Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 10 (Recap)

kakashi: Awwww, Wingie ... don't be sad. We're all here for you and will make your boo-boos go away.
JoAnne: Or at least distract you from them.

Episode 10

Oh, we are still with our ex-lovers, who are, unsurprisingly, fighting. She is miffed about him leaving her 18 years ago, he on the other hand is quite okay with it, plus, he remarks she is already married to General Cen's son anyway. Duh. Oh, it seems she killed the General to speed things along with becoming Queen? But she claims she never wanted to be Queen, it was him who "pushed her" towards the throne. Huh? Alternative facts again? 
Maybe we could gradually increase the weight of her head pieces until one of them snaps her neck like a twig.
I don't fully understand what this woman wants, actually. Revenge for being abandoned? By using his precious invention for something he never wanted it to be used? I think Jishu doesn't get it either, look at his face.
She's crazy, Jishu. Don't even try. Not that you are much better, Inventor of the Anti Boner.
A few Xue family servants attempt to (secretly) burn Ruo Fei's body (that's Tiany's bodyguard that was killed by the winged rebels). All of a sudden, black clad, masked soldiers appear! One looks suspiciously like our clingy princess... she is using a whip, just like Empy! The rebels manage to take away the body - but then she's demasked! Clingy Princess demands from the shocked servants that her presence there will be kept a secret from her brother.
I don't think I understood this part. If she's for WKE, why would she try to steal the body that he sent his people to take care of?
That's not his people, it's HER people, or rather, her brother's, or that's how I interpreted things. They want to get rid of the body all quiet like this so WKE cannot properly burry him. 
I don't like her at all, but thanks to her, Tianyi and his other bodyguard-friends get to say goodbye to Ruo Fei. It's here at the latest that we realize that Wingkind Emperor fiercely loves his friends. What is this though? Suddenly, blood starts pouring from Ruo Fei's orifices. A trusted doctor tells them that Ruo Fei was poisoned with - wait for it ..... "Walking on Snow to View the Flower Plum Poison".
Ah, so he wasn't the one who sent them. It must have been the Regent, since his guy was there.
No he wasn't. That was a different Ken doll
The poison is so powerful it's actually banned. Below, you see Tianyi, when he connects the dots ... the only ones that still have it are the poison's creators. The Xue family.
Yeah, he doesn't really look like he's connecting dots, exactly. Although he is.. um... concentrating.
They all want revenge, but how to go about it? When the Regent is away hunting, Tianyi has Xue Lin summoned. The Minister shows no respect whatsoever. Worse, he defiantly boasts he killed Ruo Fei ... but he actually went for Tianyi's life, his bodyguard just interfered! Poor Tianyi, how much more humiliation does he have to take?! 
We can make it up to him. We'll spread a rumor that Xue Lin is butthurt because WKE stole Lin's women and they all bragged about how much more manly WKE was in comparison.
Oh, but our smart boy hid a few highly respected men behind that pretty screen of his. Ha! He now has the evidence against Xue Lin that he needs to have him executed. Is what he thinks.
His day will come, never fear.
At the Human City, Huanzheng has returned to the prisoner and is super surprised he looks so much like Jishu! Because Huanzheng is really quite talented (but only with things, nothing else), he opens the complicated locks, one by one. He finds it strange that the prisoner himself knows so much about the mechanisms (even stuff that never was in the book). When he finally does realize why that is, he almost falls over. Jishu is his great idol! But he ain't very nice to Huanzheng, I guess he finds groupies annoying.
Or he's just a jerk.
Faaar, far away, no-longer-prince Tingjun is getting drunk. He is desperate because he cannot solve Jishu's riddle. Tingjun also has no money and babbles something about going to find Ling'er as he walks away ... the restaurant owners beat him up. Somebody explain to me what purpose that serves, it happens so often in movies, but that won't get them money, will it? Luckily for him, Bi Anhua comes running, pays and helps him walk away.
It doesn't get them money but it does discourage others from thinking it's easy to rip them off.
Back to him though. Thank you.
He is waiting for his uncle's approval for the execution of Minister Xue, but alas .... no such thing will take place. In fact, Royal Uncle has compiled a list of bribery-sins that four of Tiany's most trusted ministers committed (that's the men he hid behind the screen). Anyway, Royal Uncle (or rather, Pei Yu) tells him they'd be immediately imprisoned if word got out. Their word would have no weight whatsoever then. Okay, that's the end of Tianyi's great plan to get rid of Evil Xue.
I guess Xue is on the other foot...
Somewhere at a Wingkind House, Princess Feishuang is waiting for the Emperor - she thinks he must be über-grateful for Ruo Fei's body and has cooked him all his favorite dishes. He isn't coming, but her brother is and slaps her, full force. For stealing the body, of course. And we learn where his immense grudge comes from - the Feng clan took all the power at a certain point, thereby degrading the Xues. Feishuang tells her brother to be careful; trusting the Regent might be a mistake, but he won't listen of course. He in turn warns her to be loyal to her family; without them, she is nothing.
I'm tired of them both. What a terrible pair of Xues.
At the palace, Wingkind Emperor is devastated. Fuling brings him something to eat, but he doesn't even recognize her in the beginning. When he does, he kicks her out ... he wants to be alone. She lingers a bit outside his door and then hears that he is sobbing. Poor boy. She goes back in and when she's close, he grabs her hand and tells her to stay. And she strokes his hair and comforts him. Awwwwww.
She's really lovely, isn't she? I always like the way they do her up, too.
That night, a black-clad intruder - it's Bi Anhua! - makes her way into the Stars Court. She seems after the Seven Star Lantern. Oh, this is about Tingjun's riddle, isn't it? Tingjun followed her and wants to stop her from doing something punishable by death, but she insists. "Shadows will rise from the extinguished light" refers to this lantern! If you say so.
I don't like riddles at all. Never have.
Before she can extinguish it though, one of the Star Court Masters appear! The nicest of the three, let's not bother with names. Anyway, there's a fight, but Bai Tingjun still manages to throw a sword and destroy the Lantern. Something amazing happens right after: A red shining emblem appears on the floor. Bi Anhua looks surprised ... does she recognize it? She and Tingjun manage to flee (he gets to spit blood again, is this a hobby of his?), but he soon after collapses.
*laughing* 'Is this a hobby of his?'
At the Stars Court, the two managing directors tell the drunken CEO that the "Cluster Amaryllis" has appeared. He thinks it's Tingjun's maid they mean (Bi Anhua actually means Cluster amaryllis!). No, the Cluster Amaryllis they mean blooms in the deepest abyss and, I'm guessing, is also called Red Spider Lily. A flower from the legends. And it's all related to the Shooting Star God Pollen. Dun-dun.


Man, these names make me laugh. I love them!
I'm glad you're the one who has to keep them straight, Neutral Mistress of the Least Problem Blog

So, we're going to find that Yang Amulet soon, right? Just get on with it. This episode did not have enough Wingkind Emperor and he wasn't even very hot, just sad.
Agreed. Bring back the heat.