Rants and Weekly Raves #128

kakashi: I'm back at work and that's bad. I have no more time for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and I'm crying all day because of it. Okay, I lied: I have time, but far less than before.
JoAnne: I thought I would be happy to be caught up to the end of the subbed episodes and get back to trying to see some of my other stories, but I just want more Peach.
Trotwood: I don't know if I'll catch up in time to comment on much. Think I only saw Defendant before my stay at an "out-of-The Shining movie" hotel that had no internet (what happens when you travel on a college club budget).
Haha, this RAWR is just sad. I think we can say that Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms has temporarily killed it


Hwarang (Finale)  

As with so many dramas, this leaves me with mixed feelings. The bones of the story were really good, and there were plenty of funny or emotional moments - some thrilling ones, too, yes - but in the end I have to conclude that either the writer was not up to the task of writing the story that they laid out, or the business folk interfered. In particular, the women were not well-written and the actors chosen were in fact a major detractor in three of four cases; the one exception was Ban Ryu's sweetie, but she didn't exactly have much to do. We had two male leads who were more than capable of handling the story, and a lot of supporting characters who earned their keep at the very least, and often did quite a bit more. They could have well used the time spent on Ah Ro's inability to STFU with the crying. I probably wouldn't watch this again, but I'll play the OST a lot, and if I miss my Pretty Boys, I can always watch the song videos.
The usual KDrama then. It's sad. 90% of them fail because of bad writing in combination with business shit.

Shy Boss 

I'm not shy - I'll admit I'm behind. Two weeks on this one.

Rebel: Thief of the People 

Two and a half weeks, here.


THREE weeks on this one. It's my next catch-up.
More pain for Ji Sung. We know who really killed his wife and how he got framed and no wonder he has repressed these memories. They aren't mine and they are about fictional characters and I want to repress the memory of what happened. Even the bitter sweet reunions in this show have more bitter than sweet.

Missing Nine 

Two here, as well. I'm seeing a trend.


A whole month behind on this, but I'm hearing a few encouraging comments so I still intend to make the effort. Probably will recover some of that ground this week. Maybe.

Chief Kim 

Three weeks. I remember I was enjoying it but it wasn't a MUST-see for me. I do intend to catch up at some point.
I am really enjoying this show and its combo of crazy antics and really sincere heartfelt moments. I'm not going to lie and say that Nam-Ho's speech about why he still wants to try to reconfigure the delivery portion of their company when they've been clearly set up to fail made me tear up (as it did only in it for myself company man Jae Joon). It's so true that you get older and feel more responsible so you feel more afraid to lose and more willing to compromise.  I still hold out hope that bad guy Seo Yul will turn around because there are still flickers of unhappiness and discomfort that he shows, but then he pulls an asshole stunt like at the end of this week's eps and . . . Still he didn't look too happy after the confrontation with madame Yang or at possibility f taking over the retail branch.

Father, I'll Take Care of You  

Last week: I picked the wrong week to fall asleep and run out time, clearly. Stupid lawyer brother is in trouble with the police and his family; The Revenger is back and intent of destroying everyone; Mystery Cheap Lady is still a mystery but very unwanted by everyone, and Sung Joon gave Dong Hee a pep talk in which he told her to either be a writer, full-stop, or give everything up and marry him.  He's not giving up, yay!
This Week:  Sung Joon is finally confirmed as The Revenger's little brother, although R. still doesn't know and Sung Joon only suspects. The stupid lawyer brother has been disbarred and his wife knows about his fling with the other announcer, so we'll see what happens there. Bitchy Mi Joo continues to be bitchy, and wow, is her father an asshole. He's torturing that poor Grandma, and he suspects that Dong Hee is his missing niece. Speaking of Dong Hee: things are getting pretty cozy between our sweetest couple, and I couldn't be happier. It's not a romance, not on her part yet, but it's a strong friendship and it will end in marriage for sure, you watch.
This feels like a VERY long show
Yep, it's one of those 50-ep weekenders.  Give me a couple people I can really root for and I like to have at least one of those going...and there they are, in the picture.  That's my Giant Puppy, getting the girl!  Yayyyyyy!  They're so cute.  He's steady and strong and totally supportive, plus entirely smitten; she doesn't come to his shoulder, is adorable and feisty but occasionally suffers from self-doubt.  When she does, he's right there to remind her that she can do it, but if she ever REALLY changes her mind - he'd be more than happy to occupy her time in other ways.  In the meantime, because he knows she doesn't really mean it, he acts as her mentor in the drama business, her guide for office politics, her cheerleader, her shelter from the storm, the person who makes sure she gets rest and eats.  In fact, he cooks dinner and feeds her by hand so she can keep typing and meet her deadline.  What is not to love?

Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon (new) 

Mixed feelings: I do not like the cartoon-y elements they use to highlight scenes, but I like the actors a lot. Update after watching Episode 2: I love them. Love them. There weren't as many cartoon-y things on screen and I love our lead three. MinHyuk is the smart, rich, sad about the state of the world guy who thinks Bong Soon's strength is sexy and basically turns every outing into a date because he likes her, which she completely doesn't pick up on. 'They shouldn't know you're my bodyguard.' Yeah, right. Bong Soon is trying so hard to be ladylike and start a career, but she just can't let injustice slide. World's tiniest superhero, right here. Gook Doo is the most upright of upright policemen and takes care of his schoolmate Bong Soon but very matter-of-factly; he goes googly-eyed for his sweet musician girlfriend, though. Right now, the first two are on the verge of teaming up as a crime-fighting duo and it's going to be awesome. I'm sure soon they'll be reluctantly joined by Cop JiSoo, who isn't quite sure he approves of this guy Bong Soon is working for. This should be a blast.
I've watched both eps, too, and I can't decide if I want to watch anymore. I love her character, but the legend constrains her too much for my liking. And as delicious as Hyuk Sik is here, I don't like his character that much. Ji Soo is in love with someone else and will be the entire show, so. but man, look at those lips!


Up to episode 10 now, making real progress! Kim Jae Wook is on the scene, using his beautiful beautiful beautiful face to hide an absolute madman.  We know of two crooked cops so far...I'm sure there will be more. I would like to be totally caught up on this by the time the next episodes air, and then my next catch up will be Ji Sung.
I came home from trip and watched the two eps first and now I'm bleary-eyed, exhausted, but too adrenalin rushed to sleep now. Every ep is really tense as in Bloody Monday-like tense. Kim Jae Wook's bad guy is so far on track to be one of the creepiest villains in recent memory. He's even scary when taking a bath. That is a gift.

Tomorrow with You 

Three weeks here. I started hearing good stuff this week, so that's encouraging.
I'm dropping this one and will keep up reading recaps. I still don't like this relationship with her so much more invested and he only in protection-fearing-trying to avoid future mode. maybe I'll pick it up once/if she understands the real time traveling deal.

Not Korea

Behind Your Smile 

Well, all the cats are out of the bag now, and Xinyu is so disgusted with Yiting that she doesn't even want revenge, because it would mean that she would need to see him again. But yay, he's reunited with his mom, so there's that. Except the poor precious confused boy can't stop crying, sigh. He really loves her, and lets not forget that in the end, he decided NOT to trap her mother. The situation this week was due Qianni, the bitch. Oh wait, there's still one cat to debag - Xinyu hasn't found out about her roomie, yet, but that will happen next week.


This show is ending in China very soon. It's a huge success. I am keeping a slow-ish pace, lest I want to end up dead or at least hospitalized. 
What will we do with our Mark Chao-sized hole when this finishes?
Recap? Haha. I have stopped watching during the week, actually, because I cannot spend 5-6 hours a day on this drama. I have recapped twenty episodes and it's still going strong.  

Snow Girl 

I haven't even checked for subs yet. It started a week ago, I think? But it's Chinese, so I might be 100 episodes behind by now.

The Starry Night, the Starry Sea 

No idea how far behind I am because of the crazy airing schedule, and honestly? I might not bother to catch up.
Yeah .... Ice Fantasy Kasuo still gives me the shivers

The Magicians 

A week behind. I might still be able to watch it before this posts Monday night.

Diamond Lover 

It's done airing, so there's nothing to catch up to. I just need to watch it, no pressure at all.

Emerald City 

Three weeks, I think. Someone said it got pretty exciting last week.

The Walking Dead

Last week: Ohhhh, my, but the new folk are weird as fuck.  And the walker they made with the metal head and spike body...wow.
This week: Sigh.  I think Eugene is going to the dark side.