She accepts that their relationship might have changed - but dreams never change, she adds. Good point. Just then, he hears that Ah Ben actually hit Yi Zhi - and Yi Zhi guilts him a lot for what has happened and the promises he hasn't kept. Fair.  And then, Yi Zhi goes on to tell Momo that Mars is not taking this opportunity because of her. But Mars was born to stand on stage. And stand on stage he has to. The result: Momo kicks him out of the house. And claims it's because of Jia Sen. She is going to England with him.
Sigh. Such a round robin of guilt going on here. There are ways to have this conversation without this level of hurt and denial, but of course this wouldn't be a drama otherwise--wait it could. there is still enough drama about whether Mars can make a come back or Jia Sen is going to accept his fate as 2nd lead without this misunderstanding between our leads, but . . . the drama universe never chooses this. I've only seen two Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun and Love O2O.
IKR? [sadly pats Trot on the back and sighs]
I was very disappointed in Yi Zhi here. Though I suppose it's good for Momo to know the truth, too. But she really didn't need that guilt on top of everything else. She had such a hard time looking at Mars while she was dumping him. :( 
I wasn't disappointed in him.  He doesn't know everything that's happening; he just knows that Mars has a moment and he's passing it up, and he knows that Mars belongs on stage.  He's doing what he needs to for his friend.
What Jo said. 


Ah, this episode made me really angry! All these people trampling over other people's feelings! Tony Ge is just greedy, and I don't even think he cares for Mars as a person. 
I have to disagree about Tony Ge. I didn't see him as greedy but as the head of a music company. he is doing his job. He doesn't know anything about the previous relationship. In fact, Yi Zhi should've mentioned it to him earlier. I would've wanted to know about this before any meeting I had with Mars. I would've still suggested the duet (would you pass up a chance to sing with Taylor Swift if you were a singer down on your luck), but I would've approached Mars a different way if I knew there was a history.
I think Tony Ge would have known of it. Two big entertainment names, one in his stable, dating?  But given the time (and standard flightiness of most stars) he rightly would assume it's over and they can be professional about it. 
They weren't big entertainment names.  They were high school students.  SHE got a break and went off to the US to be a star.  His break came later.  Right?  I can imagine Mars never mentioning his connection to her to Tony, and we'll just pretend that the netizens didn't dig up all the dirt when she hit it big.  Even if he'd known about it, though, Tony wouldn't have been doing his job if he didn't bring the offer to Mars.
But Yi Zhi was much worse, out of his own desperation. Sure, he does not have a nice life with Ah Ben, but I find it unacceptable that he goes behind Mars' back to Momo. If Mars is serious and this woman means so much to him, people should accept it. His previous relationship with Ivy failed because she left for her career - there is no certainty that him and Momo will ever meet again after this. So, Yi Zhi, I am VERY unhappy with you. 
Yi Zhi is much worse. I understand that he's looking out for Mars and wants him to make his come back and to get away from Ah Ben. However, he is the one who really know Mars and Mars' feelings, and he knows how both he and Momo have blossomed in each other's company. He just pointed all of this out in the last episode. To go to Momo and manipulate her feelings to get her to leave him makes him nearly as bad here as Jia Sen's mom.
Yes, I think Tony Ge is just doing his job and oblivious to their past history. Which he really should be in the know about. Yi Zhi shouldn't have gone behind Mars' back. But why did no one remind Mars of his big promise to Momo - of becoming a star again?
Yi Zhi has always cared about Mars and been his ultimate fanboy.  I can understand him in this episode - as I've read it. :-)
The worst is Jia Sen's mother though. It's not the first time we talk about her! Of course I understand her worries as a mother. But to use this orphan girl in this way? Unacceptable! She is pressuring Momo, and she is using guilt as a weapon to get the best thing for her son. Well, the best thing it is not, because having Momo there will just rub it in. Jia Sen, you cannot love this woman like an adult man loves a woman. And she does not love you that way and never will. The sooner this reality sinks in, the better. 
I actually don't think she is capable at this point of know what is best for her son because I don't think she really knows him at all. She's out to protect the perception of Jia Sen, a Jia Sen she has created, not the real person who has grown and changed and has his own feelings. Feelings, frankly, that she really hasn't acknowledged. We understand that he likes Momo as a man but does she. Does she have any idea what that implies? I doubt it.
Slapping might be too good for her. And I think the England idea might be more to get Momo away from Mars than out of any best interest for Jia Sen.