Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 17 (Recap)

kakashi: Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd. Like so often in CDrama, someone turns fully mental as they wish death upon their rival. Will sweet love be able to save her?
JoAnne: I'm thinking I'd enjoy a drama based on two bitchy second leads fighting it out to the death, never even noticing while the OTP skips happily off into the sunset. First season could be Evil Xue Girl and Su Jin from Peach?

Episode 17

Back to Fuling's nightmare (or rather, truth dream), but she has no time to think about it, chubby bodyguard is at her door, with an alarming message: Wingkind Emperor is in danger! Some remaining Xue clan members are threatening his life! Without a second thought, she runs out to come to his aid (that's how she is), but of course - he is in no danger at all. Punked, girl! 
I really like that chubby guy. And hiiiiiiiii, WKE (*flutters lashes*) damn he looks fine. But wow...coming out of the dream that is *ahem* not this drama, look at the lighting here. Wow.
Truth is, he wants to take her on a date! He goes all sexy on her once they're inside, saying she can turn back now if she's afraid ... he doesn't mean afraid of heights, but afraid of being alone with him. Rawr.
I just shivered a little. He really is sexy.
WKE, looking intense while steering the flying car. Rawr.
But the lighting is so baaaaad I never really noticed it before, how is that?
Then, we're back in that underground cave, with Feishuang, who used her own blood to light a special light. Feishuang's desire is to destroy Fuling, so that she has nothing "just like me". Actually, she wants her dead. As a trade, Feishuang pays with her youth. Oh no :(
Good.  Shrivel up and die, you useless twit. But first give us directions to the cave so I can 'accidentally' lose them outside someone else's palace.
Up in the air, Feng Tianyi and Yi Fuling have lots of fun, flying all over the continent. Of course, they have forgiven each other. He made wine for her ... and drinks from the exact same spot she drank from. How romantic.
Gasp! Not....the indirect KISS? *fans self*
Then, this. It's both their first kiss. Awwwwww. 
Precious babies, right?  But I'm laughing at his little shimmy first.
Afterwards, he gifts her with a necklace he made himself. Inside is a piece of Sky Grass. As a reminder of how they met. Also, he wants to call this flying ship "Star", because they met at Stars Court. He is such a romantic.
Is he wearing Su Jin's robe from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms?
He lets her fly the car herself then - hehe, I guess it takes some practice?. It's in their happiest moment together the Bone Flower curse hits her.
But of course.
It takes a while to take effect, it seems, because we first learn that Tianyi has a disability - the main reason why his late father gave his uncle Feng Ren the order to protect him in secret. Tianyi's disability is the lack of wingholes on his back! Show us.  Show us his bare back.  We don't believe you, Show.  We need to see his skin. The Regent tells him about the suspected connection between Yi Fuling and the God of Shooting Stars Flower, the god who gave the Wingkind the ability to fly.
So the wingless boy loves the girl who comes from the god who gave them the gift of flight, okay. Hmmm...does this show have a happy ending?
The Regent wants to know from his nephew whether he likes Fuling because she's Fuling or because she is connected to that Goddess? It's obviously because she's Yi Fuling - Tianyi might have seen the birthmark, but he doesn't seem to have known what it means. Still, they have a big problem. He will turn 20 soon and if he cannot fly then - all of what the Regent has done until now will go to waste.  Poor Tianyi.
Well okay, he couldn't be Emperor? But it's not like they'd throw him off the mountain, right? So it's not the end of the world. Perspective, WKE, perspective.
That's when they get word that something is wrong with Miss Yi. The doctors have no clue what it is, but it's nothing good. She falls into a coma after strange markings appear on her body (she also bites Feng Tianyi, yum). The Regent promises any doctor who knows how to cure this a huge reward. 
*nibble nibble* *faint* *nibble nibble* *faint*
Huanzheng is buying fruit at the market (haha, they have bananas there) when he hears that Queen Bai has been missing for ten days and that Yi Fuling stabbed the Regent down in Wingkind City. He decides to go have a look. Okay, you do that.
Is it odd for them to have bananas?
There is a man in Wingkind Territory who indeed knows what ails Yi Fuling - it's the Cinnabar Curse! Hey, do they also have Cinnabar buns and chocolate there? A person afflicted by it feels like a thousand bugs are biting them. Charming. The end: all the flesh and blood will be devoured and one becomes a skeleton. No, we don't want that, do we. Feng Ren, I like it when he's fierce, realizes that only one person could have cast this curse: Feishuang! Too bad she is missing.
Too bad she's not dead.
Tianyi talks to the unconscious Fuling: about how he fell in love back when he still tormented her and how she cannot die because he does not allow it. She opens her eyes and says she also wants to stay by his side - but she doesn't think it is possible. Noooo, don't die! Luckily, that man who knows about witchcraft also knows how to save her (well, it's a rumor): a person with a strong fate willing to endure the curse with Fuling might save her. So it's gamble a life for a life.
So we all know where this is going, right?
Feng Tianyi says: "I'm willing".
We were right! (Also...let him say that to me.)
Of course, everyone else is hugely opposed to this. Oh, Regent even slaps him. Hot. He calls him an idiot for jeopardizing everything for a woman - and offers himself instead. Haha. Tianyi won't back down! Well, what else can they do but fight?! HOT.
I can think of hotter things, though.
Feng Ren feigns beings wounded ... and then has a blade at the Emperor's throat within seconds. Mean!
Well, our darling WKE really is just a boy. Oooh, quick glimpse of Peng or whatever his name is. I like him.
Huanzheng has arrived in Wingkind City - and walks right into Feishuang's palace. He is her younger half-brother (not sure we knew this already?). Anyway, he gets a huge shock when he sees her - she looks like an old woman now. 
He sort of hinted at his family but never came right out and said. If we'd cared more we probably could have guessed.
The doctor has prepared a concotion for the Regent  - when he drinks it, he will share the curse. But ... oups, something is wrong.
Of course it is.


I really like uncle and nephew together - Feng Tianyi never had a father (well, he had one, but he hated him) and Feng Ren is quite naturally taking this role as mentor and elder. I like that Feng Ren is still not entirely sane; he switches between melancholic and furious far too easily. But he means thoroughly well for Tianyi (and Fuling) and that makes him likeable.
Sort of.

Let's hope they can cure Fuling then, shall we?
Pretty sure she'll pull through.