Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 25 (Recap)

kakashi: A Prince is born! It should be a happy occasion, but it is clear that Su Su is saying a very long goodbye. I guess it's about time. End the suffering.
JoAnne: Damn, this is going to hurt.

Episode 25

Nai Nai is begging to be granted entry to the Crown Prince palace, but the maids have strict orders (from whom?) not to let anyone in. Luckily, Third Uncle comes along! He quickly fetches the Medicine King and has him swear he will ensure the safety of both mother and child. But Medicine King is a nice guy, of course he will. Poor Su Su though ... she cries for Ye Hua. Who, up on that torture platform, is still conscious, though barely. He has no clue.
Didn't Ye Hua say no one should come in since he's trying to hide his physical condition?
In the Ghost Realm, the baby is out already. Xuan Nu wants to know whether it's a boy or a girl, but the Shaman just says it's really sick. I wonder what that means .... and don't really want to know. She gets out of bed and starts accusing the man of having killed her son. For Li Jing's sake, I guess, who has just come in. The Shaman spurts out the truth about the black magic, but Xuan Nu orders him to be put to death immediately. Li Jing doesn't react ... I think he's too shocked and saddened. He was so looking forward to this child.
He's the Ghost Lord. He should have enough presence of mind to save the damn shaman. He knows what that witch is like.
Xuan Nu ... she creeps me out. She cradles the dead (?) thing and vows to do everything for it. Another completely insane person we have here.
Is it dead? Has it been dead? Is it in a coma? It must be that, why wouldn't it decompose?
Su Su is suffering greatly - and for a moment there, it looks like Qing Cang's seal on her forehead is about to break. Cut to the inside of the Bell and Qing Cang in the fiery maelstrom! He smirks that it's impossible to break his seal, unless he dies. Or unless she dies. Please don't die, Su Su!
Doesn't she kind of have to, though, to move on to the next life, next world? Not sure how this all works.
After enduring his torture, Ye Hua gets to the Hall of Beautiful Youth. They won't let him in, but he doesn't have to wait long - a baby starts crying. It's a son. Ye Hua's eyes fill with tears, he is so happy.
Why wouldn't they let him in? He's the father.
They never did let the men in, in earlier times. 
But Su Su ... Su Su wants nothing to do with Ye Hua. Later, when he's gone, she tells the little prince that he will be fine. But she won't be staying in the Nine Heavens. It's like she won't let herself like this little creature; it's very alarming. Later, she gives her son the name A-Li -  it's the "li" for separation (離).
Wahhhh, I didn't know that about his name. She definitely is trying to keep herself apart from him emotionally. Poor little family, this is heartbreaking. Ye Hua man, I love ya - but you really screwed this up.
Ah, but then, we get the satisfaction of seeing Su Jin losing it over the fact that Su Su has had a boy. That child will always be first. Yes, you and your life suck and that won't change.
And you never ever ever get to sleep with that delicious, enthusiastic man, either. HA! He's never going to whisper YOUR name with anything other than disgust.
Crown Prince is furious and very yum. He heard that the maids would not let Nai Nai in, which endangered Su Su and his child. As a punishment, they are sent to the mortal realm for a hundred years.
Go, Daddy, go!
Next, he has Su Su choose a fabric for her wedding gown. But Su Su ain't happy at all. She thinks he wants to marry her out of pity. And she asks Nai Nai to take her to Zhuxian Terrace. Excuse me?! We hear it's not for the first time she goes there. Oh wow, she is totally scouting out the way there, isn't she? So that she can walk it alone?!
Well, shit.
Oh, Zhe Yan has come for a visit! Zhe Yan has come to see Dijun in the hopes of finding something out about the sealing of Qing Cang, something he himself doesn't know. Well, Dijun doesn't know more than him either. They soon start talking about Fengjiu - who is the one who let Dijun guess that Bai Qian and Si Yin are one and the same and in this conversation, Dijun calls Fengjiu and her insistence on repaying her debt "a little inconvenient".
You bastard.
The fox, who eavesdropped, is sad after that. And will soon be sadder. Because Ye Hua's cousin picks it up and throws it into the Evil Pagoda. WHY would she do that?! Another crazy person. Fengjiu transforms... a horrible mechanical monster is coming for her! It is the pagoda guardian and he is not having a good day.
He's freaking scary, too.
After saying his goodbyes to Dijun, Zhe Yan runs into Nai Nai and Su Su outside. He does think that the "uncovered half of her face looks extremely similar to Bai Qian", plus, the "faintly discernible peach blossoms scent" is highly familiar. Seriously, hahahaaaaa, you are an idiot, Zhe Yan.
Right? How can he not know? But then again, they can sense immortality or the lack of it so that would throw them off, I guess.
Ye Hua, who meets up with them, introduces her as "just a mortal". Who has never been to the Ten Mile Peach Tree Woods, *cough, cough*, so she can't be an acquaintance of Zhe Yan. Ye Hua, you're such an idiot, seriously. Sure, he can't very well admit he went there with her and stole Peach Blossom Wine, but of course, Su Su takes it the wrong way. All those lovely memories together, his promise to plant Peach Trees for her, and now they need to lie about it.
Yeah, well, this one I think she needs to cut him some slack - she knows he has to downplay things. But I do think it would still hurt, just knowing that their love was something to be considered shameful. Why even start, really. I don't understand why he wasn't more diligent about showing her and telling her his love when they could be alone together, all along, to counterract this public situation. Not that it would be enough in the end, I think...
Ye Zhan invites her to visit when she has time and then, Ye Hua leads her back to her Hall. She still wants no physical contact with him at all. She also tells him not to worry, she will not cause trouble fro him again in the future. Oh, look JoAnne! There is a new antenna thing on his head. Will it improve his communication skills?
I fear not - it goes round and round, kind of like the pointlessness of his planning.
She fumbles for a drink, he pours tea for her ... and says with a smile that their wedding is in ten days. She ain't exactly delighted. She can't see anything and there must be so many protocols during the wedding. People will make fun of her! No, she won't be. "You have me", he says. She says "that's good", but it sounds unconvinced. Do you not worry, pretty Crown Prince?
Yeah, fat lot of good having him has done her so far.
Meanwhile, Su Jin is making a scene. Ye Hua refuses to marry her! Hahahaaaaaaaa. The Heavenly Lord is quite resigned as he discusses the situation with Ye Hua's father. Ye Hua has set his mind on this mortal and he cannot do anything against it. Plus, he replaced all the maids and all the soldiers. His father seems to think Bai Qian, the "number one beauty of the world", will be able to sway his heart in time. Damn, I'm laughing at you, you idiots.
I think Dad looks like Oh Ji Ho. And what ARE those gold buoy-things all over the place?
Ye Hua's super annoying cousin tells Dijun she locked the fox inside the Evil Sealing Pagoda. Someone explain to me why she does it ... and then runs to tell Dijun?! Well, Dijun "poofs" (as JoAnne likes to call it) and makes an appearance in the Pagoda. We and Fengjiu note that he glows crimson. Oh, is he (partially) demonic?
I think he's just boiling with rage. I have no idea why she does it. I think maybe it was an impulsive thing and then she realized how much trouble she was going to be in with Dijun.
The problem is that his spell does something bad to Fengjiu's tails though (they seem to dissolve?). I guess he likes them because he stops the spell and takes on the pagoda monster with just his sword. Dijun may be hot, but he is also quite old and rusty (plus already spent a lot of his power on healing Fengjiu). It ends well, but Dijun is badly wounded afterwards.  
It makes me laugh how they always talk about how old he is when he looks like that.
When Fengjiu comes to, she is in Dijun's chambers - and a sad Si Ming tells her Dijun (who is now resting) wants to her to leave and go back to Qing Qiu. She has caused enough damage. That's him staring at her earlier. Intense. For a god wanting to be seen "rock-like", I'd say this is quite emotional.
My take on it is that he likes her but it really pisses him off. How do you think he feels? Do you think he ever gets over himself? I mean, why CAN'T they be a couple?
Thus, Fengjiu returns to the Fox Kingdom. Mi Gu welcomes her - but there is no aunt to share things with. Because Fengjiu is a huge troublemaker, she decides this is a good opportunity to teach Shao Xing a lesson for stealing her aunt's marriage. Been there done that, no? No. Truth is, Fengjiu wants to forget Dijun and this little distraction will be perfect.
I mean, she could learn to paint, too. Or mess around with that cute Mi Gu for a few days. She isn't very bright.
So they're having this little stand-off up at the North Sea (it's frankly quite ridiculous and Fengjiu is just annoying) but I guess the point about it is that Miss Snake gives Fengjiu the Cloud Clearing Fan - she had wanted to give it back to Bai Qian anyway as an apology.
I know I'm alone in this but I like the little snake.
I like her clothes
When Fengjiu is back, there's a surprise for her though. Daddy is here! And Daddy is clearly angry.
Maybe should have kept closer tabs on her earlier, Dad.


Hm, I can't say I'm too sad about Fengjiu leaving Dijun's side - it clearly went nowhere. She really only was a nuisance. Or maybe he really liked to pet her?
I guess that wasn't enough for her.

Ye Hua is being a typical male again. They just cannot deal with female emotions. Anyone in a healthy relationship would have picked up Su Su's severe depression and all the clear signs of someone who is suicidal and saying goodbye. She won't touch him and has clearly cut all emotional ties. What is he thinking, that she's just a bit moody or a bit exhausted? Ye Hua, you're still being such an idiot.
Well, he is only 70'000 years old.