Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 16 (Recap)

kakashi: Two fools die and one new favorite lives. There is not one second of Wingkind Emperor in this episode and I feel CHEATED.
JoAnne: I was surprised that they really died. Were you?

Episode 16

Feishuang threatens to kill herself if Ken Doll doesn't leave, so he does... she breaks down crying and then, tries to wash the shame off. She ain't a favorite of mine, but she doesn't deserve this either. "It's gone, everything is gone", she says.
No one deserves this, even her. But don't you think it's a little weird that all she's really mourning is her chance to give it up to WKE?
The Regent is having nightmares ... of his dead wife, Yin Meng. In his dream, he sees her playing the zither in the pavillon. She is behind a curtain and he is going closer, whispering "I'm coming". That's not good, is it. Fuling decides to burn the zither that he had restored, the one who belonged to his wife. Because "the demon in the Regent's heart is his wife".
I still feel cheated that we never really get that story.
It works. The Regent turns away from death and returns back to life, though it breaks his heart. The woman behind the curtain - it's Yi Fuling now. She stabbed him - but she also saved him. Nice. Never mind the zither.
Feng Ren has realized it is time to say goodbye. To his dead wife - and to Yi Fuling, who is so much like her and whom, I'm certain, he has a massive crush on if not more. But as we know by now he is extremely decent and he would never touch this woman. He knows she's his nephew's. He issues a decree to release her from her "official" position.
He's a good man, sure, but that crush is a bit creepy.
Huanzheng has followed Jishu's map and gets to a cave. I dig his outfit! There is no Shifu there, but a shrine, of Jishu's wife. He pays his respects - and then discovers some mechanics underneath her name plate. He comes to the conclusion that Yi Fuling's birthday must be the solution (if you say so) - and he is right! A door opens behind him.
Behind it is a secret work room, full of Jishu things. And there is a slot for his key-map. There is a video conferencing device that lights up! There's Jishu, finally accepting him as his student! He also makes him the "temporary keeper" of a red box with a flower on it, which contains some kind of secret having to do with Fuling. He is not allowed to open it! 
He's so cute, look at him grinning. Too bad his Shifu is a jerk. Be better than your shifu, Huanzhang.
Jishu quite abruptly ends the skype call - we see that he is outside the Queen's Skycity Cave! I'm pretty sure she knows he is following her! She goes in, he goes after ... right where she wanted him.
Please let there be a cave-in.
He refuses to accept this Sky City as his - the one he designed he made to fly the four seas with his lover (her), it wasn't a superweapon. I guess they didn't know about copyright back then. She is crying and sad, because she still loves him SO MUCH ... but that's not all she's feeling for him, she also hates him like death and that is why she plans to have him killed! Right here, right now.
Uh, okay. Sure, that makes sense.
There's a bunch of assassins there, disguised as artisans, but Jishu's martial arts is very good AND he brought a special device with him that kills them all. Bummer, queen. That backfired. This is his turf, woman. Oh wait ... what? So they die because the Queen poisoned them! And she did that because ... they knew too much. Okay. Makes sense (NOT). She wants to see his daughter turn to ash and she wants to see him sad and sorry about what he did to her. And she wants the entire Wingkind Emprie to burn.
She wants to be the Guinness Book Record Holder for Crazy Spurned Woman, that's what she wants.
He vows to destroy her Sky City right now and she attacks - he refuses to fight back though. Because he feels guilty ... guilty and sorry. I think he wants to die. She wounds him. And now, he is fighting back; or at least defending himself ... no, he stabs her too.
This was the stupidest fight in existence.
 With his last strength he goes over to the Sky City console, picks up his device and throws it into the ... I don't know how to call it, central City control? The Queen stabs him from behind again, but it's too late. Sky City is going to explode.
Good. Get rid of everything connected to these two.
In their final dying moment, Jishu grabs his Queen .... and then everything explodes. Reunited in death. It's quite romantic.
It was boring.
In Wingkind City, Fuling jerks awake from a nightmare, screaming for her Dad. Nope, darling. He is gone.
You're better off, trust us.
We end the episode in a strange underground place, visited by Feishuang. A scary voice says "I've waited for you a long time" and then, a woman (?) appears ... meet the "Bone Growing Flower". This is no nice creature and Feishuang doesn't plan anything nice; no, she wants Fuling's death at all cost.
These women are so vicious. Did men write these dramas? Do they really think we're that desperate to have them?


Shame about the Queen, she was one of my favorite villains. I am less sorry about Jishu, he's always been unpleasant. That's all I have to say, over and out !
I'm glad they're both gone. They were horrible people.