Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 15 (Recap)

kakashi: An unexpected twist occurs! Yes, you had me fooled, show. I am a bit proud of you.
JoAnne: Awww, it's WKE! I've missed his pretty face. 

Episode 15

Feishuang has utterly humiliated herself, but she still won't shut up. Her business proposition is this:  she will make sure her brother helps Tianyi tomorrow, against Feng Ren. If she can get what she wants: him. She means: sexy times with him. *gulp*
Just once? That's a bad deal.
He is tender, all things considered, holding her face - and yes, he could have taken advantage of this willing body, but nope. He hates to be pushed and threatened and he hates women who take their clothes off even more. Hahahaaaaa. He is incorruptible, this sexy beast. Feng Tianyi - out.
Gimme. GIMME.

It's the day of the wedding! Oh, they put up pink cloth. Feng Ren stares at the throne ... hard to say what he is thinking about, but he sure looks gloomy. Master Xue waltzes in, smirking like always. He says he's ready. And Feng Ren says he will throw his cup as a signal to strike.
Regent has a good chin. Actually, he looks really handsome in 3/4 profile.
In comes Feishuang, pretty and radiant. Why is she this happy? And then, the sexy beast follows ... both are in red, he with gold, she with silver. It clashes with the pink, guys. But damn, the pretty.
Soooooooooooooo... damn. So pretty, this boy.
I see Regent is back to looking like a pissy party-pooper.
Tianyi is given a chaplet to place on his "Empress" head. Oh! That's his men's signal! They put their hands on their swords (guys, it's a bit obvious?). Yes, the Regent saw it! He interrupts the ceremony and the hands on the sword pommels drop. He asks for liquor and starts talking. Uhm, what is he saying?! He talks about how he has been walking on thin ice. How he feared he would do something to anger his dead brother. A toast to him! He has fulfilled his duties.
Oh, shut up.

What the heck? He says that after today, he must step down as Regent (he calls it a burden). Hm? But Tianyi hasn't spread his wings yet. Feng Ren isn't done talking yet. Next, he proposes a toast to Minister Xue. He thanks him for serving the government so well - and drinks. And on he goes, drinking and saying stuff that sounds, frankly, crazy.
That's okay. I'm not really listening. I'm just sitting here staring at WKE.

Is he drunk now?! Wow, he starts laughing like a lunatic. And then, he smashes his cup. That's the signal!
Dude is weird, okay? Weird.

At Xue Lin's shout, armed men start pouring in and the Minister snarls at Tianyi to surrend his jade stamp and the third part of the tiger seal. It's a public rebellion!! But when the men are about to attack, they all collapse. Feng Tianyi has come prepared ... he found a soldier who was ready to poison all his comrades. But, alas, Xue Lin has a backup plan ... the Sanzhi Imperial Army. Regent says "no rush!", he still has a present for his nephew. And he starts to pull something out of his sleeve...
You GO, Fuling.

... and gets stabbed by Yi Fuling from behind. Hell. The Regent collapses. He seems surprised ... he thought of everything but forgot her, he says. Xue Lin attacks Fuling, but Tianyi jumps in between. Xue Lin is vicious. And then, winged soldiers appear to further help Mr. Xue (yes, there seems to be gaps in the ceiling of this palace for winged people).
So what exactly has Feishuang done to help WKE here? Because I don't see anything.
I don't think her brother ever meant to help, the dick

Xue Lin smirks happily - this is the end of the detested Wingkind Emperor. But is it?! The Regent once again puts his hand into his sleeve and pulls out... the Phoenix Order Seal! (of whatever it is called). He throws it to his nephew. He says: "My South Yudu City only has one ruler and that ruler has the surname Feng". And he adds: "That is you". WHAAAAAAAT?!
Deathbed conversion? But...was this what he was reaching for before? What is going ON, Kakashi?

Regent just pretended to be mean and power hungry! He planned this for a very long time, carefully, because the Xues were dangerous and widespread like a tumor!! With the Seal, Feng Tianyi is in command of the army - and this is the end of the horrible Xues. It's the last we see of Xue Lin too - he is stabbed by Tianyi and later, then killed by Feng Ren.
Well slap my butt and call me Baby.

Feng Ren is not well ... they rush him to his chambers, where the royal physicians try their best. Feng Tianyi is devastated... he mistook his Royal Uncle's intentions all along! (no wonder, dude. He was good.) Kinda what was supposed to happen, sweetie. What a dangerous game! But to root out the Xue's completely, this was the only way. Yi Fuling is the one who became a danger to the Regent's plans, because she did everything to help WKE!
Oof. She must be feeling bad, but come on, how was she supposed to know?

Okay, the details are not important. In the end, it's like it is - the Regent is dying, Feng Tianyi is safe, Yi Fuling is sorry. The Regent never thought he might make it out of this alive anyway, we learn. However, the physicians say there is hope! Feng Tianyi doesn't speak to Fuling, not one word ... he leaves his uncle in the care of Pei Yu when he has urgent business to take care of.  
Sorry but that's fucked up, WKE.

In her house (Cool Moon Residence), Princess Feishuang is a picture of misery. Her entire clan has been executed, except for her. In comes Xiang Cong Ling, Feng Tiany's Ken doll body guard. And we realize that she acted like she did earlier because she thought she had spent the night with Feng Tianyi after she went and took her clothes off. But it wasn't him. Damn, Xiang Cong Ling, who has been in love with her forever, drugged her with gas and made her see Tianyi. And slept with her that night.  
I was absolutely distraught at this turn of events, I don't mind saying. I really liked the Ken Doll. Okay I really liked the doll's face. But this can't be forgiven.

When Feng Tianyi found out, he almost killed Ken Doll ... and kicked him out from his boy club forever. Ken Doll is sincere: he means to marry Feishuang. But she would rather kill herself. 
No, Ken Doll. You are dead to us.


What an utterly vile thing to do ... it seems to happen often in CDrama, doesn't it?! Ken Doll is sincerely in love, but boy ... that is NOT how to get what you want! At first, I had feared that Feng Tianyi knew about it, but he isn't mean, never was. He would not take advantage of her directly and definitely not indirectly either. He actually seems to like Feishuang, despite everything.
They were friends. He doesn't like her behavior lately and he's not interested in her, but they've been friends for a dozen years or more. You don't throw someone away that quickly.

The Regent's true colors were a complete surprise to me. It was well done. Thinking back, obviously, we got to see signs and there were several clues, but there was no way we could have known. I really hope he makes it. Now I like him even more and I don't even have to feel weird about liking him!
Same here.... he was confusing, but now it's all clear and I'm impressed because I expected something, but I don't know what. Not this.

As for Fuling ... I don't know, I have a hard time liking her. She is rash and never smart about what she does. Yes, I get it - she wanted to protect Tianyi at all cost, but anyone with a bit of life experience could have told her that stabbing the Regent from behind isn't really a intelligent thing to do, in any circumstance.
From her position it must have looked like he was going to pull a weapon on Tianyi, so acting fast was her only option - but yes, I do agree that she is impulsive, and mostly very young. I do like her, but I wish she'd consider things from a wider perspective than just personal relationships.