Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 57 (Recap)

kakashi: Dare we hope that .... no, they do not find out.
SakiVI: Flame looks good.
JoAnne: He looks like he's marching in a Mardi Gras parade, stoned out of his mind.

Episode 57

The tension is high - can Lan Shang give back the ring, that does not - and yet does! - belong to her? Yes, she can. She is a GOOD person and brave at that. Yay! So, Kasuo gets to give the ring he had made ages ago to Li Luo. It's a special ring, it contains part of his soul! It means Li Luo can live like an immortal. It also means Kasuo loses his immortality. How utterly romantic. Mayfly - crane ... you get it.
And Ex King never mentioned this while telling LiLuo she was not marry Kasuo.
Ummm..what's the point of her being immortal if he isn't immortal anymore?
Lan Shang has a cold-spell. I'm sure it's brought on by the shock of seeing all of this. Where's Fire Shi when you need him?!
I think it's to do with that ice coffin LiLuo was sealed in.
I think it's because she's wearing a ballgown in a room made out of ice.
Li Luo takes the ring and *poof*! Her hair turns white and she has a decent hair cut again.As they dance their wedding dance, Lan Shang steals away, suffering greatly from her ice-sickness.
Li Luo looks so pretty here!
Oh, she really does! If they could do this all along why was Dad such a DICK about everything?
Because Dad's nature is that bad.  Have you learnt nothing?
A guard brings word that the Fire King has come! (how did they cross the ocean? Too many questions? Don't ask anymore.) Now, something will happen. Finally. But where is Shi?! Yan Da says they have a gift - it's ... a teardrop charm? Ah, Lan Shang's. Do we need to care about this? Who wants them now?
Lan Shang could use it.
Right. Because if Li Luo hears fish with Lan Shang's ears, then Lan Shang can't be underwater with Li Luo's lungs.
Kasuo smartly says I'm sure you haven't come because of this. True, he has to come to take Lan Shang! His dead son's wife. Wife by, well, deflowering. Apparently that's a thing. If he hands Lan Shang over, he will join the alliance, if not, not. Lan Shan goes = peace. Lan Shang stays = war.
So now it's emotional rape. Great.
It's a trap, specifically designed by Flame. *Yawn* Of course, Flame doesn't know that there has been some swappedy, so he doesn't expect Lan Shang to volunteer to come along with him. But we don't know that yet. We first need to go through endless, endless discussions about what to do and how tricky this situation is. Please notice Flame's epaulettes.
He is so stylish.
He is in danger of giving himself a traumatic brain injury by looking both ways before crossing the street.
Amazing twist somewhere in between: So you remember, Dieche? She didn't really turn up to fight with Chao Yan, but she turned up to save Chao Yan! From her own moping.
I fastforwarded. 
Does her name change with every scene? I swear it changes.
Damn. I'm getting tired.

Many, many painful minutes later, we finally see Fire Shi again. He is launching miniature fire works at his mother's grave. So sweet. Yan Da comes along. She is moved and knows he remembers. Even if he lies about it. She suggests they should elope together. It's so romantic! But how could he. Fate and stuff. Anyway: for the Shi-Yan Da shippers, this is a great scene.
Except he rejects her again, and then what follows with Phoenix happens. 
Listen, women in this show: the men in this show SUCK EGGS. Go find other men.
Sadly, someone put a spell on Yan Da, preventing her from saying certain things. It was Phoenix, the ass. He really has been annoying us for far too long!
The way he stroked her hair was too creepy. 
Plus the brain hat, and the cold sore lip. Just go away, creep.
More painful minutes later (we go through Li Luo soliloquies and other time killers), Kasuo and Lan Shang meet up by coincidence. She reminds him so much of Li Luo, which makes him feel guilty. She informs him she wants to go to Flame. He vows he will hold her back. It's a moment between them. And of course, Li Luo sees it.
Lan Shang says: there is only one way to stop me. You have to marry me. Oy! But why not? King, harem, loads of fun. Pfft But Lan Shang said it because she knows Kasuo wouldn't. Li Luo is his only love. Therefore, he has no right to stop her from going to Flame.
The women definitely don't know they're not themselves, right? We're sure of that?
The next day, Flame comes to hear his answer. Lan Shang or not? Lan Shang comes forward and says she has a question. Where is her husband? He is dead. Which means Lan Shang does not have to go. But what if she wants to? She wants this: a competition. Whoever wins will be her husband. This, my friends, is Dreamer's plan by the way.
What's with the enormous chicken foot, Flame?
It's ON! Who will compete for the future Mermaid Saint though? Not Kasuo, because he does not want to marry a second wife and Li Luo, who is so insecure, would certainly suffer if he did. Dreamer offers himself! And if Dreamer fails? ....... Kasuo will step in. Dun-dun.
Dreamer and old LanShang seems a reasonable match.
Compete with whom? I missed that bit.


So, if you thought they would finally understand that there has been a soul-switch in this episode, you were mistaken! Some characters suspect it though. It's a start! We're getting there! We're also getting close to the end. Good, good. 
Ah, I'm sad. I really love this show. 
I don't understand that at all.