Rants and Weekly Raves #127 (RAWR)

kakashi: Very, very, VERY busy being completely in love with 3310 aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossomes aka Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or Eternal Love. There is nothing else in my life right now.
JoAnne: It's Friday morning. I have watched Hwarang this week, and 3310. That's it. So keep that in mind for when you get to below, and judge me for how much TV I manage to watch (or don't) this weekend. Be merciful and if you happen to show up at my house, ignore the dust and dirty laundry.
Trotwood: I really wish I was able to drop by your house this weekend. I'd ignore everything, but you that is. I feel like I'm the only one of the planet not watching 3310. I'm still holding on to my focus for my Korean teacher. I rewatched ALL of Noble, My Love this week to make myself feel better. I reread our squeecaps, too. Fun memories.
Jaehyus: Ha, I'm the only one not enamoured of 3310. But then, I'm not enamoured of any one particular show right now. Chief Kim might be the closest to love right now.  
It's good you don't like it. Good for the balance of the universe
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The King has arrived! Let's hope he's not too late. Two big deaths, both of which will be galvanizing for a number of key players. I really do like this show, despite the amount of time it took for JinHeung to find his balls and the amount of time Ah Ro spent crying. Loudly crying. God, I hate the way she cried.

Shy Boss 

You know who wasn't shy? Ye Hua. He wasn't shy at all.

Rebel: Thief of the People 

I'll tell you what he was though, he was a rebel. Willing to give up the Celestial throne for his woman!


I'm not sure how much more I can take of Ji Sung's Jung Woo losing. The show it's like watching someone getting stabbed, then getting salt poured into the wound, and then getting punched in the wounded area. Rinse, lather, repeat. There seems to be no win ever for the good guys just another step back and another betrayal until the reveal this week about his daughter; but this was good news tempered by betrayal. I don't think I could continue to pay attention if it weren't for Ji Sung. It's like a acting master class. However, because he is so good, I think it is easy to forget about some of the other actors.Jo Jae Yoon (the husband in my favorite marrieds in a drama of 2016--Pied Piper) is excellent as always. He needs to get more recognition. In fact, all of the prisoners are spot on and make me worry about them and want them out.  Yes, the plot needs some work because of its circular nature and some of the unrealistic turns/coincidences [Really, writers, you have Min-ho willingly go to jail so he can try to kill Jung Woo?], but I'm invested in finding out what really happened and in some major payback. I need revenge soon.
I hope Ye Hua can defend Su Su against the Heavenly Father. And against Su Jin, that bitch.

Missing Nine 

I see very mixed reactions to this show. Some people seem to love it, other people snark about it all the time. Ratings seem to be low. That, unfortunately, usually means a show gets even worse. Even the makers stop caring.
I miss Ye Hua. (But I do want to know if Tae Ho kills anyone else. I'll catch up this week.)

Samdaing, Light's Diary

I was going to drop this last week, but it suddenly got really interesting. I was curious how the second lead villainess ended up married to a high-end yangban, and we found out last night. Now, we've got Joseon-era school mothers fighting, which is amusing
I'm hoping Su Su, mother-to-be, runs into Xuan Yu, fake mother-to-be, and kicks her ass.

Chief Kim 

I finally started watching this after keeping up through only recaps. I started with ep 5, and am caught up and am enjoying this as am alternative mood to Defendant, but I'm finding some parallels so it's a good pairing. This show is pretty wacky, but it also has a lot of heart. Putting Syung Rong in the "waiting room" which is like a public timeout for employees was hilarious. But his teary rescue of the co-worker who wanted to commit suicide was really heartfelt. I find it interesting that they initially had bad guy Seo Yul be interested in our heroine, but he seems to have completely given up on that (and any chance of redemption) when he threw his baseball mitt in the trash and proceeded to outright ignore her even when she calls him out on it. I don't get why he's become so evil, but he's actually better (or the script makes him better) at the craftiness than Min-ho in Defendant. Obviously, he isn't a psychopathic killer like Min-ho, but he is just as creepy in his own way. Eating with him is like having dinner with jumpsuit gangster in My Beautiful Bride.
Update: It's now Saturday, almost 6pm. Still just 3310 happening here. I'm never going to catch up to all these other shows, and I listed everything so you all could see just exactly how desperate my situation has become. Send help!
Just watch that 3310 for a bit and watch Chief Kim. It's really funny.

Father, I'll Take Care of You 

I did try to watch this week's episodes last night, I fell asleep and dreamed of Ye Hua.


Did someone just whisper 'Wait for me..' ?
So I fast forward through this show not because i don't like or I'm bored but because i can't take waiting to find out if people are dead or not. I'm on high alert anxiety during the whole thing. It's good for household chores because i have to do something mundane like fold laundry or mop a floor to help me calm down but still. I hear that there is some censorship going on because of the graphic nature of the violence but blurring an eyeball only made it more creepy because we all know what that was. Whose eyeball was it though. You know you on a major ride when there is more than one option. These people are creepy scary. Right when you think one person is bad, someone else shows up to be worse. It's not a show where I'm wanting the next ep right away because frankly, I need a week in between for my adrenalin to go back to normal releases.

Tomorrow with You

I'll definitely spend some time tomorrow with you, Ye Hua. Today, too.
I've finally figured out what is making me dislike this drama. It isn't the pacing like some are saying (because the ratings are beginning to tank). It is because I can't stand the way Shin Mina's character is being duped. We opened this week's episodes with her being so happy in this marriage. She really needs a family to shore her up because her mom is not doing it and neither are her so-called friends (really these friends are JUST like those horrible friends in Nobel, My Love). She is finding warmth and comfort and security but for him he seems to be just putting up with her because of her connection to him in the future. He doesn't respect her enough (or anyone else for that matter--look how he treats his best friend) to tell her anything. Because he knows the future, he thinks he's just smarter and knows better, but he really knows nothing--not about the future and not at all about the present. I may be just reading recaps for the rest of this one.

Not Korea

Behind Your Smile 

She knows! Not everything, but almost everything - might be everything in a minute or two but I had to come here to say Wow....her mom really did know what was going on, and she really is at fault. I thought for SURE Mom was completely innocent and got played by Tang, just as Yiting has been, and is planned to be blamed for the biotech plot line. That would open the way for Yiting and Mom to gang up on Tang and get the true bad guy to be blamed. But no - she did it. She knows she was wrong but sees no point in apologizing since she won't be forgiven. Um, that's not why you apologize. But at least Yiting saw that Xinyu was genuine and realized he couldn't do anything to hurt her. Of course, along comes fucking Qianni then. Not that I don't think Mom should go to jail - I do. But she makes it look like Yiting blew that final whistle, just so she could ruin things for him and Xinyu.

Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love (3310) 

I have recapped 14 episodes in 6 days. I'm completely exhausted but very, very happy. What can I say, this show is the best thing that has happened for me in Asian entertainment maybe since Nirvana in Fire. I will also write a character list post this week. To unconfuse things. And to blog even more about this.
I am also happy, and tired, but not as tired as Kakashi because I don't have to do nearly the work she does on each post.  However, unlike Kakashi, I am watching other things.  Except when I'm not, like this week. So also unlike Kakashi, I feel a little stressed, because I'm watching a lot of things I like, and if I fall behind - which I have - it's bad news. But look at his FACE.

Snowgirl (new) 

It doesn't ever seem to snow in the Nine Kingdoms.

The Starry Night, the Starry Sea (The Merman Show)

It just gets more hilarious each episode (I just finished 8). Heroine is less hyper post-grandpa dying, though still amazingly un-self-aware and totally stupid, but, I'm having fun pointing out how dumb she is on Viki comments. I now dislike Da Tou, the evil antiques dealer, because he is always snooping, and that always annoys me. As for our Merman's shoulders: sometimes I see what Jo saw, other times not. ::shrugs::
I might pick this up again after 3310 ends.  
I actually prefer this to 3310. It's fitting my mood more.
Also, not sure WHY, but our merman is falling for our drooling idiot of a heroine..guess fish are flaky. ::SecondShrug::
The mermen in 3310 were not nearly as photogenic nor were they as well dressed.

The Magicians 

Kakashi, did you watch?  This week was so good!  Very sad, very funny, a little bit sexy.
Forgot this show exists :) 

Emerald City 

If Dorothy got a look at Ye Hua, she'd wish she hadn't been transported to Oz.

Diamond Lover 

I'm sorry, Rain. This week I belong to Mark Chao.

Santa Clarita Diet 

I'm dropping this. If Mark Chao won't eat raw meat neither will I.


Yes, I admit. I am powerless before the spell of the Crown Prince.

Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norell

Not even if he let his hair grow long would I ever be as interested in Mr. Norell.

The General and I

Did I tell you how hot Ye Hua looked in his battle gear? Very hot.

Magic Star

He can do magic, and he's the star of my heart, so I guess Ye Hua is my magic star.

The Young Pope (Dammit)

Such a good show! The scenes of the inner vatican, Jude Law, the snarky jokes, Jude Law, the hilarious, yet surreal situations, and yes, again, Jude Law killing it as the Young American Pope.  The A.V. Club has really good recaps if anyone wants to read them. The way our young pope brings his enemies to their knees and kissing his foot is absolutely amazing. I wish I had screenshots, but HBO wouldn't allow it.
I watched the first episode. This pope has me very confused. Is he good, is he bad? Is he crazy, is he sane? What about Sister Mary? I was born and raised Catholic and feel Catholic the way I feel American, or of Italian heritage, or the way I feel like a woman. It's something I am that cannot be changed in me, despite having left the church. I feel a bit guilty watching this, as if God will be mad at me for acknowledging that the Vatican, like any other nation-state, deals in ways both decent and not. Yes, I know that's ridiculous.
My husband (also a former Catholic) loved this show!