Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 20 (Recap)

kakashi: Here comes the pain. And we're still in the build-up phase. Brace yourselves, Peachies.
JoAnne: And if it gets too bad, return to this picture. I think it will help you.

Episode 20

Su Su has been taken away by Consort Le Xu. I can finally make up my mind about her: she is cruel and I don't like her at all, Lotus Mama or not. She has no eyes for this distressed woman in front of her and tells her the marriage to the Crown Prince is null and void, since she's a mere mortal. And all that matters is the baby in her womb.
This scene surprised me, really. I agree with you, but it hadn't occurred to me before that she was not a kind person.
The Heavenly Lord finally has time to visit his wounded heir in Chang Sea. Well, Ye Hua seems a bit better? At least he's sitting up. Better physically that is, because he is clearly struggling so, so much. Shallow comment: he looks so DAMN good here though.
Everywhere. He looks so damn good everywhere. Every time.
When his grandad comes in, he attempts to get up and pay his respects properly ... those routines have been hardwired into him, haven't they. Ye Hua expresses how is ready for any punishment considering his rash actions, but actually, Uncle Three objects that the soldiers' fighting spirit was aroused after seeing the Crown Prince injured. Thanks to this, it only took three days to squash the Mermen. Uncle Three, I love you.
The part I don't understand, and what's never really addressed, is why they didn't go forward with the plan to let it look like he died.
I figured it is because Su Su was taken prisoner. There is no point in him dying now, is there - he is in fact needed to protect her life
But he wouldn't have known that until he actually woke up, which he wasn't supposed to do.  Unless he receives info while unconscious due to his higher state of being, maybe.
Straight to that other point next: the mortal the Heavenly Lord picked up, pregnant with Ye Hua's baby. Ye Hua says she rescued him when he sustained injuries from his fight with the Lion. The child is his repayment to her. Ah, no biggie then, says the Heavenly Lord. She will stay in heaven though, until the child is born. Ye Hua tries to prevent this by mentioning proper etiquette, but no chance. His child will have to be raised in heaven, of course.
Man, you just have miscalculated on every front, haven't you, Ye Hua?
Now, Su Jin speaks up - she thinks the mortal woman should become a side consort of Ye Hua's. Come again??! What the fuck is she doing?! She claims it's for the baby's sake (if the mother has no title, it will have a hard time). But of course that's an outrageous idea! The Heavenly Father and Su Jin leave ... Ye Hua looks very pained. He says he will have Su Su drink the water of the River of Oblivion once she has given birth. She will not be safe in Nine Heavens. She needs to forget everything about them and live in peace.
Ohhh, I forgot that he said this! Also: Sigh. Look how handsome.
Outside, the Heavenly Lord scolds Su Jin for suggesting something so preposterous. But of course, she has her reasons: As we know, she found the copper mirror and what's more, she recognized the mortal woman's voice in it. Ye Hua is obviously lying about his lack of affection for her. She explains that having the mortal stay at the palace is the best way to control her - and the only way they can prevent another 2nd Prince incidence. Fuck. I knew they would find out, but that quickly?!
I'd initially thought that Su Jin is the one who went to the mortal realm and found Su Su.
Crown Prince is sexy.
He certainly is.
The physician says he needs at least 20 days of rest - good luck with this patient who does not care at all how he's faring  (and I'm thinking what it would be like to be the bandage or the cape)
The hair. Let me be his hair.
Actually, he gets word from two of his trusted men about the fire at Zhaohua Palace then and he immediately returns to the Heavens. Are you really ready for this, Ye Hua? He goes straight to his mother's place ... where Su Su still is being trained in proper etiquette etc. She is dressed in a simple, white gown - Celestial garbs. The hope in her eyes when he comes in! And the brutal rejection. I mean there is a moment, a tiny moment of anxiousness on his face, but he plays the ice-cold prince far too well.
He better fill her in and fast.
Su Su is made to kneel in front of him - and he dismisses her, brusquely. The way she keeps searching his face, for a sign, for anything ...
It must have been devastating for her. Ye Hua, this is your fault. Fix it.
Dijun contemplates Ye Hua's quick return when Fengjiu brings him tea. That reminds him - he saw her near Xiwu Palace the other day, how come? (Is this when she went to see Su Su?) Was she maybe admiring the moon on Zhuxian Terrace. Yes, yes, she claims, that's exactly it. From the looks Dijun and Si Ming give her, I'm guessing that's perhaps the most unlikely thing to ever happen in the Nine Heavens.
We later learn why, and what I wonder is this: Why is the home of your most precious resident so close to such an evil place, close enough that people can't really tell which one you were headed for? Don't you think you'd want to keep your future ruler as far from that place as possible?
Yin and Yang.
She has noticed their reactions too and needs some help from Si Ming (who wants to steal away, haha - Dijun tells him to keep an eye on the Fox, Xiwu Palace is not a peaceful place ... uhm, but isn't this where the Crown Prince lives?). Outside, he explains that Zhuxian Terrace has always been an ominous place for immortals. Ordinary ones cannot use any of their magic there. Overall, a place of bad luck.
Then why not get rid of it? Brick it over, close off the path to it, destroy that walk way?
Tons of maids are cleaning the "Hall of Beautiful Youth" - ah, this is Su Su's new abode and inside Xiwu Palace (which is huge, we hear) at that. They're bitchy and looking down on Su Su. Fuck them. Ohhhhhh, here comes Ye Hua! He has a woman with him. Saying only those with rank deserve palace maids, he kicks all of them out. Finally, alone! Oh my god, you two. You will kill me.
Okay Ye Hua, tell her everything now and beg for her forgiveness. On your knees.
He is so concerned for her - she has a Hellfire burn on her right arm, it will never go away. And yet, he assures her that everything will be fine, now that he has returned to the Nine Heavens. I don't know man ... how will you undo the horrors she has gone through already?
Ye Hua, you are beginning to show us a pattern of biting off more than you can chew...
She is so brave ... "No wonder you never mentioned your family" is what she says. But why has he not told her about who he is? Yes, Ye Hua, why?! Because it wouldn't have done her any good, is his excuse. That's just bullshit. I think he was afraid of the consequences. Okay, but now, pay attention. Ye Hua tells Su Su he must be cold to her in front of others. This is all to protect her. Also: avoid interacting with anyone by all means.
And promise to never again make decisions for her by withholding information, Ye Hua. This is key. What's that? No, that's not what you're promising? Okay then. Su Su, I hope you paid attention.
Turns out he brought a special maid for Su Su - her name is Nai Nai and Ye Hua brought her up from Deity Mountain in the lower realm. No idea where that is, but I'm sure Ye Hua picked well.
Really? What about his previous decisions gives you confidence now?
Elsewhere, Consort Le Xu, worried about how this matter could impact on her son's standing or worse, tasks Su Jin with teaching Su Su proper etiquette. Oh fuck off, you.
To be fair, no one knows how fucked up Su Jin is at this point.
Ye Hua is visited by some army generals next - ah, some of them are Su Jin's uncles. Su Jin, the orphan whose entire tribe was wiped out?  Who's only a princess living in the palace because of that fact? We hear that Li Yuan is raising arms in rebellion in the north. All of this keeps Ye Hua extremely busy (actually, we see him listen to endless tales of war, it's almost comical). Su Su stares into her mirror, missing him ...
Later, he has time ... and it looks like he has found himself another mirror to watch her, one he can make invisible. She is not feeling well.
He cannot stay away, whatever the danger is. But when she wakes up, he quickly turns himself invisible. How very Lotus-y of him.
And why, exactly? He needs to hide his feelings from other people, not from her.
All I came up with is: "He's a man". They do stuff for strange reasons, especially if it is about emotions they cannot deal with
I wish she could see him smile at her like this.
I wish I could see him smile at me like this.
Ohhh, next, Li Jing comes to visit her, with his shaman. He is very surprised to hear her maid say she is the Crown Prince's woman. Well, dude ... it's kind of a big secret. Before the shaman can read her pulse, Su Jin intervenes. FUCK OFF! She says only the Medicine King is allowed to do that. Ghost Lord leaves again - noooo, stay! - with a last, long look at Su Su. And then, Su Jin is all over Su Su like a rash. She is basically dripping honey.  
We hates her. We haaaaaaates her. (2P, you're looking good. Regret becomes you!)
Xuan Nu has a jealousy fit when she hears where her husband went, but he mollifies her by taking her on a stroll. Which ends very abruptly just outside. The guards won't let Xuan Nu, who is a traitor to the Celestial Tribe, pass. Ahahaha. Li Jing won't stand up for her either.
Love this. LOVE it.
Su Jin starts her mean game. She lets drop that Ye Hua almost lost his life. What, Su Su hasn't seen his wound? Of course, she was there with him. Yes, he is so secretive! Always has been. When they played around in the past, he would never tell when he got hurt. Oh yes, they grew up together. Su Su can't help it, she cries.
I will take great pleasure watching Su Jin go down in flames. She will, right? She has to.
Oh, by the way ... there is this grand assembly taking place a bit later. Does Su Su want to have a look? No worries, she might not be allowed to leave this palace without Ye Hua's permission ... but nobody will block her if she does it together with Su Jin. Oh yes, Consort Le Xu said she should take her. After asking after the Fan - Su Su thinks it's just a fake, not the real Kunlun one, and she always leaves it at home - Su Jin leads her outside.
Su Su, he gave you one instruction. Pay attention.


No, no, noooooo! Su Su! What did the Crown Prince tell you?! She is clearly planning something horrible, this woman and I want to push her off a cloud. Taking advantage of someone so clearly lost and emotionally unstable is a ten times more vile.  
She has to die. Su Jin has to die.

As for Ye Hua ... damn, it is hard to defend him. He has never told Su Su the truth and he still is not. He keeps secrets, about how badly wounded he is, about ... everything, really. No wonder Su Su gets ideas. He keeps telling Su Su to trust him, but how can she? He is the Crown Prince. She expects him to have a harem. Su Jin just proved to her that there are other women who are much closer to him than she is.
Yep. Ye Hua created the conditions that are perfect for Su Jin to use.

Oh, and about that evil terrace ... I'm not stupid show, I know what you are doing. Introducing a place like this.
Of course.