Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 14 (Recap)

kakashi: I'm dead.
JoAnne: I bet you died happy, though. I sure did.

Episode 14

Li Jing is enjoying women in his rose petal bath again. Yes, I'm sure he is trying to get all of them pregnant, JoAnne! He certainly looks that way. If he keeps looking that way, I might turn up pregnant. His sister approaches, which does spoil the mood. And she lies to him: she hasn't found out where their brother is. Thing is, she loves Li Jing very much - he was always the nicest - but she clearly loves Li Yuan too. This will be a problem.
She interrupted us. I do not like her anymore.
Luckily (the mood is somber) she remembers the Kunlun Fan! Ohhhhh, Li Jing gets excited when he sees it. He thinks she must have found A-Yin! But no, she just met a mortal woman who claimed she had found this at Mount Junji. That name sounds familiar ... indeed, Si Yin talked about this location, 2P remembers! Why did he not think of it sooner! (I don't know, maybe because you drink too much alcohol?)
Too much non-brain thinking. Look at him though. So very pretty. I'd like to see him as a vampire.
He's off! Oups, but his queen is womanhandling a maid outside. I think it's the one he's been snuggling with in the water just now? The problem is, the Queen has not conceived a child yet, mainly because he never sleeps with her. Haha. And he won't. After he's left, Ghost Princess Yan Zhi comforts her sister-in-law. She really is a nice and kind person, this princess. Nice and naive. She just wants harmony in the family.
Well if she hasn't figured out that Xuan Nu is a royal bitch (ha) then she's dumb. Even more reason to be irritated with her interrupting ass.
Li Jing's search takes him to the town near Mount Jinju, the teahouse (this is where they went on a date, right!?) (yes, he ran to their table, poor boy) and finally that bamboo bridge that Bai Qian woke up on. But there is no hut there ... because Ye Hue has hidden it from view. Uncle Three told him to do so - in order to escape preying Celestial eyes.  
Convenient defense against desperate exes, too.
Ye Hua goes after Li Jing, who becomes aware of the God's presence and ... thinks it's Mo Yuan. He greets him reverently when Ye Hua introduces himself as Crown Prince and tells him this is restricted land of the Celestial Tribe (is it? haha) (it suddenly became so.) Ye Hua also says: "There is nobody on Mount Junji. You need not search anymore". Ha! And he doesn't even know that his current love and this guy have history.
But he does suspect Li Jing is searching for Si Yin - the owner of the artifact he is holding. Which, by the way, should be returned to the Celestial Tribe. Ah, poor Li Jing ... he is visibly reluctant to hand it over, but he doesn't dare resist this Royal. Poor Li Jing ... he was so hopeful that the fan would finally lead him to Si Yin! 
I vote she gets to keep both of them.
Ye Hua returns to the hut ... where Su Su is burning food again. It's a problem ... she doesn't tell him, but they're kinda out of rice and everything. That night, after he carries her into bed, she wakes up. He ... hahahaaaa, he lies to her that it's her who climbs into bed every night and puts her arm around him. How could he stop her, he is injured! This is SO CUTE. 
She's like a little bird, or a bunny. Adorable. And he is so very, very cute.
Up in the Nine Heavens, Miss "Cute as a Button" Fengjiu is trimming peach blossom branches for a vase arrangement. Si Ming (love him!) seems set on making this couple happen (he is one of us!!!) and suggests he could bring some of the branches to Dijun, who, so Si Ming knows, is considered the "deity best suited for hanging on the wall" wide and far. Because he doesn't care about trivial affairs, this is.
I want to see Dijun lose himself completely over this girl. Soon. And I want Si Ming to tease him endlessly about it.
Does our tall god like the flowers? I am not sure. He does look at them for quite a while though. Uncle Three says they're nice. Si Ming agrees. Then, Si Ming mentions the new palace maid who picked them and Uncle Three gets all excited. He wants to see that new maid! Haha, this is a complot, right? Are they all shipping the little fox with Dijun?
One, I think Dijun is staring at the flowers because he knows where they came from and he's thinking about that. I think he's probably debating whether she's cute enough to bother himself. Two, at first I thought playboy Three was hoping for a new playmate, but it did begin to look like he and Si Ming had rehearsed a little conversation.
Si Ming fetches Fengjiu and if Dijun is surprised to see her, he doesn't show it. Third Prince asks to take a good look at the new maid when his ex arrives, calling Lian Song a well known playboy. Uncle Three quickly passes all the blame for what is happening to Si Ming. At this point, Dijung finally speaks. He says: "Did you all agree to come to my study to act out a play?" Pfffft. They're all like "no, nooooo, no, whe have no idea what you mean". (Actually, 3rd Uncle really doesn't know what's going on)
I think that Third Uncle really misses Cheng Lu, actually. He's always trying to fix everyone up because he's lonely himself.
Dijun walks out without a further. He is to tall! O________o
About 6'3" (191cm)
But this didn't go exactly as planned. Third Uncle gets it finally: She is like the thousands of women before her who tried to "repay a kindness" to Dijun. And he asks her whether she feels "that way" about the tall god. That confuses the poor fox.
I actually love these three :D They're all hellbent on denting Dijun's armor. Is it only me or does Lian Song still care for his old love?
He totally does. I'm sure he did something stupid and she left him and he's been regretting it ever since.
Down in the mortal realm, Su Su had to take a difficult decision. Ye hua is just quietly enjoying some tea and the quiet when she comes to tell him they're out of rice. I think he does not fully get it? Well, he wouldn't, growing up in affluence.
Plus couldn't he just make rice out of thin air?
He talks about the coming winter and how getting through it might be difficult, but she thinks, even tentatively suggests it might be time for him to leave. He says "You want me to leave?" but that's not it either. He says she saved him and he should naturally stay to repay her. She doesn't want that, never thought that. "Whether you thought it and whether I'm doing it are two different matters", he suggests she should think about it. 
'We have no food, and I can't afford to keep you.' 'Oh, maybe I should stay through the winter, because it will be really hard then. I owe it to you.' That conversation made no sense the first time I heard it either.
I think he's panicky - and babbling - because this is not going where he wants things to go
She doesn't have to. If he really wants to repay her, why doesn't he devote herself entirely to her? The only thing she lacks here is a companion *squeeeeeeeeee* He is so ... stunned I think that he says nothing for a few moments, which makes her backpedal quickly. But he is right behind her and he does not even have to think for a second: he is in. I don't think I'll ever stop squeeing about the way he says it (that sexy half-whisper), the way he looks at her, this whole scene. 
Quickly, before I pass out, I repeat: 'We have no food, I can't afford to keep you, so why don't you stay with me forever, huh?' Okay now that this is out of the way OMG OMG OMG yessssss. Haha, I think he was stunned because he was trying to think of ways to get her to like him (and not to kick him out) and she's already proposing.
He steps even closer. I would have fainted if I were Su Su. But no, she has an agenda. She thinks they should "kneel in front of the Lakes of the Far East and bow to heaven and earth". Goddammit. She is asking him to marry her. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah! And this man is dying for a kiss.
Kiss FIRST. Not that there's any question of chemistry being an issue. Invade MY space Ye Hua, please. Oh, by the way... is there just the one knot holding that robe on? Asking for a friend...
He wants to do it as soon as possible, like ... yesterday. Keep everything simple. Go buy things NOW (luckily, they already have the wedding quilt). They go to town together (where Li Jing almost, but only almost meets her) and pick up a few items for their wedding (he exchanged a jade pendant for money), even go into the teahouse, while up in Heaven, Su Jin is married to the Heavenly Lord. There isn't even a real ceremony.
That is the look of a man who knows what comes next.
When she asks about his family (twice), he quietly tells her they'll deal with that later. It's complicated. Ouch, thanks for the reminder, show. I'm going to rip you to pieces if you hurt these precious babies.
They're so happy and sweet.
That simple ceremony holds so much power. I got goosebumps.
It really was sincere and hopeful. 
I die.
I could watch him lift her veil indefinitely. I just watched your gif way too many times. She is radiant... but he is reverent, and the love is powerful.
They are shy and awkward afterwards. In fact, I am reminded that Ye Hua is actually quite young, for a god. He's a royal puppy. And she has something else to say. They are husband and wife for all eternity (wow, imagine saying this to a god) - and he must not do her wrong for all eternity. If he does, their oaths will become null and void. She will leave him, never to see him again ...... show, I warned you!!!
I keep thinking though - she doesn't know about him. And he's willing to spend pretty much eternity without her, to have what amount to a few months with her, even if he's kicked out of Heaven forever for it.
Sweet little babies.
Briefly out of the grave, dead again. So dead.
Holy crap. Between this and that moment at the end of Love O2O when Master says 'WeiWei, I can't wait any longer'... I'm developing a conditioned response to red robes.


Probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. I'm pretending they did not say these things. I'm pretending he is not the Crown Prince. I'm pretending he never has to go back. I'm pretending I don't fear that he will betray her or she thinks he is betraying her. This is too beautiful. I want it to last, I want them to be happy for all eternity.
I am pretending right along with you. This is absolutely spellbinding.