Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 24 (Recap)

kakashi: Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me.
JoAnne: Magnifico! (But he sort of looks like a grumpy waiter offering you a tray of pastries, doesn't he?)

Episode 24

Poor Su Su hears from Su Jin that she is now using her eyes! Well, she would have known this if she had listened to Ye Hua, but she doesn't, doesn't she. It hits her hard - of course! - and Su Jin adds that Ye Hua stayed with her all day and night when she got the new eyes. A lie, of course. Su Jin adds that Su Su may stay in the Hall of Beautiful Youth despite of everything - that's Su Jin's, the future consort's, charity. She's disgusting. Su Su later thinks she's just in the way of these two. I want to smack her too.
Oh my word, the loathing I feel for this soulless woman makes it hard for me to even swallow.
Fengjiu, in fox form, heard it all - and since she thinks it's preposterous, she attacks Su Jin outside the palace. Slam, the fox is propelled against the wall! Su Jin, thinking this fox is Su Su's, orders her maid to beat it to death. This is when Nai Nai comes along - she was allowed to stay until the imperial child reaches the age of one, unlike all the other maids, because she begged Consort Le Xu.
Someone isn't going to be very happy when he finds out about his little fox...
Su Jin quizzes her about the evil fox, when - I've been waiting for it! - Dijun appears. He asks whether she has seen his little fox that went missing. Ah, it happens to be the one the servant is carrying. Who hurt it? The maid claims the lady only flung it aside as a defensive reflex. Shut up, you stupid toad.
I want to grab that maid's upper lip and pull it hard. Stretch it right over the rest of her face and back over the top of her head. Pin it behind her ears, then walk away laughing while she walks into walls.
He suggests they should go inside and ask the mortal woman why the little fox was so vexed? Su Jin quickly says it's not worth it, her injury is so minor. Ah, he says, in this case, the little fox is more hurt than her. Yes, it sounds like a threat. Su Jin immediately falls to her knees and begs for leniency. She offers to kneel for two hours to make up for things (she's afraid of him) and he thinks that's just about right. He is full of disdain for her, but doesn't inquire any further, sadly.
Dujin why are you so laaaaaazy.
At home, when he treats Fengjiu's wound, he tells the fox that there are trials in life - animals and humans, everyone has their own. Fengjiu cannot help her. And she cannot help Fengjiu. Hmmm ... what does he know?
I feel like he should know everything, shouldn't he? He's been around since forever and Si Ming is his best friend. He's gotta know stuff. And honestly, thinking that is sometimes the only reason I don't get more pissed off at his do-nothing self. I feel like if he's deliberately hands off BUT he knows what's happening and why, then it must be because he knows how it's supposed to work out and that it doesn't need his intervention, or much intervention at least. But if he has no clue and he still just sits on his ass and barely does a thing even though he can SEE what's happening...well, then, Mr. Dijun, I have a bone to pick with you.
The Heavenly Lord has received word from the Water Kings about how happy they are with Ye Hua. They request that the Crown Prince be allowed to officially receive the Seal. Grandpa is happy. I want to rip out that stupid beard of his, hair by hair.
I'm irritated by the straw halos. He looks like someone took a bunch of arts and crafts from some little village market and stuck them on his head.
The Heavenly Lord goes to visit Dijun afterwards - Dijun covers the fox with his cloak, when he becomes aware of his visitor. Some secrets are best kept secret, I guess. He has come to inform Dijun that the Crown Prince is ready to complete his investiture. Dijun thinks that's excellent - Heavenly Lord can be like him then and fully retire. Heavenly Lord likes that. I hope he trips and dies.
Oops, I fell off a cloud?
Su Su enjoys walking near the Lotus Pond, but she isn't allowed to do that anymore - she has to stay at the Hall only. More and more depressed and lethargic, she starts sleeping all day. A somewhat excited Ye Hua comes to tell her that he will soon be the proper Crown Prince - and he will be able to marry her then. As soon as she will be Crown Princess, they can start living the life they want. But ...
Well, someone will be. But it won't be you, Ye Hua, Mr. Bad Planner, Mr. Can't See the Signs, Mr. No Emotional Intelligence, Mr. In for a Rude Awakening, Mr. Missed the Boat. You get the picture.
 ... she tells him he should go attend to his official matters. She is sleepy. He expresses concern but soon after leaves (don't just go, Ye Hua :(( ) and once outside, he tells Nai Nai that he will receive the Seal soon, which means he'll be struck by 36 sacred blazes and 9 holy lightning bolts. She is not allowed to tell Su Su the truth if she hears the thunder, lest she be worried. *sigh* still keeping secrets.
His ass is fine, but his ass is dumb. Dumber than a box of rocks. Dumber than dirt. I'll call him Dumbpling, because he's dumb, but still cute.
We're back with the Ghost Prince after this, who is visiting his half-brother in the ice prison. Li Yuan is on a hunger-strike, but Li Jing won't let him die; not as long as he himself is alive. Apparently, their death would only increase their father's power. Li Jing even says he just had children to use them to boost his power in the right moment. Charming. How did Li Jing find out about this anyway?
The writer felt it was convenient for him to know, so it just popped into his head. Amazing!
After this, Ghost Princess tells Li Jing she wants to go to the mortal realm, it sounds quite final. That makes Li Jing very sad - he only has her. But she cannot stay, she is torn apart by this fight between the siblings (and guilty about her own betrayal). What can he do, he has to let her go. It's sad. But he does send men after her, for protection. I think he'd be a good older brother to have.
I might be distressed about some of the thoughts I was having if he was my older brother, though. Well, no might about it. If I was having the thoughts I'm thinking of having, I'd be distressed. Also bothered, as in hot and.
He is sad and drinking heavily when his highly pregnant wife appears. She can barely walk. He touches the belly, talking to his baby. "You are the only family I have left", he says. No, Xuan Nu, you don't count.
Oh, hello, Incubator.
Later, she dabs away the sweat from his forehead when he has fallen into a delirium, but all he murmurs is "A-Yin, A-Yin". Xuan Nu does the best faces, it's tragic, but it cracks me up.
I like this actress, I can't help it. I wonder if she always plays evil bitches.
It's the day of the Crown Prince's investiture! Everyone is there. Ghost Lord, the Water Kings, you name it. Ghost Lord is quite concerned about that mortal woman (he hears stuff from Su Jin, so no wonder) and he sends his Qilin to go have a look. But no fire, little one, okay? He finds her sitting outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun.
That kid is so adorable. It feels like he's 8 or 9 but I bet you he's a few years older than that.
Oh look, Ye Hua is no longer wearing just black.
Why does he have a little birdhouse on his head?
And there's Die Feng! Die Feeeeng in da house! 
Die Feng, 70'000 years has done much to improve you. 
Outside, the rainbow birds go crazy. What else do they do? Also, Dijun is constantly fingering that fox's fur. I'm beginning to think he's a dirty old man.
Umm...in English, when you use the word 'fingering' and you are not talking about musical instruments or gangsters ratting each other out, it mostly makes people think of things that I am pretty sure Dijun has not done to this fox. You don't say! But you never know, do you.
Ye Hua steps out to be zapped. It's all extremely beautiful, really. I LOVE thunderstorms, you must know.
What I like about storms is being inside, in bed, warm and cozy, where they are not. I do love to hear rain on the roof, though. And when the wind howls under the eaves.
He takes it all, keeping upright. Nai Nai on the other ... she runs to Su Su and tells her it's the Crown Prince's investiture and she has heard from the other maid's that after this, he is to marry Su Jin. Su Su is sweating heavily. Nai Nai lies the thunder is something to do with the celebrations, but it's that very moment Su Su goes into labor.
Of course.
Oh, and someone else too: Xuan Nu. The shaman is very much concerned. It's three months early and there is heavy bleeding. He fears the Ghost Lord might find out about the forbidden magic he did on her. Ah, he's a fool. Xuan Nu threatens his life: either the baby lives or he dies with it. A soldier goes to fetch Li Jing and he leaves immediately, before he can hear what his Qilin has to say.
The baby IS dead, right? Do you think she'll give birth to some monster? Maybe he'll rip his way out of her womb and then eat her heart.
Ye Hua has passed the test.
Well, 'a' test. He's not passing our Husband test, though, is he?
He never shows how hurt he is to anyone, doesn't he, ever since his mother got to see him all bloody. That is why he goes and suffers alone and in utter silence.
It matters to him how he's perceived. He can't just be the Heavenly Father, he has to be the strongest Heavenly Father. No one can question his right or his suitability to be in that position. I don't think that's just so he can use his power to protect Su Su, either.
And after this, he is back for the lightning torment. Lord Pu Hua wants to send him back, but the Crown Prince won't defy the Heavenly Lord's orders. In the palace, Nai Nai is desperately searching for him. Oh boy, I hope he survives this.
Ohhh, do you think she loses the baby? She must be able to die as a mortal and still be alive as the High Goddess, though, right? What if she dies and he has to rule for thousands of years waiting for her to appear again?


Poor Su Su. Poor Ye Hua. The timing is so wrong. This is probably the last straw to break the camel's back.
Babies, come get hugs.