Rants and Weekly Raves #130 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Oy, we're so drunk on Peach wine these days. We have never, ever been like this. Mark Chao, you mystical unicorn of a man - EVERYONE loves you.
Trotwood: I love him and I'm not even watching the show! I go on twitter and there are at least 25 posts about him every day. I can't escape. It is a bit lonely on the outside, and I'll feel even lonelier when I get to start watching this summer.  But wait. Have you guys even watched anything else this week?
kakashi: Well, JoAnne keeps up the good work, I don't :D I just recap nowadays. Like a mean little machine.


Shy Boss 

Whoohoo! I'm up to episode 12! I like this show. Well, I like Hwan Ki - although I don't like anyone else in his family at all, really. I do have some sympathy for his sister; she's as damaged as he is in her own way but come ON, girlfriend. Give it up. The other thing that gets me every episode is how easily I seem to move between sympathy and disgust with Woo Il, too. One minute I'm hating that family for how they've treated him and understanding why he feels so torn, and the next I'm hissing at the screen and calling him a weasel. That's probably too strong a term, anyway. He's trying to balance on a tight rope in a stiff breeze, poor guy. And finally, of course, the Silent Monster team continues to be a group of people I like watching develop - both as individuals and as a team. PS - LOVED the cameo in ep 12 for Yoo Hee's husband, and the nod to Another Oh Hae Young.

Rebel: Thief of the People 

Next week, you giant strong baby, next week.


I am worried about the extension because I always worry about extensions and because I could see it being wrapped up in two more episodes. I thought I was going to get whiplash this week with all the turn around. But finally, FINALLY, Jung Woo finally got reconnected to his daughter--to hug her and hold her and she's safe and this means that everything is going to be questioned because his conviction hinged partly on her being dead. I still love this team and the hilarity surrounding Moongchi's lottery win.  If I didn't hate him so much, I'd almost feel sorry for Min-ho because his dad is a bastard. I hope he does abandon him and be ruined in the process because frankly, I'm more invested Yeon-hee's slow burn revenge than any possible redemption for him. Still, despite his murdering self, I still dislike Joon Hyuk more. He lied about everything and hid evidence of his first (and only) love's murder, allowed his friend to be on death row just so he could get a lawyer spot at the UN? AND somehow it's Jung Woo's fault because the fake evidence was too good. Nope, He's the one that needs to be put away for a long time.

Ms. Perfect/Perfect Wife 

I really like this. I'm enjoying every character, loving Shim Bok Jae, and very curious about the incredibly weird Eun Hee.

Missing Nine (Finale) 

Okay, show, you were weird. I liked you, but what was that final scene? Were they doing a PSA on how being a serial killer is a bad thing?
It is?  


SakiVI: After episode 12 where a horse was clearly trip-wired to fall and break its neck (I googled stunt falls for horses and this was the old type of "stunt"that involved animal abuse and torture), I decided to boycott this show.  Reminds me: got to leave this comment on Dramafever and Viki.

Chief Kim 

Double sigh.

Father, I'll Take Care of You 

Wow, do I hate the daughter back from America. My heart is breaking for poor Sung Joon, who knows now that his beloved father is not only not his actual father, but is largely responsible for the death of his actual dad. It's nice to see that The Revenger is feeling the pain of what he's doing to these people, but at this point with the exception of just a few of them (mostly the youngest generation) I do not like anyone in this family. Okay, I don't mind Sung Hoon and his wife, or Jung Eun (that much.) The dad comes across so meek and mild and pacifist but he's not, at all. He's enough to make me feel a tiny bit of sympathy for his loud, whiny, histrionic wife. Good thing we have Small and Tall to bring us a few moments of sunshine.

Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon 

Min Hyuk and Bong Soon forever! He is so totally captivated and impressed by her - by all of her, even the parts she hates - that you can't help but love him. I suppose Gook Du is well on his way to realizing that he likes Bong Soon as more than a friend, too, and I wonder how that will go.  The cops are moving forward slowly on the Creepy Mask Guy front, and our tiny Scooby Gang is in full-blown Super Hero training mode, so I think the already fast pace is going to pick up even more next week.


No one? Ah, Snow Day interfered. It's 16 degrees here in Europe, just saying.

Tomorrow with You 

I know. I know, alright?
I think I was the only one here watching this, and I dropped it.

Father is Strange 

Catching up, liking it. Lee Yoo Ri is the bomb.

Not Korea

Peach Crack 

Goddamn, Mark Chao. ... oh wait, is that you, Shifu?!

The Starry Night, the Starry Sea

Is Saki still on this?
Nope. I was making goats jokes on viki every episode and then goat fed up.
Then say goodbye, folks.

Ice Fantasy Destiny (so new we don't have subs and aren't really watching yet) 

I saw enough to know that ......

The Magicians 

Leave me alone.

Emerald City 

I'll GET to it, alright. I will.

Behind Your Smile 

They're working together to bring down Tang Anshang (Qianni's dad) !!!!! She sees that her mom actually does deserve punishment - that woman is just one big mess of self-justification - and that will be part of it, too I think Zhongwen helped Xinyu with that. He's a good guy. I wouldn't be unhappy to see him together with Xiaoyue, you know? Xinyu and Xiaoyue made up, which was funny because they were so over the top - but it also made me cry with happiness because it was so sweet. Xinyu also knows, now, that Yiting genuinely loves her, but they're still planning to never see each other again after they destroy Tang. I hope they're wrong. I can't believe we're at the end almost - this one episode a week pattern is torture! But I have really liked these people and loved, loved, loved the OTP. So I hope it all works out for them in this next episode.
I had given up because I couldn't waste my limited allotment of non-Korean drama time on such pain, but if they are now working together, I may come back. Especially now that Voice is over.

Diamond Lover

This one hurts me a little.  I feel bad I've been ignoring them.