Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 19 (Recap)

kakashi: Calamity is upon us. Oh damn, things go downhill fast. Seriously, it's like everything just disintegrates. But! There's good news too, the sexy Ghost Lord is back.
JoAnne: Well, at least there's that. Remember that 13 seconds or so when we wondered if he was too sexy and maybe we wouldn't even fall for the beardless Ye Hua anyway? Ahh, we were so young and innocent.

Episode 19

It's a gloomy night, and befitting for such an occasion, it's pouring rain. The two armies face each other. The tension is rising ... then, Ye Hua gives the signal to attack.
I don't understand why they went to the effort to make it look as though the Mermaid King was so heartbroken. They did absolutely nothing with it. They made him a tiny little bit, er, "human"? Sidenote: I find the little eye fins less distressing than the temple horns, but damn, those mermen were FUGLY.
In the mortal realm, Su Su is restless. Outside, thunder roars. She tries to reach Ye Hua through her copper mirror, but there is no answer. Naturally. Ye Hua is fighting the Mermaid King ... and is wounded by that Soul Slayer. In her hut, Su Su drops the copper mirror ... she fell asleep. At Chang Sea, Ye Hua kills the Mermaid King ... and falls to his knees, blood pouring from his mouth.
Playing that a little close, eh, Ye Hua?
This time when Su Su looks into the copper mirror, she hears Uncle Three, shouting at Ye Hua to wake up, to hold on... Terrified, Su Su runs out, into the rain, frantically calling her husband's name over and over. On the battlefield, someone picks up the mirror that fell into the dirt when Uncle Three dragged Ye Hua away. It's Su Jin. She hears her.
Fucking Su Jin. God damn it.
And Su Su runs out of the enchantment shield. She falls. As she tries to get a hold of the copper mirror again, robes appear in front of her ... it's a goddamn Celestial, the Heavenly Fucker at that, I think. They goddamn found her. DAMN.
God damn you, too, Ye Hua. You are not strong on the planning front.
Su Su finds herself in the Nine Heavens, in front of the Heavenly Lord. She is terrified and keeps asking for Ye Hua. Saying the Crown Prince's name like this is a grave offense. The Heavenly Lord is furious - of course, he understands what's going on here - and wants her to be thrown into the Evil Sealing Pagoda. Luck has it that Consort Le Xu approaches. Su Su clings to her and tells her she is pregnant with Ye Hua's child.
That saves her. Since there is no word of Ye Hua's whereabouts and whether he is dead or alive, this unborn child is the only thing left to them right now. Hate these Celestials. I HATE them. They are treating Su Su like an incubator, nothing more. The Heavenly Lord has her taken to the unoccupied Zhaohua Palace, where she is locked in and abandoned, worried to death about her Ye Hua.
I thought it was a little weird that this was the thing that saved her.  If a relationship with her is such an abomination, surely any result of that union would be even more of one?  It's not like they're going to raise him as a precious heir or anything - we all know they'll treat that kid like dirt.  I'd have thought her being pregnant would be even more of a reason to make her go away.  Why save her because she's pregnant, but then treat her this roughly and risk the pregnancy anyway?
I know what you mean, but I think anything related to Ye Hua is valued immensely in this shitty place (even more so at this moment, when they do not know whether he is alive or dead), hence, also the child. 
Ye Hua isn't dead. But he is gravely wounded (he has "barely saved his spirit") and was out for three days. And he immediately realizes that things have not gone according to plan (the mermaids have been obliterated though).
That is the face of a man who knows he has fucked up. Royally, if you'll pardon the joke.
Seeing him crumble when he hears that Su Su has been found, seeing his terror, his tears ... DAMN, hard to watch. Then, a short moment of relief when he realizes that she is still alive...  followed by the horrible realization that from the moment Heavenly Lord found out, his relationship with Su Su is over. The only way to keep her alive is to make the Heavenly Lord think she holds no importance for him. And he sobs ...
FINE. Yes, I'm talking tough but my heart is breaking, damn it. 
Okay, because I hate being this emotional, let me say this: nice arms there, Mark! Plus, great acting. Never before have we seen the Crown Prince so devastated. It hits you right in the gut.
Good shoulders too. Nice and straight, and the muscle definition throughout is quite nice. Plus my GOD do I want to drape myself in his hair.

The Ghosts have a reason to be worried too, now - seeing how the Mermaids are part of the Ghost Tribe, it is possible the Celestials might seek blame with them. Xuan Nu says she doesn't give a fuck about this, but when she sees the invitation to the Lord of Numinous Treasure's assembly, she goes and seeks her husband out. He is living in the mortal realm now, I guess as far away as possible from her.
Can't exactly blame him. I keep going back and forth between wanting to shake him, wanting to get in his face and remind him this is ALL his fault, and feeling terribly sorry for him. You?
He says he will go to the Heavens directly, to offer a humble apology to the Celestial Tribe. He tells her to get lost (also, that he will not punish her for stealing his military seal, though he seems to regret it) and turns to go, but she has news: she is pregnant with his baby. Urgh.
Damn, dude. Anyone but her. Well, not Su Jin either, not that she would.
It kills me a little that he is happy when he hears this, before he ain't. And why does he thinks it's impossible she is pregnant? And her happiness, when he says he will return to the Palace with her is sad too. Yes, she's hateful, but seeing her so into him despite how he has rejected her for 70'000 years is a tiny little bit moving.
He has nothing. I can see why he'd have a moment of happiness at the thought of a child, before reality sets in. And yeah, I've finally decided she genuinely ...well, not loves him, since it's clear that she's not capable of actual love, but she genuinely wants his affection and interest - and I think if she had it, she'd probably back off the evil a bit.
Later, at the Ghost Palace, her and the shaman exchange secretive glances when Li Jing wants to know why she is feeling so unwell so early in her pregnancy. The shaman says something about the incompatibility of a Celestial and a Demon/Ghost, but hmmm, something's up. Oh and she twists her husband's arm into taking her with him to the Heavens.
I hate her but she always looks so good.
Oh no, Ye Hua isn't well, not well at all! Su Jin barges in but gets kicked out by Uncle Three straight away. Seriously, how dare she?!
She gives me heartburn, that's how much I hate her.
Up in the Palace, Su Su is being mistreated by everyone, even the maids disrespect her. She still has no word about Ye Hua and the copper mirror remains mute. Only ... the other one, it's in Su Jin's hands, and she hears you! And she clearly doesn't like the implications of what it means to have someone call for Ye Hua this way.
Who gives a flying fuck what you think, Su Jin? No one. No one at all.
Fox Princess Fengjiu is outraged when she hears about Ye Hua's mortal woman. What harem, in the Fox Realm, it's one man and one woman! For eternity! She decides to pay this woman a visit, but the door is locked. The conversation is very short, because Fengjiu has no clue what happened to Ye Hua and Su Su starts crying. Fengjiu finds her pitiful. If only she knew!
I have a confession: I find this habit of Feng Jiu's (inserting herself in other people's business) to be quite irritating.
The Ghost delegation arrives in heaven: Li Jing, Xang Nu, Li Jing's Qilin and the Shaman. He gets a nice pavilion to stay in for the next 49 days - that's how long the assembly takes. He asks to see the Winter Lotus that the Ghosts gave the Heavens and leaves... oh, Xuan Nu is in a lot of pain. The Shaman tells her he cannot feel the heartbeat of the baby anymore. But she does not want to hear this, or is crazy, but she tells him she will not lose this child! Never!
Uhhh, hate to break it to you, Poison Womb, but if there's no heart beat you've already lost this child.
The Qilin in the meantime has wandered outside - and becomes aware of some familiar peach blossom fragrance. His nose takes him right to Su Su's prison. And ... he sets the whole palace on fire with Crimson Hellfire (in an attempt to set her free, awww, cutie) . Luckily, the Lord of Numinous Treasures and Li Jing are nearby. The first puts out the fire and the second storms in, sword ready.
Gasp! Li Jing will know who she is! She'll be saved!
Quickly, he carries Su Su out (he only briefly pauses when he sees her face) and takes her to his holiday home with him. Xuan Nun almost has a stroke. Li Jing too, when he hears from the Shaman that this woman is just a mortal. Not A-Yin, then!
I'm not crazy about the head piece, Li Jing.
After being treated by the Shaman, Su Su wakes up. She is extremely confused, of course. The Qilin tries to touch her, but she'd rather not ... the cutie says she smells so nice of peach blossoms! Before Su Su can answer any of Li Jing's questions, Consort Le Xu appears. She has come to take "Her person" back. When she has left, the Shaman tells Li Jing that the mortal woman is with child. There must be something special about her for the Celestials to make such a fuss.
Yes, it's called 'convenience of plot.'  


Yay, sexy Ghost Lord is back! This was one of the highlights of this episode. The rest ... lowlights. I hate to see Su Su suffering so much. It is so cruel. She doesn't understand what's going on, she is terrified and the worst is not knowing whether Ye Hua is dead or alive. 
She does seem a bit...hmm...overtaxed by the slightest mental exertion, does she not?

Ye Hua's breakdown was just as horrible. How can he live on, now that his love is in the hands of his brutal grandfather? He knows she will likely be killed once she has given birth to his child. He has made many mistakes, but he does not deserve this.
I know I've been hard on the boy, but I do agree with you.